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  1. 700R4/4L60 Questions
  2. Performabuilt lvl3 not right?
  3. help select trans for build
  4. trans cooler
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  6. prndl/neutral safety switch
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  10. 3-4 clutchpacks toast?
  11. 60E guru's, ?
  12. 4l60e teardown problem
  13. JW Performance SFI 4L80E Flex Plate
  14. Locar 4l60e dipstick length
  15. th400 flexplate and driveshaft ???
  16. i just dont get it need help
  17. think its time for a rebuild
  18. A4 Hitting Rev Limit on 3rd gear before shifting
  19. Any idea what this noise is after letting off WOT
  20. Thinking about a stall....
  21. 4l60e problem
  22. 700R4 Troubling Pains
  23. what is going in with my 4l60e
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  25. 6L80 vs 6L90 for turbo LY6
  26. 2006 Monte Carlo SS Transmission thread
  27. 4l60e lq9 flexplate options
  28. remote transmission filter kit
  29. Contemplating bigger stall-What gains have YOU seen from going bigger?
  30. No Headlights
  31. What converter should I go with?
  32. v6 camaro flexplate
  33. Powerglide Turbo Guys
  34. th400 what stall?
  35. Need Advice! 4l60e builders please chime in
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  37. flexplate, starter issues.
  38. Recommend a stall....
  39. 99 A4 Trans am wont shift into 2nd
  40. What to do to fix cracked pump th400..
  41. Difference between trans go hd2 and hd3
  42. NEED HELP!!! 4l60E - FLT/Yank VS Performabuilt/PS Conv.
  43. Transmission Cooler Results
  44. 4l65e
  45. Wiring question for A4 shifter
  46. High stall with a 2step
  47. Line Lock and Shift Solonoid?
  48. Rossler 4l60e terminator 3 limits?
  49. Built TH400 recommendations.
  50. converter retune
  51. Trans overheating
  52. Help with shifting issues 4L60e
  53. What fluid temps for checking hot level on dipstick
  54. trans go boost valve on a 98 4l60e?
  55. Swap troubles
  56. Weird shift issue
  57. Might be coming to the dark side.. T56 to 80e!
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  59. Good stall for supercharger
  60. P1811 code, need help!!!
  61. 4L60E extra parts after rebuild
  62. 4t65e (HD) upgrades
  63. Speartech t56 to 4L80 harness converter lockup
  64. Line pressure drops under load
  65. 700R4 flywheel cover
  66. Building 4L60 with PTC Convertor. Lock or No Lockup?
  67. 4l60e trans rebuild.
  68. t56 to 4l80 swap
  69. 4L65E issues
  70. 4l60e or TH400?
  71. Th350 help needed !
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  73. 4l80e Controller Options?
  74. 4l60
  75. bmr transmissions
  76. Need VSS adaptor or wiring diagram or 4L80E Swap
  77. Horrible Vibration
  78. 4L80E by a different name
  79. Can U put baffils in a stock 4l60 pan
  80. YANK converter sale!!!!
  81. tranny lines
  82. Bang between 2-3 shift 4-3 shift
  83. 60e->80e swap using Speartech/seg swap. No MPH and stuck in 1st
  84. TH400 smoked intermediate clutch
  85. stuck in 1St... 4l60E...Does not shift...HELP!!!!
  86. button on automatic shifter sticking
  87. Transgo shift kit
  88. Stripped converter hole
  89. Jakes 60E, I can't afford the 80E
  90. TCI plug
  91. Know What This Is On 4L60-E?
  92. on my 2nd 4l80 and having the same issues as the first
  93. 4l60e tuning w/speed density
  94. installed converter now no overdrive
  95. how to compensate for a small stall in a built car?!
  96. T56 tailshaft modification to use stock mechanical speedo.....
  97. Daily driver stall for longevity.
  98. help pick stall speed
  99. Derale Cooler Pan..
  100. 4L80 question
  101. 96 4l60e to 01 5.3
  102. 4L80E....Jakes Valve Body Calibration or Transgo HD2
  103. Car shaking I need help
  104. need a little help on a trans swap
  105. 4L80E/Aftermarket Shifter
  106. Hitting the next gear problem
  107. No first or fourth gear A4
  108. 4l65e with trans brake question for experienced racers
  109. flex plate ???????
  110. how much power per gear 4l60e performabuilt level2
  111. Inspection Port?
  112. 700r4 question
  113. Sonnax Accumulator staking
  114. Need help with my 4l60e
  115. Difference between I6 and V8 Th400?
  116. 700R/4L60E Parts Interchange, Experts Please
  117. how to pick a converter stall
  118. Ultra Newb Question, Does Axle Ratio matter in trans selection?
  119. The diffrence 4l80 and 4l80e
  120. Advice on trans reaching max rpms/rev limiter before shifting
  121. Th400 gear choice
  122. what do i need for a swap?
  123. I bought my Stage 5 4l80e---what else am I missing
  124. shift knob
  125. need advise on mustang turbo 6.0 th400 converter please help
  126. FTI Triple clutch 4l80 puts down 1103 @RW
  127. Going from Th400-PG....questions!
  128. Feeler: 4L80E swap into NNBS trucks/SUV's
  129. Can a hurst 1/4 stick be made to work with the 4l60e
  130. would anything in the trans affect stall
  131. 4L60e LT1 Issue
  132. Questions on a pro yank 3,600.
  133. Converter ??
  134. 4l60e sluggish on 3-4 shift
  135. 4l60 (M30) forward fiber and steel plates quantity
  136. question about deep pans
  137. Turbo 400 or 'glide?
  138. Help me pick a converter.. K5 lq4 38" tires
  139. 4l80e converter questions
  140. Performabuilt customer service/tech support A+
  141. Good how to tranny rebuild book....th350/th400
  142. 4L60E Transbrake
  143. 4l60E shifting questions
  144. My car took a crap!... help me figure this out.
  145. Converter help?
  146. Reactor/CDS Flexplate - what crank bolts?
  147. 6L80 2-3 flare up
  148. manual valve body
  149. how much for a built corvette AUTO transmission?
  150. FTI/Troy=customer service!!
  151. A4 noob. What size converter I need, and what trans x member I need& trans brake help
  152. New 4l60e wont shift at WOT!
  153. 4l80 problem
  154. 4l60e wont shift into 3rd
  155. video I put togther running PerformaBuilt T400 in a full weight street car
  156. 4L60-E Random Check Ball?
  157. Manual 4l80e and locking converter ...???
  158. 4L80E Input Torque
  159. 4l60e to 4l80e
  160. 4l60e convert a 94 to 96 spec's trans guru's plz look at my part #'s
  161. lt1 4l60e with ls1 swap?
  162. hooking up vacuum for th350 ??
  163. Just to verify on the Transgo HD2 (P01870 Content)
  164. trans and gear ratio selection, how important is it?
  165. Pistol Grip Quarter Stick in M6 console???
  166. 2 step ?
  167. th350 crossmember
  168. Transmission Dipstick Tube
  169. tranmission stuck to engine
  170. tune needed with new converter?
  171. What would you do?
  172. Adapter for 2004r to LQ9
  173. Who would you order a drive shaft from?
  174. Help!!! TRANS PAIN!!!!
  175. Built 4l60e VS turbo 350- Details inside
  176. 4L80E shifting 1st to 3rd at the track
  177. ls1 and powerglide combo
  178. Car shakes into higher speeds and worst in deceleration
  179. Not your typical "TH350 vs. TH400" thread
  180. Big hole in transmission casing?
  181. Tranny slips in all gears 1997 4l60e
  182. 4l80e questions
  183. Extreme 4l60e
  184. Mad dog transmissions " free giveaway!"
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  186. 04 gto 4l60
  187. Need help asap
  188. 4L60/4L80 Question
  189. powerglide or 80e
  190. what is "blowing through the converter"
  191. 4l60e help needed BADLY!!!!!!!
  192. SS4000 with no tune okay to drive?
  193. 4l60e slips in 2nd and 3rd WOT...... whats wrong?
  194. will a powerglide bolt up to an ls1
  195. converter choices
  196. transmission shift issue. help!!!
  197. Trailblazer Convertor
  198. Need Help. Intermitten no 3rd gear
  199. how much can a stock 4l60e take
  200. Something moving inside Converter
  201. 97 4l60e vs. 99 4l60e
  202. External balance Lt1 changing to flexplate - SOLVED pics inside
  203. Need Help with possible tansmission issue
  204. Tranny not pulling in 3rd over 2k rpm
  205. need some help finding a 80e part...
  206. Building my TH400 any advice
  207. Help need a pin out
  208. Th400 or Glide
  209. 2002 Trans Am 4l60E Help
  210. 4L60E kit
  211. Trans oil lines location
  212. 3rd gen auto setup
  213. transmission wiring harness
  214. Jakes Performance!!
  215. stall converter question
  216. 4L60e tuning
  217. Converter Qs for 5.3/76mm turbo/th400 build
  218. 4l80e , Griffin radiator and trans cooler.... or just trans cooler
  219. What 4l80e slip yoke do I need?
  220. Automatic Shifter Grip Removal
  221. Tranmy cooler size question
  222. Xtreme Performance Transmission - Great Shop, Great Guys
  223. Help! 4L60E shift problem
  224. 4l80 swap question about torque arm and cross members
  225. Is a busted stock 6l80 torque converter worth anything?
  226. best 3/4 clutchs 4l60
  227. Circle D - Warranty Update
  228. Bought a new trans, need a street/strip converter
  229. What year 4L80E?......
  230. Something broke! need opinions
  231. no OD on 4l60e???
  232. New parts with new Converter
  233. 4L60 newb questions/concerns
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  237. TH350 conversion question
  238. Converter bolts.. how to remove them in the car?
  239. 4T65e output flange
  240. Stage 4 TH400
  241. I need to know how much clearance I need from the ground
  242. Speedo Sensor for TH400
  243. Transmission Pan Clearance Question
  244. Stall size and converter
  245. 4L60E new stall problems HELP
  246. Fwd 4T65-E controller
  247. Cracked 4l80e bellhousing
  248. 4l80e stuck in limp after swap.
  249. Need a good converter for Th400
  250. 4l60e flare up