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  1. NOS 5177 on a Cold Air Intake
  2. methanol
  3. Nitrous torque converter experts question
  4. Using SMC alcohol injection as fuel for nitrous?????
  5. New TNT Kit
  6. How to hook up WOT switch?
  7. TNT?F1orF2??
  8. Going to juice up my SS, need some advice!
  9. Sort of a newbie question...
  10. Nos killing O2s!
  11. Solenoid mounting w/guage and purge
  12. Attn: Nitrodave or anyone else that can get NX parts
  13. My 150 shot NX dyno numbers and track times
  14. Adjusting fuel pressure safety switch without adjustable fuel pressure regulator...
  15. timing with the 5177
  16. Going lean... Help!
  17. 500rwhp M6 DR guys, got some questions.
  18. window switch question
  19. does the ls6 cam like the spray?
  20. Fried 3 o2's so far on 150 wet shot...
  21. n20 controller
  22. people with new pro shot foggers be carefull
  23. Question on installing direct port kit
  24. Plugs and N2O
  25. tnt f1 kit
  26. Low dyno numbers
  27. Satisfied with nitrous?
  28. Need Nitrous Pill Size Please
  29. TNT F2 vs NX Maf kit
  30. new to nitrous
  31. NX Maf Kit + Fuel Cell
  32. alchy on a dry setup
  33. pic request......
  34. New TNT Install
  35. New BMNracetech window switch
  36. Will lowering the window switch to 2500 rpm hurt?
  37. TNT F4 queston
  38. Who has a window switch for their nitrous set-up? Got a few questions.
  39. When should I spray?
  40. which jets to run
  41. Dry shot question
  42. will it work????
  43. i need advice on injectors?
  44. DP TNT F4 users
  45. 9 psi or 14 psi for stand alone fuel system?
  46. Jet ? with Edelbrock Kit
  47. 11.25:1
  48. pics of NX switch console?
  49. NXL smallest shot
  50. Need Advice on Nitrous Cam
  51. NX opener clutch - how tight?
  52. nitrous and newbie
  53. nx pressure heater switch?
  54. MSD Window Switch Modification ??
  55. stock with tr6's?
  56. How do I install the Nitrous Express Gauge on the bottle?
  57. Why not use pure oxygen?
  58. Is a nitrous gage legal in the car
  59. What do you think of this kit?
  60. Any progressive controller that will work by different gears and by rpm???
  61. Nossle kit stand alone fuel system for sale
  62. New to NOS
  63. What to buy?
  64. Is the timing tricker worth it ?
  65. 175 nitrous jets?
  66. Help a poor guy out
  67. Where can I buy individual pieces of the nos 5177 kit?
  68. Anyone have a direct port on a LSX intake?
  69. MSD window switch experts inside
  70. all motor
  71. Whoopass nitrogen push and new intake
  72. TNT F2 Smallest shot
  73. anybody use hydraulic hose for nitrous line?
  74. pic of my 5177 install
  75. Opinions on ring gap for big shots
  76. Will progessively holding 600 rwtq keep motor together on huge shot??
  77. What kind of pump do N20 refill stations use?
  78. Hotcam owners what are you spraying?
  79. NOS Question..
  80. Placing the nozzle in the throttle body?
  81. 85mm MAF and N2O (dry)?
  82. N20 guru's inside..What to do with this kit?
  83. fuel question
  84. 140+ traps without o-rings?
  85. i need plugs for nitrous (NOW)
  86. Best Place to buy misc NX parts
  87. Invented a new nitrogen push nitrous system
  88. Any pics of a NXL system installed?
  89. Mallory window switch wiring ??
  90. Silverado SS need suggestions....
  91. Nxl Users In Here
  92. Spraying but nothing is happening????
  93. Any good books to learn about the juice?
  94. Maximizer Settings
  95. trap speeds (100 shot dry)
  96. TNT jets and NX the same?
  97. Cut the stock time 13,5 with 150 shots.
  98. 10.089 @ 137.61 mph on ~600 rwhp
  99. Nitro Dave's Dyno Day Winner !!!
  100. nitrous newb question - how big of a shot on stock motor 100rwhp or 100fwhp?
  101. New systems for LS1`s on the horizon??
  102. Vote on where to place N20 purge (photoshop pics inside!)
  103. Guys with refill stations - where do you get your supply from?
  104. NX gauge
  105. Quick nitrous? 20* of timing and 5.3l heads ok?
  106. Brand New NX Direct Port kit For Sale!
  107. Good place to buy switches?
  108. Need a pic!!
  109. Cobalt Blue "Nitrous" gauges. Does anyone have these? Show me your fancy gauges.
  110. Newbie to Nitrous -- need help
  111. Whos got the best progressive controller??
  112. need the nitrous shark picture!!!
  113. Which octane should I use with a 150shot of nitrous???
  114. How much nitrous with heads?
  115. nx problem
  116. Dumbest nitrous install ever!!! I spilled on myself after reading this
  117. Possible Help for Newbies (PDF instructions)
  118. jet size
  119. NGK Part Number Please
  120. Nitrous on a stock crank
  121. Tnt Question
  122. Nitrous on a stock LS1...
  123. IAT Timing Retard Verified w/ ATAP ...
  124. Neat jet calculator
  125. 383 with dp 200-300, couple questions
  126. nitrous newbie question
  127. Anyone know how to get a hold of Nitrous Outlet or Nitro Dave?
  128. What Happened To TopGun?
  129. dp fuel system pics
  130. whats the fastest m6 with a 10bolt?
  131. Holley black pump ?
  132. Help with a Lean Problem!
  133. O-ring for nitrous, head or block? What Gasket?
  134. wire guage affecting voltage?
  135. Just a few questions from a NOS Newbee down under
  136. Swapping in N2O for a blower...
  137. What are the details of this NXL "fuel reservoir"?
  138. Need Ideas on where to mount tiny guage
  139. Tnt F2 ?????
  140. 409 w/ 200
  141. Need input
  142. 5.3 liter heads+n20
  143. NOS Jets
  144. What's the MOST Juice You Can Run
  145. t.n.t or nx? wet or dry? please help!
  146. Need Help!
  147. What fuel pump
  148. Stock Bellows?
  149. nx jets!!!
  150. Help, controler/retard questions
  151. Fed Up with Nitrous Express...
  152. Need wiring diagram for a TNT F1 kit!
  153. anyone have the direct port (nos) kit from speed inc?
  154. IAT Timing Retard Switch Works!!!
  155. Which Kit? Where can I get it?
  156. TNT F1 Kit
  157. gap on nitrous plugs
  158. Purge Kit :eyes:
  159. Can I run a 100 dry shot with my 150 wet shot and just need bigger injectors?
  160. Dry Kit Question
  161. Is the ZEX bottle warmer a good product?
  162. Nitrous experts inside please
  163. Walk me through a nitrous
  164. stock convertor quest
  165. I think I have a safe way to run 300-400hp single NX S.H.O single nozzle shot
  166. 250 shot, stroker or not
  167. buying jets?
  168. Best way to activate nitrous
  169. How far can a wet shot be sprayed before the fuel starts to drop out?
  170. nx f1 wiring diagram help
  171. Please don't send me to search
  172. Advice on fueling my dry kit now that I have new mods
  173. Switched Hot for N2O?
  174. 02 WS6 with TR224 cam going with 100 shot on nittos (what to expect)
  175. Digital gauge
  176. Direct Port, stand alone fuel writeup!
  177. Air Fuel Ratio on juice
  178. Anyone have pics of blowdown tube set up with bottle behind pass seat??
  179. Ok, school me in nitrous please?
  180. Jet size?
  181. NX Maximizer
  182. 100-150 Shot plug gap? TR6's
  183. HP low on the N20.
  184. Making my own kit-What do i need?
  185. What fuel pump for nitrous dp setup?
  186. Remote Bottle Opener Wiring
  187. after search/research, still confused
  188. which kit do yall think i should use.
  189. Seperate fuel cell or twin intanks for 200-250 shot on 408?
  190. Fuel Pressure Gauge
  191. N20 List
  192. 75 shot ok with NGK TR55s ?
  193. Testing Noids
  194. N20 A/f
  195. NXL Impressions....
  196. BMW M3 gets juice and needs your valuable experience
  197. proshot fogger or sportsman fogger
  198. TNT F2 Question
  199. NGK-6 part number
  200. dry kit or wet kit
  201. can i use a 150shot with my 4.11 gears?
  202. Best way to lower compression in motor
  203. Nitrous experts Inside please.......
  204. single nozzle dry shot info
  205. Nitrous F*cked up my motor today...
  206. Any guesses on what I'd run on a 250-300 shot?
  207. RPM window switch install
  208. Paging Derty, my tune info...
  209. two questions (tire pressure, and purge kit)
  210. damn fitament w/ power ring...
  211. RPM window switch with modules for sale.
  212. Is a dual stage 300 DP possible?????????????
  213. Fuel cell ??????
  214. What is this nos setup worth?
  215. Dry Kit Jets??
  216. n20 dyno pulls!
  217. How much ET should you pick up with...
  218. It is ok for me to run NOS with the setup I have?
  219. High CR, 382cid, and 500HP of nitrous ... Need a cam
  220. Harlan window switch question
  221. Was thinking supercharger but....???
  222. converting a carb plate kit to ls1 dry
  223. Botttle warmer
  224. gauges
  225. Custom Nitrous Install w/ Pictures!
  226. nos gauge
  227. Just got my new NOS 5177 today.
  228. Mounting TNT wet kit behind TB?
  229. NX Dry kit question.
  230. Price list for NX DP Project
  231. custom nitrous piston, check it out.
  232. How do these plugs look?
  233. anyone spraying 250 on a TNT
  234. nitrous question
  235. What bottle pressure for 150 hp shot?????
  236. How Much
  237. is there such a thing as...........
  238. Numbers don't add up
  239. Alternatives to TR-6 plugs?
  240. NX pills?
  241. RPM switch question
  242. N2O Setup
  243. Torque with N2O
  244. List your N20 stereotype.
  245. DP seperate fuel system
  246. Dyno numbers with 175?
  247. TNT question
  248. who to do my nitrous install
  249. post # of bottles your LS1 been through
  250. Spraying a TCI 4400?