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Default Mast Motorsports Updates and L92 HO VVT Dyno Results

Mast Motorsports recently finalized our L92 HO calibration on the dyno with our Version 2 Phaser Series camshaft which was designed around GM Gen IV variable valve timing (VVT) technology. We were pleased with the results considering the mild manners and smooth idle of this setup. This camshaft profile was designed to maintain long term reliability in a powerful street engine package. The testing was performed on our SF-902 NSCR engineering grade dyno on 93 octane fuel. The specifics and component details for this engine package are listed on our website at:

The L92 HO will be available from Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center around Mid-August.

With an MSRP of $11,199 it includes:

L92 GMPP Complete Engine
Mast Phaser Series V2 Camshaft
Upgraded Valvesprings
M-90 ECM/Communications Cable/M-90 EDIS Interface Software
Main Wiring Harness--(includes Dash, MAF, Fan, EGO, Fuel Pump, and Trans(Tremec TKO and T56 compatible) Harnesses)
All Engine Sensors--(including EGO(Bosch Narrowband 02), IAT, and Wideband Knock Sensors)
L76 IAFM--(L76 Intake, GM 90mm DBW Throttle Body, Fuel Rail, and Fuel Injectors)
Air Filter with integrated IAT sensor bung
GM Drive-By-Wire Foot Pedal
Car Water Pump and VVT Spacers
Coil Packs/Spark Plugs/Ignition Wires

Available options include:
Fuel Pressure Sensing/Correction Kit--($150--Includes Flow though or Schrader valve rail mount sensor which allows the M-90s embedded corrective fuel pressure capabilities to be enabled)
Wideband O2 Kit--($350--Includes access to the M-90s embedded Wideband capability, NTK 7-Wire Lab Quality O2 Sensor, and Wideband harness which plugs directly into the Mast Motorsports Main Harness)
Mast Motorsports Billet Accessories--(Includes opions for any LS Series configuration--See website for details)
Various Oil Pan Options

As you can see below, the VVT and cam swap allows for the 6.2L L92 to make power comparable to 7.0L LS7 power at a fraction of the price. This is an engine package that we are really excited about as it makes big power for the dollar and should be a hit, especially with the LS series conversion crowd. On another note, our LSX block based 454X VVT has been running on the dyno. However, it has been for R&D purposes and adapting the VVT technology to the LSX block. Hard numbers have not yet been finalized for that package. We’ll let you guys know what it makes as soon as it comes off of the dyno.

Click the image to open in full size.

For those unfamiliar with the benefits of VVT, we posted some testing results a couple of months ago comparing performance with and without VVT. The dyno data from this testing can be found at:

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