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  1. Going to a TH350?
  2. problems getting the stater into the housing
  3. trans not shifting right
  4. 4L60-E removal questions - already searched
  5. Valve Body question?
  6. Help needed....did search
  7. Any A3 guys got their neutral safety switch working
  8. How are these numbers for a TCI SSF 3500 stalled 2002 WS6??
  9. What stall do i have?
  10. Which Tranny Would You Choose?
  11. Does Chuck Johnson still works at FLP?
  12. new tranny
  13. whining/deceleration
  14. Who do you talk to at TCI about converters?
  15. what do you guys think about this rebuild kit for 4l60e's
  16. vibration
  17. Transmission Cooler Fan?
  18. OD servo, int. servo, boost vlave info. request
  19. Is this normal for a TCI SSF3500?
  20. TCI SSF3500 review inside
  21. th400/manual valve body guys - ?????
  22. 4l80 Conversion Company...
  23. Tail-Housing Replacement
  24. torque converter suggestions for just a bolt on car
  25. DS and dipstick info needed.
  26. Anyone modify the A4 console and use a A3 shifter
  27. th-400 whining?
  28. good article on 6L80E in Nov 05 Hot Rod
  29. n00b auto tranny Q's, need help!
  30. Stall advice for 408 stroker?
  31. What are you base pressures at?
  32. fuddle stall
  33. Art Carr 4500 stall
  34. sfi sheild for the 4l60
  35. A4 shifter consol makes lots of noise!!!!!!!
  36. Rebuild kit, what should it have in it
  37. anyone build sick 4L60Es?
  38. yank ss3600 owners please help
  39. Fuddle VS Yank
  40. Newbie Question:I need to know about Torque Converters
  41. guys who converted to th-400-speedo?
  42. SES light after installing stall and shift kit
  43. Is A4 strong enough?
  44. LS1 Converter fit an LT1 Car?
  45. After market shift kit?????
  46. Uh oh symptoms....
  47. i wanna churp em...
  48. Yank 6-lug converter + TCI Flexplate?
  49. Aftermarket converter question?
  50. SS3800 and pro built shift kit is in!
  51. Converter won't stay locked up on interstate!
  52. Which Converter
  53. B&M Shift Plus???
  54. A Stall $$$$ ?
  55. 4L60E power range?
  56. What all does the car do in fail safe mode?
  57. Head is spinning after reading line pressure sticky
  58. What's The Trick? 4L60E Oil Line Connector Clips?
  59. need a good stall for ls1 silverado
  60. 2nd to 3rd pre shift quirk
  61. Does a lower STR also mean a converter is tighter?
  62. Transgo with my SSF3500?
  63. After market torque converter sounds
  64. TH350 Conversion need info...
  65. Trouble adjusting A4 shifter after converter install
  66. Temp sending unit 4L60E?
  67. loose tq arm, now loud banging?
  68. toasted tranny, need advice on new
  69. Tranny guys...
  70. I will buy TransGo shift kit towmorow. Do u agree?
  71. No TC lockup...?mechanical problems
  72. ROCK-ON Tranny,
  73. info on this tranny
  74. Post Your Stall Size And Manufacture.
  75. 4L60E vent tube??
  76. time for a stall??
  77. converter flash n/a vs spray?
  78. Grinding noise when put in reverse and more...
  80. Vigilante 3200
  81. Looks like I will be joining the ranks of the A3 club!
  82. TCI converter problem...
  83. A4 Trouble please help..
  84. Anyone know about a neutral safety switch!
  85. Loud "POP" sound...
  86. 2-3 shift
  87. Dropped tranny pan. Is this normal? (pics)
  88. 4l60e in a 74 nova
  89. TCI 3800 stall vs. Yank 4000 stall
  90. Yank SS4000E, Bigger than 245 tires?
  91. What is it worth?
  92. Any Daily-Driver NOT happy after TC installed
  93. Where is the VSS sensor (4L60E)
  94. Will a TH400 bolt directly to a '98 WS6?
  95. v6 and v8 crossmember the same?
  96. very bad vibration
  97. Will a 400 bolt up to my tranny?
  98. What all does it take to convert to TH400?
  99. slipping after putting on 315's
  100. stall & cooler question
  101. Will my 700 R4 bolt to LQ4?
  102. Bad rattle ofter TC install
  103. Hitting OD in the 1/4 mile
  104. Tranny temp guage
  105. MegaMax Transmissions
  106. No more Rock On 4l60e for me
  107. Does a Yank SS3200, with 3.15 gears, feel looser than stock?
  108. Fuddle STR?
  109. Question on JW Ultrabell
  110. Which stall?
  111. stock tranny problems
  112. Please Help...broken Tailshaft Housing...please Help
  113. Forward sprag question
  114. Does the converter lock w/stock settings @ WOT?
  115. trans tuning after stall?
  116. Line pressure problems!
  117. Fuddle Track Results
  118. Stalling/idle problems with aftermarket converter?
  119. convertor question
  120. stupid question how does a stall work and
  121. stall locked and unlocked
  122. Yank 4000 stall results =)
  123. why can i stall higher in second?
  124. Who cracked their flywheel.. should i upgrade..
  125. Stall recommendation Please??
  126. Please help....swapping to an A4...questions
  127. Where to order tranny parts from???
  128. Vaccum modulation?'s
  129. Stock Converter
  130. Blew my tranny
  131. Stock trans, stock 10 bolt, 11's no problem.
  132. Question /Help with 3200 Stall
  133. Should I get a bigger stall?
  134. stock trans with stall
  135. MAy sound like an idiot but....
  136. Those with BMR or Yank TH400 transmembers.
  137. Gear Vendors OD Unit
  138. Two Fuddles in under 5hrs, very happy x2!
  139. When do i upgrade, and what to?
  140. A4 kicks out of gear?
  141. ratchet shifter ????
  142. Need some info on a converter plz help
  143. How Do You R & R A 4L60E Transmission Filter...?
  144. Strange noise
  145. Steps to r/p the sun or reaction shell - 4l60e
  146. Wont shift out of first
  147. Trans Mount Crossmember Stud-Torque Spec?
  148. Will it work???
  149. Th400 RMVB Questions
  150. 4l60e/3500 stall? will it hold?
  151. TH400 RMVB Questions
  152. ordered a 3800 stall with 2.2 str feels like stock
  153. Please help! Need advice on 4-speed
  154. 2->3 and 3->4 won't shift hard
  155. need a good stall
  156. What is a good Trans Filter?
  157. Hitting rev limiter
  158. my english paper on removing a 4l60e from a fbody
  159. Tranny rolls forward in reverse, no mph, but revs, in neutral doesnt roll back......
  160. Please help, looking for street/strip 4 speed
  161. 4l60e...will an '05 fit a '96 blazer?
  162. A4 guys.....come in
  163. TC bolts loose..TC knocked the rear main
  164. ShiftKit and TC install
  165. Front pump seal leak..need help..
  166. loud banging when going into gear.
  167. TH350 3rd gear problems - diagnosis
  168. Help reading Trans Fluid Level
  169. help me please
  170. Bulletproof transmision needed
  171. Transmission pan leak
  172. $l60E problems....
  173. Car "hanging" on 2-3 shift
  174. Is this normal? / Look OK?
  175. A4 vibration, 3rd gear only
  176. Loose noises after Spohn TA and Moser Rear
  177. Are C5 and F-Bod converters interchangeable?
  178. Trans fluid suggestions
  179. I think my A4 is going out
  180. How much can the 4L60E take ?
  181. 74 TH350 tailshaft bushing problem maybe?
  182. tuning 4l60?
  183. Non-drag Daily Driver: Stall or Gears? A4 2.73's...
  184. what type of th400 u guys run
  185. Need Help ASAP!!!!!!!!!
  186. trans temp high?
  187. Wheel hop at track... broke rear and tranny
  188. HELP: Auto tranny rebuild opinion
  189. poll.. what stall speed n/a f14 cam only ls1
  190. What's your best 60' with your aftermarket torque converter & REGULAR street tires?
  191. Fuddle owners?
  192. LT1/LS1 trannys'
  193. Torque managment ??
  194. 700R lost upshift.Help??
  195. Got a rear end transmission question?
  196. Does this Fit?
  197. How long does it take to install a converter?
  198. Stock trans cooler temps.
  199. Another Fuddle Review!!!
  200. Which A3 works with M6 Drive Shaft?
  201. Is tuning required after upgrading converter?
  202. WTF did I do?
  203. What's the most efficient converter that will work well with regular street tires?
  204. tranny warranty
  205. Help me pick a converter
  206. 4l60e s10 tranny lines
  207. 4l60e Experts Help!
  208. Hurst pistol grip (Th400) M6 console fit?
  209. tranny rebuild price?
  210. what converter to go with
  211. Stall question
  212. how much for 4l60e
  213. Dexron VI has made it to (some) dealers...
  214. fuddle owners-what mph do you lock-up?
  215. fuddle racing converter + drag radial = 1.4 60'!!!
  216. a4 vs. m6
  217. 4L80E Converters...
  218. Tranny won't down shift at WOT
  219. Weird slipping..
  220. Track Resutls of My Fuddle 4000 TC
  221. 700R4 to 4L60E
  222. Ideal operating temp
  223. Aftermarket A4 shifter
  224. what will kill my tranny faster?
  225. 1st gear in a 2000+year?
  226. help... something just happened to my tranny :(
  227. Rock on 4l60e made 10 passes today
  228. stall ?
  229. Yank PYE3600 WONT GO ON!
  230. Cam and Sprayed guys with stalls look!!!!
  231. Need Quick Help !!!
  232. Need part numbers for replacement seals
  233. AN fittings on a trans cooler overkill?
  234. Ordered Fuddle Converter today
  235. F type trans fluid swap
  236. Automatic vs 6 speed Standard
  237. TH400 Converters...
  238. how do you tell if a converter is good or not? this should puzzle quite a few of you
  239. Why is manual shifting bad????
  240. 4L80E hold 1,000+ rwhp?
  241. do i need to worry?
  242. 4L60E torque converter bolt torque specs
  243. '94 Z28 Auto Trans Trouble
  244. Again With The Noises!!!
  245. Where to get manifold vacuum for TH350 vac modulator?
  246. Add Horsepower
  247. need help.4th gear acting weird
  248. besides the th350 and stall what else do i need swap in for my 4l60e
  249. 4T65E Help
  250. Overfilled trans! Easy way to drain some off?