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Injector Question?

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Default Injector Question?


Got a dumb one for ya but I wanted your opinion. I have a set of ford redtop 30#er's in my 383 and had to pull the fuel rail and replace it this week as I had a crack near the schrader valve again. When I pulled the injectors I noticed all but one of the pintale caps (plastic caps on the end of the injector - manifold side) were gone. After a bit of injenuity I rigged up a plastic hose to my shop vac and fished all of them out of each injector bore without pulling the mani - WOO HOO!!! I seated them all fully back on the injectors very firmly and checked them before I reinstalled the new fuel rail assembly. Questions are I thought these would get pulled into the combustion chamber but I guess there is not enough room through the valve(s)? Also, with these things down in there could it cause some air/fuel turbulence that would cause a little loss of power on my motor? Just curious, let me know what you think. I personally was really supprised that I got all of them out and they were intact.
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