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  1. rebuilding a4 need aftermarket hardened and racing parts...please help
  2. wont move in in drive
  3. Weird Vibration
  4. how to check transmission fluid?
  5. 80-e swap woes...could this be tranny-related
  6. Shifting Blues
  7. Anyone Running a TCS Converter?
  8. passing gear....
  9. Tilting the 4L60E to remove servo
  10. Tranny Cooler and Lines...
  11. Fuddle or TCI whats the difference?
  12. Preformance transmission button
  13. Paging John @ Fuddle!
  14. Should I change my tranny fluid?
  15. A4 Problems...HELP PLEASE
  16. 02 xtreme blazer w/cheatr cam
  17. any body real good with automatics
  18. Wiring for th400, reverse lights and trunk dont work.
  19. Converter Install Questions - PLEASE HELP
  20. Drilling holes in stock flexplate for 6 bolt TC?
  21. TH350 Speedo Cable...will it leak?
  22. Wiring N/R on Pro Ratchet, need help.
  23. TC Guys post 'em if you got 'em...
  24. what's faster 1/4 mile th400 or t56?
  25. 14.004 Wtf???
  26. Converter Install...
  27. Any differences between truck 4l60e and camaro version?
  28. Shift kit or change lone pressure?
  29. derale pan same height as stock ?
  30. Quik Question
  31. Weird Lock Up!
  32. Converter coming loose, mess with my tranny gasket?
  33. M6 Versus A4
  34. Yank SS4000E w/ 3.23 gears driveability?
  35. Where to get a Trans Xmember for TH350 conversion?
  36. Wich Torque arm question???
  37. will I have any regrets?
  38. What Tranny fluid should I use?
  39. Heres a dumb question
  40. Its back PO757 code......
  41. Clunk on floor on take off
  42. New to autos, need stall help....
  43. HELLOO trans&rear Mods vs timeslips ?
  44. 2.73 gear, and high stall shiftpoints
  45. When a converter locks and unlocks?
  46. new ss4000 results.
  47. OK, tranny gurus...explain this:
  48. Big Problem
  49. Tranny issues!
  50. C5 tranny doesnt want to shift... wtf??
  51. why does 2nd gear band suck
  52. buying a used tranny
  53. where do i get a SFI approved flexplate?
  54. How much should a 4L60E rebuild cost me?
  55. A4 rebuild questions
  56. YANK wants to hear from you!
  57. trans actin up
  58. FLP l465e versus l460e
  59. gear question
  60. A4 shifting question?
  61. Th400 and stall/gear question...
  62. tranny code, wtf
  63. 4L60E Recalibration after Gear Swap??
  64. 2006 corvette 6-speed auto
  65. Trans cooler question
  66. TCI SSF Question
  67. what auto to buy?
  68. trans line thread size
  69. whats the difference
  70. M6 swap to th350? Info requested?
  71. lockup speed
  72. How much HP have you lost with a stall?
  73. So I plan on getting a converter.....
  74. looking for good stall
  75. what the best shifter
  76. ctp trans?
  77. WTF??? Torque converter lock up problem
  78. v6 automatic?
  79. Anybody use a B&M converter lock-up control?
  80. FLP 4 problems!
  81. won't shift into 3rd gear at wot or
  82. FLP Stage IV...Post up your reviews!
  83. 8-speed 4l60e??
  84. NE1 want to decipher a TCC HPT Log?
  85. 12 bolt rear end
  86. Anyone ever have a converter bolt fall out??
  87. new guy few questions,pt4000 yank ?
  88. Prothane mount installed, not as bad as I thought
  89. anyone w/ info please help
  90. What all needed to go th350
  91. new best stock motor fuddle 4K!!!
  92. Where to place tranny temp sensor in TH400?
  93. Clutches locking up in my A4 ... 4l60e ????
  94. torque converters catalog
  95. Buyilt 4L60E acting weird! Need help fast!
  96. Tc
  97. Need help tranmission just blew
  98. Fuddle 3400/2.1 str track results
  99. Skip Shift ?
  100. 2nd gear limp mode
  101. Tranny Pump
  102. Midwest 4200 stall! Good for street/strip?
  103. Slushbox pissed me off tonight
  104. B&M Synthetic Trick Shift
  105. Has my shifter cable gone bad?
  106. Were Can I find/Purchase A Transmission Rebuid kit AT
  107. trans rebuild...... new tq converter
  108. trans rebuilds
  109. Different types of 4L60e transmissions???
  110. what kind of stall to use?
  111. What's a good stall to go with...
  112. Picture of my B&M Hammer Shifter in M6 console.
  113. Yank SS3200 or Yank PY3400 stall??
  114. Need a 1LE trans mount
  115. Readlined!!!!!!!!!
  116. another shifter Q
  117. Front pump seal and bushing
  118. Vibrations
  119. M6 to A4 swap?
  120. Restall a Vig3200?
  121. Lock-up or non lock-up that is the ?
  122. different gears in my A4?
  123. need help asap
  124. Safe to drive in this condition?
  125. 4l65e ????
  126. Converter question?
  127. 4l60e,th350,700R4??
  128. Does a new torque converter need an easy break-in period?
  129. Fuddle rocks!
  130. Will I need a shift kit and tuning after installing a 3400/2.1 stall???
  131. 4l60e doesnt like to go in reverse
  132. Broke in my Fuddle 3800 :D
  133. Stupid question TransGo kit
  134. 4L60E weakness ?????
  135. Switching M6 to A3
  136. my 2002 Z-28 Transmission!!
  137. Couldn't get my car in gear this morning
  138. Stall converter before nitrous
  139. Difference between 98 and 99 wiring?
  140. Looking for tranny Cooler for 1000 RWHP
  141. How many have broken a flexplate on a LS1 F-body?
  142. 4l60e
  143. shift kit
  144. Tranny cooler fits were?
  145. Recommended stall speed for my mods?
  146. going to th400, what flexplate do i need?
  147. TH350 and TH400 differences
  148. shifter problem
  149. ShiftKit Problem???
  150. 2800 Stall?
  151. Were to get 1/2 barb hose fittings for trans cooler?
  152. TH400 question, shifting from reverse to first kicks HARD!
  153. transmission bolts
  154. TC locking unlocking ramdomly.
  155. 4.3 Torque Conveter
  156. adapter plate for powerglide?
  157. my th400 swap
  158. Help with ShiftKit
  159. sending unit
  160. speedo question for 4l60e in 71 chevy truck
  161. HEEYY Manually Shifting an A4 ?
  162. 4l60e output shaft
  163. HELP Won't shift 2-3 at WOT
  164. Not happy with Shilf Kit!
  165. 1998 4l60e vs 1999-2002 4l60e
  166. auto shifting manually
  167. TRANSMISSION PERFORM button!!!!
  168. shifter question...
  169. Pump Removal
  170. th350 lokar dip stick
  171. Very strange trans problem,HELP!!!!!
  172. Driveshaft for Th-400
  173. Trans mount options...
  174. Is a 4000 TC w/ 4.10s,
  175. newbie ? on converter
  176. PPM on a TH400
  177. Is a 3400/2.1 stall too much for a stock 98 Z28 to handle?
  178. Which Stall To Go With??
  179. having some 4l60e issues?????
  180. differences
  181. noob to torque converters
  182. 4l60e
  183. Need Some Help?????
  184. Flex Plate for 1000 RWHP
  185. 4L60e sun gear shell and sprag failures???
  186. If the converter wasn't installed all the way what would happen
  187. What would happen if type-f fluid was used.
  188. converting t-56 to built a4 460Le
  189. Custom TCI verter
  190. 60ft times with tci 3500 and vig 3600 (post yours)
  191. B&M Hard Lined , now Tranny Temps Hot (SEE INSIDE!)
  192. Will the trans hold up on spray?
  193. TCC Ramp Exceed
  194. Do you hate your automatic?
  195. -Fuddle's Fall Clearing-
  196. Yank Converter - Should I Replace It?
  197. How did converter install go when you installed it OR how much did you pay a shop?
  198. A4 reverse sliping...
  199. 4L60E Interceptor - crap or good product?
  200. Higher RMP in 4th
  201. got car back and 1st test ride!!
  202. anyone run this
  203. will transfer case bolt up
  204. The M6 to TH350 swap is done!!
  205. *Problem* Not sure which forum to use.. ill start here (5-6k rpm fast rev)
  206. Pump questions?
  207. Fuddle converter is in
  208. Torque Converter/Gears for a mild 383 street driven Vette?
  209. shakeing?
  210. Yank SS Series
  211. Going to a TH350?
  212. problems getting the stater into the housing
  213. trans not shifting right
  214. 4L60-E removal questions - already searched
  215. Valve Body question?
  216. Help needed....did search
  217. Any A3 guys got their neutral safety switch working
  218. How are these numbers for a TCI SSF 3500 stalled 2002 WS6??
  219. What stall do i have?
  220. Which Tranny Would You Choose?
  221. Does Chuck Johnson still works at FLP?
  222. new tranny
  223. whining/deceleration
  224. Who do you talk to at TCI about converters?
  225. what do you guys think about this rebuild kit for 4l60e's
  226. vibration
  227. Transmission Cooler Fan?
  228. OD servo, int. servo, boost vlave info. request
  229. Is this normal for a TCI SSF3500?
  230. TCI SSF3500 review inside
  231. th400/manual valve body guys - ?????
  232. 4l80 Conversion Company...
  233. Tail-Housing Replacement
  234. torque converter suggestions for just a bolt on car
  235. DS and dipstick info needed.
  236. Anyone modify the A4 console and use a A3 shifter
  237. th-400 whining?
  238. good article on 6L80E in Nov 05 Hot Rod
  239. n00b auto tranny Q's, need help!
  240. Stall advice for 408 stroker?
  241. What are you base pressures at?
  242. fuddle stall
  243. Art Carr 4500 stall
  244. sfi sheild for the 4l60
  245. A4 shifter consol makes lots of noise!!!!!!!
  246. Rebuild kit, what should it have in it
  247. anyone build sick 4L60Es?
  248. yank ss3600 owners please help
  249. Fuddle VS Yank
  250. Newbie Question:I need to know about Torque Converters