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'99 Z28 - Low Beam Headlights Won't Come On

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Default '99 Z28 - Low Beam Headlights Won't Come On

'99 Z28 - Low Beam Headlights Won't Come On ...... and the time that I find this out is at 0500 when I'm leaving for the gym!!!

This weekend, I pulled the headlight assemblies off and cleaned the yellow haze using the 3M kit.

This morning, the low beams won't light up. High beams work fine. I checked the fuse boxes and everything looks good. I swapped in a new bulb and nothing. Fog lights work, headlight switch chime works.

What next? Is there a relay somewhere that I need to check? If so, where is it located?

Saying that I checked the fuses may not mean anything, as there isn't a fuse specifically marked "headlamps" or "low beams". Specifically, which fuse is associated with the headlights?

I am a little bummed .... I've been slacking on the gym for the past month ... this morning was my return.



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Dimmer switch inop? Can you hear and feel the dimmer switch clicking? I have had the dimmer on our 3rd Gen fail a couple of times. It's usually stuck on dim, so it's not a real issue except when I want to get it inspected and the station drones are being jerks. The switch itself should be on the steering column down by the firewall. Make sure you can hear it click.
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check all your wires
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If you aren't getting power to the bulbs (you should test with a multi-tester first) then the common culprits are the headlight switch in the dash or the high beam switch bolted to the base of the steering column. (A long steel rod connects the turn signal high beam lever to the actual switch which is bolted to the base of the column under the lower dash panel.)

Best to trace this with a tester as the parts will get pricey if you do trial and error.
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