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  1. good STR on 245 streets
  2. 4L60e interchangeable between LS1/LT1
  3. I think my tranny cooler hose ruptured causing all trans fluid to be lost
  4. broken converter?
  5. Tranny Question
  6. 4l60/65 Or 4l80?
  7. lighter flexplate?
  8. A Hard Shifting 4L60E
  9. Do I have a broke Flywheel. Local help isn't trusthworthy, read please
  10. what year/make and model can i use a transmission in my 99 gmc yukon 4x2
  11. Delayed 2-3 shift (part throttle only)
  12. Lock up convertor ??
  13. automatic tranny problems
  14. Bellhousing
  15. Lock-Up problems
  16. Two Questions
  17. Speedometer issues
  18. yank guys speak up!!!!!!
  19. 4L60E Upgrade advice (rebuild time)
  20. 4x4 4l60e in a 2 wheel drive,will it work?
  21. Should I trade....
  22. tranny shifts
  23. is there a tranny with more gears?
  24. PPL Runnin Hughes Stalls, I have questions...
  25. need help transgo problem!!!!
  26. Do the 6 speed and auto speedo sensors use the same signal?
  27. is 3500 enough stall...
  28. cork gasket or rubber
  29. Installing verter on an a ex-m6
  30. Do the 6 speed and auto speedo sensors use the same signal?
  31. which trans cooler do u guys recommend?
  32. ROck On Transmission Contact Info.
  33. Pattern lost...
  34. Hate my vig 3600, need suggestions.
  35. WOT in OD
  36. 99 C5 4l60E help!!!!!
  37. What Stall for H/C & 100 to 150 shot?
  38. Torque Converter & Nitrous
  39. Is it hard to go from A4 to M6?
  40. How would an A3/big stall/2.73 gear do?
  41. Shifts weird with AC on ...
  42. Automatic trans over reving
  43. Is from A4 to A3 the best move?
  44. Why are my torque converter bolts so short?
  45. no reverse or 4th
  46. How to fix a leaky trans cooler?
  47. Should I get a bigger stall if I spray?
  48. Trying to ID stall speed on two 4L80E converters
  49. Odered a Fuddle converter
  50. Weird Clanking/binding/popping sound please help
  51. Transmission place sent wrong TC bolts and shims
  52. Electronic speedo gear question.
  53. MAD Props to Fuddle Racing and TCC
  54. What converter for 3.37s?
  55. Who has gone fom a T-56 to a TH350, TH400, or glide in here please!!!
  56. Best locaion for a tranny temp sending unit
  57. th350 or th400??
  58. Tranny going out, need advice.
  59. Torque arm to rear end bolts cant stay tight!
  60. Help With ? About My Converter
  61. Transmission Performance button
  62. What is the trans temp supp. to be?
  63. How much power
  64. How long to install a converter on your own?
  65. Trans Mount
  66. Poly Transmission Mount - Tips and Impressions
  67. tranny hits rev even in drive
  68. Where are my starter bolts
  69. What converter to run with Ls1 th400
  70. trans shifting questions
  71. big stall on stock car...
  72. Swapping in 700r4, tailshaft issues
  73. 4l80E build?
  74. 700r4 or 4l60e
  75. GV overdrive
  76. Biggest tranny cooler possible?
  77. The new Fuddle Racing High Performance Street Converter
  78. fuddle t/c owners come in
  79. vibration
  80. what size stall
  81. launching with a 3600 rpm stall/2.2STR
  82. 4l60e with obdII
  83. Torque Managment????
  84. stock tranny and n2o
  85. 4L60E no upshift
  86. Converter interchangeable?
  87. well built th350 hold up to 900rwhp?
  88. Should I buy?? 200R4
  89. Th400
  90. shift points question
  91. pulling the pump from a 4l60e
  92. which trans cooler?
  93. Opinions on VIG3200
  94. Best shop to take my SS A4 for service in California?
  95. Need Suggestions on Tranny for SBC TT Chevy
  96. How Much $$$
  97. Is a restall worth it? 5300 to 4???
  98. b&m transpak kit and a tranny ques.
  99. why do LS1's do this??
  100. Shift Kit or Tuning
  101. TCI or VIG?
  102. electronic pressure gauge for tranny?
  103. Stall installation price
  104. Reccomendation for stall
  105. Converter problems even after tuning
  106. Manual valve body 700R4 shifting from 1st to 3rd?!?!?
  107. 12" stall converter vs. 10" stall converter
  108. hmm.. i have aquired a free midwest 3500, transmission was f'd up tho.. what to do
  109. tranny temp gauge problem
  110. Turbo torque converter
  111. troque converter bolts
  112. Doing a converter
  113. another what if ?
  114. My stall stalled
  115. Sun Shell Broke
  116. t56 to A4 swap questions
  117. What should be my next mod?
  118. MY next mod should be....
  119. which converter with nitros
  120. 98 t/a with rebuild tranny has no park or gears
  121. Yank 3200 Installed My Impression
  122. Which oil should I use?
  123. Who has the best price on new Protorque torque converters?
  124. My notes on P0756 code and symptoms...
  125. Trans shifting softer after 3500 install!
  126. precision industries restall
  127. tranny swap ?
  128. Converter and BIG stall in snow...?
  129. Yeehaw-- I finally broke my tranny!!!
  130. Throttle response
  131. What's the best converter for all-bolt-on cars with non-Nitto/DS3 street tires?
  132. Turbo-400 makes sound?
  133. What combo for turbo 350
  134. converter question
  135. lost 3rd after trans-go fuddle install.
  136. Converter won't stall enough.
  137. what size stall do i need
  138. Trans temp went to 280 degrees!!!!
  139. 700r4 with turbo 400 parts??
  140. only reverse
  141. How bad is it on my tranny...
  142. Tranny Dowel pins
  143. Won't lock up in 4th gear only.
  144. What stall for a 4000# car, 224 cam, 3.89s?
  145. How long is my 4L60E gonna last?
  146. which brand torque converter?
  147. Reprogramming with shift kit
  148. Going in tomorrow....(pic)
  149. Vigilante 4000,4200,4400?
  150. Vinci Hi Performance and Yank
  151. BIG Tranny Problem
  152. Converter clutch went out in my TCI 3500
  153. Friend has a tranny problem..ideas?
  154. Converter Install Write-Up??
  155. Stupid problem...HELP!!!
  156. stall converter question
  157. Whose converted from m6 to a4??
  158. th350 converter
  159. do these times seem right ?
  160. Converter Question
  161. putting in 'verter soon
  162. 6l80e for 06 vette, maybe GTO?
  163. how much would it cost??
  164. Trans oil pan torque sequence
  165. Help! Very Confused.
  166. better trans swap
  167. What MPH??
  168. LS1 edit of pressures????
  169. Important notice
  170. Torque convertor not locking once trans is warm??
  171. 3000 vs. 3500 stall convertor
  172. vig dealer
  173. Rapid death of a new 4l60e
  174. Inventory of rebuild kit???????
  175. Bullitt T/C's?
  176. Trans. temperature gauge - best deal
  177. Destroying my transmission??
  178. going from t56 to t400????????
  179. What kind of power can a stock 4L80E hold?
  180. TCI Stall ??
  181. Bad Vibration at 40MPH TCI 3500
  182. Tranny Shop
  183. No Reverse?
  184. trans coolant line questions
  185. Harsh 1-2 shift under light throttle after Transgo & Servo install
  186. TCI SFI Flexplate TC Bolt Holes Too Large!?
  187. Car feels like it drops into neutral at hard throttle...
  188. 4l80e swap details please
  189. anyoen have a link for a th350 swap
  190. Trans problems?
  191. 200r4 swap
  192. Gains on torque converter
  193. how many of u guys have a th350 that is dd?
  194. Need some gurus. What do I need to do a M6 to A3 swap.
  195. Another 4L60E problem...
  196. What converter
  197. Weird metal-to-metal sound when shifting gears?
  198. Art Carr Stall?
  199. remote trans filter
  200. 2004r conversion write up
  201. Which B&M kit should I buy?
  202. Torque converter hub bushing
  203. Harsh enough?
  204. I will install B&M shift kit but?????
  205. Torque Converter Noise
  206. Am i losing the tranny or is it tuning?
  207. How Many Washers?
  208. wiring harness m6 to A4
  209. TC unlocking erratically
  210. Not shifting to 3rd at WOT
  211. Stall, Shift Kit and Cooler Install
  212. Tci 3500
  213. Stall question on the highway
  214. finally made a few passes with the transbrake and fuddle converter
  215. Truck P/N switch
  216. Question regarding flexplate...
  217. Popping Noise Under Console..Please Help
  218. What torque converter??
  219. My Fuddle Experiance
  220. Slipping In 4th
  221. Do deep transmission pans reduce ground clearance?
  222. What Size Bolts To Use with Yank PY3600E?
  223. Removing the dust covers/bellhousing covers?
  224. New Converter INSTALL TIPS so far..
  225. 4L60E wont go into any gear but park
  226. Transmission Cooler
  227. Transgo Shift Kit
  228. EPC modification
  229. new radiator or tranny cooler?
  230. Newbe converter thread.....
  231. Installed B&M Trans Cooler
  232. 700R4 shift point change question?
  233. $505 for converter, gears, and cooler install, sound right?
  234. vacuum modulation with forced induction
  235. Curious which stage to pick
  236. 2600 bucks for trany rebuild?
  237. '05 escalade with turbo
  238. Going to race my buddy in his A4.
  239. valve body
  240. Tranny's sick
  241. shift kit
  242. Replacing Torque Converter??
  243. wat to do for a 4l60e to hold power?
  244. Performance Rebuild Kit/Components?
  245. 4L60E Tow Haul through PCM?
  246. 4l60e problem
  247. Why do people discredit unlocked torque numbers?
  248. '00 4L60E into a '99
  249. Whats wrong with my trans?
  250. 93 Camaro what tranny ?