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  1. Yank SS3600 lockup behavior
  2. How much HP can a 4-L-60e handle?
  3. what is it worth? sy3500
  4. doing M6 to A4 swap ?
  5. Wierd Trans problem....screen shot inside
  6. Vaccum module unit from FLP
  7. Rev limiter...
  8. Th350 dipstick?
  9. Pics of m6 crossmember with plate for th350? Help
  10. tc downshift problem true?
  11. whats a fair price?
  12. which converter is for me?
  13. My A4 Broke at the track today :(
  14. TH400 brake??
  15. What kind of sound..
  16. 4l60E Owns
  17. 2nd gear starts
  18. 200-4r questions
  19. 4.3 V6 stall in a camaro
  20. A4 internals
  21. ?P0741 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off?
  22. TQ Management Question here
  23. Some advice PLEASE. A4 with plenty of cam questions.
  24. who has a speed inc transmission?
  25. would this stall work for me?
  26. 4L60 interchange
  27. Rear end drops down when put into D
  28. Hard shifting...
  29. Yank SS3200
  30. Need help with TH400???????????
  31. New stuff
  32. Where can I buy a powerglide?
  33. should i go to a powerglide?
  34. Trans problem? All trans expets inside please
  35. kickdown solenoid
  36. How often does a th350 low roller go bad?
  37. TCI th400 and speedometer sensor
  38. tranny is making wierd noises
  39. wheel Hop or ?
  40. vid. car on dyno..issues?
  41. I need a new transmission
  42. Need a Pick of a BMR F-Body Torque Arm Relocation mount
  43. 4l60e woes
  44. How to fix
  45. Tranny won't lock up and other problems???
  46. How much will the stall change with more hp?
  47. Can't keep flexplate from turning>>>
  48. Anyone here run their TH350/TH400 in drive?
  49. Tranny shops in Mid-Michigan
  50. How much $$ to install torque converter
  51. 4l60E transbrake
  52. To make your TH350 Speedo work...
  53. Need help choosing a converter for my TH400
  54. TCI tranny controller
  55. Turbo 400 for 1200fwhp
  56. Let's discuss STR...
  57. neutral safety switch,REV lights
  58. all around converter
  59. Towing a jet ski and long skinny trailer with Fbody
  60. 4L60E w/4600UY or TH400 w/4600&T-brake?
  61. vacume modulator?
  62. torque converter a bad idea????
  63. yank ss4000 on a T-rex sound ok?
  64. how hard to install?
  65. Shift Kit: Good or Bad Idea?
  66. T-rex guys inside!
  67. Can't keep tranny cool, please help!
  68. 224/224 581 lift 112 lsa & just stock converter???
  69. used SY3500 tc?
  70. Pro Built Automatics..
  71. stall
  72. 12 pin or 13 pin
  73. Which Stall To Buy!!
  74. How do u like your SS4000?
  75. Torque converter lock up temperature
  76. 3000 stall
  77. What kind of milage can i expect out of a converter?
  78. Neal Chance converters????
  79. synthetic or blend atf
  80. sppedo sensor
  81. 6l80
  82. 3500 stall converter?????
  83. rebuild question
  84. Vig 3800 stall for a stock engine????
  85. How long could a 4l60E with 510 RWHP NA last?
  86. Looking for a deep pan for my 4L60E - Recomendations?
  87. Anyone using this?
  88. Locking TC on Dyno
  89. Third gear sometimes leaves.
  90. shifter question
  91. th400 sprag
  92. Need help from a trans builder on 2-3 shift
  93. 4L60E Rebuild Questions?
  94. Which is the best converter on the highway
  95. 3000,3500??streetracing stall??
  96. who here runs a niel chance vert?
  97. 2-3 clunk
  98. Vigilante PI website
  99. does a 3600 vig act more like a 3800-4000?
  100. will 700r4 hold?
  101. Transmission slipping Bad... What's the deal?
  102. what model and where to get it?
  103. stall install price
  104. Info needed
  105. shifter reccomendations inside
  106. Swapping from 6 speed to TH350
  107. Cracked Flywheel
  108. cooler?
  109. Dowel pin in end of crank
  110. YANK'S new line of transmission crossmembers
  111. Moroso filtered trans cooler??
  112. 4l60e limp mode question
  113. Inspection shield for TH400
  114. Any ideas at all?????
  115. TH400 trans cooler recommendations - best one avail?
  116. Conflicting info: 3500 stall is to big for bolt-on daily driver?
  117. can someone help me? my gpa is dying.. please read
  118. Removing the Torque Converter prccedure?
  119. Time for a bigger converter?
  120. shifter question
  121. Newbie To Stall Converters
  122. Servo's
  123. Its been a min and a day, GM has done their thing with rebuilding only 1600!!!!
  124. vaccum modulated 4l60e
  125. Questions on A4 for street race, Please....
  126. whats a good 4K converter? please?
  127. trans service
  128. Yank Pricing
  129. Transmission locating dowels
  130. question on the converter I ordered
  131. Th350
  132. blew up 4l60
  133. transgo shift kits.
  134. 4L60E retrofit Fbody>>>Truck
  135. line pres. gauge & vac. mod. ?????
  136. converter
  137. 4L60E cant take the abuse!!!!!!
  138. converter
  139. Will an LS1 4L60e work with an LT1 - are they the same?
  140. Who built your 200R4.
  141. Just dropped pan on tranny, and have a few questions.
  142. Magic stick v.3 cam with stock converter?
  143. will a d/s from an m6 fit into an a4 car?
  144. 350 swap?
  145. vibration sf3000
  146. A4 Lockup question?
  147. Manual vs Auto
  148. Torq Converter Bolt Head Size
  149. Car jumps when i start the car!!!
  150. Power Shifting A Stock 4l60e
  151. Seeking some TC recommendations
  152. genral motors is doing something right, 60e is off the chain!!
  153. Tranny problems after converter install
  154. old school transmission question
  155. Servo questions
  156. Lockup switch on a 700r4
  157. My stock 04 GTO shifts much firmer than other GM autos..why?
  158. soon to rebuild my 4L60E, need a converter
  159. 4L60E & Code P1870
  160. My hats off to GM, very pleased with rebuilt 3yr 50k warranty? Unheard of!!!!
  161. Questions on the Vig Multi-disk
  162. To jaxosxon, Thanks for everything, u 2 dave at rock.
  163. broke 4l60e
  164. Help
  165. trans will not shift,stays in drive
  166. TH350/TH400 peeps, any regrets?
  167. Trans Lines?
  168. torque spects on trans pan??
  169. 4l60 doesnt like the new setup
  170. 3-2 downshift vs 2-3 up
  171. Need ur help choosing clutchs!
  172. TC ?- mayb if someone answers it this way
  173. Another "P0757 SSBS0" Problem
  174. Question about slippage
  175. What I learned swapping to a TH350
  176. TH350, TH400 and 200 Questions
  177. 4l60-4l65 swap
  178. What transmission do i have?
  179. Tranny help???
  180. A4; 4L60E or 4L80E
  181. Need Some Advice
  182. B&M Shift Plus??
  183. Rebuild or shift kit???
  184. driveshaft swapping?
  185. tci ssf3800
  186. Transmission is dieing?
  187. Midplate or solid mounts
  188. TH400 cooler question
  189. Converter problem?
  190. Anyone know the problem here??
  191. Ok, questions to simple to get a answer? Heres 1 that I dont think is simple....
  192. Is this a converter issue?
  193. 4L60E is killing me, and my tranny guy#$^#
  194. trans go shift kit andtci ssf 3500 what fluid and how much?
  195. I wonder who is really responding to post here?
  196. 700r4 swap, electrical connections???
  197. Torque Converter Won't Lock Completely
  198. HELP 2000 silverado with 4l80e
  199. 93 vette engine, no forward
  200. TRANS WONT BOLT/MATE BACK UP.. wtf???? 98 4l60e
  201. A quick question on trans install, first timer here!
  202. Where can I find a used 4L80e Yank PY converter?
  203. Which would be better with my future combo?
  204. First Time installing a trans, yes it happened to be 4x4 lol!
  205. What would it cost to ship a Trans.
  206. 700R4's???
  207. need a parts list for TH400 swap.
  208. 4l60E + heads and cam....
  209. shift kit
  210. TCI Flexplate Bolts
  211. Powerglide gear selection
  212. what is the cheapest i can do?
  213. Lokar shifter on 4L60E???
  214. is there anything special to putting in a trans go shift kit??
  215. Torque converter problem
  216. Mos complete rebuild kit for 4L60E (Impalla SS)?
  217. looking for tq converter?
  218. Installing a shift kit in a 4l80e
  219. does midwest torque converter have website
  220. after a rebuild, should u change fluid out after a few break in miles?
  221. time to get a real trans. suggestions?
  222. Weak points in 350 turbo
  223. 4L60E, no 3 or od
  224. need advice on what to buy
  225. How to Connect 24 pin connector?!?
  226. Superior shift kit?
  227. TH400 question, need help picking tranny
  228. shift problems please help me!!!
  229. F/S 383 H/C w/black zr1s
  230. Flushing a tranny cooler?
  231. TH350 endplay problems
  232. what converter to get ???
  233. tranny problems
  234. YANK'S NEW 350/400 converters (look)
  235. th400 w/high stall?
  236. I have a A4 Harness for a conversion
  237. dumb question
  238. TH350 swap
  239. car makes tickin sound when goes in gear
  240. Anyone running a Yank SS3800??
  241. th-400 adapter spacer question
  242. A4 Help
  243. Automatic Trans Slipping.....Help!
  244. Not a LS1...but I've got a 4l60e problem
  245. diff between nonlock up and lockup
  246. 4L60 ? Hollander interchange
  247. Vig 3200 or TCI SSF 3500?
  248. Advise: Does a stall converter make a differance in mid and top end or just at a stop
  249. Talked with Precision Industries about changing Torque convertor..
  250. Hard Shift