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96 T/A fans dont kick on. Only with AC on.

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Default 96 T/A fans dont kick on. Only with AC on.

My grandmothers (i know kind of funny) 96 T/A has 40,200 miles on it. She bought it new. The fans dont kick on unless I turn the AC on. All 3 fan relays tested good. The fans obviously work since they kick on when the AC is turned on and the temp goes back down to 180-190 like it should. With out the AC on it will go all the way over into the red.

Any ideas?

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How long does it take to go into the red with the A/C off? What kind of driving are you talking about with the A/C off when it goes into the red? Or will that happen just sitting idling with the A/C off?

This may sound like a dumb question, but when the "temp guage" goes towards the red zone.....is the engine actually getting hot? Can you keep your hand on the intake without burning your hand.

A bad "coolant temp sensor" can cause the temp guage to do weird ****, but it doesn't mean the coolant is actually getting hot.

Or...if the temp sensor is bad it can actually get hot and it won't turn the fans on.....and then a cycle starts where the t-stat can't keep up and will slowly start to NOT close fully, then it will stay full open...then you will over heat.

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Do you have access to a scanner that can read coolant temperature from the OBDII port? I would do that and confirm that the PCM is seeing a similar temperature to what is showing on the dash gauge. Keep in mind the gauge and the PCM each have their own temp sensor.

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