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  1. What to do with bottle...
  2. Nitrous Outlets Dry Kit Special!!!
  3. Nitrous fitting question! need help asap!
  4. N20 fitting questions
  5. Nitrous ?
  6. do i havr to take the bottle out of thew car for a refil?
  7. tci 3500 and bottle boys come on in
  8. TNT ring and K&N FIPK?
  9. Nitrous Tune ?'s
  10. Can NX purge valves be rebuilt?
  11. can NX parts be used along with a TNT kit?
  12. Opinions
  13. Why TFE Paste??Dave??
  14. NX Jetting help... ASAP!
  15. Which lid for TNT?
  16. which direct port?
  17. Hey Nitro Dave
  18. How much can I spray?
  19. How big an injector for a H/C 200 shot
  20. nitrous bottle angle question
  21. nx wiring is pissing me off!
  22. Nozzle positon????
  23. Nitrous (dry kit) install on Sunday.
  24. NOS Dry kit mounting question.
  25. Some New Nitrous Dyno - On new PP/TSP set-up
  26. NX universal console switch question
  27. Methanol and Nitrous
  28. TNT Power ring for 90 mm TB?
  29. New Pictures of the NX throttle Body
  30. What do you know/thjink about these plugs?
  31. Nx!
  32. 6 AN vs. 4 AN feed line
  33. How long will it last?
  34. NXL kit and H/C setup - how much to spray?
  35. 5.3 heads and n2o?
  36. Theory on Gas
  37. NXL accumulator - any news?
  38. NX's Throttle Bodies Are Here!!!!
  39. what happens if you smack the rev limiter?
  40. What upgrades w/wet shot?
  41. Nirtous Outlets Dry Kit Special!!
  42. Noids in series VS: parallel
  43. Who makes activation switches for the steering wheel?
  44. Just Question About NOS Install.
  45. Dry shot and my fuel system
  46. anyone with a dedicated low pressure fuel system for a single shark nozzle
  47. Thinking of running N2O, help with best set up. Venom 2K?
  48. Help Me Make It 10 Sec Et
  49. who sells single nx jets
  50. Gonna start the install- any tips?
  51. So explain this tuning on N2O thing...
  52. Would I feel this?
  53. Too big of a stall for juice??
  54. Who runs 10's with juice in a m6 without heads or ported heads?
  55. Wet Kit on a stock LS1?
  56. Changing the SIZE of a nitrous shot on-the-fly........
  57. Anyone using a Nitrous Express TB?
  58. what can i expect
  59. New NXL fire & ice bottle heater
  60. Nitro Dave NX Wet Kit install
  61. Track rules?
  62. Did you all see the new NX LS1 stuff? (not NXL)
  63. mounting n2o bottle
  64. NX and TNT shots rated at the wheels?
  65. tuning on nitrous?
  66. 3.73 or 4.10 w/ nitrous
  67. NX Heater Problem (Relay?)
  68. nitro dave
  69. anyone spraying with a TSP 231/237 112lsa
  70. how do you guys catch traction?
  71. two questions...
  72. MSD window switch
  73. Need help deciding!!
  74. TNT Sprayed 350 rwhp through thier power ring setup
  75. customized my 5177 kit one q
  76. Can dealers detect nitrous ??
  77. stock block/ how much nos?
  78. Anyone Use This Nitrous Gauge?
  79. Introducing The Newest Dry Kit On The Market!!
  80. What Grade Oil With Nitrous ?
  81. help me choose
  82. For sale: Venom 2000 computerized nitrous kit
  83. Nitrous times
  84. TR55 Vs TR6
  85. Timing tuner?
  86. Nitrous ???????
  87. What size dry shot and how are you running it?
  88. Wiseco Nitrous pistons
  89. How much to run
  90. mti 422?how much nos?
  91. nitro dave....2 thumbs up!
  92. NX Jetting
  93. Temp vs. pressure
  94. Empty or Not?
  95. Nitrous kit.
  96. Best kit- TNT, NX, NOS- Iceman solenoids?
  97. what do u all think about(NX Pro Shark Kit)
  98. what are you guys paying for a 65lb cylinder fill?
  99. Compression with Nitrous? Blow down tube?
  100. Refills getting annoying (not convenient). Maybe I should make my own refill station?
  101. where does the blow down pipe go?
  102. Tnt Jet ???
  103. Help finding C105?
  104. NX N-tercooler Questions & Pricing
  105. need sum mounting ideas for an nx solinoid and purge
  106. Where does the white wire go on msd window switch?
  107. Window Switch Help
  108. Is a FPSS really needed?
  109. Nitrous + My Cam = BOOM
  110. Problem with nitrous leaking
  111. where does the fuel pressure safty switch get installed?
  112. Stall and nitrous.
  113. No JETS 5177 NOS dry shot
  114. MAF Translator - Timing Controller - Necessary for Nitrous System on LT1?
  115. Looking for a good spray cam on stock heads
  116. Automatic cars without Window Switches ??
  117. New Bottle Bracket/heater
  118. Nitrous Refill?
  119. Window
  120. NX bottle PSI gauge seems to have liquid nitrous swimming inside. Is this normal?
  121. Anyone have their purge in the hoodscoop?
  122. No power coming from the relay
  123. Nitrous Jet on a LT1
  124. what do u guys think of the TR224 LSA114 for nitrous
  125. Would the Asa cam be good for N20
  126. Which MAF to run with 100shot nos
  127. Pics of my Dynotune Nitrous guage
  128. damnit, i cant make up my mind!
  129. A few quick questions for my A4
  130. Who makes the best bottle heater???
  131. window switch or not
  132. New help from Nitro Dave's
  133. NX Bottle heater. How long does it take to heat up your bottle?
  134. TNT: F1 or F2?
  135. direct port lines suck need help
  136. What would you do?
  137. NOS Noszle Kit...
  138. Gauge Install ???
  139. Why do LT1 dry kits come with fuel pumps?
  140. TNT's mail address
  141. DRY kit users, please help!
  142. NOS jet size ?
  143. What made you choose Nitrous ?
  144. 100 wet shot on stock safe is it?
  145. More install pics... Finally done !
  146. Anyone ever have a problem with the TB sticking after spraying?
  147. how do you guys run the nitrous line to a mech. nitrous gauge?
  148. NGK TR6 plugs were to buy?
  149. Anyone spray with over 70k miles?
  150. NXL dyno clip
  151. how to hook up the rpm wire on nos rpm switch
  152. Is this a good deal?
  153. What are you heads/cam, nitrous guys running?
  154. how big a shot
  155. Any big shot sprayers use the timing tuner?
  156. Cam and Nitrous, will this work???
  157. Direct Port or NOSzle setup
  158. Those with Harlan Window switch & NX wet kit please chime in..
  159. Some nitrous theory.....
  160. New NOS NOSzle LS1 kit???
  161. Some questions
  162. Lifespan of TNT N20 Filter?
  163. Teflon paste in jets?
  164. 150-175 Wet Shot
  165. bottle mounting locations?
  166. new TNT kit help
  167. N.O.S. dry shot (100) + 382 stroker... how much timing?
  168. NOS Remote Opener Poll
  169. Newb getting NX wet kit this week. Any last suggestions or advice?
  170. WOT switch pics?
  171. Anybody added NO2 to their LSX yet?
  172. Here's a PDF with NX jet sizes...
  173. Congrats Tom Kempf and AP-enginnering
  174. Newb have questions on tnt kit
  175. Newb to nitrous. Have a few questions.
  176. Help me pick a cam....
  177. L-19 stud GP
  178. Question on return line for dp setup
  179. Where can I get a fuel cell for a Direct Port setup?
  180. nitrous line ?
  181. Need for Fuel Pump and Injectors?
  182. Wet kit for LS6?
  183. Mod Marker
  184. Gonna spray my a4, any do's/dont's??
  185. just installed a cam
  186. L19 head studs, who wants them???
  187. Need Help wiring NX/Mallory
  188. Sweet New Nitrous Kit
  189. torque differences between nxl/tnt
  190. Getting NXL installed at Speed next week, can I run 180 jets with my setup?
  191. nxl for lt1?
  192. How much torque increase with a TNT 150 shot on a N/A 436ci stroker putting down.....
  193. OMG NX is CRAZY
  194. Bosch 42 pound injectors with dry kit
  195. Best Gap Size when using Nitrous!
  196. Mixing Jets
  197. Where can i buy TNT???
  198. Heads/CAM cars, how much N2O to be sprayed?
  199. TRs new "T-ReX" camshaft and nitrous...
  200. TNT F1 150 shot Vidy & Chart
  201. Why no relay required for purge noid?
  202. Another - Progressive Controller Question
  203. who sells tnt wet kit for ls1
  204. Need help
  205. ordering nitrous TODAY where to buy from,what brand
  206. TNT question Please Help!
  207. NXL results/pics
  208. Dyno results (advice please)
  209. NOS Jet Size ??
  210. NXL guys. need install help
  211. NOS bottle brackets, the wide one, I need mounting hole measurements.
  212. Which activation switch do you have?
  213. High compression Nitrous question.
  214. any M6 guys spraying a 150 wet shot from the hole?
  215. ONE SWITCH; bottle opener, heat, arm??????
  216. Max shot on a 382
  217. Would I be pushing it???
  218. in middle of install, threaded holes in back of nxl rails?
  219. Great googly moogly.....
  220. N20 Push questions!
  221. Paging fireball...Experience about running a small nitrous shot
  222. Pics of NX wet kit install
  223. What gears would you run with a 409ci Nitrous setup?
  224. to those running nitrous main line down pass side of the car
  225. MSD Window Switch Install troubleshooting
  226. LSX intake and 90mm TB worth a damn????
  227. Can a FUEL CELL be used to feed a WET SHOT system????
  228. Front fuel cells for nitrous?
  229. Estimated times on 125 NX wet shot
  230. Nitrous backfires?
  231. schrader valve
  232. Are there any nos progressive controllers that work based on rpm's
  233. 98z28 A4 2.73 gears 100 wet shot 1/4 times?
  234. Anyone running a direct port on a LS1?
  235. LT1 nitrous kit
  236. thinking about spraying...
  237. Do they make these awesome switches for trans ams? Pics inside.
  238. whats so go about this "wet" stuff
  239. finnaly got running and cant wait for the spray.
  240. Newb Question About Nitrous...
  241. Please Help: List ALL of the Nitrous Companies that provide kits for the LS1 F-Body
  242. what parts do you need to convert a 5177 to a wet kit?
  243. Whats the biggest shot I can run with NX wet kit single nossle...150 or 200?
  244. A few newer pics of the system and car
  245. If you run a wet kit do you need to upgrade injectors?
  246. window switches
  247. Just got a refill station
  248. NOS 5177 on a Cold Air Intake
  249. methanol
  250. Nitrous torque converter experts question