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  1. Kickin @SS on 275's !!!!!!!!
  2. TNT hose length
  3. About to step up to bigger nitrous system, need advice.
  4. What would you think of this setup? Cam & Nitrous; Brand X
  5. need some help on what should i do
  6. carb nitrous plates?
  7. Is this kit any good?
  8. How many passes do you get out of a 200 shot?
  9. 150 wet shot on stock fuel system?
  10. Torque Converter for NAWS
  11. My Nitrous setup topped out?
  12. Who has Dynotune nitrous setup?
  13. Will these pistons work?
  14. Ok to run solenoid grounds through FPSS?
  15. Anybody in here happen to have a crossmember for a glide laying around?
  16. widebandn and microedge
  17. IGN switched 12+ powersource in engine bay?
  18. Stand alone lines?
  19. Free hsw stuff!!
  20. need help nitrous plate
  21. Nitrous mount between seats pic please
  22. NANO Refill Solutions
  23. Set up question? Class rules setup
  25. how to install nitrous pressure gauge on 14LBS bottle
  26. wet nozzle questions
  27. help me choose a set of heads
  28. Sticky? For NANO Refill stations???
  29. Stuck silnoid
  30. 860 Spare tire mount
  31. dart headed motor with big shot plug change?
  32. how much timing
  33. Bottle Pressure Explained...
  34. Setup Almost Complete
  35. please need help ( nitrous solenoid )
  36. Nitrous Confusion (pros come help)
  37. nitrous solenoid problem!
  38. quick ? TNT F2 kits noids
  39. My new dyno pulls LS2 with all the fixins and a 2 stage
  40. Direct port or single plane?
  41. Plug gap for a 200 shot
  42. Setting up system, should I go ahead and just use the FJO vs TT?
  43. Jet sizes!!!!
  44. Which stall converter for spray?
  45. Fuel pressure problem????
  46. Acts like it has a 2000 rpm rev limiter and dies at idle
  47. Jet sizing
  48. Anyone looking for a NX Maximizer.
  49. Anyone have ever used a cold fusion plate
  50. Which is better?
  52. What do you think about my setup?
  53. Where to fill in GA or AL?
  54. 2 stage dry kit using 1 nozzle and one bottle PICS and write up
  55. Stand Alone Fuel System for Vette C6
  56. Wiring Issues
  57. HSWs Micro Edge controler and LS2s ONLY!
  58. 4.10's and a 100 shot?
  59. how many people would be interested?
  60. HSW Microedge Gear Lockout/RPM Issues
  61. updated master faq
  62. Went out to run Real Street (275 radial class) this weekend and got a new best.....
  63. Nitrous
  64. what ngk plugs to run?
  65. nitrous times
  66. Zex nozzle location
  67. Selling my kit
  68. BIG backfire through exhaust when nitrous activates
  69. What size shot are you running on your stock bottom end?
  70. NANO Approved by NHRA
  71. Dry Shot Size...
  72. pic inside , is that the correct setup for purge ?
  73. Nitrous bottle lose pressure over time
  74. Wide band o2 sensors for C16???
  75. installed wet kit, now p0118
  76. FAQS RELAYS; how they work etc ....
  77. what plugs for 250HP ? and for 200hp ?
  78. how much to fill a 10 lb bottle where you are?
  79. What is the mileage cut off for Nitrous???
  80. pix of my finished NOS setup.
  81. Congrats
  82. 90mm tnt power ring?
  83. Im too lazy to search...what jets are compatible with Nitrous Outlet nozzles?
  84. HSW Plate/Cruse...
  85. Remote Bottle Operner - reliable?
  86. How old is to old?
  87. mallory 685 help
  88. Car dies at idle after using N20
  89. water in n20 bottle?
  90. Sold broken "Timing Tuner"
  91. The best nitrous jets ???????
  92. Dumb question about staging nitrous....
  93. What plug and gap to start with?
  94. ballpark price for this setup?
  95. HSW Plate Kit on my 2005 CTS-V...Dyno Numbers Inside!
  96. HSWs micro edge controller issue? anyone else have issues???
  97. Adapting my N2O setup from my old LT1 to new LS1?
  98. New best .....
  99. Nitrous issues on dyno...please help.
  100. how to hook up fuel line for wet kit
  101. Possible last season with nitrous.
  102. lt1 nitrous install question, need help.
  103. Where are you noids located?
  104. 2deg colder than stock
  105. NOS stall
  106. could I get some Nitrous Outlet install pics
  107. Nitrous jet #'s for a 200 shot?? Help please.
  108. Nitrous diagnosis needed... nitro dave, HSW, etc...
  109. Nitrous pressure gauge reading zero?
  110. please post on poll in the forced induction
  111. Fuel in the stand alone
  112. a good dry system to hide?
  113. Got A Problem
  114. CTS-V Plate System Photos, Solenoid Fitment Ok?
  115. Cold Air Intake fitment problem with Nitrous Plate...2005 CTS-V
  116. Ring gap formula for N20 motors?
  117. One of a Kind Sexy Direct port 4 sale..
  118. SMITH got runner-up @ 275 race
  119. Plug ???
  120. Beer Panel Mount question
  121. Wide open throttle switch mounting issue - Harris kit
  122. po3oo code
  123. MSD 3-stage retard box really automatically retard it 4 degrees?
  124. purge solenoid sticking
  125. Microedge and LM-1 Config
  126. Can a NO2 solenoid be used for fuel?
  127. quick question
  128. n20 shot?
  129. stupid wet kit question
  130. Purge Not Working
  131. Custom bottle mount installed!! check it out
  132. Ordered a HSW kit today.
  133. Took me a while...
  134. anyone spray an 04 Z06?
  135. wet kit hook up. using fpr?
  136. anyone using big shot 4150 plate with high fuel pressure?
  137. Ngk r5724-8
  138. Nitrous problem
  139. HSW The Interface w/ EFI Live
  140. Getting the Facts.. Part 1
  141. as if u turned the key off?
  142. BOOOM!!! 4th of July Nitrous Deals!!!
  143. New Setup: Daves Plate and HSW Standalone
  144. Check my setup
  145. pics of custom tunnel mounts?
  146. nitrous bottle stuck open?
  147. power wire locations?
  148. Best way to mount nozzle post maf??
  149. Stand alone question?
  150. stock ls1 + nitrous
  151. nitrous works lt1 jet question
  152. N2O outlet fuel cell Please Help!
  153. Finally, new 2009 Nitrous combo is done.....Pics within
  154. Dry kit question
  155. Pre maf or Post maf
  156. not able to spray, why?
  157. What brand of nitrous to buy money no option(NOS NX ZEX OR OTHER)
  158. Tps and rpm wires on pcm
  159. So many headaches, help!
  160. Nitrous Question
  161. HSW single nozzle kit to 4150 plate?
  162. Lets have some discussion on nitrous tuning with HP Tuners or EFI live
  163. Wiring Diagram
  165. New PB thanks guys
  166. Two stage nitrous guys, ? about pressure drop in the bottle when hitting 2nd stage
  167. nitrous and intake question
  168. Excellent New Nitrous Book
  169. New to Nitrous-dual stage, direct shot...
  170. Placement of nozzle of dry kit on LT1
  171. Whats the matter with my Nano?
  172. please need help about Power relay
  173. Hesitation with Nitro Daves window switch
  174. can i make my own nos line my noids are 6-8in away from nos plate
  175. So im gonna do it
  176. Nitrous Outlet dual window switch users - Quick rpm settings question!
  177. Nitrous kit wires
  178. FJO progressiver mini controller
  179. Is the heat effecting my electronics(Car acting crazy in heat)???
  180. Need jetting didn't get me anywhere.
  181. Quick Switch Panel Question
  182. Wiring Question
  183. Help with nitrous not spraying
  184. Where to hide solenoid, lines, nozzle.
  185. AR94's or TR6's
  186. LS6 TPS Signal Wire
  187. Nozzle Placement
  188. Making the zex system better?
  189. NX 85mm MAF kit fitment on F-body
  190. Harris Speed Works interface controller
  191. dry NOS nozzle placement
  192. Need help with TNT F1 kit
  193. Nitrous Jetting/ Math Question
  194. Nitrous A/F and weather changes?
  195. Help with Maximizer II config
  196. CTS question???
  197. How about a Vid thread???
  198. Nitrous problem
  199. Can I use Constant Instead of Switched 12V+?
  200. Diagnose Help
  201. Best dry nozzle to mount post MAF
  202. Dedicated Fuel System?
  203. Getting The Facts
  204. nitrous in iowa?
  205. Using Jumper Wires for Switch Panel OK?
  206. air in nitrous.......
  207. TPS wire
  208. blow down tube
  209. Best Bang for the Buck Dry Kit?
  210. What is everything needed for install?
  211. Nitrous newbie
  212. LT1 + Nitrous = ?
  213. What if we pull timing on our 32 degree tables then unhook our iat?
  214. 2 stage question
  215. Switch Panel for 95 m6?
  216. tr6 plug and colder?(issues)
  217. converting dry to wet.
  218. for old hands is my diagram correct ?
  219. 100 dry shot will i regret it?
  220. Thinking about nitrous, LOTS of Questions!!!
  221. Need help added 100hp no et gain.
  222. microedge help
  223. Can you hear the fuel pump in your HSW fuel cell?
  224. pics of your exterior nitrous emblems on your car
  225. purchased Ashtray Switch plate and want help for installation
  226. question about fuel HSW solenoid
  227. Do most peeps run the same fuel through motor/n2o system.
  228. Are you NANO users happy with it?
  229. Progressive controller accuracy???
  230. pics of wot on lt1
  231. nitrous and turbo combo?
  232. Is this a big no-no?
  233. nitrous help/need pics of your installs
  234. Huge Thanks TSP and N2O Outlet
  235. FS: Innovate LM-1 Wideband Setup
  236. why do more prefer wet over dry??
  237. The best way to adapt my generic ZEX kit for LS1.
  238. 100-150 dry shot
  239. N20 nozzles snapped off in cast manifold, how to fix?
  240. nitrous launch, foot brake car, tips?
  241. 300+ on L92 heads?
  242. MSD Window Switch Problem??!! Help
  243. Nitrous 100shot ls1.
  244. Spraying on the transbrake? Who does it?
  245. question for zex
  246. Stock LS1-75 Shot- Will I regret it?
  247. 430whp ls1 wants nitrous ;)
  248. TNT pill sizes
  249. Need 2 things: Size of jets for what shot(Nitro Dave kit) and Timing tuner
  250. Trade 90mm wet plate for a 78mm