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  1. Interested in spraying my car for next year...
  2. 145,000 miles and nitrous a good mix?
  3. NOS Progressive Controller Settings
  4. come in and check out this plug
  5. Please help!!!
  6. Another killer cam from Patrick G!
  7. timing pull
  8. Got my car dyno tuned on nitrous, video, TRACK times/vid added
  9. Nitrous guys, quick question regarding compression fittings!!
  10. Vitcor Jr. intake plus nitrous
  11. Im board... Guess our ET at next weeks 1/4 mile race
  12. Inline Fuse
  13. question on true nos jet sizing
  14. LNC-2000 please post pics
  15. 4" vs 4.125" stroke vs timing w/N20?
  16. Ls9 head gaskets with spray
  17. So who's running the big tune ups?
  18. Stock Shortblock Shootout updates and competitors thread.
  19. Sponsor & experts opinion on the newer big flow solenoids
  20. How big a shot can my fuel system support?
  21. Need advise please
  22. Resistor Mod, C116, +75 shot.. Safe?
  23. pump for e85 and nitrous
  24. Any ET gains with plate upgrade?
  25. Problems with MSD Window Switch
  26. Problem with NOS Launcher software
  27. Checking plugs
  28. a few questions about the lingenfelter box
  29. RPM drop after nitrous pull
  30. I'm about to call it quits...
  31. Fuel pressure drop, how much is ok?
  32. Why does it not hit strong
  33. Finally!! 10 sec pass
  34. any write ups
  35. Installing Nitrous in my Firebird, have a few questions??
  36. Nitrous/Fuel filter recommendation
  37. fuel pump
  38. How much nitrous is advisable/safe on a stock LS1 with a cam & bolt-ons
  39. MSD timing twister, help a turbo guy with a theory.
  40. Disappointed in results with 150shot.
  41. How often you change plugs?
  42. Switch panel wiring
  43. spraying my LQ9 bottom end ?
  44. got question NOS hookup
  45. Nitrous Out let LSX plate jetting chart
  46. Stuck it in the wall in Ga.
  47. Finally, 7.89 @ 175 mph!
  48. Best way to pull timimg???
  49. lnc-003 2step with transbrake and wet kit wiring
  50. Need custom length fuel/nitrous line made who makes them?
  51. Nos jet question.
  52. Issues with controller/gear lockout
  53. HSW switch panel wiring?
  54. pill it to kill it,calling slow silver
  55. Torque for blow-down (NHRA) valve?
  56. finally made a decent pass
  57. 400 shot and few questions
  58. Dynotune nitrous gauges- any good?
  59. Zex wont "learn" tps.. Help!!
  60. yea more nitrous jet questions
  61. N2O and 2-step?
  62. A/F Ratio
  63. Opinions about spraying on the transbrake
  64. E85 and nitrous
  65. Plumbing the bottles....
  66. 250 thru a single nozzle,,or is a plate needed
  67. Who has blown up on nitrous?
  68. Progressive wet shot?s
  69. Nitrous plugs... which one for my app
  70. Can nitrous guys show a little love for an m6?
  71. What is the -03 line flow limit
  72. Need pics of nitrous mouted in spare tire well.
  73. Need help with wiring
  74. just bought the timing tuner and im lost
  75. tnt fitment issues
  76. having a problem with nos mini working...
  77. Quick fuel nitrous bracket
  78. meth injection
  79. NANO Customers Attending LSX Shootout in Indiana
  80. Finished my vic jr/fast/nitrous install
  81. A odd question....
  82. BMN window switch
  83. anybody put the timing retard box in the glove box?
  84. 200 shot for 1st time !
  85. Spraying in 5th
  86. Fast 90 with money maker kit having problems!!
  87. How many bottles does it take for this to go away?
  88. WTB: bottle heater
  89. ms4 cam and forged bottom end?? nitrous?
  90. oct 29th fbody gbody sssb nitrous showdown!
  91. LNC 2 step wiring please help
  92. Ahh yes another noobie nitrous question
  93. dynotune plate kit questions?
  94. Nitrous Outlet 102mm Plate .. What solenoids bracket ??
  95. New motor...base timing to start with?
  96. Finally got some runs in on a small shot(408 LS3)
  97. help me with my cam choice
  98. Does anyone make a ls1 plate with lines that connect on pass side?
  99. what jetting are you NANO guys running
  100. Help with Unusual Spark Plug Issue
  101. A few questions about my n2o setup
  102. What if fuel selenoid fails??
  103. Next accessory??
  104. New to N2O...
  105. help placing nozzle
  106. Check my wiring idea plz
  107. Colder than a 9
  108. 100 shot
  109. Made In The USA?
  110. can br7ef plugs making my car shake?
  111. two different plugs for 100 and 150 shot??
  112. quick question
  113. Considering Nitrous, Please Help!!!
  114. Plug recommendation....
  115. fuel pump booster
  116. Went from single fogger to Nitrous outlet plate!
  117. HSW has been great.
  118. Got some sick times lastnight!
  119. 1200 vs 900psi
  120. Safe
  121. reading wideband questions
  122. jimmy jams ashtray switches
  123. Nitrous before a cam?
  124. How much can I spray. LS7 motor diamond pistons
  125. Need to know were this solenoid bracket mounts!! Help lol
  126. Need more
  127. nitrous outlet is out of window seitches, next best
  128. Just bought a kit
  129. Nitrous: a slew of questions
  130. Is an exhaust mod necessary?
  131. Nitrous problem
  132. Looking for bottle mount
  133. Stepping up Setup looking for advice from experienced users
  134. Do I need a fuel pump to spray 150?
  135. Timing controller options
  136. Nano..Worth it?
  137. LS1 Nitrous motor help
  138. Jet Chart for Low Pressure Stand Alone?
  139. MicroEdge+ issue?
  140. Blow down routing question
  141. nitrous supply line routing
  142. shift points on 200 shot?
  143. Nitrous and transbrake wiring system
  144. Spray for a DD
  145. New Best 4.93 @ 148 with video...
  146. 9.15@145 (swapped car) Big thanks to Nitrous Outlet
  147. Carb'd 5.3 on Spray
  148. Need help with injectors?
  149. nitrous refills
  150. progressive controller settings
  151. Sneak peek and test software - Lingenfelter nitrous controller
  152. Nitrous with fast Intake??
  153. Adding 2nd stage, Question....
  154. ls1 N20 cam info
  155. nos mini controller problem
  156. Injector Duty Cycle?
  157. Tune for nitrous ?
  158. Couple questions about nitrous PLEASE HELP
  159. 100shot on a bolton tune.
  160. My Carb & spray Setup....Help
  161. Removing line from rail. what "cap"
  162. How much nitrous with .022"/.024" ring gaps?
  163. would my valve springs take the abuse?
  164. x275 with nitrous.
  165. fuel pressure
  166. Does anybody ever answer the Phones at Harris Speed Works?
  167. nano
  168. Dry, How much is to much??
  169. How Much Can I spray on my N/A tune..
  170. stock (spray/cam only) lq4 in 1955 chevy
  171. Nano ?? for big hitters, sponsor's
  172. spark plugs
  173. Who makes the best Direct Port System for LS EFI cars ?
  174. Help Problem with dedicated fuel system
  175. 408 on Spray
  176. 100+ Shot is it safe?
  177. Solenoid Question
  178. Bottle mounted in the spare tire area with battery relo?
  179. New kit on 5.3 carbed s10 MSD 6010 help
  180. Resistor Trick question??
  181. Nano Questions
  182. harris speed works issues
  183. Help with nitrous plugs
  184. how much spray is safe on stock tune
  185. need advice about n02!!!
  186. FJO 1st Gear Lock Out Issues
  187. wet or dry?
  188. Is a 150 ok?
  189. MSD Digital 6 plus (msd 6520)
  190. Cam only F-BODY Nitrous Record
  191. how much spray could i use on a stock bottom end LS1
  192. nitrous popping
  193. whats the best nitrous pistons
  194. Which wideband sensor replacement?
  195. Huge thanks to brad@nano
  196. Place Jets at solenoid or plate?
  197. wiring woos
  198. Please varify plug reading 100 shot
  199. Hard top pillar Pod
  200. how to tell what valve
  201. One Fuel cell for NOS/pump gas ?????
  202. Which Pressue gauge for Pod?
  203. Shorter fuel line solenoid to nozzle
  204. Any one running a scavenge pump setup
  205. purge questions
  206. Nos 05169 90mm wet plate questions
  207. 3 LNC-002 left in stock..
  208. how much can you spray on pump gas?
  209. 250 shot, is direct port needed?
  210. 100 HP shot questions for a LS7
  211. Which fuel for standalone
  212. about to bite the bullet on a kit.
  213. Progressive controller question.
  214. How do I tell if I lifted the heads on the 200 shot ?
  215. what head gaskets are you favorite ?
  216. What plugs should I use?
  217. Lean spike at beginning followed by very rich....
  218. who runs br8s on the street?
  219. Switching from pump 94 to VP ms109, timing question
  220. Spark plug recomendation 100hp wet kit
  221. Should I be using two Widebands?
  222. What kit should I use?
  223. Ready to say F#$k it......
  224. Spraying 150 wet plate kit.. passenger bank goes lean
  225. Nano goes above and beyond
  226. Nitrous Outlet switch panel question
  227. Single plane with spray bars? Who has it?
  228. Anybody ever run a progressive on a M6 car ?
  229. Video Walk around of my nitrous 408 street build
  230. Where are the Baddest LS Nitrous cars?
  231. In search of suggestions for Nitrous tuning
  232. TNT Fuel solenoid repair kit?
  233. Am i ready for 200?
  234. dynotune digital gauge not working
  235. NOS Sniper kit jets??? Confusion
  236. getting tuned for nitrous, run not as good on motor?
  237. Plugs after 1st nitrous pull
  238. another msd window switch thread
  239. A few strange nitrous questions
  240. Fuel Pump and nitrous ?
  241. Looking for suggestions
  242. LNC-2000 Vs. Interface
  243. Nozzle Placement in Lid
  244. My Nitro Daves/Nano Nitrous 09 V
  245. Must have's for any serious Nitrous Racer.
  246. plate kit video
  247. Aem wideband wiring
  248. can anybody give me the actual math to figure out HP from Jet size or Jet from HP
  249. High Mileage LS N20 Question
  250. 98 camaro LS1 motor max for nitrous