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Please Help Me!!!

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Default Please Help Me!!!

My 94 z28 quit on me. I dont know what is wrong but I have plenty of gas and enough battery to be able to start the car. Yesterday, I started it and had felt it idling just a LITTLE bit of a miss. So yesterday, its sitting in my driveway running in park and it dies. No sputtering or chugging to death...just stops running. So i tried to crank it up and it wont. I pressed the gas all the way down and it turned over.
It ran fine after that but still with a little miss, barely noticeable. Today, I get in it and drive just less than a mile and im driving when it dies. Again, no sputtering, just dies. It desperatly tries to turn over and at times you can tell it ignites in a cylinder or two but wont stay cranked. I pull to the side of the road. Wait 15 mins and still wont crank. So I called AAA and the guy came about an hour later. He couldnt get it to start. So we towed it about 2 miles, let it off the truck. And it cranked. I didnt drive it away fearing that this would happen again.

Could it be fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plug wires, distributor?

Should I first check fuel pressure?
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When you say it won't "crank", that means the mtotor doesn't move at all? If so, that would rule out any fuel problem and make it electrical.
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I've heard that the optispark system on the LT1 is a problem source (I've never had one though). Perhaps that is going bad on you?
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Originally Posted by SparkyJJO View Post
I've heard that the optispark system on the LT1 is a problem source (I've never had one though). Perhaps that is going bad on you?
I have heard the same thing, one of my friends in Florida had an LT1 and his opti-spark kept taking a crap for no reason and sounds kinda like what yours is doing. Hope you can figure out the problem.
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