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Car Smoking but not overheating

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Old 07-31-2012, 08:41 PM   #1
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Default Car Smoking but not overheating

Been happening for about 2 weeks. Im not one to be savy with motors. Im asking if anyone knows a reputable (preferably a fellow f-body owner) shop in southern cali (carson, long beach area) Much appreciated.

My car has a slight oil leak ever since i got the car 2 years ago, but never smoked before. Did some google searches and some say to just change the oil pan. *sigh* then read on HOW to change the oil pan, and well...dont have the ability -_- nor equipment. So i decided to just let a professional find the issue(s) instead of me, but now i dont know where to go. I dont wanna get dicked around.

If this is in the wrong section, sorry. Mod please move to correct section.
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Try posting in the regional forum
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Wheres the smoke coming from? your exhaust? what color is it?
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If it's coming from your engine bay, fix the leak and clean the bay. If is coming from your exhaust, it could be a few things. what color smoke? White is coolant, blue is oil and black is gas.
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its coming from the engine bay. when the hood is closed, its coming up from the driver side. theirs an opening below the driver side wiper in the top corner of the hood where the smoke is coming from. if i had to say a color, its white, but not visible all the time. i cant seem to pin point exactly where the smoke is coming from though. anyone know how to post a video from an iphone to the forum? i recorded it, but i cant transfer it -_-
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Photobucket might host vids, if not just upload it to YouTube and post us the link.
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Oil leaks have nothing to do with the engine overheating.....unless the leak is like a garden hose.

Might be dripping from a leak in the rear main seal. My friends Vette has a small leak, dripping oil from his rear main seal and when I stop at a light or stop sign....white smoke starts coming from the hood and sides of car. When I pop the hood it comes up from behind the intake on the drivers side.

You need someone to put the car on a lift with the engine running and find the source of the leak with a be sure what it is.

When oil leaks from the oil pan it doesn't drip onto anything you should see no smoke from it, just an oil stain on the ground. So oil is hitting something hot like your exhaust piping to make the smoke that you see......

Could be a leaking valve cover gasket hitting the exhaust manifold......

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If you are seeing smoke come from under the hood every once in a while it is probably a bad valve cover gasket and you are getting a drop of oil on the exhaust every once in a while. Worst case a rear main seal
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