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Opinions on cam grind...

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Default Opinions on cam grind...

Ive recently had a turbo cam grinded for me and im a little suss as it seems more of a cam suited to a supercharger setup.

But frist a little info on my setup..

V6 3800 ... Stroked 4.2
Single GTX3582R
Manual T56

"Previously" W2A whipple @ 22psi making 475rwhp

Is mainly a weekender and will see a few tracks days and maybe a few runs at the strip.

This is the cam card that came attached with the cam

Opinions on cam grind...-cam-card.jpg

Im far from an expert on cams and would like to hear from those that have an idea and if this cam is actually suited for a turbo setup??
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Well, I'd be very suspicious of that cam.....
80+37+180 = 297, not 357 degrees.
Advertised duration numbers without the measuring point are meaningless.
You don't even have enough info to degree the cam so you'd need to check all the various points and figure it out or stick it in a cam doctor type measuring device and get a print out.
And a 237 @ 050 cam is way big for a 3.8 and too big for a 3582.
The buick's will run a 215/215 in a 3.8 with a 67-70mm turbo IIRC or bigger turbo.
Check the buick boards, but I'd say you want something smaller from someone that knows how to fill out a cam card....
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