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  1. 4L60E to a 4L80E Trans??
  2. Help find the best priced trans cooler
  3. Did I toast my 4L60E? Video inside
  4. What happens when you overfill your trans
  5. Tranny going or overreacting
  6. Th-350 Lockup?
  7. Th350 Ds ???
  8. stock TC?
  9. TCI 3800 shift points and Torque Management questions.
  10. FLP vs. Rossler vs. Local tranny shop + parts ??
  11. Need some input picking tranny!
  12. Transmission change time
  13. 4L60E differences? - Vette vs. F-body, etc
  14. Coan coverters for TH400?
  15. Tranny not working after install
  16. Vig 2800 or Yank SS 3600,SS 3800
  17. How difficult to install a 'verter?
  18. Anyone running a TransKing?
  19. how much pitch on a 4l60 e
  20. 383+4l60e
  21. Weird 4L60E problem
  22. T400 delays going from 1-2 at track
  23. ***Serious Help Needed!!!!***Transmission Not Engaging gears
  24. how strong is the 700r4
  25. 1-2 shift problem
  26. Got my TCI installed!!!
  27. Running the tranny cooler
  28. buying a used VIG?
  29. B&M trans cooler
  30. 700ra tranny shifting, or stay in drive?
  31. Does a high stall converter reduce rwhp?
  32. Tranny Problems
  33. which trans
  34. Why is a lower stall better w/ lower gears?
  35. Small Cam on stock TC
  36. vibration
  37. converter question
  38. converter and gear question
  39. How to remove and install 4l60e pump
  40. ATF Fluid?
  41. TCI 4400 or Midwest 4400?
  42. 3200 stall on dyno will it give low numbers??? need help
  43. Transmission questions. Please advise.
  44. Tranny Problem *Help Please*
  45. Anyone have a write up for...
  46. 4L60E vs 4L85E
  47. Shift Points TCI 3500.
  48. RPMs drag slowly down after let off gas
  49. Pulling off TH400 speedo gear??
  50. th-350 convertor question...
  51. How much TQ can 4l60E handle?
  52. 4l60 swap to 4l80 ????
  53. 4L80E swap into SSS -- keeping the awd
  54. Do yourself a favor,bump your idle to 700rpm
  55. B&M 28,000 GVW or 24,000 GVW?
  56. Flexplate Torque Specs?
  57. How much HP can the drivetrain on an '01 Tahoe handle?
  58. M6 to A4 and A4 to M6 Conversion info
  59. converter questions if you please.
  60. Building new HC motor, do I need a higher stall converter?
  61. Converter question
  62. Can Some1 make a sticky?
  63. Im sure its been asked, but?? anyway!
  64. TH350 or Powerglide with OD for FI & Big Cube Torque?
  65. TCI3000 or TCI SSF3500
  66. slight whine in reverse????
  67. Shift kit and no Converter?
  68. V6-V8 4l60e
  69. 4l60e
  70. Need help finding good tranny shop in Orlando
  71. vig 3200 cars
  72. Trap Speeds?!?!
  73. Tci Ssf3500 Installed!!
  74. Where'd you get your TH400
  75. Help please, WHINE coming from my tranny
  76. Fbody pan vs Truck pan
  77. A4 to M6 wiring - HELP PLEASE
  78. Doing it yourself?
  79. TCI3500 what stall speed?
  80. tci 3500 installed today,, great but...
  81. line pressure vs trans temp
  82. convertor question??
  83. 4L60 Problem....
  84. how long can you go with out a trans cooler
  85. Anyone running a P.I. converter w/their TH400??
  86. TH400 Mount Spacer?
  87. Is this normal 1-2 shift
  88. Is it my tranny or converter?? Problem?
  89. Do you have to Break-in a TCI SSF3500???
  90. Where to buy shift soleniods?
  91. Th350 fluid temps?
  92. TH350 pan clearence?
  93. 4l80 in a lt1?
  94. What's this part?
  95. picked car up today, WOW!
  96. help installing A4
  97. For Those of You With Any Higher Stall Converter....
  98. Anyone have any TH400 in action vids?
  99. Bad converter or something else??
  100. will it hurt the trans to put a shift kit in and drive it without a tune?
  101. Lets talk PT4200 and nitrous
  102. New To Converters
  103. cost of stall including installation
  104. What Size Stall To get???
  105. TH400 guys: Which cooler are you using?
  106. Stall Questions
  107. B&M Cooler and SLP Cold Air Install
  108. wanting in on converter game
  109. Sy3500 and 3.73..?
  110. Delete 3rd Gear Lockup?
  111. Screens/Filters in seperator plate of 4L60E...where to get??
  112. What's an aftermarket stall like?
  113. tranny temp gauge question
  114. 2001 Tahoe 4L60E Questions
  115. A4 cars with aftermarket trannies--inside please
  116. Billet servo question?
  117. Th400 or Th350 D/S?
  118. Stall converter??(DID SEARCH)
  119. TCI SF3000 or SSF3500 for daily/street driven
  120. How long have you ran your 'verter before problems?
  121. Trans?!?! Why Me!
  122. Stage 3 4L60E lost reverse
  123. Weight difference between 4L60E and TH350?
  124. 4L80e core
  125. Hey auto guys, what's your voltage???
  126. whats the most reliable tranny(a4) for 700+rwhp?
  127. What would you like to see addressed in the TH400 FAQ?
  128. Corvette servo part number?
  129. Clearance issues dropping tranny
  130. New Converter....Help with Stall
  131. TH400 guys - post your upgrades . . .
  132. How do you check to see if your trans mount is busted ?
  133. Car shifts after I have stopped at the junction and hold my foot on the brake
  134. 4l60e trannygoooonbybye
  135. Good Trans Shops in SW MI
  136. When TH400's blow up... (Pic)
  137. Vacuum modulator
  138. Who has a SSF3500 w/ a 2:73 Gear?
  139. TH400 guys with spray, what converter to get?
  140. bad gas mileage and low speed vibration
  141. Some M6 to A3 Qs
  142. TH400: JW ultra bell worth it?
  143. Why buy a scattershield?
  144. Converter ?
  145. Those with 224 cam... what converter...
  146. any loss of MPG with a TC?
  147. Vig 3600 good idea for daily driver? yes no?
  148. The TH400 FAQ's.
  149. About to install a Transgo shift kit...
  150. 4l60e going ?
  151. Best performing and reliable convertor?
  152. 3-od shift
  153. Converter and gears ?
  154. will slp 60103 work in an f-body?
  155. Had car tuned now trans seems gone!
  156. Torque converter lockup questions
  157. Shift Kit?
  158. th400 questions
  159. Help with a New Vig 2800 and a Transgo Shift Kit
  160. Shift adaption time
  161. whos tranny would you choose
  162. PCM tricker for a4 to TH400
  163. what gears with a 3500 tc
  164. Oops, 4L60E truck vs. FBody?
  165. What to do to fit....
  166. A4 Computer + TH400
  167. Should I sell my A4 and get a M6?
  168. Prothane or Energy Suspension Poly mount?
  169. Any idea???**
  170. 98s.With 3500stall without tune&shift kit?
  171. SS3800 and Nitrous.
  172. th400 speed-o hookup
  173. M6 to TH350/400 guys come here!
  174. TH 350 conversion
  175. need th400 help
  176. 2002 cars running stalls without tuning?
  177. Summary of my TH400 give me your input
  178. Do you have to lift off gas to shift a TH400, like a manual?
  179. 4L60E bangs rev limiter ONLY from a roll, not dig...
  180. How EXACTLY does a trans-brake work on a TH400?
  181. Tranny cooler and stall?
  182. Would it be a good idea to get steel line/fittings for the cooler lines?
  183. TH-400 vs TH-350 vs 200-4R
  184. Jiffy Lube killed my trans?
  185. 4l80 swap
  186. What Flexplate do I need when doing a 4L60e to Th400 swap?
  187. Any disadvantages to upgrading from the stock TH400 gear?
  188. TH350 or NOT
  189. Gear Vendors / Speedo question
  190. 97-02 C5 Vette Tranny
  191. Yank ss3800 or TCI ssf3500
  192. tc launch and drop
  193. tc question, lock up
  194. Pros and cons of changing tranny fluid with a stall?
  195. A4 problems
  196. quick question
  197. someone asked about 3.0 1st gear in TH400
  198. M6 to an TH350
  199. CSI Composite Shield help
  200. Trans brake on a TH400, how hard is it on the motor, car, rear end, etc?
  201. Here is why I am going TH400 . . .
  202. whats the GM part number for a4 shift switch
  203. Converter Lockup Issue..Need Help!!
  204. New Vette Tranny finally the Savior for A4s??
  205. How to Roll race in A4?
  206. A4 drag
  207. Question for those with a Cheetah shifter
  208. Gear Vendors
  209. Tranny Prob.. banging Rev limiter after stall.
  210. TH400 guys, how do you shift?
  211. Where to buy parts and what to get for rebuild?
  212. Does the TH400 bog off the line?
  213. A4 tranny gears
  214. Yank transmission ????????????
  215. What converter will give me the best trap speed?
  216. Th350 In A 01 Ss
  217. Stall Converter/New Gears
  218. Tranny Problem
  219. vigilante 2800-3000 or tci 3000?
  220. whats the converter of the month?
  221. Vig 3200? whats going on?
  222. Best way to flush cooler after trans/verter let go?
  223. Tranny Question
  224. Changing over to auto from Manual
  225. 4l80 tranny pan fit on 4l60e?
  226. TH400 Common Upgrades?
  227. Tranny is leaking around driveshaft
  228. do i need that TC cover
  229. How much am I going to pay.......
  230. Back with another VIG
  231. A4 shifter won't go into park!
  232. 4L60 Bell housing noise
  233. TH400 & V2OD vs. gear vendors
  234. Help with High-Mileage Tranny
  235. A4 builders and those that have had their A4 built
  236. I've decided to get a TCI3000 Street Fighter
  237. Stock TC stats?
  238. Fitting for trans lines going into radiator
  239. To shift or not to shift
  240. TH400 guys . . . get a tach/shift light?
  241. where is the best palce to get a new pump and rebilud kit for 4l60e
  242. Yank denies warranty
  243. Probuilt Transmissions?
  244. TH400 Trans Brake Problem........
  245. TCI or Midwest
  246. Balooning T/C
  247. all 4l60-E haters come share
  248. TH350/400 with 6.0L adaptor and flexplate
  249. Truck Won't Start!!!
  250. vibration in 3rd only