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Will a bolt on 4.6 run 12.90s on Mickeys?

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Old 04-23-2012, 09:13 PM   #1
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Default Will a bolt on 4.6 run 12.90s on Mickeys?

A friend of mine has a 07 GT. 5 speed car. His mods are CAI, SCT programmer, Longtubes, ORH, stock axleback with muffler deletes, and 373s. Basically full bolt on minus pulleys. Hes got a set of ET streets for the back of it as well. He wants me to run his car at the track for him to see what I can get out of it. I figure since my headers, lid, 410 camaro went 12.80s trapping 106. I should be able to get at least a 12.9 out of the mustang since it should be trapping close to the same with the same weight. What do you guys think. And in no way will I turn into a mustang person.
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I say low 13s if anything. With 410s and some serious clutch dumps I can see high 12s
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Low 13s idk about 12s though
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My buddy's 06 GT went 12.9 @ 108 with aftermarket axle back exhaust, Hoosier dr's, and a 100 shot. I expected more out of it, but that's how it turned out.
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Old 05-15-2012, 06:49 AM   #5
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It could happen but I think it would be alittle easier if he had 4.10-4.30 gears and a true tune but either way it should be a good running little stang as long as it doesn't have a bunch of crap adding extra weight like heavy front rims,audio stuff and body kit.
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in December of 2011 my buddy ran 12.97@105 1.7 60' with his 2003 GT 2V. slicks, skinnies, full bolt ons, 4.10 gears and some driving skill
2001 Corvette-Bolt ons, Circle D converter, 3.90 gears 10.75@124.5mph 1.38 60' #1 on the C5 Stock Internals List. Sold
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1997 Saturn SC2- bolt ons, decked head, int cam on the exh side, weight redux. 13.22@102.32 mph 1.93 60'
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Video https://youtu.be/SfxZCfWMtzs
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keep in mind the 05+ GT's are 3v's and make more power than the 2v cars.

95 Z28 , SBE 5.3/TFS215/FM7/Twin 68's/TH400/12bolt 5.87@124
99 Z28 stock 346/76mm/TH400/12 Bolt
99 Formula 402/M6/9"/N20 10.59@137
97 RS 30th Ann. Cammed LS1/TH350/N20 6.59@104
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13s, 2v, 3v, 46, 5speed, 99, bolt, dyno, forum, full, gt, ls1, ons, race, run, srt, tune

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