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  1. Questions on the Vig Multi-disk
  2. To jaxosxon, Thanks for everything, u 2 dave at rock.
  3. broke 4l60e
  4. Help
  5. trans will not shift,stays in drive
  6. TH350/TH400 peeps, any regrets?
  7. Trans Lines?
  8. torque spects on trans pan??
  9. 4l60 doesnt like the new setup
  10. 3-2 downshift vs 2-3 up
  11. Need ur help choosing clutchs!
  12. TC ?- mayb if someone answers it this way
  13. Another "P0757 SSBS0" Problem
  14. Question about slippage
  15. What I learned swapping to a TH350
  16. TH350, TH400 and 200 Questions
  17. 4l60-4l65 swap
  18. What transmission do i have?
  19. Tranny help???
  20. A4; 4L60E or 4L80E
  21. Need Some Advice
  22. B&M Shift Plus??
  23. Rebuild or shift kit???
  24. driveshaft swapping?
  25. tci ssf3800
  26. Transmission is dieing?
  27. Midplate or solid mounts
  28. TH400 cooler question
  29. Converter problem?
  30. Anyone know the problem here??
  31. Ok, questions to simple to get a answer? Heres 1 that I dont think is simple....
  32. Is this a converter issue?
  33. 4L60E is killing me, and my tranny guy#$^#
  34. trans go shift kit andtci ssf 3500 what fluid and how much?
  35. I wonder who is really responding to post here?
  36. 700r4 swap, electrical connections???
  37. Torque Converter Won't Lock Completely
  38. HELP 2000 silverado with 4l80e
  39. 93 vette engine, no forward
  40. TRANS WONT BOLT/MATE BACK UP.. wtf???? 98 4l60e
  41. A quick question on trans install, first timer here!
  42. Where can I find a used 4L80e Yank PY converter?
  43. Which would be better with my future combo?
  44. First Time installing a trans, yes it happened to be 4x4 lol!
  45. What would it cost to ship a Trans.
  46. 700R4's???
  47. need a parts list for TH400 swap.
  48. 4l60E + heads and cam....
  49. shift kit
  50. TCI Flexplate Bolts
  51. Powerglide gear selection
  52. what is the cheapest i can do?
  53. Lokar shifter on 4L60E???
  54. is there anything special to putting in a trans go shift kit??
  55. Torque converter problem
  56. Mos complete rebuild kit for 4L60E (Impalla SS)?
  57. looking for tq converter?
  58. Installing a shift kit in a 4l80e
  59. does midwest torque converter have website
  60. after a rebuild, should u change fluid out after a few break in miles?
  61. time to get a real trans. suggestions?
  62. Weak points in 350 turbo
  63. 4L60E, no 3 or od
  64. need advice on what to buy
  65. How to Connect 24 pin connector?!?
  66. Superior shift kit?
  67. TH400 question, need help picking tranny
  68. shift problems please help me!!!
  69. F/S 383 H/C w/black zr1s
  70. Flushing a tranny cooler?
  71. TH350 endplay problems
  72. what converter to get ???
  73. tranny problems
  74. YANK'S NEW 350/400 converters (look)
  75. th400 w/high stall?
  76. I have a A4 Harness for a conversion
  77. dumb question
  78. TH350 swap
  79. car makes tickin sound when goes in gear
  80. Anyone running a Yank SS3800??
  81. th-400 adapter spacer question
  82. A4 Help
  83. Automatic Trans Slipping.....Help!
  84. Not a LS1...but I've got a 4l60e problem
  85. diff between nonlock up and lockup
  86. 4L60 ? Hollander interchange
  87. Vig 3200 or TCI SSF 3500?
  88. Advise: Does a stall converter make a differance in mid and top end or just at a stop
  89. Talked with Precision Industries about changing Torque convertor..
  90. Hard Shift
  91. [b]shift kit or programmer[/b]
  92. Anyone know anything???!!!???
  93. TH400 Vs. TH350 tranny crossmember?
  94. th400-forward vs reverse valve body
  95. Trans Acting Up
  96. Trans Temp question
  97. How difficult is it to put a 4l80e in a 4th gen f-body?
  98. 4L60E Swap - What years will fit
  99. tranny cooler install
  100. Dipstick tube
  101. pics of progress
  102. what are the best upgrades to do to my A4 while i have it out
  103. What will a TCI 3500 stall do?
  104. ? about a stall
  105. TH400 converters... What's good? Who's got what?
  106. A4 Tranny Help Please... Quick
  107. Installing new 3500 verter. What trany fluid sould I use
  108. What to upgrade in a 360rwhp 4l60
  109. Looking to buy a new converter
  110. hesitation during 2-3 shift
  111. transgo?
  112. TH 350 Swap
  113. Manual shift body for 4l60e ?
  114. Horribile Downshift during a WOT pass
  115. Are 5 pinion planetaries necessary?
  116. GTO 4L60E Difference?
  117. shifter questions
  118. I know this is vague, but fluid everywhere
  119. locking converter on the dyno....
  120. HPP3 Question
  121. Transmission Question
  122. Attention anyone from YANK!!!!
  123. Lookin for help on removal and Installing trans. (first timer)
  124. Shift Extensions: TCI 4000 vs 4400
  125. Anyone know 700r4 tranny well help!?
  126. keep the auto, or switch to m6
  127. Coverter Bolts?
  128. Trans Problem
  129. 2001 ss-----1996 camaro
  130. Any difference in the truck and f-body 4l60s
  131. used converter question
  132. Turbo 350.. will it last?
  133. NEED HELP TC randomly unlocks after rebuild
  134. Hey jxaxsxoxn, now quick question on droppin trans and install new???
  135. anyone else have this problem.
  136. Does my 200-4R Converter fit in a normal GN
  137. 4l60 to 4l80
  138. Parts list For a TH400 Rebuild
  139. Attention A4 4L60E guys FYI
  140. help shift kit and servo?
  141. Need to buy a 3500 or 3600 converter help.
  142. M6 to A3!!Need list of parts and prices
  143. 4l60e trans ?'s
  144. 2-3 shift hits rev limiter
  145. TC stall speed?
  146. TH400 Adapted to DANA 300 Transfer Case
  147. 4L60E sqauk noise or clunk....Any Ideas
  148. trans ?
  149. 4l60 shift problems (at track)
  150. Car likes to die in reverse after converter
  151. To all tranny swappers.. What shifter do you use>
  152. 1999+ 4L80E Truck Transmission
  153. torque converter question
  154. EL60E troubles, anyone can tell me what to look for when troubleshooting?
  155. Differences between Truck 4l60e and Fbody?
  156. For a TC, who has the best priced tires?
  157. M6 To Vacuum Mod 4l60e Pcm Help
  158. Anyone know of a drop in crossmember for a 4l80 in z28?
  159. What gear placement?
  160. **!!700r4 Tranny Problems HELP!!**
  161. Transmission Shudder
  162. 6L80E, some early info......enjoy
  163. Is the 4L60e really that bad?
  164. Vacuum modulator for my 4L60 or not.
  165. HCI Torque converter
  166. 4L60E took a dump, what now?
  167. New trans installed, now have a ?
  168. Need some help
  169. 4L60E compatibility
  170. more problems
  171. question about shifter pattern
  172. What did I break?
  173. SSF finally installed
  174. Yank pulled through!
  175. 40 rwhp gain after locking 3200 stall. This can't be good.
  176. Changing tranny's A4 to 350 turbo>> Torque convertor ??
  177. Line lock in an Auto??
  178. Help...I was told this is a PCM/Tuning problem.
  179. whats the best converter for roll races?
  180. 4l60 slipping?
  181. who has th400 LS1 ready converters???
  182. Transmission cooler question/recommendation
  183. can a man get some help????? Please
  184. A4 rebuild! what upgrades are good?
  185. Converter Problems (Vigi)
  186. best way to ship a tranny
  187. Vig 3600 won't lock up on Dyno!
  188. Talk about bad luck
  189. what is the best sprag to use. blew mine today
  190. Trans Temp Gauge?
  191. trany cooler
  192. TC delima
  193. not going into park or neutral
  194. Torque converter/ Error code
  195. Th350 conversion, was told to get a 4l60e crossmember?
  196. TC delima
  197. Somebody tell me what the deal is with Vigilante converters.
  198. Torque Arm
  199. How many of yall run a vig or yank 2800?
  200. a3 shifter pics what do u thinK?
  201. What am I in for?
  202. Will a 2000 V6 4l60E trans fit behind a ls1?
  203. Best place to mount tranny cooler
  204. 10 ttranny gone. need help!!!!!!!!!
  205. Help TH-400 Speedo problem
  206. 4L60E to TH400 swap
  207. Tranny just up and quit working. What gives?
  208. Transmission Fluid
  209. restall
  210. Slipping
  211. 1-2 shift bangin HARD REV lim
  212. 2nd gear upgrade
  213. tranny went out
  214. 4L60E: 98 vs. 02 programs
  215. Transmission locks up hard
  216. 34 element sprag
  217. no speedo, abs light on, and tranny codes
  218. 4l80e
  219. Yank SS3800
  220. 4l80e?????
  221. Auto tranny probs on 99 Yukon
  222. 4L60E Now!! Overdrive
  223. trans electrical question
  224. With my converter, etc... what 0-60 should i see?
  225. TCI 3600 won't lock up???? Help!!!!
  226. question
  227. shift kit problem
  228. Blown Tranny
  229. m6 to 4l60e conversion please help
  230. max hp on a 4l60e
  231. Where to Buy Torque Arm Adapter for th350
  232. Info on how the 4L60E operates
  233. Tranny slipping?
  234. Yank ST3800 and 2.73
  235. upgrading my stall
  236. TH400 pan gasket
  237. LS6 and 4L65E
  238. Transmission jack question
  239. Bent TA mount need help...
  240. flexplate for t-400, and shifter Q.
  241. Transbrake in 4L60E?????
  242. TC unlocks when moderate throttle applied while cruising on the highway?
  243. Delete/reduce torque managment or a shift kit?
  244. Looking for opinions on Art Carr Trannys
  245. A Little Off Topic
  246. Question about the"pulse width modulater"for 4L60e?
  247. ?? for anyone with a 3500 stall or higher
  248. TCI or B&M deep pan on lowered car
  249. 4L60E experts, need help. Lost reverse.
  250. Different shift kits for 93-98 & 99-02 camaro?