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  1. trans ?
  2. 4l60 shift problems (at track)
  3. Car likes to die in reverse after converter
  4. To all tranny swappers.. What shifter do you use>
  5. 1999+ 4L80E Truck Transmission
  6. torque converter question
  7. EL60E troubles, anyone can tell me what to look for when troubleshooting?
  8. Differences between Truck 4l60e and Fbody?
  9. For a TC, who has the best priced tires?
  10. M6 To Vacuum Mod 4l60e Pcm Help
  11. Anyone know of a drop in crossmember for a 4l80 in z28?
  12. What gear placement?
  13. **!!700r4 Tranny Problems HELP!!**
  14. Transmission Shudder
  15. 6L80E, some early info......enjoy
  16. Is the 4L60e really that bad?
  17. Vacuum modulator for my 4L60 or not.
  18. HCI Torque converter
  19. 4L60E took a dump, what now?
  20. New trans installed, now have a ?
  21. Need some help
  22. 4L60E compatibility
  23. more problems
  24. question about shifter pattern
  25. What did I break?
  26. SSF finally installed
  27. Yank pulled through!
  28. 40 rwhp gain after locking 3200 stall. This can't be good.
  29. Changing tranny's A4 to 350 turbo>> Torque convertor ??
  30. Line lock in an Auto??
  31. Help...I was told this is a PCM/Tuning problem.
  32. whats the best converter for roll races?
  33. 4l60 slipping?
  34. who has th400 LS1 ready converters???
  35. Transmission cooler question/recommendation
  36. can a man get some help????? Please
  37. A4 rebuild! what upgrades are good?
  38. Converter Problems (Vigi)
  39. best way to ship a tranny
  40. Vig 3600 won't lock up on Dyno!
  41. Talk about bad luck
  42. what is the best sprag to use. blew mine today
  43. Trans Temp Gauge?
  44. trany cooler
  45. TC delima
  46. not going into park or neutral
  47. Torque converter/ Error code
  48. Th350 conversion, was told to get a 4l60e crossmember?
  49. TC delima
  50. Somebody tell me what the deal is with Vigilante converters.
  51. Torque Arm
  52. How many of yall run a vig or yank 2800?
  53. a3 shifter pics what do u thinK?
  54. What am I in for?
  55. Will a 2000 V6 4l60E trans fit behind a ls1?
  56. Best place to mount tranny cooler
  57. 10 ttranny gone. need help!!!!!!!!!
  58. Help TH-400 Speedo problem
  59. 4L60E to TH400 swap
  60. Tranny just up and quit working. What gives?
  61. Transmission Fluid
  62. restall
  63. Slipping
  64. 1-2 shift bangin HARD REV lim
  65. 2nd gear upgrade
  66. tranny went out
  67. 4L60E: 98 vs. 02 programs
  68. Transmission locks up hard
  69. 34 element sprag
  70. no speedo, abs light on, and tranny codes
  71. 4l80e
  72. Yank SS3800
  73. 4l80e?????
  74. Auto tranny probs on 99 Yukon
  75. 4L60E Now!! Overdrive
  76. trans electrical question
  77. With my converter, etc... what 0-60 should i see?
  78. TCI 3600 won't lock up???? Help!!!!
  79. question
  80. shift kit problem
  81. Blown Tranny
  82. m6 to 4l60e conversion please help
  83. max hp on a 4l60e
  84. Where to Buy Torque Arm Adapter for th350
  85. Info on how the 4L60E operates
  86. Tranny slipping?
  87. Yank ST3800 and 2.73
  88. upgrading my stall
  89. TH400 pan gasket
  90. LS6 and 4L65E
  91. Transmission jack question
  92. Bent TA mount need help...
  93. flexplate for t-400, and shifter Q.
  94. Transbrake in 4L60E?????
  95. TC unlocks when moderate throttle applied while cruising on the highway?
  96. Delete/reduce torque managment or a shift kit?
  97. Looking for opinions on Art Carr Trannys
  98. A Little Off Topic
  99. Question about the"pulse width modulater"for 4L60e?
  100. ?? for anyone with a 3500 stall or higher
  101. TCI or B&M deep pan on lowered car
  102. 4L60E experts, need help. Lost reverse.
  103. Different shift kits for 93-98 & 99-02 camaro?
  104. Trans Go 4L60E Shift Kit
  105. looking for information on CIRCLE D converters
  106. Help on stall convereter
  107. TH350 install
  108. anyone had any exp. with precision?
  109. Best 4l60e
  110. Desperately Need Tranny Advice!
  111. Best servo, tune, washer, hole combo?
  112. Strange 1-2 Shift
  113. what all do you have to do to install a trans go shift kit?
  114. opinions on setup
  115. Car won't downshift out of overdrive
  116. Super Street Fighter Tranny on Fbody
  117. cam duration
  118. Tool for A4 guys
  119. Question on Transgo install
  120. rebuild 4l60e or different tranny all together
  121. views on 4l60e?
  122. what do you think about this
  123. Question about torque converter lockup
  124. trans ?'s
  125. Rapid deceleration with the A4
  126. Transmission dimensions for 200-4r vs glide vs T56
  127. Is anyone running this tranny???
  128. When do you shift tour A4 into OD?
  129. Converter question?
  130. 4l60e and B&M
  131. what comes stock??????
  132. need diagram of th350, line hook up q's
  133. people w/ 3 speed shifters, custom leather boot?
  134. what is a reverse manual valve body?
  135. Differeces between truck and fbody 4L60E?
  136. certified mechs
  137. Looking for Reverse manual Th400 shifter - what is a "neutral safety switch"
  138. Pink converter?
  139. Extreme issues! What is it?
  140. 4l80 guys whos converter are you running??
  141. tranny short shifting problem
  142. About to put my converter in
  143. Car vibrates with shifter in " 3 " ??
  144. Did I Go Overboard On The Coverter?
  145. 2.73 car, stall, cam.. good combo?
  146. 94 z28 Automatic
  147. Yank Stealth 3000
  148. 4L60E swap
  149. Transgo
  150. 4L60E No overdrive
  151. shift kit or....?
  152. tranny question
  153. Stall converter help?
  154. yea i did something stupid...
  155. Help!
  156. TCI 3800...and some questions..
  157. What tranny will interchange in my 96 Jimmy
  158. ? About Setup & 3600-4400 Stall
  159. Rattling noise > New Yank SS3600 installed
  160. what stall for my cam/bolt on
  161. 4l60.
  162. tranny problems! MAJOR. NEED HELP
  163. have a question about 4l80e
  164. th400 and torque arm
  165. Will a th400 or 4l80e fit in a C5?
  166. What rear end gears for a TH400?
  167. Trans pan question
  168. whats the point of having the tb convert over the stock convert in 2002 chevy 1500???
  169. Torque Converter problems
  170. Tranny cooler lines removal in TC install
  171. I have 273 gears thinking about changing them. Need some input
  172. M6 to A4 questions
  173. Tramission Maintence
  174. 4L60E No Overdrive
  175. Flex plate balancing?
  176. Transmission Conversion Crossmember for Glide?
  177. 4L80E vs. TH400 with GV OD
  178. Converter?
  179. anyone from ls1tech help me out?
  180. 1994 4L80E electrical
  181. Trans Problem
  182. Where to find a good 4l60e??
  183. Conversion kits?
  184. drivability question
  185. th400 kickdown
  186. B+M hammer shifter
  187. Transgo + EC≥ = damage?
  188. How hard is it to install a shift kit???
  189. convertor/flywheel?
  190. Serpentine Belt Slipped off, now 4L60E shifting hard HELP
  191. 4L60e acting up, only in certain conditions...strange
  192. transgo shift kit help
  193. Whats the best converter for me?
  194. Converter isn't locking up sometimes????
  195. May sound like a dumb ?, but can you spray the transbrake?
  196. Auto Trans problem any ideas
  197. 02 Trans Am TC install, torx or alan?
  198. Shifter for race?
  199. tranny fluid?
  200. tranny cooler install
  201. How much is your FLP or Rossler holding up to?
  202. 4L60E transmission problem
  203. Another question: On a freeway does a stall help or hurt the top end?
  204. Lid and exhaust guys + converter, what 60 ft?
  205. which hypertech shift points?? 2.73 with auto
  206. need help i broke my pump
  207. soon for tranny rebuild
  208. Loss of MPH IN 1/4 mile
  209. Transmission line leaking, any ideas??
  210. Speed Inc. Evil Transmissions?
  211. lockout stall for t400??
  212. Transmission Question?
  213. Stall and Tuning
  214. Strange "clunk" from a4 tranny?
  215. On more less a stock LS1 motor will a stall help much?
  216. 1,2,3 then...
  217. Merry Christmas all!!!
  218. Any benefit to using trans cooler on totally stock 04 GTO with 100-150 shot?
  219. got wrong TC, but should i keep it???
  220. Anybody dyno after a t400 install?
  221. when i get hp tuners what should i delete or remove with my biult 4l60e
  222. Stall converter questions. Please come in and give me some good input everyone please
  223. Need help fast!
  224. Tranny cooler .. really necessary ???
  225. car hiccup? What could this be?
  226. Anyone Tried This shifter?
  227. 96 auto
  228. 700R4 Conversion
  229. OFFICIAL "I want a B&M or Hurst RATCHET SHIFTER for my '98 and above F-Body" Thread
  230. B&M Trick Shift Fluid, good? bad?
  231. Installed Yank SS3600.
  232. Do any sponsors sell a th400 package?
  233. Did you know that a C5 can't have a.....
  234. Help me to rebuid my TH400 ?
  235. If anyone is interested...
  236. what is free-wheeling a TH400?
  237. What is it like driving a TH400 trans
  238. Change from M6 to Th400 ??
  239. do you need a tune for a 23-2500 stall?
  240. Tranny emergency
  241. Not sure where to post this, but is this a problem or normal?
  242. Which stall for my daily driver?
  243. tranny wont downshift and soft shifts now
  244. Rebuilding my tranny. Need an honest opinion and some advice
  245. Will this hurt my tranny?
  246. What causes this??
  247. th350 guys please come in
  248. What do you guys think about this honestly!
  249. Transmission holds gears too long when coming to a stop
  250. Yank SS3600 vs Vig 3400 vs TCI SSF3500 vs Yank TT II 3300