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  1. how much would a 3800/2.0 help
  2. Removing Tranmission dipstick...
  3. Question? Trouble with rebuilding on 4T60E GM Transaxel
  4. Anyone using the Gear Vendors overdrive?
  5. trans temp gauge worth it?
  6. Console Question
  7. How hard is this gonna be to do.
  8. Would you buy a used stall?
  9. 4l60e or turbo?
  10. any lightweight flexplates?
  11. Tranny problems.
  12. need advise on 4L60E
  13. 4l60e for trade
  14. Flexplate: LS1 Fbody Vs. V6 Fbody?
  15. A4 tranny shift MPH & RPM Points
  16. Cam Driveability question
  17. Anyone make a non computer controlled 4L60E?
  18. Should I take off Torque Management?
  19. Help quick th350 questions
  20. Would this be a good TC?
  21. guys with 4k stall what cams yall running?
  22. Stumped as to which stall to get
  23. stall or gears?
  24. TH400 speedo hook up, this is what is required
  25. stock flexplate weight?
  26. Tried my Vig. 3200 out with slicks
  27. Is a tune needed for a 2500 or 2800 stall?
  28. Century Transmission
  29. Where should I go to get a TH400?
  30. What is lock-up?
  31. A4 Fustration
  32. LS1/th350, best to space or correct converter?
  33. wheel spin vs revlimiter???
  34. what size stall would i need
  35. dry clutch automatic
  36. 9 bolt stronger than 7.625?
  37. Have a question about my built trans
  38. Billet OD Servo problems in 4L60E
  39. what shifter for th400?
  40. Looks like RockOn is now a sponsor!
  41. What did i do? car shaking...
  42. Front Pump Removal
  43. Newbie with question
  44. Checking fluid level with trans cooler
  45. problem after rebuild
  46. stall converter
  47. stall converter
  48. Folks with FI and Vacuum modulated trannies inside, please
  49. lockup problem
  50. Does an increase in STR make more RWTQ?
  51. Check Valve On Input Shaft?
  52. never in a thousand years!!!!
  53. Help!!!!! no 1st or 4th
  54. my BRAND NEW! A4 tranny shifts at 4K rpms...why?
  55. shift problems
  56. I need converter advice for my TH-350
  57. well i bought myself a X-mas present...
  58. question
  59. what stall for th400?
  60. black02, anyone 11's SI INSIDE PLEASE!!
  61. Funny shifting when its cold
  62. Is everything right with my A4?
  63. trans problems, but not the usual...
  64. Lock up or Non-Lock up
  65. What's the best option to cool my tranny.
  66. Fuddle 3000 stall review. long/detailed
  67. th350 swap
  68. billet cover?
  69. M6 guys that made the change.
  70. Shift Points
  71. rev limiter?
  72. Those with TH400's, how do mount your shifter?
  73. Stock stall
  74. Shift cable bracket help.
  75. Best pan gasket
  76. shifting problem
  77. How does this TH400 sound?
  78. A4 slipping issues
  79. Fuddle TC doesn't fit over pump...
  80. Won't go into park
  81. tailshaft seal
  82. looking for a flexplate
  83. Does a 4l60e have a shifter linkage adjustment???
  84. 98 z28 is stuck in park PLEASE HELP
  85. This may be a dumb question
  86. Transmission problem? Need help!
  87. Mad Dog 4L60E??
  88. Tq Converter Adapter???
  89. huge tranny leak
  90. Truck 4L60e, built by who?
  91. Do i need a shift kit with a new converter even though i have LT1 Edit
  92. Stall w/turbo
  93. Where to get a 4L80E?
  94. Tourqe Converter
  95. Lighter Flexplate
  96. changing stalls!!
  97. Question about Drivability..
  98. going to a 4l80e
  99. Would this work well together?
  100. Opinions of Yank's SS3400
  101. Shifting Question....
  102. problems with my fuddle possibly
  103. LS1 and LT1 4L60E tranny - how different?
  104. help quick? inside TH400 owners
  105. Tranny Coolant Lines
  106. HP tuners and the 4L60E
  107. how much power can a stock a4 trans take?
  108. Need help
  109. No second gear after normal driving.
  110. 4l60e
  111. Bellhousing bolt size on 5.3 block
  112. Transmission died
  113. Tranny won't shift out of 3rd gear
  114. flywheel weight ??'s
  115. Aftermarket shifter install's. post your pics
  116. Might be picking up a 98 Z28 w/ turbo and blown tranny...need tranny advice (A4)
  117. Converter for TH400?
  118. Help me Choose a TC
  119. convertor question
  120. Stall questions
  121. Choosing a Transmission --- Help
  122. Transmission Perform Button?
  123. Occasional hard shifting
  124. Need Spline Count/Size for 4L60E DS Slip Yoke
  125. What Stall??
  126. Trans Whine
  127. Tranny cooler
  128. 700r4 shift points
  129. 3rd and 4th gone
  130. Thinking of going back to electronic shift...
  131. Got my Fuddle in
  132. Tranny swap???
  133. Stall Setup?
  134. Paging 1jfuddle
  135. HELP PLEASE!! NO Second Gear
  136. stock gears and TC in a 94 T/A
  137. just bought my transgo s/k
  138. Trans fluid additives & flush
  139. those who are thinking of getting a fuddle converter
  140. The NEW YANK PE4400!!!!
  141. Will increased power and torque change stall points and shift extension upwards?
  142. NE1 using BMR TA Relocation with TH350 ?
  143. what do i need....
  144. I Need Help Bad
  145. tranny launching help
  146. Tranny Coolers
  147. A new one?
  148. LT1 vs. LS1 Torque converters
  149. what brand stall
  150. Whats the best trans cooler for a 05 GTO with a 3200 Vig
  151. What TC's to use for TH350 & LS1?
  152. BW high energy 3-4 sucks, one step backwards
  153. lock-up or no lock-uo for my 350??
  154. stall question
  155. ss3200 owners in here please!
  156. Disadvantages with a th400 over a 4L60E?
  157. Which aftermarket pan is everyone using
  158. stupid converter question
  159. help with a converter
  160. Built 4L60E vs. TH400?
  161. Emergency neutral with a RMVB?
  162. Is changing Transmision fluid an easy task ???
  163. trans wont shift
  164. transmission drip
  165. Clicking from TC.....NEED HELP ASAP
  166. 4l60e HELP
  167. new tranny and still 3rd gear vibration!
  168. stuck
  169. TC or Gears
  170. What too look for in pan?
  171. (hitting Rev Limiter) Need Help!!!!
  172. Need Tranny Help: Space between TC and flywheel: Need washers?????????
  173. Who all makes Flexplates for LS1 w/ TH350???
  174. How much hp can stock motor adn tranny handle
  175. 4l60 vs 4l60e?
  176. Problems.. need help
  177. Drivability of the SS3600
  178. Quick question about my cable modulated 700r4
  179. 2nd gear gone in my A4?
  180. How well would a yankss 4400 stall do on a stock ls1?
  181. Red warning light on dash after TC install
  182. C5 Torque converter install
  183. Will a Trans Go shift kit aleviate a p1870 code?
  184. trans temp gauge
  185. New to TC's...Lil Help!
  186. Torque converter won't lock up, Can I drive it?
  187. need some help....
  188. Got my New Yank SE4400 Today!
  189. What does sticking in 2nd gear mean?
  190. No 3rd or 4th gear
  191. Converter Condition
  192. 700R4 Help
  193. dipstick for th400?
  194. Is a tranny temp gauge needed after installing higher stall converter???
  195. No 2nd or 4th gear
  196. No 4th Gear
  197. Shifting
  198. What would cause...
  199. Gears on A4 thrown off
  200. Hardest launching method
  201. Getting ready to order.... Which company?
  202. TH400 Help
  203. why is my tranny whining?
  204. B&M cooler and fittings leaking
  205. its time to rebuild the ol' 4l60e
  206. 4L60-E Build Up
  207. 4l80e bolt right up to an LS1?
  208. Probuilt I have a question
  209. looking for a web site/guide to...
  210. turbo 400 ?
  211. Need a Transmission Shop
  212. Hayden trans cooler question?
  213. Another 4l60e problem
  214. 4l60 will not separate HELP!!!
  215. C5 automatic ?s
  216. Do you take the bellhousing off to pull the pump on a 4L60E?
  217. fuddle VS. TCI
  218. Torque converter lockup cycling
  219. Converter for a lighter car (~2500lbs)
  220. Do I really need a lock-up converter?
  221. Lockup coverter (multi plate) problems
  222. TCI Converter and 3-4 upgrades, now bad 2-3 flare
  223. Post your 60ft times and what stall
  224. Can i fit a th350 in a 01 Ls1 camaro and how?
  225. 4l80E build-up help
  226. Input Shaft/Housing Differences
  227. Want To Get Of Hold Of Trans King
  228. Red Lining ????
  229. converter not locking up
  230. how low a stall can i go?
  231. converter?
  232. Shift kit help
  233. Anybody know the stock converter specs?..
  234. Q:trans shop owners /builders
  235. What do I need to swap to TH400?
  236. Those with TCi deep pan
  237. Do I have automatic trans problems with a p1870 code??
  238. 98-00 vs. 01-02 Flexplate ?
  239. Th350 Tail
  240. need 4l60e rebuild help
  241. Car threw a p1870 Code.
  242. WTF would make a ticking sound from trans
  243. Installing converter without removing exhaust
  244. Transmission problems Help
  245. tcc locking pressure adjustable?
  246. LS1 Vs LT1 tranny
  247. Do you need to remove the VB to install the vac mod kit?
  248. Anyone consider adding a trans pressure gage?
  249. TCI Bolts, ARP bolts, and OEM bolts, WTF.
  250. Stock 4L60E vs FPL level5 4L65E