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  1. does anyone know anything about this street strip transmission?
  2. tranny shift points with flashscan wont change.
  3. 4th-->2nd downshift is a no go.
  4. TCI 4400 convertor
  5. Why is my car faster when launched in 2nd, or 3rd?
  6. Built A4 Troubles
  7. Bad Converter????
  8. tranny whine
  9. 4L60E to TH350 swap?
  10. Lower 1st gear ratio for 350 turbo??
  11. th-350 with 9" tailshaft.. what else do i need to bolt up?
  12. SS3800 Owners
  13. Where to get tranny controller for dyno use?
  14. Those with ss3600, info please.
  15. TH 350 and TH 400 Question
  16. BOLT holes on flexplate problems (TH400)
  17. Shift kit install - How much fluid?
  18. smallest diamater driveshaft??
  19. building my own t-350 or t-400 for 02 z28
  20. Transmission?
  21. Header or transmission prob HELP
  22. shift kit question?
  23. transmission temperature with 3600 stall
  24. tuning after TC install
  25. Air check clutch packs in 700R4?
  26. auto transmission HELP
  27. Torque/Stall converters. Please explain.
  28. a4 to m6 question
  29. can a mahual speedo work w/ 4l60???
  30. 4L60E sounding like a blower
  31. Order Stage IV tranny
  32. strange noises when shifting...
  33. 2800-3200 Stall Owners Inside...
  34. Th2004r
  35. Stroker engines with A4, What are their trap speeds?
  36. cam and stock stall help
  37. A few less asked stall questions...
  38. anyone had warranty issues with there cars trans after mods
  39. Which stall speed and gears are the best for me?
  40. derale tranny coolers
  41. Which stall speed?
  42. What stall speed is the best?
  43. tranny cooler hookup
  44. Best aftermarket 4L60E for money
  45. YANK wants your Story
  46. my first trans
  47. Guys w/ aftermarket shifters on 4l60e
  48. Will this torque converter fit?
  49. What stall should I go with?
  50. TH400 Rossler vs TH400 YANK
  51. Leaning on Yank, But maybe now TCI
  52. Th400 ????
  53. does TC`s get out of order !! how does it manifest ?
  54. How bout these mods?
  55. need help on TC
  56. Configuration ? TCI trans controller
  57. locking torque converter?
  58. How many of you are using the B&M Quicksilver?
  59. slap shifter
  60. Advise: Hey all have a question about down shiffting a stalled car?
  61. wont downshift!?
  62. shift problem that disappears after restarting car
  63. vig 3600 users
  64. a4-th400 conversion, neutral safety switch question
  65. Help!!!i Want A Yank Ss4000
  66. Holding the trans in gear. Easy question.
  67. fluid level
  68. Replacement For 4l60e
  69. Why my ASR is going off????HELP???
  70. Billet servo?
  71. Time for a performance rebuild, what do i need?
  72. slipping after trans stayed in gear
  73. Pro-built Automatics
  74. 4L60E and 4L65E questions
  75. questions on the shift kit for 4L80E
  76. Tranny Problem?
  77. How to get the speedo to work on a T-350
  78. Biggest street driven stall
  79. What all do I need?
  80. 4L60E Question: 4th Gear ratio
  81. stock stall in cam'ed car??
  82. 4200/vs4400
  83. Here's the problem
  84. TCI TH400 Question???????
  85. Converter and rpm's ?'s
  86. switch to th400?
  87. Tips on doing a converter swap.
  88. Bad tune or bad trans.
  89. TCI VS FUDDLE Is there a better?
  90. TH400 users..synthetic or not
  91. Burn Out Prob...
  92. Transmission Help Please
  93. What size converter for 98 t/a slightly modified please help?
  94. Source for 4l60e tailshaft housing
  95. TCI 4400 w/ TREX and 3.73s
  96. Safest base shift pressure????
  97. Question concerning 80E spacer on ls1/powerglide??
  98. After 350 turbo swap pinion angle way off
  99. need 98 truck trans wiring diagram
  100. Shift kit install
  101. LS1/Poweglide question.
  102. TC and cooler ??
  103. what is the difference between a 4l60 and a 4l65?
  104. Burnt clutch?
  105. No first gear with 4l60e trans.
  106. Tranny leak.
  107. broke my T-56 tailhousing...need help!!!
  108. Mild shift kit?
  109. tci ls1 breakaway converter
  110. transgo shift kit
  111. Is this slipping?
  112. 2001 Camaro Tranny
  113. Yank Converter???Help???
  114. Aftermarket converter, less chance of...
  115. Tranny temp gauge off 30 degrees?
  116. ss 3600
  117. best price on converter
  118. tranny will not go in gear
  119. How many runs can i do with a 4L80E
  120. what gains from changing 3,000 stall to 3,800
  121. SMI Transmission--Input Please!
  122. ? about JW Ultra Bell.....
  123. won't go from 2nd to 3rd gear 4L60E
  124. what stall do i need....
  125. TCI Controller questions?
  126. Tranny gone crazy!!!!!!!
  127. Spray through the shifts?
  128. Transmission Roulette?!?
  129. bigger cam/nitrous A4 guys come in please
  130. which torque converter is best for me?
  131. ARP flexplate Bolts, need P/N.
  132. th400 conversion, need a tune b/c of different conveter?
  133. torque converter bolts sheared!!!
  134. dumb stall question
  135. *pics* Barely New 2002 Silverado 4l60e 4x4 Transmission and NP246 transfercase.
  136. How far should I stall my SS3800?
  137. A4 vs myM6 with same mods ....
  138. Pure Evil transmissions???
  139. Finally ordered my FLP 4L65 today
  140. 4L60e rebuild?
  141. Ratchet Shifters for 2000 SS?4L60E
  142. in-line filter
  143. Normal vs Cruise
  144. Just installed SS4000 from Yank!
  145. Trans Filter Kit w/ Temp Gauge, Should I?
  146. What year for TH400
  147. WOT 2nd to 3rd Shifts "Problem Fixed"
  148. bumping stall up
  149. What Stall for me?
  150. Transgo Shift Kit installation problems
  151. Tranny Temp Gauge Questions...
  152. Goebel Transmission
  153. What trans cooler with t-400?
  154. Swapping Converter and Tranny Fluid/Filter, How Many Quarts?
  155. Yank SS4000 goes in tomorrow!!!
  156. when switching to rachet shifters in A3's
  157. Ping noise putting car into gear......did this problem get solved?
  158. Why is my trans pan still leaking??
  159. Help! sprag probs or tuneing problems ???? (need expert advice on this one)
  160. Worried about my Yank converter
  161. B&M shift improver kit
  162. Art Carr T350?
  163. To tune or not to tune...that is the question
  164. BFG's or Nittos?
  165. ss3200 or 3600 for my gto
  166. 4L60E transmission leak
  167. How much to install a Stall?
  168. How much to install trans?
  169. trans shifting problem, did I do some damage to the trans?
  170. Madman dipstick...need o-ring?
  171. Tranny shifting kinda funny
  172. Th400 Converter/flywheel Cover
  173. Upgrading converter, looking at TCI, need help QUICK...
  174. torque converter
  175. Powerglide or Turbo 350??
  176. just bought a 3600 stall
  177. Car shakes at 25-30 mph... TC problem?
  178. TC Tuning
  179. Quick Question
  180. Yank 6 Lug Mounting?
  181. converter
  182. Who builds a good th400? Help please!!
  183. Tranny temps finally under control
  184. 4L60e shifter problems- stuck in P and more
  185. Dropped two tenths with a TC, what's up?
  186. Transbreak for 4l60e?
  187. car is a DOG at low RPM
  188. a few questions
  189. Tranny pan, what is best for the price?
  190. third and fourth slipping?
  191. reprogrammed more trans stuff today
  192. tranny or converter problem?
  193. The mechanics of manual valve bodies...
  194. 700rwhp with a 4l60e possible
  195. trans mods???
  196. Need a OEM Transmission Mount
  197. Heeelllllppp Transgo install problem?
  198. Want to trade
  199. wanting a stall....
  200. need advice on trans problen
  201. whats going on??
  202. vacuum modulator vs no vacuum modulator
  203. trans fluid question
  204. Th200r4
  205. Soft 1-2 need advice
  206. different transgo shift kits?
  207. FS: Ac Delco 3-4 shift selenoid for 4l60e
  208. Tci 3600
  209. can i rebuild?
  210. 2002 Z28, bouncing off rev limiter.
  211. Is this a sign of time for a rebuild?
  212. TH400 as adaily driver, advise?
  213. Schaffer shift control for a-4
  214. Trans tuner
  215. Trans go shift kit
  216. Bolts for TCI SSF3500
  217. 4l60e housing
  218. Banging noise
  219. most desirable 4L60e
  220. 4L60E Foward clutch pack
  221. Was a TCI ssf 3500 a good choice?
  222. 1-2 shift problems
  223. Paging Dave@Rock-On......
  224. 80e strength
  225. Tranny cooler question
  226. Help w/ md 3600
  227. Midwest Stall and spray
  228. HELP!!!Tranny dipstick...
  229. Need help picking a trans
  230. Transgo Install Question
  231. Everyone with the TCI SSF3500, question?
  232. HELP(asap), Fuddle TC installed = problems
  233. Finally got the 80e in my formula
  234. A4 shift problem, please help.
  235. crashed 94 tranny
  236. Is a Predator programer enough to tune a Converter?
  237. NEW Dexron - VI
  238. many quarts does a 4l80e hold?
  239. Help Me Pic An Str Ratio.
  240. throttle sensor
  241. Bigger stall in a stock 4L60E?
  242. what stall converter to go with MTI G1 ?which stall is the righ 1 ?
  243. RPM Questions from a newbie
  244. changing converter
  245. YANK'S crossmember with t/a mount 350/PG
  246. Installed Vig 2800 and "check engine oil level" light came on.
  247. vig3200 or vig3600 for TNT150 shot?
  248. Changing Shifter Handle
  249. 700r4 in my '98 Z28
  250. Is this normal?