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  1. Draining and cleaning a converter.
  2. 4l60e to moser 9" DS length and slip yoke length
  3. what is ppr and signal for 96' 4l60e?
  4. 3 4 clutch setup
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  6. 4l80e coolant lines
  7. ppl who street drive thier th400
  8. Installing the beast shell question.
  9. t-56 to powerglide swap?
  10. Performabuilt vs Finish line
  11. fao jakes performance
  12. 3rd gen with ez-tcu opinions?
  13. 4L60E transmission revs between 2-3 shifts
  14. Tech Left Plug In Transmission Fill Tube- What Problems May I Have In Future
  15. Vibrations in transmission while in park?
  16. what is this trans part?
  17. 1st time 4l60e build
  18. 4L60E Budget build advise anyone
  19. 97 4l60e to 2006 4.8 ?
  20. what trans?? 6.0 turbo car?
  21. TH400 Converter
  22. bad vibration above 3k rpm *experts please help
  23. FTI Specials
  24. 4l60e to the 4l80e what year do i need
  25. vigilate converter, tci flexplate. which bolts
  26. What pn do I need
  27. What to do with 4l60e core
  28. Hurst shifter jumping gears.. Why??
  29. 02 Z28 A4 Shifting from 1st to 2nd
  30. 4160e TransGo problem 2-3 shift
  31. Announcing PerformaBuilt Transmissions “Spring break/Easter Holiday Sale”
  32. Is my tourqe converter out of date?
  33. Sticky Worthy: Torque Converter Stall-Torque Ratio (STR) Guide
  34. strengthen 4l60e
  35. Opinions on this setup! Tranny/Stall/Rear/1000rwhp street car
  36. 4l60e No Reverse
  37. Big Stall Guys Come In! (Yank Gurus)
  38. which transmission should i go with?
  39. 4L65-e TCC signal for swap
  40. what rpm to launch at with yank ss4000
  41. noob 4l80e question
  42. PG issues....
  43. C5 tranny tunning and cooler to prevent wear?
  44. 5.3 to th350
  45. Lokar has me confused and I full?
  46. Non billet converters
  47. A few 4L80e questions
  48. Issue with shift lock control solenoid - can move out of park w/o brake pedal pressed
  49. Shipping Transmission
  50. t56 to th 350 swap ?
  51. How do you by pass the neutral safety switch on a auto
  52. Scangauge 2 Trans temp
  53. Transmission Fitment Question
  54. honest opinion
  55. 99 Trans Am/ Auto
  56. 4L80e for road racing / Auto-X
  57. Guys running th350/th400 help me pick a stall
  58. Anybody have a stock tune for a 4l80 with efi live
  59. Opinions yank ss 4k
  60. Tru-cool 40k after a trans break with metal debris
  61. 4l60e blowing dipstick out of tube and fluid on engine.
  62. Pulling my hair out helppppp
  63. Transmission Line Pressure Tuning vs. Boost
  64. auto trans heeeelp
  65. Flex plate for 4L80E and long nose crank.
  66. 98 trans am kickdown
  67. Flexplate question and gearing T56 to 4L80E.
  68. Broke my transmission
  69. Jake's Performance 4L80e converters
  70. 4l80e billet shaft???
  71. stall
  72. Slight leak of ATF, now a whirring noise in park and neutral
  73. bouncing the rev limiter in D from 2-3
  74. shifting and staying in gear issues, help please
  75. 4L80E wiring in 96 Camaro
  76. 86 gmc 700r4 questions
  77. s10 4l60
  78. glide or th400
  79. 4l60e Overdrive
  80. 4l60e no first, fourth, od
  81. Recommend me a tranny for my 408 c.i.
  82. converter issue
  83. Hooking up gauge to VSS 4l60e
  84. nitrous convertor?
  85. Putting a th400 or powerglide behind my 5.3
  86. Gear about to go
  87. turbo 5.3/ th400 stalling issue. Go T brake?
  88. Stupid dyno/converter question...
  89. 4l80 swap, spedo reading with witn car in park and vss unhooked
  90. 4l60e 3-4 accumulator pin missing?
  91. Checking auto trans oil level? Dipstick won't release
  92. TH400 swap questions...
  93. What did I break in my 4L80E?
  94. Trans connectors blocked.
  95. Issue after stall converter install
  96. Torque convertor seating problems..
  97. Rattling from transmission tunnel
  98. First 4l60e rebuilt - a few questions
  99. 4l80e mvb vs t56
  100. What PCM to control 4l80e without LS engine at this time
  101. 350 trans to 5.3 ???
  102. PTC Converters
  103. Yank Converters Tax refund SALE has started
  104. 2000 WS6 Automatic Making Noises. Need Help
  105. what flexplate do i need asap...
  106. 4l60e trans in bad shape
  107. 700R4 Governor issue?
  108. 6l90e trans
  109. Man I'm glad I went with a 4000 converter
  110. Quick Shifter Question
  111. Revmax converters
  112. Hard shifting only when hot
  113. Possibly the worst 4L60e carnage ever???
  114. rebuild question
  115. reverse drum
  116. Converter fitment issue
  117. Big tube and fin on condensor change to b&m 70264 dope style.
  118. 93' Wont shift
  119. A4 slipping into neutral
  120. Convertor question: TCS 2600 vs. stock Capri (police)
  121. yay more 4L60 problems
  122. Converter spacing confusion
  123. trans?
  124. Need help/opinions on trans
  125. Trans mount?
  126. 700r4 only shifts when you let off fuel. help please.
  127. Input shafts for 4l60trans in Camaro
  128. 4l60 vs 4l80
  129. 94 4l60E, 130k miles, blowing fluid from dipstick, slipping some.
  130. trans?
  131. calling all sponsers
  132. 4L80E Lost 2nd Gear
  133. 4l70 shifter ideas?
  134. 4l60e problems
  135. installing torque convertor questions.
  136. 4l80e swap questions
  137. Tranny leak
  138. CDS aluminum flexplate torque converter bolt depth
  139. TH400 used in 1200 RWHP combo for 2 years teardown.
  140. Big cam, road racing plans - what converter?
  141. 98 z28 trans swap manual to auto
  142. How many of you installed your converter without rebuilding the tranny?
  143. Transmission advice
  144. I bought a transbrake button, what?
  145. I hillclimb, what is the best 4l60e rebuild kit
  146. What tranny oil pressure using 3-4 zpak clutches?
  147. nNew working relationship with FTI Converters.
  148. Converter/trans problem
  149. 4l80e manual valve body questions
  150. 4l60e swap no 3-4
  151. What exact transmission do i have?
  152. Output shaft leaking please help
  153. 4L80E junkyard horsepower
  154. Need help with finding a 4k-4400 stall
  155. looking for a 3000 to 4000 stall for 4l60e
  156. Opinions on TCI
  157. Loud metal on metal bang
  158. Best 4l80e lockout shifter in 4th gen Camaro?
  159. 4l80e Yoke selection help
  160. Convert/adapt 29 spline 6L90?
  161. 700R4/4L60 Questions
  162. Performabuilt lvl3 not right?
  163. help select trans for build
  164. trans cooler
  165. 4L60E Making a knocking sound?
  166. prndl/neutral safety switch
  167. C5 shift points and tranny tune
  168. 700r4 or t350 in 79 vette ls1 swap
  169. 4l60e problem after rebuild please help
  170. 3-4 clutchpacks toast?
  171. 60E guru's, ?
  172. 4l60e teardown problem
  173. JW Performance SFI 4L80E Flex Plate
  174. Locar 4l60e dipstick length
  175. th400 flexplate and driveshaft ???
  176. i just dont get it need help
  177. think its time for a rebuild
  178. A4 Hitting Rev Limit on 3rd gear before shifting
  179. Any idea what this noise is after letting off WOT
  180. Thinking about a stall....
  181. 4l60e problem
  182. 700R4 Troubling Pains
  183. what is going in with my 4l60e
  184. 4l80e revmax stall question
  185. 6L80 vs 6L90 for turbo LY6
  186. 2006 Monte Carlo SS Transmission thread
  187. 4l60e lq9 flexplate options
  188. remote transmission filter kit
  189. Contemplating bigger stall-What gains have YOU seen from going bigger?
  190. No Headlights
  191. What converter should I go with?
  192. v6 camaro flexplate
  193. Powerglide Turbo Guys
  194. th400 what stall?
  195. Need Advice! 4l60e builders please chime in
  196. Need Help: TH400 to 4l60e
  197. flexplate, starter issues.
  198. Recommend a stall....
  199. 99 A4 Trans am wont shift into 2nd
  200. What to do to fix cracked pump th400..
  201. Difference between trans go hd2 and hd3
  202. NEED HELP!!! 4l60E - FLT/Yank VS Performabuilt/PS Conv.
  203. Transmission Cooler Results
  204. 4l65e
  205. Wiring question for A4 shifter
  206. High stall with a 2step
  207. Line Lock and Shift Solonoid?
  208. Rossler 4l60e terminator 3 limits?
  209. Built TH400 recommendations.
  210. converter retune
  211. Trans overheating
  212. Help with shifting issues 4L60e
  213. What fluid temps for checking hot level on dipstick
  214. trans go boost valve on a 98 4l60e?
  215. Swap troubles
  216. Weird shift issue
  217. Might be coming to the dark side.. T56 to 80e!
  218. 4l60E No 4th or Reverse? No warning.
  219. Good stall for supercharger
  220. P1811 code, need help!!!
  221. 4L60E extra parts after rebuild
  222. 4t65e (HD) upgrades
  223. Speartech t56 to 4L80 harness converter lockup
  224. Line pressure drops under load
  225. 700R4 flywheel cover
  226. Building 4L60 with PTC Convertor. Lock or No Lockup?
  227. 4l60e trans rebuild.
  228. t56 to 4l80 swap
  229. 4L65E issues
  230. 4l60e or TH400?
  231. Th350 help needed !
  232. 4l80e slugish take off and hard shifting Need help
  233. 4l80e Controller Options?
  234. 4l60
  235. bmr transmissions
  236. Need VSS adaptor or wiring diagram or 4L80E Swap
  237. Horrible Vibration
  238. 4L80E by a different name
  239. Can U put baffils in a stock 4l60 pan
  240. YANK converter sale!!!!
  241. tranny lines
  242. Bang between 2-3 shift 4-3 shift
  243. 60e->80e swap using Speartech/seg swap. No MPH and stuck in 1st
  244. TH400 smoked intermediate clutch
  245. stuck in 1St... 4l60E...Does not shift...HELP!!!!
  246. button on automatic shifter sticking
  247. Transgo shift kit
  248. Stripped converter hole
  249. Jakes 60E, I can't afford the 80E
  250. TCI plug