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  1. Measuring runout on Hughes 4004X
  2. slipping
  3. th400 to s60 driveshaft length?
  4. 4L60E and EFI live
  5. performance switch
  6. M6-->4L80e Need those part numbers
  7. Help me with my converter purchase!
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  9. what bolts for cat racing sfi flexplate
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  11. Conversion flexplate headaches....
  12. Looking at getting a converter
  13. Calling Revmax!!
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  15. 4l60e rebuild problems
  16. 06 5.3 to a 98 4l60e. Flex plate spacer or not?
  17. 6L80e wiring questions
  18. Ws6 adapter + pistol grip
  19. 4l60e trans issue
  20. Sonnax Shift Kit Install and pics
  21. 4l60 fluid capacity??
  22. 4L80 flexplates
  23. PerformaBuild lvl2 users..
  24. help figuring out my 4l60e problems?
  25. 4L60E fault code advise.
  26. Should the flexplate be upgraded?
  27. New transmission has low pressure.
  28. Trans temp gauge sending unit came apart in the trans..
  30. YANK's Memorial Day converter sale starts now!!!
  31. what year 4l80e
  32. 4L60e delay in forward gear Pros?
  33. Th400 slipping help please
  34. What's a good brand for a stall converter?
  35. In need of a 4l60e 3500 converter
  36. 4L80E Rollerized Output Shaft Upgrade
  37. TH400 internal parts - What HP what parts?
  38. bad ass 4l60e rebuild kit?
  39. Tcc problem
  40. WTH. 4l60e vent tube recirculating to tranny?
  41. Help!!!! Th350 swap
  42. anyone use tci 279600 billet input shaft for 4l80
  43. what flywheel to use 5.3 to 4l80e
  44. 4th gen Camaro SS ratchet shifter
  45. yank 3600 stall converter issue
  46. th400 to 4l60e questions
  47. 4L60e cable driven only, no electronics questions
  48. Lifespan of high hp powerglide between rebuilds?
  49. RPM or FLT Trans?
  50. Blew 4l60e, need new tranny!
  51. manual downshift behavior
  52. Has anyone put a 6L80E in a 4th Gen?
  53. 4l60e leaking from breather?
  54. torque converter not seated in trans
  55. Swapping my t56 for a auto
  56. Vacuum Modulator issue?
  57. 4L80E Rebuild Link
  58. 4th gens with Th400 come in
  59. 4L85E on a 4L60E tune w/ relay mod - shift table question?
  60. What is the drivetrain loss for the 4l60e?
  61. nubie 4l60 rebuild advice....please chime in.
  62. 4l60 jumping in and out of overdrive
  63. 6L90 power rating
  64. Question Removing a 4L60e from a 2002 Z28
  65. 1/8 mile et dropped with just circle d converter
  66. Pulling my tranny tomorrow for converter swap , any tips or tricks i need to know?
  67. 4l60e
  68. 4000SS or PT for first TC?
  69. engine wont turn after transmission installation? TC IS seated properly
  70. 4l60E shift kit which one to get
  71. Transbrakes for 4L80E
  72. Quick 4l80 question
  73. how much would you pay for th400 [dynamic]
  74. What flex plate for 4l80e
  75. 4l60e problems after 4.10s
  76. TH400 + Boost + stock valve body/vacuum modulator = wont shift right
  77. CircleD 2E 4000 Custom Stall
  78. 1 2 Accumulator piston at bottom of housing
  79. Help ID flywheel
  80. Confused on on running trans hoses
  81. using a 4l60 controller on a 4t65e
  82. anyone have trouble with running a dope style cooler?
  83. hit rev limiter with yank ss3600????
  84. Stock 4L80E vs Built much stronger is the 4L80E....?
  85. Early Core 4L80E shifter arm stud size?
  86. New trans lost 3rd gear in its first 5 miles.
  87. A new noise croped up after rebuild
  88. holding 1st gear problem
  89. 4l60 flywheel?
  90. HELP replace or rebulid transmission!?
  91. What brand and stall converter for 4.8 w/ 70mm & 4L80?
  92. Hose on torque arm
  93. Stage 2 TH400 Special
  94. 4L80 trans brake problem !
  95. Kickdown Cables
  96. 9.5" or 10.5" Converter
  97. New Converter
  98. ok to drive with broken top rear torque arm bracket
  99. How long will trans last with H/C
  100. Tail shaft housing question
  101. Vibration after 4l80 install
  102. 4l60,80e question
  103. Power glide and a 5.3.
  104. People with 4l80 in 4th gen plz chime in
  105. 4L80e intermediate servo pin travel spec?
  106. 4.3 4l80e convertor
  107. 4l60e Rebuid Near Detroit Michigan.
  108. General Help Needed (Vid Included)
  109. How to correctly store a 4L60
  110. 4l80 & driveshaft
  111. 4L60E car stops running when shifted into gear?
  112. Have you seen a 4l80e with the "Ears" cut from the factory?
  113. 02 SS Accepts No Throttle After Trans Install
  114. kit to make speedo work on a th350...
  115. 4L60E hard 1-2 shift. ?????
  116. Modded 4L65E question/issue - trans guru's in here
  117. Excessive Converter Slip?
  118. 2001 camaro convertor wish ms3
  119. Single or Multi Disc Lock Up Converter?
  120. powerglide help to my ls1?
  121. converter and tune
  122. th400 problem
  123. Rebuild my 4l60e or go 4l80e?
  124. 4l60e major problems
  125. Help what is it
  126. LT1 vs. LS1 4L60E
  127. Best High Stall for Light Throttle
  128. new car, shift cable issues
  129. 2006 van 4.8 w/ 97 4l80e into OBS truck
  130. 6x issues
  131. Granatelli and Hughes transmissions team up
  132. Diagnosing lack of power
  133. Converter bolts for th400 swap..
  134. Introducing the new PerformaBuilt Level 3 - Plus 4L6XE
  135. What shift kit???
  136. Old Bell Housing TORX bolt Help.. New Part #?
  137. 4L80 Conversion a Success! far
  138. RPM Transmissions
  139. 4l60e need some advice
  140. 4l60e trans prob after rebuild
  141. 4l80e Shifting With Nitrous
  142. 4000 stall
  143. Who has Th400 reluctor ring and sensor in stock?
  144. Fti 3800 hard hit or yank ss3600
  145. Question after 4l60e rebuild
  146. Auto trans not shifting above 2nd gear
  147. Stalled 4L60e
  148. 98 trans am wont shift out of park
  149. weird problem during burn out
  150. TH350 bolt to 5.3?
  151. 98 camaro wont drive in reverse
  152. 4L60E Shift Problems
  153. Question on 4l80 controller
  154. So my transmission dip stick is stuck
  155. Converter Stall?????
  156. Local area trans rebuilders
  157. TCI converter won't stay locked
  158. Shift kit on LS1: Superior VS transgo HD-2 VS transgo SK VS B&M 70360
  159. 4L80E Rated @ 1200hp
  160. 3600-4200 stall questions for those with experience
  161. 4L60E Vs. T56
  162. 4L60E Upgrades
  163. Realy Monster Transmissions?
  164. Mad Dog the Best!!!!
  165. 4l60e shifter search help please
  166. Will a ls1 flexplate fit a 4.8???
  167. how to switch over a 4l60e to a 4l80e
  168. 06 4l60e servo swap
  169. 4l60 shifting 400 rpm too soon as well as rev limiter dropped 400 rpm
  170. Sonnax HD 2-3 shift valve cure flare?
  171. need help 4L60E to th400 or 700r4
  172. Stock ls1, 3.73s, stock 4l60e + slicks?
  173. what 4l60-e trans will work
  174. powerglide transmission builder in atlanta?
  175. PerFormaBuilt MayDay SPECIAL
  176. Torque Converter Install On A C5
  177. Plz help th400 yoke
  178. 4L60E yoke
  179. Which mount?
  180. th400 guys step in
  181. tci rebuild kit 4l60e
  182. weird problem, local builders puzzled
  183. 4l60e.. wtf is going on, perfect 4th gear... no 2nd gear at all
  184. can somebody with a eztcu help please?
  185. 4l60e suck 3rd transmission
  186. 4L60E question
  187. no movement in any gears after transmission installed
  188. 6l80e 2010 trans in 65 Chevelle
  189. 4L60E slipping out of 4th
  190. 4th Gear Flare?
  191. 95 formula tuned for 4.10s running
  192. 4l80e builders
  193. Stock Converter ?
  194. 4L60E Not Downshifting.....
  195. Will powerglide work or th400?
  196. confused on backup light, nuetral safety, m6 to A4 under dash harness wiring.
  197. Speedometer symptoms and diagnosing
  198. need 4l60e tail shaft housing asap
  199. No help elsewhere, I need help. Horrible noise after installing new flexplate
  200. MAD DOG TRANSMISSION 2013 log
  201. Newbe here with question
  202. 4l60e no od or lockup help
  203. 4L60E shifting question
  204. Transgo 4L60E HD3 kit help
  205. 4L80e swap w/ stock M6 driveshaft - sanity check
  206. Effect of new gear on shift point?
  207. Th400 converter play
  208. 4l60e wot shift HELP
  209. 4l60e 1st gear slips (maby low pressure) need help
  210. How much hp loss from 6spd to th350?
  211. tcc clutch brake switch connection
  212. hairline crack coming from pan bolt hole
  213. Anyone have any info on Monster Transmissions?
  214. 93 auto transmission help!!
  215. Which vehicles did slip and fixed yoke 4l80e's come from?
  216. Cooler
  217. 4l60e with 3600 stall need advice asap!!!
  218. quick stall question
  219. 4L60E Tranny Question
  220. '93 Automatic Transmission
  221. 4L80 issues... any educated guesses? CKP FMVB
  222. Converter Identification
  223. 4l60e 3rd gear issues need help
  224. Jake's Performance Transmission Sale
  225. 2002 4l60e in 2007 Silverado Speed Sensor ?
  226. 4l80e U Joint
  227. 4L60e rebuild issues..
  228. 4l80e out of a doghouse van
  229. problem with 4l60e swap.
  230. Which to do fist, Stall or Gears
  231. 4L60E, no 2nd or fourth
  232. What's the connection between spark plugs and shiftpoints
  233. Revmax installed and trip to the track...very pleased
  234. 2 steps & transbrakes
  235. FTI Stall Converter Special Pricing
  236. Circle-D Budget converter a+
  237. Rpm level 5 4l60e hp rating?
  238. Are all 97 year/model 4l80E tailshafts the same?
  239. Stupid 4l80e question
  240. 04 4l60e codes/problems! help!!!!!!
  241. 93 4l80e Wiring question
  242. Can you guys help me with unlocking converter problem&code?
  243. Need some quick advice on a firmer 1-2 shift upgrade!
  244. 4L60E Deep Pan??
  245. stock trans temp sensor?
  246. Tranny Cooler Questions/suggestions?
  247. Does it work? Budget build.
  248. 4L60E-WOT, let off, falls out of gear.
  249. 4l60 surging
  250. Torque converter hub depth into crankshaft?