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  1. fuddle VS. TCI
  2. Torque converter lockup cycling
  3. Converter for a lighter car (~2500lbs)
  4. Do I really need a lock-up converter?
  5. Lockup coverter (multi plate) problems
  6. TCI Converter and 3-4 upgrades, now bad 2-3 flare
  7. Post your 60ft times and what stall
  8. Can i fit a th350 in a 01 Ls1 camaro and how?
  9. 4l80E build-up help
  10. Input Shaft/Housing Differences
  11. Want To Get Of Hold Of Trans King
  12. Red Lining ????
  13. converter not locking up
  14. how low a stall can i go?
  15. converter?
  16. Shift kit help
  17. Anybody know the stock converter specs?..
  18. Q:trans shop owners /builders
  19. What do I need to swap to TH400?
  20. Those with TCi deep pan
  21. Do I have automatic trans problems with a p1870 code??
  22. 98-00 vs. 01-02 Flexplate ?
  23. Th350 Tail
  24. need 4l60e rebuild help
  25. Car threw a p1870 Code.
  26. WTF would make a ticking sound from trans
  27. Installing converter without removing exhaust
  28. Transmission problems Help
  29. tcc locking pressure adjustable?
  30. LS1 Vs LT1 tranny
  31. Do you need to remove the VB to install the vac mod kit?
  32. Anyone consider adding a trans pressure gage?
  33. TCI Bolts, ARP bolts, and OEM bolts, WTF.
  34. Stock 4L60E vs FPL level5 4L65E
  35. Bellhousing/Torque Converter question.
  36. Vac Modulator with a Blower --By pass?
  37. I need serious help and fast
  38. What size stall should I put on my car
  39. SS4000 & 3.73 Results :( NEED SLICKS
  40. TransGo questions
  41. how fast were you running before you built your 4l60e?
  42. SS3800 Results
  43. who runs the fuddle with spray?
  44. stall?
  45. Vibration between 60-70mph
  46. which tranny cooler??
  47. tranny on the way out? been tuning
  48. SS 3200 good choice?
  49. 1997 Camaro SS Tranny Blew! HELP!!
  50. Which One?
  51. BMR TA Relocation Kit
  52. violent bang
  53. Lock Up Problem With Yank 4400 Stall
  54. Slipping at WOT?
  55. 4l70 ?
  56. 1-2 shift clunk from rear
  57. converter, trans, a sometime problem
  58. someone explain a TC to me
  59. Need advice for P0751 code
  60. Anyone have Yank SS3200 before and after dyno run numbers?
  61. fuddle 4000/2.5, anyone have this? what are ur 60 fts, i just ordered one
  62. Tranny slip
  63. 4L60E Housing Problems
  64. 4L60 builders who have installed a Vaccum modulator have a question for you
  65. spacer
  66. Flex plate conversion for LT1 converter
  67. How can you tell if your TC has gone bad/been damaged?
  68. Does a lower STR result in torque multiplication for a longer period of time?
  69. Before the transgo install?
  70. manual valve body on 4L60
  71. General 4L60E to TH350 question?
  72. Fuddle Stall
  73. To go vacuum modulation or not?!?!?
  74. Best Street/strip tranny?
  75. Shifter nob
  76. What convertor for bolt-on/spray
  77. tranny question
  78. Rebuilding My Tranny
  79. TH400 sometimes barely moves in reverse?
  80. 700R4 to 4L60E
  81. Passenger Sun Visor Fell Off
  82. I had to have overfilled this thing
  83. 4L80e Identification Quiz... Pics Included
  84. Almsot complete with TH350 conversion
  85. There here!! Yanks new converters
  86. Ok new 4th 4L60E took a Dump.
  87. transmission install question
  88. My transmission isnt working right
  89. A4 problem wont lock up on dyno
  90. My transmission isnt working right
  91. 4L60E tail housing
  92. Rear end
  93. Anyone heard of Mad Dog Transmissions in Tampa, Fl
  94. 4L80E guru's inside
  95. Yank's year end sale is here!!!
  96. kevlar band vs. "high energy" band?!?!
  97. torque management question
  98. my hatch button doesnt work after th350 swap?
  99. th350 12bolt no abs- i need the speedometer!
  100. Stall size for Daily Driver and to match a cam
  101. BMR TA Relocation vs. my jobber TA mount on TH350
  102. valve body problem?
  103. 95 z28 auto help!
  104. 6.0-Th350 flexplate spacer questions.
  105. TC Install Help: Can't get flex plate bolts off!
  106. Tailshaft info needed...
  107. Fuddle Update
  108. Tranny Temp Gauge ?
  109. how to install torque converter
  110. 4L80E converter w/dual element stator
  111. PT4000 vs SS4000 differance
  112. A4 tranny problems, wont shift!! help
  113. GM deep trans pan?
  114. Weird clunking noise's..
  115. Anyone use a line type trans cooler like...
  116. Stall info
  117. Pics of a th400/GV OD?
  118. Ram Adjustable Master
  119. Putting in a new tranny, anything I should know??
  120. Dextron III for me
  121. Question on Idle
  122. what stall to get (brand)
  123. Need Help!!
  124. Public THANKS to Jxaxsxoxn!
  125. Flexplate question? Help please!
  126. TC Question
  127. advantage to keep TC locked up?
  128. Need a Built Trans
  129. 4L60E vacuum modulator do you need to adjust it?
  130. Grinding On Lockup
  131. just lost my 3rd built tranny
  132. Trans Temps reaching almost 210 degrees.
  133. Need clarification on Pro Ratchet wiring...HELP
  134. Speed Inc. MAx Evil
  135. trans pan
  136. Do I need to step up gears with 4000 stall?
  137. Can someone explain STR to me?
  138. TH400 Questions
  139. trans help w/a4
  140. P1860 TCC PWM solenoid Circiut Electrical
  141. trans wont stay in drive?
  142. Gear Vendors OD vs. 4L80E Transbrake?
  143. 4L60E problem
  144. Rossler TH400 cost?
  145. SS4000E first impressions!
  146. TH400 shift delay? whats up with that?
  147. need a lil help
  148. Hydra-Matic 6L80 in a 4th gen TA
  149. Install?
  150. Two very noob questions
  151. trex plus 4k stall with a 2.2 str enough?
  152. anyone running flp stage 4 tranny?
  153. TCI SSF 3500 Clutch Material?
  154. Tranny needs rebuilt?
  155. 400+rwhp/stock tranny?
  156. when did the transmission change?
  157. 3200 vig or ss4000 best converter for this set up
  158. help! TH 400 problem
  159. Passing gear doesn't work..
  160. switching from m6 to auto. th350 or th400?
  161. TC installed=results
  162. rebuilding a4 need aftermarket hardened and racing parts...please help
  163. wont move in in drive
  164. Weird Vibration
  165. how to check transmission fluid?
  166. 80-e swap woes...could this be tranny-related
  167. Shifting Blues
  168. Anyone Running a TCS Converter?
  169. passing gear....
  170. Tilting the 4L60E to remove servo
  171. Tranny Cooler and Lines...
  172. Fuddle or TCI whats the difference?
  173. Preformance transmission button
  174. Paging John @ Fuddle!
  175. Should I change my tranny fluid?
  176. A4 Problems...HELP PLEASE
  177. 02 xtreme blazer w/cheatr cam
  178. any body real good with automatics
  179. Wiring for th400, reverse lights and trunk dont work.
  180. Converter Install Questions - PLEASE HELP
  181. Drilling holes in stock flexplate for 6 bolt TC?
  182. TH350 Speedo Cable...will it leak?
  183. Wiring N/R on Pro Ratchet, need help.
  184. TC Guys post 'em if you got 'em...
  185. what's faster 1/4 mile th400 or t56?
  186. 14.004 Wtf???
  187. Converter Install...
  188. Any differences between truck 4l60e and camaro version?
  189. Shift kit or change lone pressure?
  190. derale pan same height as stock ?
  191. Quik Question
  192. Weird Lock Up!
  193. Converter coming loose, mess with my tranny gasket?
  194. M6 Versus A4
  195. Yank SS4000E w/ 3.23 gears driveability?
  196. Where to get a Trans Xmember for TH350 conversion?
  197. Wich Torque arm question???
  198. will I have any regrets?
  199. What Tranny fluid should I use?
  200. Heres a dumb question
  201. Its back PO757 code......
  202. Clunk on floor on take off
  203. New to autos, need stall help....
  204. HELLOO trans&rear Mods vs timeslips ?
  205. 2.73 gear, and high stall shiftpoints
  206. When a converter locks and unlocks?
  207. new ss4000 results.
  208. OK, tranny gurus...explain this:
  209. Big Problem
  210. Tranny issues!
  211. C5 tranny doesnt want to shift... wtf??
  212. why does 2nd gear band suck
  213. buying a used tranny
  214. where do i get a SFI approved flexplate?
  215. How much should a 4L60E rebuild cost me?
  216. A4 rebuild questions
  217. YANK wants to hear from you!
  218. trans actin up
  219. FLP l465e versus l460e
  220. gear question
  221. A4 shifting question?
  222. Th400 and stall/gear question...
  223. tranny code, wtf
  224. 4L60E Recalibration after Gear Swap??
  225. 2006 corvette 6-speed auto
  226. Trans cooler question
  227. TCI SSF Question
  228. what auto to buy?
  229. trans line thread size
  230. whats the difference
  231. M6 swap to th350? Info requested?
  232. lockup speed
  233. How much HP have you lost with a stall?
  234. So I plan on getting a converter.....
  235. looking for good stall
  236. what the best shifter
  237. ctp trans?
  238. WTF??? Torque converter lock up problem
  239. v6 automatic?
  240. Anybody use a B&M converter lock-up control?
  241. FLP 4 problems!
  242. won't shift into 3rd gear at wot or
  243. FLP Stage IV...Post up your reviews!
  244. 8-speed 4l60e??
  245. NE1 want to decipher a TCC HPT Log?
  246. 12 bolt rear end
  247. Anyone ever have a converter bolt fall out??
  248. new guy few questions,pt4000 yank ?
  249. Prothane mount installed, not as bad as I thought
  250. anyone w/ info please help