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  1. Does added compression affect the suggested fuel jet size?
  2. c16+nitrous+ upping the shot ?
  3. timing with 125 shot
  4. Verifying lnc-2000 timing retard
  5. Nitrous window switch and tach adapter set up
  6. Need a little help with one electrical connection
  7. 90mm NX plate kit question
  8. 5.3, victor jr,4bbl TB ... thumpr cam??
  9. Progressive nitrous setups.. Need help / info
  10. LS Nitrous Piston for 4.0 stroke 6.125 rod
  11. 408 nitrous motor ls3 heads or cathedral port heads
  12. dedicated tank setup
  13. plugs 200 shot
  14. Stock 6.0 lq4 cam suggestions and nitrous suggestions
  15. NOS remote bottle opener
  16. Nitrous question
  17. Running rich?
  18. Turning the spray back on
  19. Which Nitrous Kit
  20. nitrous outlet is the shit!!!!!!
  21. First outing on the juice!
  22. 50 shot = time wise
  23. Second hand NX Kit Dual Stage
  24. Who runs a nos plate?
  25. better to tee before or after the fuel rails for fuel solenoid?
  26. NX Direct port special.
  27. Need help mounting money maker solenoids
  28. 300 shot questions
  29. Target Timing and Knock Feedback
  30. Yank Pt4000 Stall Ok to Spray?
  31. 98 T/A build
  32. Holley Hi-ram direct port anyone
  33. throwing around build ideas.
  34. E85/E70 How much N20?
  35. FJO mini / Timing Twister still relevant?
  36. My Quest to go as Fast as possible, E85, cam only nitrous T56 Record? 99CamaroSS
  37. Need help with jet sizing!
  38. Simple wet kit relay wiring help
  39. NX Direct Port on 99-06 Truck Manifold.
  40. Nitrous Outlet Direct Port Sale!!!
  41. Nitrous Meltdown on Dyno
  42. overthinking this solution
  43. Safe NO2?
  44. stand alone system
  45. New kit setup questions
  46. help me put together a 6.0
  47. Good Starter Kit?
  48. Cig lighter bottle heater?
  49. #7 burned up - possible old damage from nitrous?
  50. LQ4 with Direct Port Kit
  51. Nitrous WOT switch or not?
  52. for those with the nitrous outlet fast 102 dual stage bracket
  53. 2 stage problem
  54. Cheapest heater element options?
  55. MSD window switch 8956 4cyl mode
  56. 5.3 nitrous build.
  57. What else do i need for a nitrous install??
  58. Stand alone fuel system
  59. 50 shot on ls3 with 26* of timing...
  60. lq4/lq9 nitrous build help
  61. Nitrous short block upgrade
  62. Progressive Controller, Theory of use
  63. nitrous timing pull or no pull
  64. Nozzle recommendation wet to use w/ fast 102/102?
  65. Another but different nitrous question
  66. Comp ratio
  67. Looking for a bottle bracket nut
  68. StrokexBore Combo for a LSX block based nitrous motor
  69. LSX Block owners - Need advice and info
  70. 100 to a 150 hit (100 octane?)
  71. does this mean my noid is stuck open?
  72. new set up
  73. mini progresser
  74. adjustable fuel pressure regulator. ..
  75. extensive gains?
  76. How big of a shot is a NOS plate good for?
  77. The most you've sprayed in front of the MAF?
  78. Nitrous fuel pump help
  79. Timing tuner help
  80. WOT microswitch bracket for fast 92 TB
  81. Prepping stock bottom end 5.3 for spray
  82. Another how much can I safely spray question; H/C/I LS2
  83. Help me choose a 78mm TB Nitrous Plate
  84. NGK BR7EF or BR8EF
  85. digital msd window switch settings
  86. WOT switch
  87. Nitrous Outlet 10% OFF SALE
  88. 100 shot plate kit, nano or no nano?
  89. Sprayed 150 shot and something had small fire!
  90. nitrous wont engage using msd window switch help
  91. changing my plugs, somewat of an adventure
  92. heads and cam formula with spray
  93. New to nitrous and need info lots!
  94. Truck Intake Nitrous Pics???
  95. Do I need injectors?
  96. Jetting question with nx lightning solenoids
  97. NANO Pressure - anyone having issues?
  98. Fueling question
  99. nx NXL jet pack help please
  100. N/A tune is spot on... Do I need a nitrous tune?
  101. HELP... Nitrous warm up procedure in staging lanes
  102. LNC-2000 & FJO Nitrous Controller
  103. widening my horizon. tons of questions
  104. Nitrous on the street switching back and forth between tunes?
  105. Afr or tfs heads
  106. Kit not producing the power...I have a few questions
  107. My GTO is finally in the 10's...!
  108. Fast 370's?
  109. Progressive 300, Dual Stage Plate, or Plate + Direct Port
  110. Any vendors that can rebuild TNT solenoids?
  111. head gasket material??
  112. slp bellow and nozzle placement
  113. 347 n20 piston's. What's the best for 300 plus shot
  114. plate vs direct port intake rescriction
  115. Nitrous to cool intake charge?
  116. 7.100 at 97mph in the 1/8th. Your thoughts
  117. Cam suggestions for my 430cid?
  118. 07 4.8 Chevy Silverado new body.
  119. Questions about nitrous plate
  120. Steering wheel with built in nitrous button
  121. Noob to Nitrous
  122. NX solenoid bracket
  123. 10 micron, 40 micron 100 micron ??? filter
  124. Stock lq4 nitrous question
  125. Progressive Controllers
  126. safe nitrous limit with stock ls1 cam
  127. How fast have you been on a stock short block?
  128. Changing to a dry kit few questions
  129. First Time Spraying, Need Input
  130. nos mini progressive
  131. **UPDATED for cut-outs**Going from 250 to 350 shot gains 2 tenths?
  132. what fuel pressure to use 40 psi or 50 psi??
  133. How much does a .001 change in fuel jet change actual air fuel ratio?
  134. Nitrous/Texas Giant guys... what compression?
  135. Tuning fuel on a progressive dry dirrect port.
  136. 100 shot question
  137. What plugs for my setup?
  138. New PB (11.38 at 131.62) but have a HUGE problem...! HELP (150 shot)
  139. who do I conctact
  140. how to convert a dry kit to a wet/plate?
  141. Fuel Flow Pressure for setting nitrous Q.
  142. Anyone have an HSW Interface they would like to sell?
  143. Untouched 799 heads
  144. is a 250 shot too big for a 10lb bottle?
  145. How much spray can you run without pulling timing if using a c16 stand alone?
  146. Wat should i be looking at for stock engine
  147. blew the hell out of my motor!! 200 shot pics
  148. car bogs then hauls ass on a 200 shot
  149. Dual stage plate and wondering about fuel line on Mustang.
  150. Plugs from 350 shot on N.O. Plate
  151. lnc2000 question
  152. question about bottles
  153. 5.3 150-250... plugs?
  154. is this enough fuel for my new direct port setup??
  155. plug gap
  156. Nitrous oultet jets contradiction
  157. Nitrous Noob few questions
  158. help please!
  159. What should I set my Window Switch "on" Off" to?
  160. Juiced up
  161. 1998 PCM "OK" for a dual 350 shot...or do I need a later model PCM...?
  162. stupid newbie question
  163. can someone check my wiring diagram I drew up?
  164. Good Nitrous Setup???
  165. How long does the fuel in a standalone last...?
  166. 6.0 Bore Block....When will the heads lift on NOS?
  167. wiring diagram needed please
  168. Don't bash me but have a question?
  169. gto ls1 2004 on spray stock tranny and rear end
  170. My microedge is actually a microedge plus...need a manual...
  171. nitrous outlet kit anyone run them?
  172. Lingenfelter NCC-002 WOW!!!
  173. Is Edelbrock pro flo xt manifold ok for 90mm plate kit?
  174. Pcm nitrous tune
  175. hsw nozzle jets
  176. Nitrous Outlet License Plate Frames
  177. NOS Increase?
  178. Finishing up piecing a kit together.
  179. tvs2300 and nitrous
  180. Fastest stock blocked nitrous ls1 383?
  181. Any HSW interface users in here?
  182. Odd 150 shot problem.
  183. NX 102 plate
  184. dual stage thinking
  185. Shark nozzle vs dynotune plate
  186. Whats my best options
  187. Lnc-2000 or Msd 6010
  188. head bolts
  189. nitrous outlet ls2 w stinger plate round 2
  190. E85 in a separate fuel cell for my wet kit. 93 octane in the car?
  191. where to set progressive controller?
  192. What 2stage/prog. w/xtra features nitrous controller is everyone running now a days?
  193. Need help
  194. What NGK part# for non-projected tip -9 -10 -11 heat range plugs L92/LS3 Heads
  195. Nitrous combonation setup ?
  196. nano nitrous pressure issue
  197. Running out of pump??
  198. Zex's box failure?
  199. Troubleshooting Nitrous Activating Inconsistently
  200. 300 hit on a 12-1 motor, what plugs?
  201. What brand of solenoids to buy?
  202. HELP! problems with dry kit on LS2
  203. Nitrous plugs run like crap, please help!
  204. plate/jetting Q
  205. best wideband for HP Tuners?
  206. timing tuner question
  207. anyone using Leash progressive and LNC2000?
  208. Nitrous Outlet / NX 78mm plate jetting questions
  209. rebuild solenoids
  210. 390ci iron, fully forged: Dual Stage 300 (150/200) it too much...?
  211. iat nitrous trick
  212. Back firing after nitrous pass help
  213. Cubic inches and nitrous question
  214. nitrous outlet ls2 first nitrous pass
  215. nitrous issues
  216. NX MAF results
  217. Wet or dry kit??
  218. Tps and tach on 98
  219. Nitrous ZEX Dry kit plz help
  220. remote opener options
  221. Diagnose my "breaking up" nitrous pass?
  222. Nitrous around northeast Nebraska?
  223. Nitrous plugs
  224. New cam is working out quite well.
  225. Nitrous 5.3 junkyard build. Help!
  226. Fuel Pressure Safety Switch Question
  227. 100% engine protection from an N2O shot gone bad....does it exist...?
  228. Dynotune N20 vs Nitrous express vs Nitrous Outlet reviews
  229. iat timing tricker
  230. Yet Another Spark Plug Thread
  231. Predictions on power and longivity?
  232. Anyone using the new Nitrous Express Solenoid Brackets?
  233. testing KB BAP
  234. Is it safe to spray on this setup?
  235. SBE cam and spray car goes 1.23 60' on radials with 4l60e.
  236. upgrading fuel system
  237. Progressive
  238. KB BAP wiring with relay
  239. Nitrous Newb working on a Drag Week Setup
  240. Adding vp instead of timing retard
  241. Help with Plugs/Wires
  242. Aeromotive Regulator w/Nitrous Outle Remote Tank problem.
  243. C5 with bottle in rear well.
  244. NOS newby
  245. Rotating Assemblies
  246. NX relay question
  247. Old TnT N2O Kit?
  248. so how lucky was i??
  249. Pre-plumbed Intakes From NX
  250. To run 6a box or not Lt1 75 wet shot stock timeing