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  1. Why did my Overrun clutches fry??
  2. Help tranny doing weird stuff help
  3. Yank Converter Gains
  4. Poly Mount vibrations....yes I searched...
  5. Need help fast on 60e problem after rebuild...
  6. What does it take to go th350
  7. Can I do it?
  8. Torque Converter
  9. 4l60e 94 to 95 tranny swap
  10. Whats the max HP a 2002 Z28 A4 stock tranny can safely handle?
  11. how much of a power loss with th400
  12. stall for stock cammed LT1
  13. Shift points...
  14. Th400: Trans brake questions
  15. 4L60E converter/flywheel - 4 or 6 bolts?
  16. built 4l60E & TC problem need advice
  17. How should I cool my new tranny? (Tech guys inside please)
  18. 4L60E install problems
  19. TH400 in 3rd gen, what do i need?
  20. 4l80 spacer
  21. cooler size for car without oem cooler
  22. Lets get this ball rolling.....TC1 4000 vs. Yank SS4000
  23. How does this set-up sound?
  24. help with locking converter
  25. Strange shifting on 87 GTA
  26. What stall do I have??
  27. What stall to choose?
  28. trans swap
  29. 4L60E trouble....HELP!!!!
  30. broken bolts in flywheel
  31. What would be considered inefficient on high stall converters?
  32. 4wd tranny
  33. Cost of Installing a Torque Converter
  34. Trans Temps
  35. jerking when puting into drive
  36. Why would a shift kit cause any problems?
  37. when all will a stall help me?
  38. Why the stall?
  39. Making the speedo work in a TH350.
  40. Trans go piece?
  41. Yank Converter/FLP Transmission Help
  42. $255 for TC install alot?
  43. Info. on a Transgo
  44. R/R trans
  45. How Much Stall/Convertor do I need?
  46. stall installed with pics
  47. will it hurt my transmission
  48. Transgo issue
  49. Best Tranny Cooler?
  50. what should I restall to ??? (vig)
  51. STR and Single/Multi Disk on a TC?
  52. 4L60E P1870 code and Shift Kit HELP!
  53. camaro trans in a trans am
  54. quick question help
  55. Rebuilt 4L60 price??????
  56. A B&M Ratchet killed my TH400?
  57. HPTuners: Converter log
  58. what tranny do i have?
  59. Tranny going out? Need help!
  60. Not shifting into 2nd
  61. I broke my flexplate could it have damaged anything else??
  62. whats wrong with my tranny/TC?
  63. Shifters
  64. Tranny won't shift
  65. Biggest tranny pan without clearance issues?
  66. Help with this mod!
  67. Any One In Chicago Area!!
  68. Th400 into a LS1 parts list, Please!
  69. HIGH rpm nitrous th400 stall...who?
  70. Dayco Stall??
  71. Shifting problems in a a4
  72. A4 Stock shift points
  73. Finally ran her at 7psi
  74. what convertors interchange?
  75. stock rearend question
  76. 4L60E - Who Does It Best? Who can prove it?
  77. Does the shift kit have bad influence on the Trans?
  78. Upgrading trans lines with t-400?
  79. 4l80e??????????
  80. initial impressions....Fuddle Racing 4500
  81. please help vig 3600 w/ 150 shot
  82. My car feels like a dog
  83. What time did you see after 3500 stall?
  84. Is a trans cooler necessary with TC 3500 stall.
  85. 4l60E Build-up
  86. Vigilante 3600 for sale and 4L60E!
  87. Yank SS 3600 how Loose
  88. down sides of high stall speeds?
  89. Aftermarket trans pump.
  90. Converter
  91. Flywheel broken into 3 pieces..
  92. exceptional customer service from Fuddle Racing
  93. Engine Oil dripping from bottem of the Trans Bellhousing
  94. rx7 LS1/200-4R setup
  95. Need some non-LS1 help on a 4L60 / TH400 Conversion
  96. Tourq manegment
  97. 4L60 question
  98. im new to the auto some questions
  99. Removing Trans
  100. when to lock and unlock tc?
  101. tH400 GUYS IN HERE!!
  102. Va/Md Tranny shops?
  103. how important is the converter in TH400's/4L80E's
  104. How many washers to put in the TransGo setup?
  105. WOW I like it "Yank 3600 stall"
  106. car bucking!
  107. B&M Shift Improver Kit???
  108. Custom Converter
  109. Tranny or converter?
  110. Stock tranny gone :(
  111. CK Transmissions?
  112. Transgo users, do I have everything?
  113. Which cam for a 3000 stall?
  114. Do I Have A Tranny Cooler From The Factory???
  115. help changing tranny fluid??
  116. Auto tranny cooler AND SLP cold air induction?
  117. Which Stall for me???
  118. intersting ?
  119. manumatic paddle shifting????
  120. Mk... 4l80E Q's... search couldn provide info
  121. John @ Fuddle...
  122. should i upgrade to vig4000-4400stall?
  123. how does this look for tranny cooler mounting location??
  124. shifter pics anyone.........
  125. Transbrake wiring
  126. Any tricks to getting a stubborn servo out??
  127. DR EVIL 4l60e's
  128. What stall converter is right for my car?
  129. 4L65e tranny mated to a ODB1 LT1 PCM
  130. Tranny temp gauge hookup?
  131. Those savvy with Trans/TC tuning please help
  132. something doesnt seem right
  133. Where can I get FLT?
  134. What shifter for a reverse manual valvebody TH350?
  135. BMR or Yank TH350 crossmember?
  136. Pilot Spacer for TH400 swap???
  137. My A4 97 Formula has a really strong 1-2 shift?
  138. torque ?
  139. Cooler Trans Temps!!
  140. Fustration....!! Trans won't shift from 3-4 and it Neutrals out at 120 in 4 once I
  141. Lt1 convertor tune question
  142. Won't shift out of 2nd no matter what HELP PLEASE!
  143. 4L60E Questions- Please help!!
  144. What do you do when you need a serious speed fix, and....
  145. Fuddle converters
  146. ViG3800 Y does it feel SLOW!!!
  147. Help me go TH400
  148. $300 Paper Weight
  149. Wot
  150. Torque Converter Clutch won't engage, even overriding with HP Tuners?
  151. shifting problem please help
  152. stall converters from a roll
  153. Anybody have experience with trans king?
  154. what tranny for 94 z28?
  155. Will a 4L60E computer control a 4L80E?
  156. Lifetime trans fluid
  157. 4l60E dipstick
  158. TC Lockup Question?
  159. Any previous or current Protorque converter users out there?
  160. Yank or Vig???Owners respond please...
  161. Converter gone
  162. Would mixing up the trans cooler lines cause it not to cool properly?
  163. Tci SF 3000 Bolts
  164. How much tranny fluid for TH400 please!!!
  165. will it hold up(4L60E)
  166. What Gears For use with TH400??
  167. Tranny problems PLEASE HELP!!
  168. Good gear/converter combo?
  169. Poly mount to stock mount.
  170. Tranny tuning?
  171. Have a 1997 Vette stock converter, will it fit in 04 GTO?
  172. BOOST and 4l60e
  173. how do u lock up a stock converter?
  174. 4L80E guys - what size gears & tires are you running?
  175. Just switched from M6 to A4
  176. changing fluid
  177. Now I need a 6 speed swap!!!
  178. tranny question
  179. Will some One Help Me Please.........
  180. Converter Install: Issues
  181. Any interest in my 3500 converter??
  182. parts Q. for TH350 pros
  183. vibration problem!
  184. Will ford AOD tranny fit in our cars?
  185. Vaccum Modulation on a 4L60.....
  186. 4l80e question
  187. 4L80E parasitic loss over 4L60E, high RPM issues??
  188. 3500 Stall For Th400, What Will It Stall At For A Th350 Trans???
  189. 4L60E to a th400 worth it?
  190. dipstick tube broke
  191. 3.5k stall enough for g5x2 on 112?
  192. 4l65e
  193. Vette Servo Install?
  194. spray into 4th gear? load high or low on the tranny?
  195. Potential problem with the tranny in my Z?
  196. transmission perform
  197. identification help
  198. ? for all you big stalled guys
  199. stall?????
  200. Anyone wanna take a guess at whats wrong with my tranny?
  201. TCI ssf 3500
  202. Here's one for ya
  203. 4th to 2nd downshifting...
  204. TCI Super Soft Lockup, Random Unlock?
  205. Th350 Help!
  206. 2nd Question
  207. 4L80E conversion help
  208. Installing converter real quick question
  209. Converter efficiency from in-vehicle logging?
  210. At what mileage does the 4L60E fail?
  211. My car sucks.
  212. Problem WIth 1-2 shift in my A4.....HELP!
  213. Transmission Cooler
  214. SS or PT4000 stall conveter question...
  215. TH400 torque converter slippage?
  216. restalling for n2o?
  217. stall converter
  218. Beware of reaction shell
  219. 4l60e
  220. M6-->A4 wiring
  221. Is this really worth it?
  222. making the speedo work on a th350 swap
  223. mounting points for 4l60E and th350 same?
  224. SSF3500 No Lockup
  226. Neutral for long idle periods?
  227. b&m trickshfit or regular atf?
  228. what a good cam for the street
  229. Dr. Evil 2 SS3600
  230. what trans for my bracket car?
  231. Swapped on truck pan
  232. TH400 guys inside
  233. Need torque specs for drive plate!
  234. Help with shifting problems
  235. 400 vss parts?
  236. What does a 3800 stall feel like?
  237. guys with cam and stall?
  238. Converter on NOS
  239. Will it ever be right again????
  240. houston we have a problem
  241. Clunking when put into gear..???
  242. Part # and install help for Trainy temp sender on TH400
  243. transgo shiftkit install...need help
  244. Truck 4L60E onto '98 LS1 interchangeability?
  245. Possible problem with th400 swap in LT1
  246. 1 st gear boggs when you power brake ?
  247. m6 to a4 conversion
  248. Tranny Problems with New motor
  249. weight of 4l60e?
  250. What do i need for TH350 swap?