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  1. Finally got the 80e in my formula
  2. A4 shift problem, please help.
  3. crashed 94 tranny
  4. Is a Predator programer enough to tune a Converter?
  5. NEW Dexron - VI
  6. many quarts does a 4l80e hold?
  7. Help Me Pic An Str Ratio.
  8. throttle sensor
  9. Bigger stall in a stock 4L60E?
  10. what stall converter to go with MTI G1 ?which stall is the righ 1 ?
  11. RPM Questions from a newbie
  12. changing converter
  13. YANK'S crossmember with t/a mount 350/PG
  14. Installed Vig 2800 and "check engine oil level" light came on.
  15. vig3200 or vig3600 for TNT150 shot?
  16. Changing Shifter Handle
  17. 700r4 in my '98 Z28
  18. Is this normal?
  19. torque converter question?
  20. Low/Reverse clutch stack 700R4
  21. Problem launching after TC install.
  22. more HP to turn a 4l65e than a 4l60e ??
  23. tranny woes
  24. midwest converter
  25. Just got a built tranny now ????
  26. Plastic Accumulator
  27. Automatic Transmission Lost First Gear - Help!!!
  28. Trans Temp Discrepencies
  29. 4l60e question:
  30. deep pan? or not to deep pan?
  31. O Ring MAdness
  32. Stall - Torque Ratio
  33. Trans Oil Cooling Line Connections
  34. TCI SSF 3500 question
  35. T350 tailshaft/driveshaft questions
  36. who makes powerglides for a ls1
  37. I think my "bullit proof" 4L80e is hurt
  38. vigilante bolt length PLEASE
  39. Tranny Cooler
  40. Locking Up The Converter?
  41. Help finding a shifter for 1998 TA
  42. Stage 3 4L60E
  43. Rattling Noise Coming From Converter
  44. Need help w/ selecting a stall and brand
  45. TCI Converter Issues
  46. I Need A True No Nonsense Answer!!!!
  47. converter accessories 5 basic questions!!!
  48. Anyone drop in a Fuddle Racing TC yet?
  49. Future Looks
  50. 2800 B&M Stall
  51. Stock Flexplate
  52. Wiring for a TH400/TH350 swap...
  53. Str vs stall please explain.
  54. Need TH350 Help!
  55. Where can I find a th400
  56. Any LUCK with HUGHES 60E
  57. Pro Stick VS. Pro Ratchet shifters?
  58. Converters
  59. What exactly does a stall do?
  60. 4L80E Questions...
  61. My M6 to TH350 swap with pics
  62. Stall Rating?
  63. 4L60E 3-4 clutch pack
  64. LS1/Powerglide. What must I do????
  65. th350 swap problems
  66. PY4000E for f14 cam and nitrous? or smaller
  67. One last question before I buy the TC
  68. TCI new 4l60e
  69. Will a 2000 LS1 4l60E go in a 98 v6 camaro?
  70. When Removing Center Console?
  71. TransGO shift kit install.. Initial impressions.
  73. Transmission Cooler decision
  74. tranny ?'s
  75. Shift Kit in a 700-R4
  76. Is 3000 the right stall?
  77. Best TC to buy.
  78. vigilante tc ??
  79. Recommended mods for a 4L60E?
  80. stall quote
  81. flywheel/flexplate bolts. torque specs, help!
  82. servos only instead of shift kit???
  83. lost 2nd gear for 2nd time
  84. Help!!! My tranny (A4) rolls off when in Park! Drives in Neutral!
  85. Where should I look on the tranny for the "Pump Stator"?
  86. Is this EXACTLY what will prolong tranny life?
  87. I have no 1st or 2nd gear!!!!
  88. Gear recommendations
  89. pics of 6L80E
  90. Anyone tried Red Line ATF
  91. wiring diagram for a 4L60E
  92. Think I solved the misterious TC unlock problem(long)
  93. stall \ str suggestions
  94. converter lockup
  95. Do i need a tranny?
  96. 2nd to 3rd RPM flare
  97. 4L60E question
  98. TH 350 Guys look here
  99. SS3800 or SS3600 for a f14 cam
  100. fluid flush and change.
  101. Vig 4400 stall
  102. Best launch technique for YPT4400 and 4.10's
  103. What times for a full bolt on car minus TC
  104. quarter stick for a 4l60e
  105. Plug in Trans shift improver
  106. what about the ValveBody !!
  107. They said it couldnt be done Megashifter
  108. 3-4 shift hits the rev limiter unless I let up a bit, prob with tune or shift kit??
  109. Tubro 400 dipstick
  110. Where to get 4L80
  111. CRAZY CRAZY 4L60E question for you..........
  112. do not use this trans shop
  113. Can the shaking of the motor cause problems with the tranny?
  114. Help changed tranny and getting alot of trouble codes
  115. Torque Converter?
  116. 1-2 shift gets worse after tune
  117. TRADE my A4 for your T56, i need T56
  118. Another shift slipping question - no search answers:(
  119. Synthetic ATF?
  120. Questions about Yank ST3500
  121. 3-4 clutch pack
  122. I need help
  123. Anyone have a cheap source for the transgo 4L60E vacuum modulator??
  124. No lockup, what does this hurt?
  125. unsure of stall size.
  126. yank TT3000 3.0str..thoughts? pls...
  127. Slipping during shift...
  128. Seating the torque converter?
  129. How bad is this?
  130. a4 newbie questions
  131. WTF is going on
  132. Ultrabell.... tranny bolts?
  133. doing a th400 conversion, what should I expect
  134. pics/instructions for sonnax valve conversion
  135. Need Help Asap !!
  136. Transmission Fluid ?
  137. Strongest 4L60E
  138. Where to get billet servos
  139. Transmission Problem
  140. help me find the leak in my tranny
  141. Transgo shift kit instructional video question
  142. Fuddle.. Whats The Verdict????
  143. How good are Tci converters?
  144. How much abuse can a stock A4 take?
  145. Two questions...
  146. how much $ to transfer to th400
  147. How long of plate needed?
  148. I searched lots, but still have several TH400 questions (auto valve body?)
  149. stall question
  150. Fuddle Racing TC
  151. 3.42 shift points HPPIII, what are your settings?
  152. Trans / ABS problem
  153. is this a decent setup?
  154. Is a 4400 stall to big
  155. Shift solenoid questions?
  156. Need input on 4l60e that can handle 650 rwhp
  157. Fuel economy with a stall
  158. newbie question on stalls
  159. 4L60E Question
  160. Tranny Cooler Install Help
  161. dealerships, bullshit, etc
  162. Is a 3500+stall and 373s a good combo?
  163. 3400 Yank and stock flexplate
  164. Midwest Racing Converters...
  165. ive got a problem
  166. 700R4 Planetaries?
  167. 1-2 shift problem???
  168. Looking for TH-400 advice from builders
  169. Stall or gears?
  170. V8 torque converter on V6?
  171. has anyone had any track time with a fuddle converter?
  172. 3rd gear or Drive?
  173. Is D more powerul than OD?
  174. 1st to 4th?
  175. shifting from 2nd to 3rd while racing IS SLOW
  176. Jasper Transmissions
  177. 4L60E vs 4L80E
  178. TH400 drive shaft length?
  179. Who here runs a PTC converter
  180. shift points
  181. Trans SLip.. or electrical?
  182. i need help!!! converter problems
  183. 4l60e doesnt shift right need help wtf?
  184. LT1 4L60E in 98 Trans Am?
  185. Tci Ssf 3000
  186. Converter tuning-yes or no?
  187. Shift kit(s) questions
  188. 1st or not
  189. How long untill my tranny goes BOOM?
  190. Yes! It's here!!
  191. TH400 vs. TH350 converters.....
  192. Flexplate differences?
  193. Tci Software ..some One Please!
  194. Tranny making funny noises.... please help!
  195. What 4L60e Convertor for 9sec Turbo Setup?
  196. WOT Shift Issue
  197. cheap 4l60e????
  198. Which rear end gears for TH400
  199. what is m6 and a4
  200. could this be my converter ???
  201. tci 3500 or 3000 (repost)
  202. Yank SS4000
  203. New Converter or tranny went broken?
  204. ET/MPH Gain going from Vig 2800 to Yank SS4000
  205. Converter or transmission problem?
  206. how to make 4l60e full manual shifted
  207. Anyone Experience this with their 4l60e?
  208. 400 turbo in f body???
  209. started as flare 2-3 WOT, now won't go at all
  210. ? on my Fluid
  211. opinions on yank tt300 and pi2800
  212. TCI stalled guys please enter
  213. fuddle converters.. whats the word?
  214. cooler line fitting Size????
  215. 04 Silverado tranny problems
  216. Why do i ALWAYS bounce off the revlimiter.
  217. What's the deal with the Fuddle "stock style" converters?
  218. shift silenoid stuck open
  219. Is this a bad converter from Yank?
  220. What to do?
  221. guys, ive tried everything, im at my breaking point with this car, please help
  222. Q about tranny
  223. Bouncing off of the rev
  224. mph drops bad after first pass at the track? normal?
  225. Vig rebuild how long?
  226. help: loud vibrating noise when in gear
  227. can you still use the transgo washers with the Pinless Accumulator Pistons???
  228. Torque converter bolt size for a TCI converter?
  229. Trans Help! 4L60E!
  230. trying to find flexplate and converter for th400
  231. Just drove the TCI3000!!!!!
  232. Which shifter for t-400?
  233. how much trans fluid do you need to put into a new converter?
  234. 4L60E issues...
  235. Help: 99 t.a. trans
  236. Need info TCI 3000 in a GTO.....
  237. Neutral Safety/ Backup Lights
  238. Which auto for boosted application?
  239. will any th400 converter work or do i need one specific for a4-th400 conversion?
  240. slippin clutch only in reverse ?
  241. Built 4L60E?
  242. idle problems
  243. reprogramming???
  244. th350 and 12 bolt drive shaft lenght?
  245. 1-2 Clutch Pack
  246. Difference in strength between TH350 and TH350C Lockup converter
  247. 4L80E with trans brake?
  248. Having a problem with the Hurst tranny swap kit>>
  249. TCI Rebuild kit
  250. 700r4 transmission