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How much HP is left on the table...

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Default How much HP is left on the table...

Hi guys, I'm kind of new to the FI world and I'm excited to get my hands dirty with the new car. I just came from tuning and driving a 9 second Mopar Big Block with a carb, so forgive me with the question;
I just picked up an 02 WS6. I've driven it a bit on the street and it has nice manners. But, the appeal of getting a more agressive tune is eating at me. The car has:
Stock heads
MS3 cam with topend kit
Hooker 1 7/8" Long tubes
Meziere water pump
No power steering
Rattler damper/pulley

The car is an M6 with a Currie 9" and a 3.90 Detroit Locker. I have a dyno sheet showing 401hp at the wheels. I was told it was a fairly conservative tune, but am wondering how much potential is left.

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When it was dyno'd, it wasn't tuned? It's hard to tell what's really left on the table, my car found about 20 to the wheels after the tune.
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all depends.what's the WOT AFR?how much timing?not much info bro.
IMO,it's not worth it to gain 10hp if the tune is on the edge of detonation.
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