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  1. Fuse problem-keep poping em???
  2. New A/C parts w/ questions
  3. A/C Pressure Chart?
  4. Cleaning evaporator core?
  5. any ideas?
  6. oil filter pf59 long oil alternatives
  7. IAC replacement help
  8. Low Engine Power Light
  9. need a quick reply!! where does this go?
  10. washing engine bay and oil pressure.
  11. Stranded out of town...
  12. Hard to start and sputters at low RPM's
  13. car surging in curves
  14. My exhaust is rattling
  15. Fixed Ticking Noise On Passenger Side! :)
  16. need a new steering column
  17. Overheat: 2001 Trans Am 62,000 miles.
  18. Front Accessory Pulleys - Need Help
  19. Headlight Problems
  20. Check Guages/Car wont start
  21. New PS pump groaning
  22. Oil Change Time
  23. Knock Sensors - Intake off, should I replace??
  24. any way to fix this?
  25. Header leak something to fixit temp.!
  26. Cat is rattling and driving me NUTS!
  27. Oil for LS1?
  28. Need help
  29. Engine Surges at 1.8k-2k RPM
  30. Engine Coolant level Sensor?
  31. help
  32. Surging, with speedometer swings
  33. My Strange Alternator problem
  34. need help
  35. one problem into another...
  36. Charging system
  37. Parents old junker, what to do with it?
  38. need a couple parts
  39. power steering pump???
  40. how to test for bad coil with them off car.
  41. HELP!!! Getting a squeak squeak noise when i started my car up what could it be?
  42. Radiator draincock issue
  43. new engine won't start, help.
  44. AC Hard line.
  45. Window Wipers for a 97
  46. what kind of muffler is this?
  47. Power Window Problems
  48. help!
  49. Belt Squeal
  50. Oh dear the A/C's stopped...
  51. Screeching sound worse when turning left but does it going straight and bouncing too
  52. Low Coolant light
  53. A/C Problem
  54. new rack bellow installation
  55. overheating & oil gauge going nuts? Questions inside!
  56. pressed in new u-joints...but they are stiff
  57. 97 Firehawk hood stuck
  58. which motor mounts to get?
  59. Ever have this problem?
  60. rpm gauge
  61. Oil leak
  62. Am I forgetting anything?
  63. Need help replacing window motor.
  64. Wierd Problem
  65. Am I missing a panel here? (above petals)
  66. Need help on finding Ac bolt part#'s
  67. Car dies at low please
  68. Rear Speed Senser
  69. Excessive Fuel Consumption
  70. Oil Pressure gauge Fluctuates? 98 TA?
  71. intake manifold evap tube broke...
  72. Car Jack Feature
  73. Replaced power steering pump, now terrible steering
  74. IAC Screw size
  75. Starter Issues - Another newb post
  76. Clicking sound for brakes
  77. Oil pick up rust
  78. Clinking sound when transmission shifted from drive to reverse
  79. Crank Position Sensor?
  80. Best and easiest way to confirm spark? +fuel injectr pulse.I want2 confrm no misfires
  81. Newly bght 95 Z..shakes and stutters a lot out of 1st gear..possible misfire..or..?.
  82. Intermittent starting problems
  83. Is a 04 Corvette Convertible supposed to hestitate while idling?
  84. Gas Gauge not working help
  85. $32 for the power antenna retaining nut? That's "Nuts!"
  86. Non LS1 question plz help!
  87. Fixing the Air conditioning
  88. Shock issue
  89. some time she starts
  90. Pop Noise
  91. need help cant figure this one out, please help!!
  92. Fuel Pump Or Pressure Regulator?!
  93. RPMs dropping.. any ideas?
  94. RPMs dropping.. any ideas?
  95. Anyone have a ECT diagnostic procedure for a 98 LS1?
  96. Leaks HEADACHE! OUT OF CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. 94 Steering Column - What Years Work?
  98. A/C compressor has gone out
  99. LS1 knock and rattle
  100. Wipers do not turn off - WTF?
  101. Help! Car starting probs!
  102. What did you guys use to remove this oil stain??
  103. LS1 Boggs when given throttle...UPDATED WITH VIDEO INSIDE!!!..PLEASE NEED HELP!!!
  104. bolt experts....
  105. ASR off all of the time, not the switch
  106. Help Car won't start - Security Light
  107. No start + deiseling?
  108. Pulling out my hair.
  109. Gauge needles jump at start up.
  110. Got a question about the drive belt....
  111. engine running extremely hot
  112. somebody please help me!?! oil leak after hitting racoon
  113. drive shaft on backwards?
  114. Strange problem that I accidently fixed... Any opinions?
  115. Antenna stopped working
  116. Coolant not flowing
  117. battery cable is loose some time
  118. any tip to keep the header bolt coming loose ?
  119. help help help!!! F#%cking pissed!!!
  120. high idle problem need help
  121. window sticks
  122. Steering column issues
  123. hid headlight problem
  124. MGW shifter rattle fix?
  125. AC Won't Turn On - Only 1 HVAC Code
  126. Help re-installing the PS pump reservoir
  127. Gas Gauge broke
  128. Best way to find a short?
  129. Coolant temp sender don't fit new heads
  130. Dex-cool with Red Line Water Wetter
  131. Windshield wipers miss a huge spot
  132. Turn signals on solid
  133. bad EGR valve give bad gas miles ?
  134. BIG PROBLEM- Please Help (no acceleration)
  135. Window Not Working
  136. Rivet broke off of headlight motor arm
  137. Firebird turn front turn signals fill with water
  138. Headlight cover adjustment question
  139. car dying
  140. ticking sound and fuel smell
  141. How to change pass. side wiper motor?
  142. do 98-02 camaro headlights have relays?
  143. A/C Leak
  144. door lock slider thing part number help
  145. SES Codes: Bad o2 Sensor?
  146. headlight and guage dimming problem, need assistance
  147. Power Steering pump installation?
  148. Drove in the rain, now runs like crap.
  149. How to adjust headlight?
  150. evaporator core leaking
  151. Fixed a bunch of problems with the 4th gen yesterday
  152. driver side mirror vandalized
  153. Smudge in tailpipes
  154. Car running a little hotter than usual
  155. blow off nosie just after starting
  156. Door/window seals?
  157. Turn Signal headache
  158. Doing a Tune-Up and Full Maintenance. What Should I Buy?
  159. Squeaking Pulleys?
  160. Squeaking noise coming from somwhere in suspension....lowering springs making noise?
  161. Shifter rattle driving me nutts
  162. Lumbar Support went out
  163. Steering Wheel Lock Ring Remover Dimensions
  164. Air conditioning lines which ones do i need
  165. Need help finding ignition relay
  166. AC clutch air gap question?
  167. code
  168. Gauge cluster
  169. Leaking on passenger side floor mat, what's happening?
  170. Replacing fuel line in engine bay?
  171. headlight motor cover glue
  172. Maximum Time Front End Up On Ramps?
  173. Whining noise coming from engine or steering?
  174. locks.
  175. A/C belt
  176. 04 gto a/c compressor on a 98 z28?
  177. Head light screw problem
  178. Flashing SES light - no codes
  179. stripped lug bolt NIGHTMARE!!!
  180. DS window help
  181. a/c compressor replace advice
  182. Growl/ clunking noise, I cant find it!
  183. Any better ideal to keep the battery from moving around ?
  184. Power mirror issue
  185. Alternator Won't Charge Battery
  186. Moving a car into garage without wheels/axles...
  187. Is my radiator hose about to be explore ?
  188. How is the factory body kit attached on a ls1?
  189. Window motor help.
  190. busted radiator
  191. Checking for AC leak
  192. Maintenance
  193. Next Steps for AC?
  194. coolant bubbling overflow *FIXED*
  195. How much does a tune up cost for 1998 Firebird
  196. Sewing Machine...
  197. Adding Cruise Control?
  198. Ticking, misifing, exhaust smells like raw fuel
  199. AC - Hissing from dash when turned off
  200. help! :(
  201. Coolant guage outta whack...
  202. A/C vents
  203. Freshening up a frequently stored car
  204. anyone know the part number for the little screw around the antenna?
  205. Wierd problem with steering
  206. Cabin Filter.....How often do you swap?
  207. pulling e-brake up hard make it come lose
  208. starting issues
  209. Leak Where Oil Pan Meets Transmission
  210. 2002 TA rear end going out
  211. Drops to Low Idle or almost Dies!!
  212. Can you identify this plug?
  213. 1994 LT1 EVAP system questions, strong fuel odor!!
  214. how to tow a 4x4 truck
  215. 1999 Camaro SS sluggish, hesitates, WTF!!!
  216. Problem!
  217. 99 T/A Starting Problems
  218. Gas Gauge Stuck on Empty
  219. oil dipstick tube loose ?
  220. AC Problem
  221. replaced my rack and pinon, now lines leading to power stering pump shot...typical?
  222. Car acting Retarded!
  223. Car running very hot....electrical gurus come in!
  224. LT1 and mopar combustion chamber cleaner COME ON IN, LS1 welcome
  225. Oil pressure gage low
  226. VATS problem
  227. Surging at low RPM's?
  228. "while i'm at it" power window motor and speaker
  229. Car not running right and throwing codes.
  230. A/c Experts
  231. Rear View Mirror Rattle
  232. Glove box keeps falling open...What now?
  233. electrical problem
  234. Oil Consumption Question
  235. changed oil now change oil light comes on
  236. Rear tail light issues
  237. Wheel/ Suspension Question
  238. wiring problem....
  239. Fog Lamp Connector and pigtail
  240. Good Exhaust shop in Mid Michigan???
  241. LT1 Oil Leak
  242. A/C Compressor is shot... Just pulled the orifice tube *PICS* what now??
  243. Trying to replace coolant level sensor.
  244. Anyone have have a rattling coming from behind like the radio dash area?
  245. 99' SS Starting issues
  246. stalling problems, any insight please!!
  247. Car cranks, but refuses to start
  248. LUMBAR seat leaks?
  249. Squeaking in between gears/turning
  250. Engine rattling?