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  1. Screw 4L60E
  2. rear transmission seal
  3. 4l60e wake up kit?
  4. Installed new Yank Pro Thruster 4000, pleased!
  5. Thinking of getting a TCI 3500
  6. TC Selection.. help me decide!!
  7. Time to change the fluid???
  8. Has anyone tried a Lenco?
  9. Trans Go Shift Kit
  10. how much does a 4L60E in a crate weigh
  11. th400 shifter?
  12. Code P0757 - solenoid stuck open...HELP!
  13. How much time did you pick up with a 3500 stall?
  14. 4L60E TC Question
  15. Priming the TC?
  16. So is my transmission gone?
  17. TH-400 Blow-By Catch Can
  18. Transgo? Fluid?
  19. racing clutches in rebuilt 4l60e.. drive or overdrive around town?
  20. Trans OR Converter problem
  21. TC install writeups/info?
  22. removing a 4l60e tranny
  23. Trany question?
  24. Misfire and lock up
  25. converter bolt pattern
  26. Who built your 4L60E???
  27. transgo shift kit
  28. 96 LT1 4L60E in 2000 Camaro LS1?
  29. car stall to high in a WOT run?
  30. What trans. is in the V6 cars? 4L60E same as V8 cars?
  31. tranny cooler line length ?
  32. Best tranny fluid for TH400?
  33. shift kit
  34. Quick Th400 swapp question..
  35. Banging Rev Limiter between gears
  36. Stall Speed
  37. What kind of converter behind a 6.0?
  38. What trans?
  39. Anybody here used B&M shift kits?
  40. Help me identify my stall speed (in-car video)
  41. will 19000 gvw be big enough?
  42. Strange noise form gears
  43. worst speed for ls1 A4 roll race?
  44. 4l60e question
  45. 408ci with 4L60E
  46. quick question on a part name..
  47. Th350 vs TH400?
  48. All Midwest torque converter owners step inside...
  49. TCI e-mail address
  50. Help with converter choice.
  51. Help choosing converter
  52. Reverse manual shifter inlay for stock shifter
  53. Your Opinion
  54. 4L60E cooler line fittings
  55. how do you disconect the engine from trans
  56. stalled a4 vs. M6 who would win?
  57. size stall converter?
  58. Need HELP, Don't know if tranny is screwed.
  59. Aftermarket Transmission Crossmember
  60. need Help ASAP
  61. pump rotor ?
  62. A4 Question?
  63. tranny question...?
  64. shop refuses to install tci
  65. Car Surges when comming to a stop
  66. Oregon Transmission
  67. Yank Torque Thruster II 3300 ?
  68. Will any th400 work in a f-body?
  69. Manual Valve body
  70. A1 stall converters, anyone got info on them?
  71. A4 Tranny Problems..
  72. What about a TCI version of a SY3500?
  73. Are any TH400 and 4L80 parts interchangable?
  74. how much will a stock converter take
  75. Rebuild Kits?
  76. Yank's New Website Is Up And Running
  77. What to do to make a 60E survive 500+HP
  78. How Much of a difference can i expect if i install a Transgo?
  79. Any difference?
  80. tranny trouble- please help
  81. 4L80E Speedometer options?
  82. going to upgrade from 3000stall - ????
  83. bolts needed???
  84. Need help with 4400 stall
  85. Need Tranny Help
  86. Will Aftermarket Converter Hurt Dyno Numbers?
  87. Power useage
  88. Wanted Yank Customer Cars
  89. Car stalling when its put in gear?
  90. Auto Trans weight/Length/Gear/Tq info ready for you.
  91. Converter choices.
  92. how do i get my 3000tci restalled to 3500?
  93. question about wuss converter
  94. need help
  95. Need Help!!
  96. Tranny Leak
  97. No 4th gear after metal acc piston & billet OD servo, HELP please
  98. What Brand Converter??
  99. High Stall TC & Tranny Durability....
  100. Th350 behind 6.0
  101. 4l60e- 700r4
  102. Shift Kit
  103. lime green converter?
  104. need help!! tcc started slipping- advice needed
  105. code 1870, but a little different
  106. 231/237 cam TCI ssf3500 and a 2:73 gear??
  107. fluid type, what to use?
  108. Trans-Go/700R4 2-3 shift question.
  109. shift extensions on TCI ? and yank SS series with 2:73
  110. Tci
  111. Has ANYONE succeeded (or even attempted) in a 4L80 swap yet?
  112. table for mph shifting
  113. Can someone please help me understand "shift extension"?
  114. what do i need for my A4 to hold 500HP
  115. TH400 help ?
  116. what happen to my TH350!! Help
  117. 4L60E with TransGo Shift Kit acting up after 250 miles.
  118. what size...
  119. Back to stock
  120. Questions about Multidisk Vigilantes
  121. Yank/SLP 2600 gains?
  122. Anyone have experience with US Gear V20D
  123. Converter Price
  124. Fluid level in TH350
  125. shift point with 150 shot and 3800 or bigger converter come in!
  126. TH400, Built 4l60e, or M6....??????
  127. I got the pan on and now its......
  128. HP increase from a converter
  129. how to Burnout with auto transmission
  130. Shift Points?
  131. C5 m6 switch to auto? what option do i have?
  132. B&M or Hayden cooler?
  133. Shift into overdrive WOT?
  134. Can't teardown 4L60E
  135. what trans fluid
  136. Help With Vibration
  137. Just bought a 3600 Art Carr Stall
  138. RPM's drop too low... torque converter?
  139. converter question
  140. Where is the best place to install a drain plug on a stock trans pan?
  141. Poly Trans mounts bad??
  142. Help needed automatic solonoid shifter
  143. Q for the pro's
  144. 4L60E HELP! Too many problems.....
  145. How much stall with a 230/230 cam or something in that area
  146. Anyone spraying a Yank Pro Thruster 4000?
  147. what converter??
  148. GM Truck Trans Pan Install
  149. quickly will a yank ss for a vette fit an 01 z28
  150. Trans Pulling power?
  151. Beef up the trans -A4
  152. z28 vs ws6 question
  153. i was told that a tranny for an ls1 with a shift kit wont hold the power. true/false
  154. 2-3 wot shift problem
  155. Automatic Transmission choosing ?
  156. Anyone using the Pure Evil tranny from speed inc
  157. Converter question.
  158. Blown prep
  159. Looking For Gremlins In My Ride!!
  160. Need to improve 2-3 shift, 4L60E-HD2-B kit installed
  161. Dead spot between 1,5000 - 2,000 Rpms.
  162. Other than FLP Level IV, what else for a C5?
  163. squeak between shifts A4
  164. Yank Converters
  165. Why would a converter not lock on the dyno at WOT?
  166. This is what I found
  167. Corvette servo problems
  168. Who Builds A Solid 550 Horse Th350
  169. stock 4l60-e question
  170. will the tranny not shift if the fluid is low
  171. Tranny cooler mounting.... help
  172. Where can I get a rebuild kit for a 4L60E
  173. 12 bolt to 9", driveshaft question
  174. Anyone heard of an Art Carr stall?
  175. Torque management
  176. ultimate 4l60e
  177. Problem with trans shifting early
  178. TURBO & C5 4L60E
  179. quick shifter question
  180. Hits the limiter at the top of first but transmission is fine
  181. Casting # Help
  182. Shift Kit and Tranny Problems
  183. no kickdown and soft sloppy shifts
  184. Anyone lose efficientcy with their Yank converter?
  185. new gear shifter
  186. clutch pack wear
  187. A3 shifter pics....
  188. Lower than stock line pressure settings with a tune?
  189. converter is unlocking
  190. 10-11 second 4l60 guys come in
  191. Need recommendations
  192. 4l60e built clutches
  193. Th400 Faq?
  194. Who makes a killer high HP converter?
  195. Anyone using the low-end B&M Shift Kit?
  196. what converter for a turbo car?
  197. SS3800 question stall or flash best 60'?
  198. Need SY4000 info
  199. HELP 2-3 shift delay after rebuild 4L60E
  200. p1870 code. TC not locking up.
  201. rebuild price for 4l60e
  202. Shift Solenoid B stuck? Is my tranny about to go out again? Help
  203. 1993 Astro 4L60 drives only in high gear. I need answer FAST.
  204. TH350 conversion-Difference between LS1 and 6.0L Flexplates?
  205. Tranny fluid, should it be changed?
  206. new shifter
  207. Trans cooler quick disconnects.....
  208. LS1 newbie trans question
  209. Str
  210. Need advice ... buying a TC ... can u help??
  211. 4L65E problem after shiftkit
  212. Best Automatic strip only
  213. 4l60e Problems
  214. How to hook up neutral safety switch with Cheetah Shifter?
  215. LS1 & 4L60e swap info
  216. shifter question
  217. Convertor questions
  218. 4l60
  219. O'Reillys transmission Mount - Anyone used it?
  220. TC Advice wanted
  221. th350 guys, quick help me. PLEASE
  222. odd vibes after TC install
  223. diffrence between locking and non locking converters
  224. shift kit
  225. part number for a reluctor wheel
  226. What's the shift extension on a Yank PT4400?
  227. SY 3500 kills Fuel Economy??
  228. How long has your built 4L60E lasted?
  229. TH 350 Do I really need a transbrake? Many more questions.
  230. Someone who knows about t56 to t-400 conversions.
  231. 700r ?
  232. 4L60E computer by-pass question
  233. 4l65e planetary questions
  234. what do i need?!?
  235. 4l603 sale
  236. LS1 F-body work w/Trailblazer 4200?
  237. how much power will i lose?
  238. th350 speedo
  239. TQ arm question for th350
  240. how many quarts for a 4l60e
  241. How Much RWHP Will You Lose?
  242. please help before i spend the money
  243. Input/Output shaft question
  244. Anyone Have Experience w/Extreme Triple Lok Verters?
  245. 4L60E toast
  246. TH400 in C5 ?
  247. update on my vig3200
  248. Paging Big Mike and other th350 owners...
  249. vacmod kit?
  250. Slipping transmission?