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  1. No Downshift to lowest gear at WOT
  2. T-56 to Th400 swap PLEASE HELP. Or 4l80
  3. 4L80E Vs. Built4l60e Vs. TH400 ??
  4. Good verter for an FM11 cam?
  5. 2-3 shift clunk with transgo
  6. 4000 Stall Question
  7. My tranny feels like its slipping when I stall it up?
  8. Anyone know how the Trailblazer I6 TC would do in a Whippled 5.3?
  9. Heres one for the experts....
  10. Fourth Yank Converter in 4 Years!
  11. 4l80 How strong?????????
  12. TH350 using clutch take off?
  13. Need some advice on a converter
  14. Help me find the right shifter!
  15. How much do you think..
  16. can it be done??
  17. 350 vs 400 turbo
  18. Oversize 3-4 clutch pack/input drum anyone tried it??
  19. Broken Tail shaft on the dyno today.
  20. torque converter?
  21. Anyone familiar with 6 pinion planetaries for a 4L60E?
  22. What parts do i need to make my A4 stronger?
  23. will my stock 10 bolt hold up to this?
  24. are these 2 tci ssf converters the same? please help
  25. s-10 4.3 radiator trans coolant lines witch in and out???
  26. Does this sound like a Vig 3200
  27. Converter Lockup = KR
  28. Tranny Help!
  29. How much am I leaving on the table? SS4000 vs PT4200
  30. tc from a roll
  31. info for A4 to 6 speed swap
  32. Trans is acting up
  33. LT1 vs. LS1 4L60E ?
  34. Shift point question
  35. changed stall on my verter, now i have a small problem
  36. just ordered my vig 3600 & trans go
  37. HELP!! SY3500 troubles.
  38. Lt1 Transgo Shiftkit in LS1
  39. Trouble with B&M Shift improver kit
  40. how much difference in a TCI 3000 vs. 3500 please help
  41. 4L60E Question HELP!
  42. Cant find ""
  43. Overkill?
  44. other add ons i will need with a stall and gear??
  45. 2005 1500 truck transmissions
  46. Max hp and torque a stock 4L60e can hold
  47. suggestions about a stall
  48. Did I screw myself with a TCS verter???
  49. Performance Tranny Parts
  50. just had converter installed i have a question
  51. where to find cheetah shifter, and how much?
  52. 4l60e's interchangeable from 1997-2000
  53. trany ? help please
  54. TH400 guys, do you regret NOT getting the Gear Vendors OD unit?
  55. 4l60e And Cryo Smart Techs Please Read
  56. 2-3 servo issues???
  57. Procharger + Converter:
  58. How much RWHP will 4l60E handle Rebuilt!
  59. what holds the output shaft steady in a 4l60e?
  60. need professional help on converter selection
  61. th350-400 conversion kit?
  62. converter change?
  63. stall converter buying question
  64. Launching with TCI 3800
  65. New B&M 3000 stall for sell.
  66. Muti-disc question?
  67. Anyone with 3200VIG come in! Pease!
  68. I want to put a 700r4 in my 99(5spd) silverado
  69. Big Stall 4000+ Plus guys i have a question
  70. Guys with 3500+ converters come in
  71. How much for a th400 swap?
  72. New converter Help
  73. installed problems?
  74. 4l80e questions.........HELP
  75. TransGo Shiftkit for 99Z28
  76. which trany?
  77. Do i need a transgo with a tune.
  78. Redline ATF safe?
  79. Car show
  80. 4l60e surging question
  81. Help! 4L60E won't shift
  82. B&M Deep Pan and Transpak
  83. Odd question, but how much does a 4L60e weigh complete?
  84. Should I do a transgo shift kit with my ST3500?
  85. Ordered my Glide today...
  86. Cant get Trans out of car.....Wana get new converter in ASAP
  87. B&M Converter
  88. Put In Reverse--Hear A Little Noise
  89. obd1 high rpm issues...
  90. How to add VSS to th350?
  91. P/t F/t Tc
  92. TH400 and reverse lights/neutral saftey switch
  93. 4L80E wiring harness for factory computer.
  94. Need help deciding on converter.
  95. Will this slow me down
  96. Anyone have this problem?
  97. 4L60E tranny fluid
  98. 99 ls1 Car no longer has 2nd gear!!!
  99. got ls1 edit programmer installed today and still doesn't have 2nd downshift at wot
  100. HPP3 settings for A4
  101. I found an LS1 bellhousing on E-bay
  102. Two dumb 4l60e questions
  103. Only dropped .2 in 1/4
  104. Removing Torque convertor
  105. have a question about bringing my car to get a tune for my A4 trans
  106. where do i buy the a good converter for my th350
  107. Which Converter for my Set-up??
  108. Verter Choice - Please Confirm my Theory!
  109. Stall converter install, how much should it cost?
  110. Will I need to tune after my ST3500 Install?
  111. Help
  112. Manual Lock Install???
  113. YET another tc install question help please
  114. how much difference b/w the "big name" convertors and "lower priced" ones? TH-400
  115. 4L60E Problems
  116. Making a clicking noise when going from park/reverse or park/drive?????
  117. Help!!!
  118. TCI3200 Problems!!
  119. Just got a Camaro with a TC, hows it work?
  120. are these signs of a failing tranny or rearend?
  121. TCI 3500 is locking in 3rd or 4th gear and OD
  122. TH350 valvebody problem?
  123. Can someone explain why you need a lower stall for N20?
  124. Locking Torque Convertor
  125. th350 vs built 4l60E
  126. Trans-Go Kit Question
  127. Suggestions Please!
  128. Help with converter selection!!!
  129. TH350 detent/kickdown cable, does it control line pressure?
  130. TH400 Cooler Line Pressure?
  131. at the radiator, which line is which?
  132. going th400...have a few questions
  133. Tranny pops when downshifting
  134. How does a 3600 Midwest TC compare to a 2800 Yank?
  135. Will a Converter make my tranny stronger?
  136. whats the best transmission mount to use for my 00 LS1 camaro?
  137. Fyi
  138. 700R4 tranny
  139. 4l80e into a 72 Chevelle
  140. Converter questions from a newb
  141. TCI SSF converter ?
  142. "Is this normal" questions concerning tranny and stall
  143. Torque Converter TP4400 Slip speed... what affects slip speed?
  144. WTF wont my car Shift from 2nd to 3rd & 3rd to 4th at WOT
  145. Braided line trans cooler lines 4l60e
  146. i need help bad!
  147. 4L60E stuck in second :mad:
  148. torque converter for trex?
  149. Delayed shift question
  150. where to install tep sensor into trans???
  151. Anyone ever used a TCI powerglide?
  152. bolts for TCI converter?
  153. TC Lockup wire... which wire on the transmission?
  154. Cheetah SCS shifter - Do I need the A4 or M6 console?
  155. ST3500 vs ST3800
  156. Problem with my 4L60E
  157. Backing a blown LS6
  158. TH400 w/Gearvendors Overdrive..question...
  159. symptoms of a bad converter (stock)
  160. what good
  161. which tci converter will go well with my 373 gears
  162. Installation Cost TC.
  163. Shift Kit install help!!
  164. Can a bad verter kill ur traps?
  165. Car runs hotter now
  166. Who Has a Vigilante 3800
  167. what do you think my 1/4 times will be???
  168. BIG stall question...
  169. A4 shifting into 4th under full throttle.
  170. Ordered Vig 3200 today
  171. TC install help... too far from flywheel?
  172. TC install help... too far from flywheel?
  173. Trans slipping after LS6 install???? Help..
  174. Need comments on Converters!
  175. 4l80e install?
  176. PT4000 installed, now code P0757
  177. Best stall for my 98 Trans Am
  178. Polyurethane tranny mount vibrations
  179. th400 to a 4l60e stall
  180. Tranny not shifting?
  181. 3200(vig) - 4.10s - A4?
  182. 4L60E-Which Clutch Set?
  183. 4L60E / 1-2 Shifting when Hot
  184. New intake.... Tranny problems?
  185. V6 tranny?
  186. possible problem
  187. Dacco Converters
  188. Teamtrip Q ........2k xcab
  189. converter
  190. A4 and ET Streets
  191. TransGo Help
  192. Yank SS or TCI SF
  193. i need some help
  194. What do I need to know about a Stall Install?
  195. 4l60e no od or d
  196. launchin with 4L60E question....and what is recommended to beefen up the tranny?
  197. Shifter knob
  198. Shifter for 4l80e????????
  199. just installed rock on 4l60e
  200. tranny won't work
  201. Tranny Temp Gauge
  202. TC Install/Swap Guide
  203. 323s to 342s
  204. harsh reverse engagement
  205. 200-4R and 700R4 transmission?
  206. Some questions about FLP's Stage 4 4L60E Tranny
  207. Trans Leak
  208. temp gauge?
  209. Why would transmission stay in 2nd when in 3rd?
  210. 4L60E or 4L80E?
  211. Tuner says bad converter??
  212. How much tranny fluid for 4L60E with a deep pan
  213. Please help me pick a stall converter!
  214. Converter stall question
  215. 04 silverado 5.3 4l60e
  216. tci ssf3500 or yank ss4000
  217. Clunking / Delay...
  218. Got a great deal on built tranny w/3k stall!
  219. What to replace 4l60E with???
  220. Converter confusion: higher STR or steeper gears?
  221. Looking for new Transmission
  222. 1-2 shift problem PLEASE HELP
  223. help choose a converter help!
  224. Serious Problems After Transgo Install
  225. Where can I find swap how to?
  226. Cost of Complete Turbo 400
  227. Which stall for 125/150 NX, SS4000e or PYE3600
  228. TCI SF 3000 and N20?
  229. Servo Q??
  230. 400 turbo ?
  231. tsp 231/237,a4,3.42
  232. Check out my trans cooler setup
  233. Which Transmission should I go with?
  234. What cam with 4000-4400 stall?
  235. Thanks To Dave At Rock On
  236. FLP 4L60E ROCKS-Thanks to CHUCK-
  237. Tranny Heat.
  238. Need help with tranny sell
  239. Shifts?
  240. shift question
  241. 4l60e rebuild
  242. need help removing tailshaft seal
  243. cooler line clip part #
  244. Tranny gone? Need help please!
  245. HD U-joints?
  246. 4L60E interchange
  247. 97 700r4 To 01 4l60e Conversion
  248. 4L60E Performance rebuild worth it?
  249. Trouble with 4L60E
  250. Truck pan w/ drain plug question