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New Car Warranty!! Yeah right

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Default New Car Warranty!! Yeah right

I'm sorry right off the start because my issue isn't an LS1 complaint. I just have no where else to bitch. I'm like a lot of you that maintains my own vehicles. I'm pretty prompt on everything and have been working on vehicles a long time. I'm not saying I'm a bad *** mechanic or anything but I do know how to maintain them. Well to my complaint. My wife owns a Hyundai. I know what your all thinking but my wife wanted it and I figured well its got a good warranty. 10 year 100,000 miles. Well she only has 32,000 miles on it and its having transmission issues. It won't up shift going up a hill. So I call the dealership and they tell me its due for a transmission flush and coolant flush and some other check up junk on it. Its going to run $454.00. Ok so I tell them the transmission fluid is dark and not red and there is pretty much a problem and why should I pay for a fluid change if he is going to tear it apart later anyway. But he still wants to do all of this junk first and then after if I'm still having issues he'll tear it apart and fix it. I have never changed my coolant at 30,000 miles put he says because I'm in Alaska it needs it. Well we just moved up here 2 months ago. Even the manual says wait until 60,000. So he wants to do this and then charge me again at 60,000. I'm pretty pissed. 32,000 miles and the Fluid is almost black and he thinks a flush is going to do the trick. Yeah I doubt it. The best part is he won't let me do any maintenance on it or it voids the warranty which includes oil changes. I kinda find it hard to believe that it costs $454.00 to do a coolant flush that it doesn't need anyway a transmission flush which he said cost $154.00 by itself and a 25 point inspection. Something is wrong with this picture. I don't know what to do I called the Corporation and they told me that if they are telling me this then I have to do what they recommend. Well anyway I'm just complaining take it for what its worth.
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