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  1. NX 125 shot?
  2. M6 guys, who are spraying!!
  3. TR7IX or BR7EF
  4. Quick question!!
  5. HSW MicroEdge Controller question
  6. nitrous stuff
  7. pleas guys help, microedge and o2 problems
  8. guys with dataloggers, does your car go fat on gear shifts?
  9. Sprayed for the 1st time!!!
  10. switch panel
  11. Window switch question
  12. New best in the HEAT 5.40 @ 131.5 mph
  13. dual nozzle nitrous setups.
  14. n2o not working first couple trys
  15. Looking for a n20 kit have a few qeustions
  16. New Purge setup
  17. Ideas for blow down tube?
  18. Adding a 150 Shot....Q1. what shift points best? Q2. How much nitrous can I handle?
  19. What gains are you seeing over your motor passes?
  20. Safest nitrous setup?
  21. Nitrous is acting weird!! Need help.
  22. 90 mm plate, for wet kit.
  23. At the track: need nano help
  24. finally perfected my purge system
  25. Do it all nitrous controller. Who's using what
  26. solenoid ?
  27. delay ?
  28. Way to rich on spray
  29. Stock 09 Z06 vs SS big bottle
  30. 20 pound bottle dimention
  31. 90mm Nitro Dave's Wet kit for sale
  32. Bottle Is Leaking Need Help.
  33. microedge lean cut off.
  34. Bottle filling questions...
  35. Is my wiring right?
  36. question about nitrous parts,,,
  37. How much timeing do i need to pull??please help
  38. Q 16 Oxygenated fuel?
  39. How much can I spray my setup?
  40. What should I Gap my steel Rings at for heavy spray?
  41. nitrous nozzel question
  42. can not get my window switch to work! help!
  43. Stand alone fuel system questions?
  44. Harris 150 dry plate, fuel system questions.
  45. LT1 on juice
  46. wiring a nx kit
  47. Nitrous pass hit rev limiter
  48. NITROUS ? on Vic Jr.
  49. Why doesn't someone make....
  50. Dinitrogen Monoxide newbie :)
  51. interface users PLEASE COME IN
  52. Video from 275 race at VMP Sat.
  53. Need a little wiring help...Timing Tuner and Dynotune lean shut down switch
  54. nozzle fittings?
  55. lightweight nitrous piston for Lt1
  56. LS7 ZO6 NOS question please
  57. Standalone pressure?
  58. throttle sticking after spray
  59. 200 I need a dedicated fuel system?
  60. What is the best fuel pressure for nitrous
  61. 90MM HSW Plate Max wet shot?
  62. msd timming twister
  63. 150shot dry timing question
  64. nitrous/timing & octane questions
  65. Hell of a scare....
  66. what do you think of this setup heads cam...and what NOS system should i buy
  67. The baddest Nitrous Racers run Madman suspensions
  68. Need a bit of wiring help,read stickies twice
  69. converter/lockup on spray ?
  70. 3 years later finally sprayed at the track!
  71. Jet Sizes??
  72. Help with my setup?
  73. Stock bottem end nitrous build???
  74. flycutting with nitrous?
  75. #4 nitrous feed limits?
  76. Hsw interface
  77. 9.97 @ 140.8 n/a
  78. 200 shot on 10 bolt??
  79. converter/gas ?
  80. Breaks up when its cold but it fine after it is warmed up
  81. latest and greatest?
  82. Why is rich so dangerous?
  83. N20 progressive pros step in
  84. fuel pressure ?s befor a spray
  85. nitrous not hitting as hard
  86. Look what came in the mail today
  87. More Tech - What makes a plug "colder"
  88. one stage 300 shot hlp ?
  89. Dynotune RPM window switch question
  90. Nitrous on 7 cylinders; how bad it is?
  91. cam/stall/spray what gap?
  92. Zex nitrous question??
  93. TNT 90mm Power Ring. Where can I get one?
  94. Topping up your bottles...calling dealers inside!!
  95. Nitrous Race Checklist
  96. Plug brown/red after about 20 nitrous runs...
  97. Should I go with a blower cam or nitrous cam?
  98. Too much Advertising, Not enough Tech - Spark Plug Reference
  99. How much can i spray with TR5s?
  100. Spraying on the hit
  101. Nitrous Bottle and Battery in Spare Tire Well
  102. What's your race weight?
  103. ran br7ef's and they fowled out BAD street driving
  104. rewired my nitrous kit this past weekend
  105. 347ci nitrous motor questions
  106. Introducing The Nitrous Outlet TBSS Switch Panel
  107. Introducing The Nitrous Outlet 2010 Camaro Switch panel.
  108. Introducing The Nitrous Outlet LT1 Specific System
  109. Gota See this
  110. Beck intake with Nitrous Outlet 3 stage direct port for sale
  111. What is this Spark Plug trying to tell me?
  112. E3 SPARK PLUGS (Nitrous?)
  113. Dyno #s with 100shot
  114. gap for 100 shot
  115. bottle pressure?
  116. Looking into nitrous. Help me out!
  117. Tr6 or tr8???
  118. plug question for 150-200 hit
  119. How much nitrous can you flow through a -4AN line?
  120. Innovate WB/lean shut down switch question
  121. Best N2O motor for $10K-ish
  122. plugs QS chime in
  123. motor built for nitrous? what you do?
  124. E85 Solenoid Question...
  125. Forged internals, 42#, racetronics, HSW
  126. nitrous guys what does your cars run na
  127. Help choosing jets to lean out
  128. shift through nitrous?
  129. why is it acting up only on 150 hit?
  130. dyno-tune question?
  131. timing box
  132. nos controller for m6?
  133. NX MAF Kit/ Fuel pressure quetion??
  134. using wideband with microedge?
  135. nano bottle valve leaking
  136. truck nitrous system suggestions
  137. Stand Alone Reservoir in trunk...
  138. sprayable? 1st setup options?
  139. Can I spray a 75 Shot without pulling timing?
  140. wanna bottle feed my baby
  141. how much n20
  142. RPM resets the record again
  143. nitrous question
  144. WTB N.O.S LS1 plate
  145. Jetting at outlet of solenoids
  146. What oxygen sensors do you guys run?
  147. low profile plate for ls1 fbody?
  148. 05 gto, 100 shot results
  149. Nitro Daves F-Body Nitrous Kit.
  150. Honest opinion of 200hit on my
  151. A Question to those with Dry nitrous experience
  152. N2O outlet LT1 plate guys, quick question.
  153. Run TR6's on motor vs. 8's?
  154. 600 rwhp? and the SAUCE?
  155. The Nitrous Outlet 98-02 F-body Nitrous System
  156. hsw help...
  157. Introducing the Nitrous Outlet 2010 Camaro Nitrous System!
  158. Air and fuel????
  159. 103's gapped at .40
  160. One noid two nozzles???
  161. 6 speed and N20 questions.
  162. 2010 Camaro HSW Nitrous Plate
  163. Harris plate install pics on 05 gto
  164. Manual tranny/nitrous/launch controller guys-spraying thru ign cutout?
  165. Dribble feed tiny dry shots??
  166. my Zex kit install vid from lsxtv
  167. 125 jet size?
  168. Fort Worth Nitrous Fill
  169. Let's see your setup!
  170. Biggest dry hit on 93 octane
  171. tnt nozzle - nx jets?
  172. More than complete DRY kit for sale
  173. Selectable Dual Bottle Setup
  174. purge
  175. New Best with VIDEO
  176. Anyone looking for a nos cam
  177. Marshall electric nitrous gauge not working?
  178. cold fusion plate with nitro dave noids quick question
  179. where to mount TNT soulenoids
  180. Nitrous OutLet direct port system
  181. New best for LT1 car 9.28 @ 144.21
  182. Carb style wet kit to efi?
  183. Need input on finishing Zex piremeter plate setup!
  184. micro edge questions
  185. micro edge causing rpms to flux
  186. Microedge/Interface Issues....Scans Inside
  187. HSW Warranty
  188. Questions about timing and what device for changing timing
  189. Kickin @SS on 275's !!!!!!!!
  190. TNT hose length
  191. About to step up to bigger nitrous system, need advice.
  192. What would you think of this setup? Cam & Nitrous; Brand X
  193. need some help on what should i do
  194. carb nitrous plates?
  195. Is this kit any good?
  196. How many passes do you get out of a 200 shot?
  197. 150 wet shot on stock fuel system?
  198. Torque Converter for NAWS
  199. My Nitrous setup topped out?
  200. Who has Dynotune nitrous setup?
  201. Will these pistons work?
  202. Ok to run solenoid grounds through FPSS?
  203. Anybody in here happen to have a crossmember for a glide laying around?
  204. widebandn and microedge
  205. IGN switched 12+ powersource in engine bay?
  206. Stand alone lines?
  207. Free hsw stuff!!
  208. need help nitrous plate
  209. Nitrous mount between seats pic please
  210. NANO Refill Solutions
  211. Set up question? Class rules setup
  213. how to install nitrous pressure gauge on 14LBS bottle
  214. wet nozzle questions
  215. help me choose a set of heads
  216. Sticky? For NANO Refill stations???
  217. Stuck silnoid
  218. 860 Spare tire mount
  219. dart headed motor with big shot plug change?
  220. how much timing
  221. Bottle Pressure Explained...
  222. Setup Almost Complete
  223. please need help ( nitrous solenoid )
  224. Nitrous Confusion (pros come help)
  225. nitrous solenoid problem!
  226. quick ? TNT F2 kits noids
  227. My new dyno pulls LS2 with all the fixins and a 2 stage
  228. Direct port or single plane?
  229. Plug gap for a 200 shot
  230. Setting up system, should I go ahead and just use the FJO vs TT?
  231. Jet sizes!!!!
  232. Which stall converter for spray?
  233. Fuel pressure problem????
  234. Acts like it has a 2000 rpm rev limiter and dies at idle
  235. Jet sizing
  236. Anyone looking for a NX Maximizer.
  237. Anyone have ever used a cold fusion plate
  238. Which is better?
  240. What do you think about my setup?
  241. Where to fill in GA or AL?
  242. 2 stage dry kit using 1 nozzle and one bottle PICS and write up
  243. Stand Alone Fuel System for Vette C6
  244. Wiring Issues
  245. HSWs Micro Edge controler and LS2s ONLY!
  246. 4.10's and a 100 shot?
  247. how many people would be interested?
  248. HSW Microedge Gear Lockout/RPM Issues
  249. updated master faq
  250. Went out to run Real Street (275 radial class) this weekend and got a new best.....