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1/4 mi guesses for h/c/spray??

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Default 1/4 mi guesses for h/c/spray??

Just got my car tuned, mods in sig. Probably solid mid 12s now with decent tires if i had a cage (vert=no cage, no track ) Looking to add ls6 cam and 243s along with ud pulley and some weight reduction over the summer (a/c delete, rear seats, cage, k member, gto spares up front, stars in the bar w some sticky rubber) and moderate suspension upgrades. Saving for a new rear, clutch, driveshaft setup too. Thinking 9'' w some 4.10s and a monster stage 3. My ultimate goal with the car was to be 11s NA and 10s with some spray down the road, doing it all safely. Am i within the realm of possibility or will I need more?
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