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I hate asking questions like this

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Default I hate asking questions like this

I am pretty familiar with these cars so i hate to ask questions like this. A guy i was talking to said that his camaro ran 10.50 on stock supension and full weight with converter/cam/headers/150 shot dry/and stock heads...i told him he was full of ****....does that sound pretty far fetched to you guys?
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Well Ive seen cam only cars go 11s. So I suppose if he sprayed it out of the hole I could see it maybe brushing high 10s. Would be tough to do with ONLY those mods though.
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Ya its deff possible look up the members Jetlag and ruckus46gt
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hes full of ****, to get going that fast you need ~1.5 60' and there's no way he was under 1.8 on the best of launches.. the only way it could be close is if he had a HUGE cam and flycut the pistons...

streetassasin- idk those guys but most people dont post suspension mods or a rear in their sig, which this guy is saying he had neither

and a 150 dry shot doesn't equate to 150 RWHP, dry is slightly less due to nozzle placement
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