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Rocker Design and Material

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Default Rocker Design and Material

i know chromemoly, stainless, and aluminum are the big materials to use, but what about magnesium or titanium? im working on a bit of a design in e-machine and would like some input on it. its a rough-ish layout without a push-rod cup, a roller tip, and without the precise measurements taken so far so be kind. its based off the stock design with, i think, some improvements without making it heavy.

Click the image to open in full size.

constructive criticism appreciated.

To add: if you use a super light material and use a heavier roller bearing in the nose, couldnt that effect how the rocker acts throughout the rpm band?

how useful is a full roller to begin with? if the stock rockers are fine in most apps to begin with, why bother?

one last one, given the stockers design, has anyone gone through and tried to figure out deflection caused in more max effort type builds?
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