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Another fuel fuel

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Default Another fuel fuel

So ive been having alot of fuel problems lately. Ive replaced my fuel pump, filter, checked voltage at the pump, changed alternator for a possible voltage problem, checked all my grounds, checked fuel pressure...everything I can think of. I've had my intake off and gone through it several times. Ive gone through 3 cans of starter fluid looking for vacuum leaks everywhere. My tune has an immense amount of fuel and whenever I find this problem it will be extremely rich. The deal is when the car starts up on a cold start (open loop) i guess it is the car is extremely rich, unburnt fuel smoke, eye burning you get the idea...once it warms up she goes lean and real lean! Im down a ton of power the car also stutters from a stop every once in awhile between off idle and 2K rpm then its fine. If I go wot off idle it wont do it. Does anyone have other other ideas of stuff I could check? Also this problem arose after I put a set of ported heads on..the car ran AWESOME 2 days before the swap when it was cam only. I thought my power loss was valvetrain related but ive gone through all that...and realizing its fuel issue. Somthing happend between when it came apart and when it went back together.
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Maybe a ground somewhere? Also, could it maybe be the crank position sensor or the cam position sensor?

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