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  1. how much
  2. timing retards after an n/a tune
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  4. Used nitrous kit?
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  15. Nitrous
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  20. A few progress pics of my 2 stage set up
  21. Will it Break again?
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  24. Looking for some nitrous suggestions/advise
  25. thinking about nitrous
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  27. Single nozzle vs plate system
  28. I'm Back (almost)
  29. ***spooky deals***
  30. Nitro Dave DP for sale
  31. Why is my dry-shot lean at lower bottle pressure?
  32. Timing tuner issues???
  33. Is there a such thing a bottle too full?
  34. Microedge won't activate noids?????
  35. nitrous controler?
  36. What determains your jet choices?
  37. Timing Tuner Console Mounting
  38. Question on what this kit is worth
  39. Cylinder heads and nitrous?
  40. genral n2o?s
  41. ls1 power ring
  42. 3 wire nos opener with a 6 wire switch???? HELP!!
  43. Build Thread: Headed for the stock cid LS1 nitrous record
  44. Does this dyno graph look right?
  45. spark plug magnifying glass
  46. another stockish ls1 nitrous question.
  47. Installing Nitrous
  48. Spark plug gapping
  49. Car barely starts after plug change
  50. Understanding how Nitrous works (Vid)
  51. How does this wiring setup look?
  52. Vid from last night. Thanks Nitrous outlet
  53. Slight wiring adjustment...
  54. New numbers on bottle
  55. Need jet numbers for Nos wet shot nitrous & fuel fogger
  56. Dual Stage Jetting Q's
  57. What jets for the nx maf plate?
  58. Jet interchangeability
  59. safe to spray?
  60. which bottle warmer?
  61. Harris Speed Works, THANKS
  62. 175-200hp jets for NOS plate kit
  63. c5 with spray? gurus needed
  64. Msd window switch
  65. A/F gauge?? needed?
  66. Grounds under dash
  67. How fast can a bone stock LS1 go on the gun
  68. A different plug question.
  69. 275 tires
  70. Some success at last with n20
  71. Spraying with Blower
  72. Who is using a Timing Tuner and spraying 200HP or more?
  73. Hooking Dynotune nitrous pressure gauge into HP tuners...
  74. Car leans out in first gear.
  75. gettin' back in form!
  76. Spark Blow Out?
  77. Dual wet nozzle jet ?
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  79. Question about the HSW Interface
  80. Wet Kit Location
  81. fastest stock 6.0 nitrous car
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  83. Advanced MicroEDGE + features!!
  84. limit on 455 cast steel crank
  85. HSW dry pill
  86. Getting 4* of KR with 7* already pulled...
  87. anyone recomend this?
  88. Finished updating my nitrous kit
  89. Solenoid Won't Open...Even at 950PSI...Ideas?
  90. Sticky Jet Size Differ from RobbieRobot
  91. Which bottle to buy??does it matter?
  92. 6-speed guys w/ MicroEdge, please read...
  93. N20 question
  94. HA HA I Hit it!!!
  95. Any one make a Plate for a Fast 102mm LSx intake?
  96. Harris Speed Works and NOS LS1 Plate Kit
  97. Can I use a TR5 Plug With Nitrous ?
  98. Nitrous and Meth. kit
  99. Automatic Timing Retarding
  100. Who has the most miles and sprays?
  101. NX wet kit
  102. new to this
  103. NOS Sniper - Any thoughts?
  104. wanna see what lean and to much timing does to a piston...
  105. Need advice on fuel lines from seloniod
  106. Second Stage of Nitrous
  107. NANO 4500 psi Kit
  108. Ignition timing
  109. How much pressure can a nitrous bottle hold?
  110. What shot will the stock rods start to give problems w/ forged pistons
  111. Replacement for rubber bellows
  112. Pillar question
  113. Gap for my BR7EF NGK plug
  114. Why can`t i sell this nx maf system ??
  115. nitrous shop in illinois
  116. couple dumb questions N2O?
  117. Dumbass problem, cannot get my ball valve to stop leaking
  118. Question about nitrous tune
  119. i need a list of most common needed nitrous fittings and accesories,
  120. NANO On a Banshee
  121. Damn it, WHY DID I DO IT
  122. Running pig rich, increase the nitrous jet or reduce the fuel jet? Nano user
  123. My N2O installHere's a
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  125. Lights Went Out In Georgia
  126. Another Spark Plug Question
  127. looking for spare 10lb NOS Bottle with Hi Flo Valve
  128. Why won't my bottle heat up
  129. Convertible guys - where did you mount your bottle? (Pics Please!)
  130. Bolt ons, stall, 75 pill...
  131. spark plug ?
  132. First time in the 10s on 200 shot
  133. Real world numbers.
  134. Rebuild Kit for TNT noids?
  135. Homemade Spare Tire Bottle Mount Pictures
  136. What plugs/ gap/ size shot are you running?
  137. Where to mount nozzle on dry system?
  138. wideband o2 went bad
  139. It's time to heat it up
  140. n2o cutoff rpm
  141. Couldn't get down the track on the jug last night
  142. Soon to be new best?
  143. Who is going to LSX?
  144. Great Nitrous tuner needed...
  145. can someone help me stop detnating
  146. Well, Im going to get back to it!!!
  147. Fire jacket rules... Who knows 'em?
  148. help with inj. size for dry shot
  149. gapping tr6's
  150. Nitrous
  151. Brand New Autometer Nexus Nitrous and Voltage gauges, Dynotune nitrous control center
  152. Traction control timing retard?
  153. Pulled the trigger on the hsw dry plate kit!
  154. Nitrous cam for a 5.3
  155. How close to exhaust outlet is it OK to wount WB sensor to?
  156. Clearence Items @ Nitrous Outlet
  157. When to use two bottles?
  158. WIll my 04 z06 handle a dry 150 rwhp shot?
  159. My switch panel and micro edge
  160. Taking bets on what my set up willl run!
  161. timing twister help
  162. Nitrous Outlets 92mm plate
  163. Is a hotwire kit and a bottle heater needed?
  164. my complete Nitrous Outlet setup is done
  165. New Eye Candy
  166. tr55s for juice?
  167. msd 2 step?
  168. Dual Stage: Plate on top of progressive money maker - analyze my setup please!
  169. RWHP or Flywheel HP?
  170. Whats the deal with back cyl starvation under a 150 shot?
  171. nitrous
  172. New best .....
  173. Best nos system
  174. What do you have your window switch set too??
  175. What HP should i Expect
  176. Iridums or not
  177. Considering adding a 100-shot
  178. New Best 5.07@139 on 275's
  179. Nitrous outlet---can I buy a jet pack?
  180. Manual VB guys: Spray through shifts?
  181. Gained .5 and 7 mph in the 1/8 on 100 shit, sound right?
  182. Don't laugh but...
  183. single nozzle w/ a Victor Jr
  184. 200 shot, check out my plugs and tune...
  185. We were robbed and we are asking for your help.
  186. hooking to streeing
  187. Thinking about a dual stage setup...idea inside...thoughts?
  188. Thanks FLP, Finally a Dyno Vid of the new Combo...
  189. wiring widow switch
  190. Question about Pill style MSD WS
  191. nitrous cam
  192. Nitrous surging, hesitation, hiccup, problems, window tps wiring problems look here
  193. 12.2 AFR on WB, 100 shot, change jet or FP?
  194. need help with this new setup
  195. nitrous jet question
  196. alternate WOT switch mounting points
  197. Just makin sure im ready....
  198. Check My Setup!!
  199. Anyone putting together a serious N20 motor should read...
  200. PCV on a nitrous motor.....bad idea?
  201. Anyone have some pills for the MSD window switch?
  202. can this be done.......
  203. 2 questions, window switch and WOT switch
  204. I keep knocking out #7 plug
  205. what do i need for 150 shot?
  206. Using Methanol as fuel for nitrous?
  207. So Im thinking about stepping into the nitrous world.
  208. Getting There.... Finally in the 9's
  209. Buying a Used Bottle, What to Look Out For??
  210. Wet or Dry Kit?
  211. hesitation in the kit
  212. Found a kit is it worth it?
  213. iridium plug and 100 shot
  214. Head Gasket selection
  215. bottle positioning
  216. got mind is wandering. idea inside.
  217. What do I need to spray a TBI engine?
  218. NX kit with NOS plate?
  219. 4500 style dry plate?
  220. lt1 fogger jet placement?
  221. My nitrous install pics (1st time)
  222. chacklist for a qucik 100 hit
  223. 116 fuel vs 93 octane
  224. Nitrous + Tire ?
  225. bottle valves
  226. FS Dynotune Round 2-1/16" Nitrous Switch Center
  227. Looking for a good kit on a 99 trans am with stock bottom end.Which is the best?
  228. Delay when i spray
  229. Front two cylinders leanest on plate setup?
  230. I hit it w/ 200....
  231. Harlan 2 Step question.
  232. What plugs??
  233. Labor Day Sale
  234. will a NOS bottle knob fit a NX pure flow valve?
  235. Fuel Pump
  236. What is the max for an LS1?
  237. NANO/dual bottle questions.
  238. wet shot location question
  239. what plugs
  240. TR7 plug right for me?
  241. Direct port set up.... pics inside
  242. NEW Autometer Nexus Nitrous pressure gauge
  243. NOS launcher- who's using it?
  244. Better to lower F/P or change jet to adjust A/F?
  245. Standalone / Direct Port
  246. Anyone wanna play "Pass Time" here on LS1Tech???
  247. nitrous botle location
  248. Plug gap on ngk8s!!
  249. turbocharged + nitrous question
  250. NEW! The MicroEDGE gets a buddy!