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  1. Good deal?
  2. What could be wrong with my car?
  3. New Nitrous Product
  4. jets for 125 shot NX?
  5. Using fog light switch for 5177 activation
  6. Anyone runing a 1-2 Ga fuel cell in front for their wet kit.
  7. Need opinions, 418ci +300shot.....Already have NXL.....
  8. nx bottle opener on a TNT???
  9. anyone with a NX remote bottle opener ? need help !!!
  10. Stock bottom end, 600 rwhp on NX single fogger
  11. How do i get a purge like this? (pic)
  12. Cam only and spray guys, in here?
  13. Best kit for 100RWHP shot on stck motor
  14. The lucky guys with the NXL kits!!!
  15. 150 shot = 3HP
  16. Got the rest of the NX kit installed
  17. Whats the in'line fuses amp rating on the NOS LS1 kit
  18. Why not spray a 4000+ stall with a big shot?'s
  19. wet and dry
  20. NXL Pics
  21. VCN1000-what's it worh used???
  22. TC and nitrous
  23. NXL Update???
  24. Help with TNT kit...please!
  25. Track times with 5177?
  27. in between 1&2 step colder. which and why?
  28. Any pics of WOT switch behind the gas pedal?
  29. How much will using N20 affect my NA performance? If any.
  30. What tool to flare stainless direct port lines??
  31. AutoLite plugs suck!
  32. PICS of Direct Ports, "POST THEM HERE" NOS,NX,TNT
  33. NXL install tips
  34. What plug and gap should I run for 250 shot?
  35. sprayin nitrous at high speeds/sprayin with traction control
  36. First spray TNT 150...
  37. Nitrous filter?
  38. Need to know what shot my Z28 can take
  39. Dyno Results......
  40. What size shot is this???????
  41. I played it safe.(50wetshot) What should I increase to?
  42. New Best here in Texas
  43. 250 DP shot on my ARE 436 stroker...........................
  44. new best at the mir efa shootout
  45. fuel pumps questions
  46. New best NA and N20 11.2 at 125MPH
  47. tapin the revlimiter
  48. People w/TNT kit come in....
  49. first time at the track on nitrous :)
  50. half-forged 347, H/C LS1, thinkin about N2O
  51. N20 woooos 1st run on a 100 shot
  52. We Have NXL kits!!!!!
  53. Question about TNT F-1 kit
  54. How do you guys feel about Edelbrock's Nitrous system?
  55. what is the n2o max on stock ls1
  56. what do you guy think about using co2 insted of n02
  57. 150 Wet Shot ok?
  58. Which Direct Port for LSX?
  59. Nitrous on 84k motor?
  60. What is the......
  61. Nitrous Express NXL got some ???
  62. Hidden switches
  63. Retard timing for N20 through IAT sensor?
  64. HELP!!! I cant get my nitrous to work!
  65. window switch question
  66. Biggest Dry Shot w/ Upgraded Fuel Pump and Injectors??
  67. buying a used kit question
  68. What's the ball park price for a TNT F2 kit install?
  69. Which nitros kit to buy
  70. what dp kit to get?
  71. conflicting info on NX jet sizing
  72. How much gap?
  73. Bottle heater on.......pressure not rising
  74. NXL work with a Nasty or Speed Inc. fuel rail?????
  75. Has anyone painted their TNT power ring?
  76. NOS
  77. I need help choosing the right gear for my future setup.
  78. TNT Help (532.3 RWHP 649.2 RWTQ)
  79. newbie
  80. can i hide this n2o?
  81. You guy's should know
  82. Piston Ring Gap
  83. How much hp can I run on the stock fuel system?
  84. Fuel Requirement of Huge Shots!!
  85. NOS valve opener fit NX bottle???
  86. Where to get nylon line like noszle has??
  87. NOS dry kit advise please
  88. New Maximizer?
  89. Taking a poll..
  90. Can you purge through the intake??
  91. no2 and 02 simms
  92. Location for nitrous bungs for direct port
  93. Electric nos pressure gauge
  94. show me some pic's of the 5177 nos dry kit
  95. whats the big deal with TR-6
  96. questions on nitrous
  97. NX DP 9PSI Jet Map and Flowing Fuel Pressure Check Jet Info
  98. g5x2 and nitrous?
  99. retarding the timing?
  100. dyno differences between 92 octane vs 114?
  101. nitrouse and a convertor ???
  102. Any update on NXL?
  103. Juice on a Carbed engine
  104. Help me please. Bottle brackets
  105. Life with a 35lbs bottle.
  106. What should timing be for a 150 wet shot.
  107. Do direct port nozzles block airflow in intake ports??
  108. How much HP can a 2ft 3AN Nitrous line flow?
  109. need to trade FIPK filters
  110. First time wet & dry kit together, Intake blew in half
  111. Very interesting link. (N20 Experts, please read).
  112. Window switch question????
  113. How much juice on 91 octane?
  114. Best lid for TNT kit
  115. i need help hiding my nos 5177 dry kit :)
  116. help a nitrous newbie
  117. nitrous jet question
  118. What do i need
  119. air fuel guage installatin
  120. Stock injectors (28.8) ok with this set up?
  121. DP tuning question
  122. Project SS sets new LS1 M6 record
  123. TNT says thier foggers are 10x better than NX??
  124. Getting KR when spraying ?
  125. need jetting sizes for nos kit #5177
  126. What do i need to do to my engine to make it rady for nos
  127. mounting nos Bottles? In Trucks.
  128. Will dry N2O sprayed before the IAT cause a probelem?
  129. How much does just the TNT power ring cost??
  130. A variety of N2O questions....kinda long!
  131. I sprayed the 200 shot last night.....
  132. Best Cubic inch engine for high nitrous application
  133. N20 filter
  134. LS1 NXL shipping as of now.
  135. Dyno graph/sheets for 100HP, 150HP (direct port)
  136. problem running propane through NXL injectors?
  137. General questions.
  138. TNT Dyno graph inside, need help...
  139. Finally got some track times
  140. NOSzle issues......
  141. 346 forged or 370 iron forged for 150-200 shot?
  142. Drivin to work daily on the bottle
  143. HELP QUICK: Lost timing tuner instructions
  144. any other way to wire?
  145. Solid Roller N20 friendly?
  146. Spraying 75 dry, car goes dead lean 15:1
  147. Nitrous distribution on LS6 intakes?
  148. Whats the latest on the NXL kit?
  149. new numbers on the reckless directport
  150. big shots of Propane and cylinder fillng??
  151. Plug gap? .035 .040. or.060? Which and why?
  152. Pics of N20 Install
  153. Zex, Venom or TNT what's better
  154. Latest on the new NX progressive controller???
  155. Stock set-up
  156. Propane and N2O. Im still a little fuzzy
  157. NX Console Switches Question
  158. Pictures of my new Direct Port setup
  159. How long does your nitrous last?
  160. NX install help!
  161. NX jet size info needed
  162. C2 Cam good for 100hp shot?
  164. New Best on the bottle.
  165. Cost per pound?
  166. Sparkplug question....
  167. Texas lid and NOS dry shot setup??
  168. Fogger nozzle limits???
  169. Nitrous Cams...????
  170. Can someone please tell me whats wrong with my car??
  171. 100 Shot Plug Question
  172. Will this bracket work for mounting the bottle in the spare?
  173. NX price increase and upcoming new products!
  174. Best nitrous setup for FI
  175. Any ideas on what it will run?
  176. Q's about the NXL kit...
  177. Uh oh, what did I break?
  178. Paging Big Mike....
  179. Timing Tuner
  180. Heads Cam Guys what Nitrous kit are you using?
  181. sheetmetal better than "plastic" intake for N20?
  182. Small Wet Shot on my car
  183. NX Noid Leak????
  184. Possible problems with Ram Chargers timing tuner
  185. Your opinions PLEASE!
  186. ? 100 shot what's better wet or dry?
  187. Nitrous Kit Question
  188. What is Nitrous?
  189. Any suggestions?
  190. Anyone have a good videos of LS1's spraying out of the hole
  191. rev limiter sprayn'
  192. Need a good cam?
  193. Nitrous switch panel for automatic ashtray?
  194. Jet sizes
  195. A direct port jetting technique question
  196. Wet Kit
  197. How much can you spray a stock '99 LS1 (NX wet)?
  198. Thoughts on TNT 250 shot for LT4
  199. 10.750 @ 128
  200. new noszle kit and fuel system f/s
  201. Nitrous List
  202. Will this work?
  203. Will this work?
  204. Propane and Nitrous?
  205. Where to tap into the fuel line?
  206. How long would my motor would last with a 175 shot?
  207. Dry to wet
  208. How much n20 per cylinder before TB would = 300 direct port?
  209. How big of shot?
  210. where can i buy 2 125 shot jets and 2 150 jets for 5177 dry
  211. Nitrous refills in South Bend, Indiana
  212. How much timing?
  213. Help deciding on a Nitrous System
  214. Nitrous experts inside please, need ideas..
  215. Purge Nozzle
  216. thicker oil for N20?
  217. Modified MSD Window Switches now available!
  218. Question on a purge system
  219. FS: 5177 kit & Purge kit & 2LB bottle.
  220. Dumb Question
  221. Stupid question.
  222. Help with Jet sizes please
  223. Will the TR230 on a 111 lsa work with juice
  224. I'm a rookie, but I have a question about juice?????????????
  225. Running 75-100 wet without retarding timing?
  226. nx switch pannel
  227. wet kit on heads and cam cars........
  228. Upper and lower RPM's?
  229. what timing should i run
  230. nitrious ?
  231. nitrous kit wiring help
  232. How do I post up pictures
  233. NOS 5177 Single Fogger
  234. Air Fuel
  235. do i need new fuel system
  236. Finally got some N20 Dyno's :(
  237. Big Mike and Cartek do it again!!!!!!
  238. 100hp "dry" and TR6... What gap??
  239. Need install pics of NX GM-MAF kits on F-bodies please....
  240. newbe
  241. WOT switch and BBK throttle body where do i mount it?
  242. questions about direct port
  243. What Spark Plug Is 1 Step Cooler Than Stock-- TR55IX?
  244. making a NOS 150 shot.....?'s
  245. fuel question ????
  246. NOS 5177 setup
  247. any reason you cant run a BIG shot dry?
  248. Wideband guage
  249. TNT kit comin on late
  250. New Dyno Numbers with 100 shot