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Generation III Internal Engine
1997-2006 LS1 | LS6
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Intake, throttle body, and Manifold

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Default Intake, throttle body, and Manifold

Ok I have a 98 ls1 camaro. I did some more bolts ons about two months ago. I did a k&n intake with ported throttle body and ls6 intake. I got the egr adapter for the intake, and I am still throwing codes. I have a MAF code and MAP code and a TPS code. I have changed the maf sensor and the tps and then cleared the codes and reset the computer but they still come on. I am starting to think that maybe my whole computer needs to be relearned and tuned. I dont know if you guys think that its something like that or if it really is probably some of these sensors. I need help and you guys have always done that in the past, helped me. Thank you very much Kyle
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