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  1. Homogoneous Charge Compression Ignition
  2. Calculating Restrictor Plate Sizes.
  3. hydraulic lifter operation & preload (technical)
  4. Direct Injection Compatible with Pushrods?
  5. Engine assembly: ring oil
  6. Question about a ELC and effects on EVO
  7. Cam Spec Differences.. EFI vs Carb'd
  8. Yamabond and Quench Distance Questions
  9. Vizard's LSA - CI/Inch Valve Diameter chart
  10. Designed my own cam, how do these valve events look? all data inside
  11. Why am I breaking valves???
  12. Can you tell if an LSx engine has VVT or AFM using the VIN? If not, how can I tell?
  13. Back pressure and torque
  14. Nano-boric acid makes motor oil more slippery
  15. Duration Vs. Lift on NA Motor
  16. Does traction increase as speed increases?
  17. Omni Valves
  18. Lobe seperation vs. dynamic compression
  19. Maximizing power under the curve
  20. detonation + gasket blow ?
  21. Any real world setups with SCE Titan self sealing gaskets - NOT ICS
  22. Home porting an intake manifold
  23. Anyone know how to find area above top ring on a piston?
  24. Oil Accumulators
  25. Second ring end gap?
  26. How much compression height needed to avoid oil ring support rails?
  27. An alternate fuel???
  28. OIL!!! cant seem to find out where its coming from!!
  29. Carb'd coil drive question.
  30. Squish Question
  31. How are you guys setting up your timing pointer
  32. intake/exhaust flow CFM
  33. Need advanced help, oil consumption
  34. To Cryo or not to Cryo, that is the question....
  35. 98 octane+how far can it go in hp
  36. parts/weight chart???
  37. Why port volume or cross-sectional area? Can we do better?
  38. .020 in the hole too much
  39. Wiring/programming an electric water pump
  40. Got some ETP LSX 6 bolt heads in today.
  41. understanding crank sensor signals
  42. Reading Material for Engine Design
  43. proper precedure for break in...multiple items
  44. gauge problem
  45. Is there possibility for too much intake airflow?
  46. Desmodromic VVA
  47. Flat/HO/Boxer OHV motor possible?
  48. Backpressure vs scavenging.....Which one do we want???
  49. home build Cam measuring device ?
  50. Who has cryo their block or parts?
  51. A C5 that can't... Baffling problem..FOUND!!!
  52. Tuning 101 Questions...
  53. High octane fuel question.
  54. what were they thinking ?? Theory behind LM II muffler design
  55. Soild Roller Lsx down on power
  56. relationship between rod ratio and port volume
  57. Stressed skin materials question
  58. 45mm ITB's too small?
  59. Still pushing water.
  60. Valvetrain weight concerns with Caddy lifters
  61. Flat Crank LS1?
  62. Emissions tech question: NOx and HC levels with dirty catalytic converter
  63. Baffling problem....My C5 can't be fixed?!?
  64. 2003 Z06 transaxle
  65. why not turbo diesel
  66. Cam not degreed
  67. Conserving heat energy
  68. Rods
  69. Cylinder head clamping force LSX/6.0 IRON/WORLD
  70. 100 horsepower per liter naturally aspirated
  71. Losing oil pressure after run
  72. Advantage of high-flow heads?
  73. Looking for an intelligent answer to a basic cam question.
  74. measurement for pulley to front cover
  75. valve drop measurement
  76. Advancing a cam for higher DCR.
  77. DCR vs. total duration in cam selection..
  78. any problem free gapless top ring users?
  79. Too Much Vacuum??
  80. SCR/DCR vs. Cranking compression.
  81. Why don't more supercars use transverse mid-engine layouts?
  82. lazy rev, 20to1 a/f at a slight rev
  83. Turbo single cylinder?
  84. Engine Awards.
  85. Highest CR on 93 Octane
  86. complex math and so???are skills
  87. gapless rings or not?
  88. Cranckcase Pressure Help
  89. wb o2 sensor after the cats
  90. Power Recovery System.
  91. LS Piston Experts- Using LS pstn in 1stGen 283
  92. LS1 solid lifter options and weights
  93. a few body/ aerodynamics qs
  94. Is tire width as important as we think it is?
  95. Need some springs, mass vs weight vs seat pressure
  96. Welding on the oil pan?? Help please
  97. GMPP vs Victor Jr. Carb Style.... runner length and peak HP question?
  98. valves vs spring pressures
  99. Jager Aluminum Rods
  100. Racelogic TC on 58x LS2
  101. Thought this was a pretty cool read
  102. Compression vs. Octane
  103. Horsepower Calculation
  104. carb vs. injection and fuel octane requirements
  105. turbine supercharger.
  106. Pistons with offset pins
  107. Arao 32 Valve heads?
  108. turbo/supercharger question
  109. Intake Port Volume vs. Fuel Type
  110. Ignition Problem....HELP!
  111. Internal Electical Circuit in GM's LS Ignition Coils
  112. Engine Stress/Mounts/Crash
  113. What determines the powerband of an engine via intake manifold design (Carb v. LS6)
  114. engine builders high rpm question bearing clearances?
  115. Heat vs. HP
  116. How does altitude change header pipe diameter needs?
  117. How to check if your rings are going bad?
  118. Lunati crank looks blue after cut?
  119. Qhat exactly is engine load, and how is it measured?
  120. Air-Fuel-Ratio vs. power
  121. methanol and Aluminum
  122. 6 bolts per cylinder?
  123. Head porting question.
  124. OHC vs Pushrod
  125. Ring flutter w/ deleted PCV??
  126. Tech information for the experts
  127. compression ratio and horsepower question
  128. Thoughts on Dexcool v.s. Green
  129. Can hp be calculated from cfm?
  130. addition rotating mass?
  131. Oil sprayers? DIY
  132. Engine Break in Theory
  133. Washing rings?
  134. High Torque vs High Horsepower.
  135. Advanced Guru's Only Please Respond! Copied From Nitrous Section
  136. Titanium Rods?
  137. Hand Porting Cylinder heads
  138. Need to know compression real quick.
  139. equation for displacement?
  140. cams and emissions
  141. Is E85 Really a Good Deal for Performance?
  142. Variable cam timing for performance applications
  143. Adjustable thermostat discussion
  144. nitrous vs. boost
  145. NASCAR rear differential - open?
  146. Some welding chemistry questions.
  147. Intake Manifold Runner lenght Calculations sheet
  148. Larsen Radax Engine
  149. Is there an equation to figure out dynamic compression ratio?
  150. Is overlap effectiveness rpm dependant?
  151. Gen II vs LS engine?
  152. E85 & Emissions?
  153. New GM NASCAR Small Block Debuts for 2007 Season
  154. how do you optimize your setup?
  155. Destructive forces inside the rear differential
  156. Different AFR in closed loop?
  157. Methanol LSx
  158. Educate me
  159. supercharged headers
  160. LS2 LS6 Or a built LS1
  161. Ssra cold pack.. Measurements
  162. Valvetrain Knocking sound, and Rocker Stud questions [PICS]
  163. Stabilizing LS2 Block Flex with Hard Block
  164. Shifter question.
  165. Converting An Ls7 To 6 Litres With A 96.9mm Bore
  166. Idea for MAF calibration
  167. milling/thinner head gasket - how much power leaving on the table?
  168. Big cubes for better gas mileage?
  169. Intake Flow, Head Flow, But What About Engine Flow??
  170. never seen this
  171. Clutch-by-wire
  172. Cam Design Theory from David Vizard
  173. Max Cam overlap with Cats?
  174. rising rpm
  175. Gains from intake manifold pressure on piston
  176. camshafts... semester 2...
  177. Valve Overlap Limits For Daily Driver
  178. Will this work?
  179. What breaks next?
  180. Demon Inline Induction
  181. Quench?
  182. Objectively comparing cylinder heads
  183. Efficiency...
  184. Manifold options
  185. carbed and efi cams, same or different?
  186. horsepower:torque relationship?
  187. Re: Octane booster
  188. Homemade Octane Boosters
  189. pre-load/lash adjustments
  190. Cam overlap... Help me understand
  191. electric vacuum pump
  192. LSx head flow theory.
  193. Evap System
  194. Cam Timer....discussion within
  195. Pretty good quench article
  196. Am I figuring this right?
  197. EDM Pin Oiling for High RPM?
  198. Which of these two cams are theoretically bigger?
  199. Questions on ramp rate and duration/lift
  200. DCR on 94 octane?
  201. Brake Specific Air Consumption
  202. Optimal Quench or DCR???
  203. DCR and boost
  204. Can you over throttlebody a efi motor
  205. Will Camshafts Soon Become Extinct?
  206. Does GMs VVT really do what they say it does?
  207. Continuously Variable Trannys for drag racing
  208. v-tec? how about rotary valve
  209. 6.0L v8 or 6.0L v12?
  210. cam position sensor
  211. Oil pressure in head
  212. Looking for a blueprint drawing of the LS1/6
  213. Boosted cyl. pressure?
  214. Question for flowbench junkies (Tony Mamo et al.)
  215. Anyone have experience LSx vs carb vs sheetmetal and how it affects power peak perIVC
  216. The Big Switch
  217. To double an engine output.
  218. Trade Intake Bias for Duration?
  219. Nitromethane as a power adder?
  220. Cam advance?
  221. 2.00" Crankpin Preferred Over 2.10"???
  222. Technical info on rotary valves?
  223. crank sensor voltage
  224. Why are valves circular?
  225. 1994 Z28 Lt1 To Ls2,ls6,or Ls7
  226. new valve design.
  227. Too much bearing clearance?
  228. O2 sensor. heated? 3 wire? 4? Signal? HeLp Please.
  229. m/a n t/b
  230. Drysump users?
  231. Question
  232. How concerned should I be with QUENCH, DCR and SCR
  233. Victr Jr. vs Fast 90mm for spray?
  234. Vic Jr. vs Performer RPM???
  235. Can someone clear up this "myth" for me.
  236. Dyno vs Track Validation
  237. Math Gurus Inside
  238. Deck Height Irregularities
  239. bob weight
  240. Quick ?s
  241. injector duty cycle vs atomization
  242. Prove/Disprove this theory
  243. Drivetrain loss?
  244. Front/Rear wheel weight and performance...
  245. Flex Fuel related Q
  246. Starter wires???
  247. Vtec
  248. Milling heads too much?
  249. let's talk compression
  250. high octane race fuel HP increase capability?