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  1. running a Big dry hit?
  2. brand related questions - please help me decide
  3. 2 heater pads
  4. Need to pick a cam for 409", 300+ n20 setup
  5. Building n20 409" For the 8's, O-ring block or heads, which gaskets, good combo?
  6. Inline Fuel Pump Help...
  7. How to make 5177 kit into a dual stage
  8. How to make 5177 kit into a dual stage
  9. Here are some pics
  10. Soleniod Maintenance Advice
  11. Can I use N20 with my F1 cam (230/226 .591/.571 112)???
  12. converter for nitrous?
  13. Nx Tps Wot Switch-help
  14. Nitrous Guru's help!
  15. Hiding Nitrous
  16. MSD window switch wiring, pills-please help
  17. Max engine bore (to be safe) with a 200 shot?
  18. Nitrous + 4.10 gears
  19. Nitrous set up
  20. how many are running the stock t56?
  21. will 1 7/8 headers help?
  22. heads/cam/nitrous on stock bottom question
  23. Question...please read...
  24. NXL sucking the rails dry?
  25. Are all jets the same?
  26. 1/4 Times with 100 Shot
  27. tnt wireing diagram
  28. Noszle Pics
  29. Converting a 5177 kit to a "Wet" system?
  30. NOSzel DP Kit finished...
  31. Stock fuel pump, 30 lbs svo's, heads and cam,,, can i still spray?
  32. How to install nostril purge?
  33. a/f guage install ?
  34. Can I mount my dry fogger right before the MAF?
  35. New best!
  36. Does anyone use AV gas?
  37. Fuel Pump?
  38. Who else purges through the motor?
  39. Purge for NXL
  40. New NXL system with a slight blemish
  41. Times On 100 Shot
  42. bottle mounting question
  43. People with single nozzle dry setups...where is your nozzle mounted?
  44. Running lean on a 50 & 75shot. NX
  45. Which spark plugs?
  46. dry shot question for NOS nowhows.
  47. NX Maximizer
  48. UP to?
  49. New NX kit out of package
  50. NX TPS WOT switch issues....
  51. Strongest gaskets for N20
  52. most N20 on a stock crank...
  53. quick simple ??
  54. Modified MSD Window Switch Question
  55. 300 shot on stock bottom
  56. Help a beginner out
  57. what is missing from NXL kits?
  58. NOS Direct Port Questions?
  59. NXL kit problems?
  60. Need Bottle
  61. Jetting for Nitrous
  62. Recomended window switch?
  63. Thanksgiving Nitrous Kit Specials!!!
  64. Large (200+) shots and camshaft LSA....
  65. 5177 -- 75/100 shot?
  66. Another new best, the little 346 that could!
  67. Jetting Chart for NXL up to 300hp!!
  68. Am I missing something??
  69. Thinking of buying NXL?
  70. Nitrous friendly and NON-friendly cams
  71. Quick DP Fuel system question
  72. NXL Trobleshooting..Brains, or Anyone else..
  73. Need some n00b advice
  74. What's your take/experience with the ZEX system?
  75. anyone ever use their purge as a 2nd stage dry shot?
  76. What is the purpose of regapping spark plugs when on the bottle?
  77. Hey boys QUICK Question?
  78. Question for the N2O Gods
  79. im a beginner with nitrous, have some questions?
  80. What is the jet size NOS 5177
  81. More NXL problems
  82. AF gauge glove box install pics
  83. NOS 5177 dry question??
  84. NEone has pics of Dry kit and FIPK setup?
  85. Any More NXL results?
  86. Just Took First Test Ride TNT F1!
  87. Dry Kit pics
  88. What else do i need?
  89. What regulator for low pressure fuel system?
  90. NX fogger help
  91. DP fuel and nitrous distribution questions
  92. Timing and Spraying?
  93. Nitrous Solenoids?
  94. DP Jetting ?
  95. Pressure Gauge
  96. Looking for Picks of TNT F1 install!
  97. Paging Cammin Beast
  98. 382 with a nozzle system
  99. NOS Noszle kit product number??
  100. Anyone spray on LS6 cam?
  101. Which Nitrous tuning works..
  102. NXL Issues in here...
  103. Best direct port setup?
  104. NX direct port part#??
  105. No Instruction NXL help---Quick Please
  106. Just received my TNT F1 Kit!!!
  107. No Jets On 5177 Nos
  108. 150 shot?
  109. NXL and Nitro Daves
  110. Ngk Tr-6??
  111. Nitrous and TR230 cam?
  112. Wich Spark plug?
  113. What makes a cam a "good" nitrous cam?
  114. NXL install question
  115. fuel requirements to support a 200 shot of N20
  116. how big of a dry shot?
  117. Which kit do you have?
  118. Some excellent tech info about nitrous oxide
  119. Where to mount bottle?
  120. what happened to the good 'ol NOS DP
  121. NXL help...
  122. Maximizer of NX for the turbocharged 800 hp Euro BMW M3
  123. Whats the best direct port system out there??
  124. Zex through the filter?
  125. DP Dedicated FS Setup Pics
  126. FPSS? and surging problem
  127. ideal a/f ratio with nitrous?
  128. Nx Direct Port
  129. help with window switch
  130. anyone do their own refills?
  131. Nitrous Cam Advance
  132. How big is safe for nitrous on a Iron Block??
  133. TNT Experts Inside.
  134. Finally found missing horsepower !!
  135. anyone spraying on flycut pistons?
  136. not an LS1 but if you want the best go NX
  137. NOS brand jet sizes
  138. Nitrous Express is TERRIBLE!!
  139. Can I dyno like this? N2O shot on a h/c car...10 bolt..
  140. NOS dry
  141. I want to see pics of your NX set up
  142. NXL and LS1 edit question
  143. Never used nitrous before...
  144. Purgin out the hood...
  145. Nos question
  146. TNT Guide
  147. question about "v power" NGK's
  148. TNT 100 shot plug gap
  149. NXL kit and a FPSS
  150. What could be wrong with my bottle?
  151. TNT Help...New to "Install"
  152. TPS switch and Mallory window???
  153. Bottle Filling in VA??? who does it ???
  154. How many have ran the 100/150jets together?
  155. Making a battle plan with nitrous
  156. would i be safe to run 150shot if i only have 55FP w/100shot
  157. NXL came today... a few Questions
  158. Car stalled after 150 shot!!!!!
  159. LSX, Holley, or LS6 does it matter for N20
  160. nitrous vs boost(blower) for max hp on stock bottom end
  161. Who is running a 100+/- shot on a stock bottom end H/C motor
  162. Window switch question
  163. 10 sec m6 guys in here<<<<<
  164. Bottle Mounting Question
  165. Iceman solenoid didn't help!!! GURUS HELP ME!!!!!!
  166. Anybody know where I can get a 3an-3an fitting
  167. Wheel hop on dyno?
  168. purging through ram air nostrils
  169. Second Nitrous Solenoid??
  170. whats the best brand solenoids?
  171. What happened on the dyno?
  172. NXL install questions
  173. nitrous jetting question
  174. What set-up would you recommend for my H/C car??
  175. any NXL results yet other than cool pictures?
  176. how long are your lines?
  177. taken care of
  178. Price Matching From Nitrous Outlet!!!
  179. what fogger or nozzle do u use?
  180. CA law question (heard a weird rumor)
  181. how high of a mileage have you squeezed on
  182. Knock question
  183. California law question and question about use on engine
  184. would it be illegal?
  185. deleted
  186. We have NXL systems in stock
  187. Good deal?
  188. What could be wrong with my car?
  189. New Nitrous Product
  190. jets for 125 shot NX?
  191. Using fog light switch for 5177 activation
  192. Anyone runing a 1-2 Ga fuel cell in front for their wet kit.
  193. Need opinions, 418ci +300shot.....Already have NXL.....
  194. nx bottle opener on a TNT???
  195. anyone with a NX remote bottle opener ? need help !!!
  196. Stock bottom end, 600 rwhp on NX single fogger
  197. How do i get a purge like this? (pic)
  198. Cam only and spray guys, in here?
  199. Best kit for 100RWHP shot on stck motor
  200. The lucky guys with the NXL kits!!!
  201. 150 shot = 3HP
  202. Got the rest of the NX kit installed
  203. Whats the in'line fuses amp rating on the NOS LS1 kit
  204. Why not spray a 4000+ stall with a big shot?'s
  205. wet and dry
  206. NXL Pics
  207. VCN1000-what's it worh used???
  208. TC and nitrous
  209. NXL Update???
  210. Help with TNT kit...please!
  211. Track times with 5177?
  213. in between 1&2 step colder. which and why?
  214. Any pics of WOT switch behind the gas pedal?
  215. How much will using N20 affect my NA performance? If any.
  216. What tool to flare stainless direct port lines??
  217. AutoLite plugs suck!
  218. PICS of Direct Ports, "POST THEM HERE" NOS,NX,TNT
  219. NXL install tips
  220. What plug and gap should I run for 250 shot?
  221. sprayin nitrous at high speeds/sprayin with traction control
  222. First spray TNT 150...
  223. Nitrous filter?
  224. Need to know what shot my Z28 can take
  225. Dyno Results......
  226. What size shot is this???????
  227. I played it safe.(50wetshot) What should I increase to?
  228. New Best here in Texas
  229. 250 DP shot on my ARE 436 stroker...........................
  230. new best at the mir efa shootout
  231. fuel pumps questions
  232. New best NA and N20 11.2 at 125MPH
  233. tapin the revlimiter
  234. People w/TNT kit come in....
  235. first time at the track on nitrous :)
  236. half-forged 347, H/C LS1, thinkin about N2O
  237. N20 woooos 1st run on a 100 shot
  238. We Have NXL kits!!!!!
  239. Question about TNT F-1 kit
  240. How do you guys feel about Edelbrock's Nitrous system?
  241. what is the n2o max on stock ls1
  242. what do you guy think about using co2 insted of n02
  243. 150 Wet Shot ok?
  244. Which Direct Port for LSX?
  245. Nitrous on 84k motor?
  246. What is the......
  247. Nitrous Express NXL got some ???
  248. Hidden switches
  249. Retard timing for N20 through IAT sensor?
  250. HELP!!! I cant get my nitrous to work!