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76 turbo l99 going to dyno tomarrow.

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Old 04-13-2011, 12:06 AM   #1
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Default 76 turbo l99 going to dyno tomarrow.

Its bone stock otherwise. I use a stingy mustang, but bone stock this car made 295 rwhp.

I now have the system pretty well iron out. Today we got some tuning done and it came out just as I planned. Stock convertor, stock car, stock cam everything.

It does have a 76 turbo, fmic, 50 mm waistgate, 2 nozzle water/meth kit, ceramic coated and wrapped exhaust. Its running about 8psi, and boost starts at about 1500 rpm. You have to drive it pretty easy to stay under 90 kpa. MPG looks like its up so far if your careful. It appears that were pretty much out of stock injector and I dont know yet if Ill get it to make a full pull on the dyno. I might have to just drop the rpm back alittle and short shift it. Drivability is basically perfect. You just think about boost and the tires pretty much melt.

Of course I kept the ac, and everything.......the only thing I had to really relocate (using an oem bolt hole) was one horn.......

any guesses on power? Anticapate that it might not go past 5000.....due to inj duty cycle
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Old 04-16-2011, 05:05 PM   #2
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pictures of the setup
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Any updates on this?
I've got a '10 L99 that I want to do a Single front mount 76 or 78 on using stock cam and manifolds no cats and see what it does.
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Old 07-11-2011, 10:08 AM   #4
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I dont have any over all pictures. Well that I can find rt now. I took these for doing instructions on the install. Most are much closer up than these two.

The car, ran out of fuel at 450 rwhp. We then waited a few weeks, and installed a double pumper and 60's. It made 513/569 on 7 psi(mustang dyno). The turbo in the picture is not the one that was used. That was a mock up turbo.

It made more then 500 ft lbs from 3000 to 5500. The owner, was totally satisfied with the power (great torque and drivability) and didnt want me to keep going with it. He ran a 12.50 in phoenix(100 degreees) at 115mph before the injectors or pump. On stock tires (36 psi) with traction control ON. He also ran 117 on a pass and was short shifting it due to the lack of fuel. I told him not to take it over 4700.....he said he was shifting around 4500. I just didnt want it to get hurt before it was done.

Now its shifting at 5800......safely, and has been on several 300-500+ mile road trips. I built it to not exceed the other parts of the car. Namely the convertor, trans, rear. A cam would be a great addition, but like all things its just money. It goes into boost, just thinking about it, 1900 rpm or so....and is a riot to drive. This car made 295/300 stock, on the same dyno. A vortech 2010 on the same dyno made 395. The best na 2010 on the same dyno with mods made 375.
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76 turbo l99 going to dyno tomarrow.-5th-gen-camaro-turbo-088.jpg   76 turbo l99 going to dyno tomarrow.-5th-gen-camaro-turbo-096.jpg  
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Old 07-23-2011, 01:57 PM   #5
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Pretty tight man. Stock passenger side backwards around the front or around the back/bottom? Sounds like a sweet setup. I need to talk my buddy who just bought a '10 camaro about something like this. Tight
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Tight is a very accurate discription. I have my own mandral bender so its repeatable via programming. Yes stock passenger side crosses over between the trans pan and trans mount. 3 inch down pipe also on the drivers side with a cutout, thats never been used yet, other then to see how loud it was in the shop. Stock exhuast y together in front of the rear diff.

The air intake is pretty tight behind the headlight, with oem maf, with the iat removed and put in the up pipe. The water alky tank is from a 4th gen and behind the grill on top of the intercooler.
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