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I have a problem

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Default I have a problem

But I cannot determine which forum it fits in.....I'll post it here, someone can move it to appropriate forum please????? Or perhaps a troubleshooting forum would be good?

Here is my problem:

Last night and this morning I noticed what I think to be a slight hesitation. Here are the (some perceived) facts of the story:

2000 Z28 (which of course means LS1), approx 57000 kms of use, M6.

Just after coasting in 5th gear for a short time and then applying light throttle, the engine seems to pause and then continue on. No jolting response after the pause, just seems to take a few milliseconds to think about it and then proceeds. Happened both times at around 1600-1800 rpm (about 60-70 kph) in 5th gear. That is the lower range of 5th gear, but it doesn't sound or feel like the engine is being lugged. I have driven this speed in 5th gear many many times over the past 3+ years since I got the car and never noticed this.

It seems odd that it only happens during these conditions (being rather cold as well right now), so I would doubt ignition or fuel.....maybe the ignition control modules are just cold?

Any thoughts about this?
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Default Re: I have a problem

I had an almost identical problem in my 94 Grand Am GT, which was a 3.1 automatic. It would do it at 50mph in overdrive only.

Turns out that it was the use of gas line antifreeze which caused it, and changing the plugs solved it. I guess the isopropyl alcohol messed up the plugs somehow.
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Default Re: I have a problem

Mine does the same thing. Except it does it in every gear.
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