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  1. No Reverse?
  2. trans coolant line questions
  3. Harsh 1-2 shift under light throttle after Transgo & Servo install
  4. TCI SFI Flexplate TC Bolt Holes Too Large!?
  5. Car feels like it drops into neutral at hard throttle...
  6. 4l80e swap details please
  7. anyoen have a link for a th350 swap
  8. Trans problems?
  9. 200r4 swap
  10. Gains on torque converter
  11. how many of u guys have a th350 that is dd?
  12. Need some gurus. What do I need to do a M6 to A3 swap.
  13. Another 4L60E problem...
  14. What converter
  15. Weird metal-to-metal sound when shifting gears?
  16. Art Carr Stall?
  17. remote trans filter
  18. 2004r conversion write up
  19. Which B&M kit should I buy?
  20. Torque converter hub bushing
  21. Harsh enough?
  22. I will install B&M shift kit but?????
  23. Torque Converter Noise
  24. Am i losing the tranny or is it tuning?
  25. How Many Washers?
  26. wiring harness m6 to A4
  27. TC unlocking erratically
  28. Not shifting to 3rd at WOT
  29. Stall, Shift Kit and Cooler Install
  30. Tci 3500
  31. Stall question on the highway
  32. finally made a few passes with the transbrake and fuddle converter
  33. Truck P/N switch
  34. Question regarding flexplate...
  35. Popping Noise Under Console..Please Help
  36. What torque converter??
  37. My Fuddle Experiance
  38. Slipping In 4th
  39. Do deep transmission pans reduce ground clearance?
  40. What Size Bolts To Use with Yank PY3600E?
  41. Removing the dust covers/bellhousing covers?
  42. New Converter INSTALL TIPS so far..
  43. 4L60E wont go into any gear but park
  44. Transmission Cooler
  45. Transgo Shift Kit
  46. EPC modification
  47. new radiator or tranny cooler?
  48. Newbe converter thread.....
  49. Installed B&M Trans Cooler
  50. 700R4 shift point change question?
  51. $505 for converter, gears, and cooler install, sound right?
  52. vacuum modulation with forced induction
  53. Curious which stage to pick
  54. 2600 bucks for trany rebuild?
  55. '05 escalade with turbo
  56. Going to race my buddy in his A4.
  57. valve body
  58. Tranny's sick
  59. shift kit
  60. Replacing Torque Converter??
  61. wat to do for a 4l60e to hold power?
  62. Performance Rebuild Kit/Components?
  63. 4L60E Tow Haul through PCM?
  64. 4l60e problem
  65. Why do people discredit unlocked torque numbers?
  66. '00 4L60E into a '99
  67. Whats wrong with my trans?
  68. 93 Camaro what tranny ?
  69. tranny cooler big enough?
  70. Torque Converters???
  71. Stupid newbie question: 1-2 shift
  72. Driveline cause any other problems?
  73. Sick and tired of cooler hoses!!
  74. i need help..
  75. LT1 converter question
  76. 4l60 to th350
  77. Flexplate bolts, what TQ specs for standard bolts?
  78. Having to manually shift my A4
  79. understanding my tranny.....
  80. help with major ?'s on convertor decision
  81. shifter ???
  82. what could be wrong?
  83. how much trans fluid to do i put in.....
  84. Shift kit or not?
  85. Won't move until 3,000 rpms
  86. A4 throwing code, advice please
  87. 1/4 times in a stock A4 ls1
  88. Built 4L60e - in 3 weeks
  89. Yank ST/SP/YPE/SS, what's the difference?
  90. Transmission cooler bypass stock radiator?
  91. Converters?
  92. trans cooler (4L60E)?
  93. Trans Temp. gauge?
  94. 2wd Shaft Removal
  95. cooler line E cips
  96. transgo vacuum mod
  97. Who used VSS to make speedo work in TH400
  98. factory tanny cooler?
  99. TCI SSF3500 will not lock
  100. ???? I just put in a poly tranny mount in now i have a vibration.Help.
  101. How is Racing from a Roll compared to stock with a 3500 stall or better?
  102. trans started leaking.....
  103. Sharing my Trans Am (temporarily)
  104. TCC lock/unlock/lock/unlock - Mechanical Issue?
  105. Can some one tell me what to expect?
  106. Can someone tell me how my converter will be?
  107. 4L60E...I'm done with it
  108. Stall Converter Q..
  109. wierd trans problem, any suggestions?
  110. why is it bad to turn off TM?
  111. Tranny bolts..,
  112. tanny flush bad?
  113. re-flash with LS1 edit after M6 to A4 swap?
  114. Converters in different trans
  115. Gears OR Stall?
  116. 2nd and 3rd Gears?
  117. 2 tranny coolers y\n?
  118. Question about 3500 stall Torque Converter Drivability????
  119. M6 louder than A4?
  120. 350 turbo pic please!!!!!
  121. tranny please solenoid
  122. Rock On tranny quit handling 700rwhp
  123. what the best rebuild kit for 4l60e ?
  124. For anyone with a street driven manual valvebody trans
  125. Derale Pan w/Cooling Tubes Works
  126. Century
  127. Transmission Break In Period ?
  128. Best 60 footers with SS3600/SS4000
  129. what do you think?
  130. Shift Kit
  131. Vig 2800 & 3200 STR?
  132. OT: 4T60-E downshift problem
  133. BMR LT1 Torque Arm Crossmembers now available!
  134. Problems with 2nd gear- Please Help!!!!!
  135. Tranny Help Plz!
  136. Stock TC Bolt Removal
  137. Question for the experts: Transmission Flushes: Good or Bad?
  138. Question for H/C A4s with vacuum modulation?
  139. Yank SS 3200 vs.TCI 3500
  140. anyone done the ford AOD in Fbody swap yet?
  141. need a torque converter
  142. locking problem
  143. How much power can a 4l80e handle?
  144. Non-electrical transmissions
  145. Torque converter
  146. funny acting trans
  147. Thinking of rebuilding 700r4 my self. What tools do i need?
  148. Highest stall the computer will tolerate?
  149. Car doesn't shift smooth with AC on ?
  150. shifting an automatic
  151. Tranny and rear end gears??
  152. I want to make a new 4L60E for my car HELP ME
  153. TCI3500SSF is in! First Impressions
  154. TH400 and 4L80E mounts the same?
  155. TH350 Trans mount
  156. Transmission Cooler Mounting
  157. Cracked Flywheel
  158. Anyone ever have there Stall Converter out to be refreshed....? How much?
  159. NSBU Switch???
  160. Traction Control??
  161. No 4th gear lock up
  162. adding gears to a th400?
  163. stage 2 or 3 4l60e?
  164. Any one ever tried a Ford or Dodge VSS?
  165. Why did my Overrun clutches fry??
  166. Help tranny doing weird stuff help
  167. Yank Converter Gains
  168. Poly Mount vibrations....yes I searched...
  169. Need help fast on 60e problem after rebuild...
  170. What does it take to go th350
  171. Can I do it?
  172. Torque Converter
  173. 4l60e 94 to 95 tranny swap
  174. Whats the max HP a 2002 Z28 A4 stock tranny can safely handle?
  175. how much of a power loss with th400
  176. stall for stock cammed LT1
  177. Shift points...
  178. Th400: Trans brake questions
  179. 4L60E converter/flywheel - 4 or 6 bolts?
  180. built 4l60E & TC problem need advice
  181. How should I cool my new tranny? (Tech guys inside please)
  182. 4L60E install problems
  183. TH400 in 3rd gen, what do i need?
  184. 4l80 spacer
  185. cooler size for car without oem cooler
  186. Lets get this ball rolling.....TC1 4000 vs. Yank SS4000
  187. How does this set-up sound?
  188. help with locking converter
  189. Strange shifting on 87 GTA
  190. What stall do I have??
  191. What stall to choose?
  192. trans swap
  193. 4L60E trouble....HELP!!!!
  194. broken bolts in flywheel
  195. What would be considered inefficient on high stall converters?
  196. 4wd tranny
  197. Cost of Installing a Torque Converter
  198. Trans Temps
  199. jerking when puting into drive
  200. Why would a shift kit cause any problems?
  201. when all will a stall help me?
  202. Why the stall?
  203. Making the speedo work in a TH350.
  204. Trans go piece?
  205. Yank Converter/FLP Transmission Help
  206. $255 for TC install alot?
  207. Info. on a Transgo
  208. R/R trans
  209. How Much Stall/Convertor do I need?
  210. stall installed with pics
  211. will it hurt my transmission
  212. Transgo issue
  213. Best Tranny Cooler?
  214. what should I restall to ??? (vig)
  215. STR and Single/Multi Disk on a TC?
  216. 4L60E P1870 code and Shift Kit HELP!
  217. camaro trans in a trans am
  218. quick question help
  219. Rebuilt 4L60 price??????
  220. A B&M Ratchet killed my TH400?
  221. HPTuners: Converter log
  222. what tranny do i have?
  223. Tranny going out? Need help!
  224. Not shifting into 2nd
  225. I broke my flexplate could it have damaged anything else??
  226. whats wrong with my tranny/TC?
  227. Shifters
  228. Tranny won't shift
  229. Biggest tranny pan without clearance issues?
  230. Help with this mod!
  231. Any One In Chicago Area!!
  232. Th400 into a LS1 parts list, Please!
  233. HIGH rpm nitrous th400 stall...who?
  234. Dayco Stall??
  235. Shifting problems in a a4
  236. A4 Stock shift points
  237. Finally ran her at 7psi
  238. what convertors interchange?
  239. stock rearend question
  240. 4L60E - Who Does It Best? Who can prove it?
  241. Does the shift kit have bad influence on the Trans?
  242. Upgrading trans lines with t-400?
  243. 4l80e??????????
  244. initial impressions....Fuddle Racing 4500
  245. please help vig 3600 w/ 150 shot
  246. My car feels like a dog
  247. What time did you see after 3500 stall?
  248. Is a trans cooler necessary with TC 3500 stall.
  249. 4l60E Build-up
  250. Vigilante 3600 for sale and 4L60E!