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  86. Happy New Year Everyone
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  125. A little worried.
  126. pissed off shop manager
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  140. Thank You Jake
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  143. dipstick
  144. Whats involved with a swap from 6-spd to turbo 350
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  146. 4l80E part id
  147. TH400 newbie
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  149. Powdercoating Transmissions
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  153. getting my first LS1 fbody this weekend
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  170. How much?
  171. im so damn confused...somebody help me please!
  172. Rossler manual"Black box" for the 4L60E
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  181. Does anyone make a converter for a 99-01 6.0 with long crank for a 99 4l80e?
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  183. what do i do????
  184. Check out our new converter line!!
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  187. Jakes T Brake
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  214. buying the rite kit
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  216. help me figure it out!!
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  233. Thank you Yank Converters for "over and beyond" service
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