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One Final Run

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Default One Final Run

Well, I thought I had put the car away for the winter. Who knew that on December 2, it would be approaching 50. So me and a buddy went back to Lapeer Dragway today. Took the cover off, took off the block plate, blocked up the air box bottom and taped it. I was concerned because I had about a 3/4 tank of fuel with Stabil in it. Like I said, I had parked it for the winter. Anyway, here's the numbers. These things just gaining more power as they go along. 8007 on odometer.
1) 2.189 60',8.787 1/8 et,13.250 1/4et,110.44mph
2) 2.039 60',8.639 1/8 et,13.058,1/4et,111.39mph
3) 2.197 60',8.697 1/8 et,13.106 1/4et,111.61mph
4) 2.032 60',8.619 1/8 et,13.461 1/4et, 90.58mph(once again,I missed 4th gear-----duh!)
5) 2.106 60',8.732 1/8 et,13.215 1/4et,109.84mph

Then they started 1/8th mile bracet racing. I chose 8.64 as my bracket. And the results------

2.062 60', 8.607 1/8 et and 88.82 mph. I don't think I care for the 1/8 mile bracket racing. with that 8.607 1/8th mile time, I'm look for that first 12 second run. Next year for sure. Again, my buddy who I went with has the Cobra. Best he could get was 13.595 at 106.02 mph. But I got home, cleaned her up real good and put her to bed for sure until April. Damn, I'm sure glad I didn't reduce that insurance yet to a stored vehicle
2001 SS #2375 Red, 377 c.i. LSX, 9.7:1 compression, 87 mm Borg Warner Turbo, Comp Cam, Custom Headers, Big Stuff 3 with Crank Trigger, 12 pt Wolf Cage, Rossler TH 400 with Trans Brake, BMR LCA's, BMR Panhard Rod, , Hoosier Slicks and Skinnies in the front, Hurst Line Loc, DTS 12 Bolt, 4:10 gear, Chromoly Driveshaft, SLP Bolt on SFC's.
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