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  1. how many of you are running tci rebuild kit?
  2. Help me choose a converter
  3. yank guys get in here
  4. "New 6 speed auto....."
  5. Tranny Options
  6. Converter and tuning?
  7. 4l80e-full manual?
  8. Trans pan
  9. Lock up Switch question, 1st gear?
  10. TC Install Questions
  11. I think my trans is gone...Please help.
  12. Couple dumb Qs that I cant find answers for.
  13. Paging John @ Fuddle!!
  14. Help, M6 to what auto? on 408ci + 350 shot!
  15. So my luck continues
  16. How will the 4L60E endure?
  17. 60E 2/4 servo rod length
  18. Brake fluid to stop trans leak?
  19. problems with breaks and vac modulated
  20. 4l60e
  21. tranny swap flexplate questions
  22. help tranny rebuilt and 3-4 lost
  23. Stock Converter stall?
  24. Best Auto tranny Fluid
  25. How much for TC install
  26. Fuddle 3000 stall, not very good!!
  27. Another TH400 question
  28. TH400 in to C4 Corvette'91 - 700 to 400 swap - possible???
  29. Transmission experts step in
  30. Why won't my converter lock up in 4th gear?
  31. What is a perfect 02 4L60E worth with 15k miles?
  32. 4L80E build question. what is needed for 800rwhp
  33. Finish line performance
  34. Transmission cooler install- Pictures
  35. car in park but roles?
  36. Recommend Tranny cooler?
  37. short or long tail on a TH-350 for ls1
  38. trans manual books???
  39. 400bucks for tranny/gear worl
  40. can I run a 700r4?
  41. FTRA and oil cooler
  42. Daily Driven 3000 Stall
  43. kinda embarrassing OD questions
  44. convert 4wd 4l80e to 2wd
  45. why the rpm limit on stock 4l80e
  46. Put Stall on High Mile Car?
  47. 3600 vig
  48. Biggest stall? or ideal stall
  49. Simple question on corvette servo.
  50. what do you do when...
  51. curious
  52. 4000+ stall....
  53. Installing TC "Blog"
  54. 3.73 auto guys inside...
  55. Built A4
  56. 4L60E Problems
  57. give me your opinion on some TH-350 Converters
  58. Can the torque converter lockup system cause my chunky shifting problem?
  59. T/C restall
  60. tranny code...
  61. how much HP will stock 4l60 hold??
  62. Lt1 flex plate question???? Please help
  63. 2nd gear clutch band warranty issue
  64. how fast did your clutchwear out?
  65. A way to start the New Years, 3-4 gone.
  66. Park/Nuetral Switch...Where Is It?
  67. 3500rpm 1.7str
  68. If I still have the gear does that mean the gear is still good?
  69. transgo install done
  70. How much to install a stall?
  71. Anyone know how to decode or identify a 4L60E trans?
  72. Internal or external?
  73. Yank sale has been continued till the 14th (due to flooding)
  74. What size bolts?
  75. rev limiter/ shift points question after installing new converter
  76. Shifter with th400?
  77. Replacing stock transmission lines... braided steel?
  78. loud clanging noise
  79. Help me settle an argument about stall drivability
  80. Torque management ? should i delete it??
  81. slow leak
  82. 4160e Crossmember Problem Conversion Please Help!
  83. Anyone bought from Gear Star???
  84. Trans Trouble
  85. more TransGo questions
  86. If I get a heads/cam package, do I have to upgrade my factory converter?
  87. converter swap?
  88. Which Pro Built shift kit off his website?
  89. Wiring HElp Please
  90. Yank SS3200
  91. Help, M6 to 4L80E
  92. trans pacifier? Pro-Built Kit
  93. Anyone have ARP PN# for LS1 Flexplate bolts?
  94. Does A High Stall Hurt Hw Mpg
  95. Those with the MEGAMAX XSTREME 4L60E in here PLEASE
  96. Crossmember for Turbo 350???
  97. Problems shifting..
  98. 97 C5 A4 trans fill need quick help (picture)
  99. TH400 adapter
  100. shift kit or tuning?
  101. Transmission clunks into gear, need help from you GM guys.
  102. okay this MIGHT be a dumb question
  103. downshifting on A4
  104. Lt1 fl60e? compatible with the ls1?
  105. Any know how to get ahold of the guy from Midwest Converters?
  106. Wich T/a Is A Better Set Up For Th400?
  107. bolt on car convertor suggestions
  108. TH350 Torque Arms
  109. tci converter: bolts aren't going in?
  110. 6l80e
  111. how many quarts of tranny fluid for turbo 400?
  112. engine knock v. converter lockup?
  113. Looking to buy a built 4l60E
  114. TH 400 problems
  115. TransGo install questions..
  116. shifting? a4 T/a 98
  117. Any modifications needed for the autozone poly tranny mount?
  118. Has anyone done this with stock trans?
  119. Big problems!! Help!
  120. Best Components To Complement a Torque Converter
  121. Vigilante 3600 stall
  122. Which torque converter?
  123. TCI 3600/4000 Tc Good For Th400?
  124. transmission problem
  125. 4L60E and MAF
  126. 2 questions about th350 internals
  127. Trans acting weird, threw a code.
  128. A3 Shifter install
  129. Formula 4L60E automatic Transmission performance button
  130. Newbie with a few questions...
  131. tranny problems help!
  132. trans temp guage?
  133. f14, but which stall converter!!?!?!?!
  134. 4L60E GM truck pan part #?
  135. Shifter stuck in neutral/drive
  136. How Much Stall Do I Need?
  137. getting trans built
  138. Just to double-check--- torque converter install question
  139. tranny trouble
  140. highest holding 4L60E ???
  141. Need advice on converter
  142. High stall, tranny Life?
  143. how to repair 4l60e plz.
  144. 4-2 downshift causing issues with new transmission
  145. Guys spraying 150+ thru their built 4L60s inside...
  146. do big stalls kill your top end
  147. Do high performance converters slip in the upper RPM range?
  148. Need a New Transmission
  149. Help!!!!
  150. hurst pistol grip quarter stick 4l80e woes...
  151. Problems associated with underdrives in a4 tranny
  152. 6 speed cross member
  153. additional parts
  154. Tci
  155. a4 removal?
  156. shifter with tbrake button
  157. torque conv.
  158. Converter Bolts
  159. Lockup Woes??
  160. TH400 Rebuild HELP
  161. Why don't more people race with the converter locked?
  162. vig 3600 stall,merry x-mas to me
  163. Crossmembers: TH350/Power glide=same?
  164. Tranny Slipping?
  165. trans temp guage?
  166. Yank's year end sale few days left
  167. Does the PCM control line pressure...
  168. Can a 99v6 tranny Auto work in a 94-95v6 camaro?
  169. aftermarket shifters
  170. 4l60E vacuum modulator
  171. crossmember question??
  172. tranny poll
  173. How do you know?
  174. TH400 Converters
  175. Can a TC install void a motor warranty?
  176. Vibrations when tranny is in 3rd.
  177. manual valve body
  178. what auto trans can possibly come in a 99 firebird?
  179. What can I do to a 4l60E to make it stronger now?
  180. Any interest in my TH-400 out of my 69..
  181. Lt1 A4 to LS1?
  182. 4l60E or 4L60 Which Do I Have
  183. C5 Stock Auto Max Hp
  184. Leaking motor oil, TC cause it?
  185. th400: manual valvebody or not?
  186. 8 speed automatic with three planetaries.
  187. 4L60E No OD
  188. B&M 28,000 GVW fittings.
  189. Who has an ATI flexplate?
  190. C5 Tranny fluid change question
  191. How much space was between your Fuddle and the bellhousing holes?
  192. I shouldn't loose e.t. should I ?
  193. What is needed for a 98 TC swap?
  194. how much would a 3800/2.0 help
  195. Removing Tranmission dipstick...
  196. Question? Trouble with rebuilding on 4T60E GM Transaxel
  197. Anyone using the Gear Vendors overdrive?
  198. trans temp gauge worth it?
  199. Console Question
  200. How hard is this gonna be to do.
  201. Would you buy a used stall?
  202. 4l60e or turbo?
  203. any lightweight flexplates?
  204. Tranny problems.
  205. need advise on 4L60E
  206. 4l60e for trade
  207. Flexplate: LS1 Fbody Vs. V6 Fbody?
  208. A4 tranny shift MPH & RPM Points
  209. Cam Driveability question
  210. Anyone make a non computer controlled 4L60E?
  211. Should I take off Torque Management?
  212. Help quick th350 questions
  213. Would this be a good TC?
  214. guys with 4k stall what cams yall running?
  215. Stumped as to which stall to get
  216. stall or gears?
  217. TH400 speedo hook up, this is what is required
  218. stock flexplate weight?
  219. Tried my Vig. 3200 out with slicks
  220. Is a tune needed for a 2500 or 2800 stall?
  221. Century Transmission
  222. Where should I go to get a TH400?
  223. What is lock-up?
  224. A4 Fustration
  225. LS1/th350, best to space or correct converter?
  226. wheel spin vs revlimiter???
  227. what size stall would i need
  228. dry clutch automatic
  229. 9 bolt stronger than 7.625?
  230. Have a question about my built trans
  231. Billet OD Servo problems in 4L60E
  232. what shifter for th400?
  233. Looks like RockOn is now a sponsor!
  234. What did i do? car shaking...
  235. Front Pump Removal
  236. Newbie with question
  237. Checking fluid level with trans cooler
  238. problem after rebuild
  239. stall converter
  240. stall converter
  241. Folks with FI and Vacuum modulated trannies inside, please
  242. lockup problem
  243. Does an increase in STR make more RWTQ?
  244. Check Valve On Input Shaft?
  245. never in a thousand years!!!!
  246. Help!!!!! no 1st or 4th
  247. my BRAND NEW! A4 tranny shifts at 4K rpms...why?
  248. shift problems
  249. I need converter advice for my TH-350
  250. well i bought myself a X-mas present...