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  1. TH400 converter for nitrous - 4000 too high for a 250 shot?
  2. Shift solenoid?
  3. Looking to buy a converter for my A4. Help me!
  4. Difference between converter for LT1 and LS1?
  5. How long will it hold?
  6. M6 to A4 swap
  7. 4l60e 93 truck tranny
  8. results from tci 4000
  9. Who is/has used nitrous on a Vig multidisc 4000 stall???
  10. Upshifting/Downshifting
  11. Shift Kit
  12. 4l60e: "Corvette servo"?
  13. Need advice on stall rpm
  14. Vig. 3600 or Similar Yank?
  15. Help.. I need a quick question answered :)
  16. B&M LS1 Converter (results)
  17. 4L60E: please help me to get the big picture
  18. Help! I think I killed my trans or verter
  19. How trans brake works
  20. p1870 code
  21. p1870 code
  22. Rubber or Metal Line to Tranny Cooler
  23. 98 flexplate
  24. manual lockup switch???
  25. 4l80e flex shield and tranny shield
  26. how
  27. Can you spray on a Yank PT4400? Has anyone done this?
  28. a4-400 swap, what all needed??
  29. Installed converter now the car wont move
  30. Aftermarket A4 Shifters...
  31. 4L60E Auto
  32. Team trip Question
  33. Metal tube on the top of a 4L60E
  34. Glide or T400
  35. short shifting
  36. 4l60e servo
  37. Shift extension on PT4200 question.
  38. Whos Yanks new owner?
  39. Tranny/Converter Issues After New Cam Install
  40. 4l60e probrems help
  41. WOT at 5600RPM car shuts off/backfire HELP!!
  42. tranny temp gauge install
  43. New PT4200 is in!
  44. 4l60e
  45. Yank SS 3600: to do or not to do?
  46. MAF ends or In need of shift kit?
  47. Nice 700R4 Find...
  48. Trans fluid change to come soon!
  49. converter question
  50. A4 install with PT4000, problems...
  51. yank re-stall quesiton
  52. the yank is in
  53. t-56>A4 swap, now code p1860...
  54. Down shifting harder after TC install.
  55. Transgo Shift Kit. Anything I need to think about before installing?
  56. Newbie ?: What gear do u race in?
  57. TH-350 help, Shift kit Help, and stall converter help
  58. Wanna guess !?
  59. TCI Converters?
  60. tranny cooler
  61. tranny type and torqe conv???
  62. What gear in 1\4
  63. B&M LS1 Converter
  64. Who uses a 4l80 with BIG horsepower???? T-brake?
  65. Midwest vs TCI vs Vig
  66. Please Help Me, Noises From Tranny?
  67. auto/man
  68. tranny or converter?
  69. what rear gear are you th400 (semi street) guys using?
  70. fewST3500 questions
  71. 4l80e stock converter in Z28?
  72. Problems installing transmission cooler
  73. Shudder at deceleration
  74. Lockin the Torque Converter....
  75. Rattling Shifter
  76. A4 snapping like twigs!!!
  77. Stall Converter Help!
  78. Which tci converter for me????
  79. Need Immediate Speed Inc. Tranny help!
  80. LT4 Hot Cam Timing
  81. Which T/C for Boosted car??
  82. Shift Kit Question
  83. Which ART CARR, SO-CAL or TEXAS?
  84. 4l60e woes :(
  85. Cheetah SCS part numbers 70073B and 70002B, do I need both?
  86. vig 3200 problem
  87. quick vaccum line question
  88. replaced 2-3 solenoid but still having problems??????
  89. tci 3000 track results
  90. WTF is wrong with this damn tranny
  91. Tranny wont shift out of first gear! Help!
  92. WHO here on this forum, REALLY knows transmissions, converters & dyno's?
  93. What would be the gains from a ST3500 to a SS4000
  94. stall converter bolt lenght
  95. tailshaft ext. housing
  96. can I use an LT1 trans mount on a LS1
  97. A4 from LT1 go into an LS1
  98. How much is too much?
  99. Car dies in reverse. After stall.
  100. Shift Extension
  101. 4l80e install in a 67chevy ll
  102. best convertor combo for pure street driving
  103. Problems blocking off trans cooler lines???
  104. T-56 vs TH400
  105. Shift point adjustment...going from 26's to 28's need help...
  106. 00 z28 converter
  107. parts for a a4 to a3
  108. I want to upgrade my Yank ST3500. Please help.
  109. TCI Flexplate trouble
  110. LS1 Bellhousing
  111. 2nd gear gone!
  112. Shift light installe question
  113. love my rock-on!
  114. which tranny/stall for ATI D-1SC Procharger?
  115. Wiring on a 96' 4l60e Fbod the same...
  116. Recall???
  117. Turbo-400, people who has done this help me out.
  118. 1st gear only, whats up????
  119. Im f***ing pissed
  120. Tailshaft length for a 400
  121. What Vehicles Come With 4L80e?
  122. looking for LS1 to 200r4 or 700r4 adaptor
  123. New converter, slippin trans.
  124. P0757 2-3 solenoid stuck on ..
  125. LS1 guys with 373 gears, at 45 mph at WOT you still get that screaming performace?
  126. need info
  127. 4L65, sliding 1-2 shift.
  128. converter quest
  129. Torque Converter Bolts???
  130. "plastic bushings" in 4L60E ?
  131. is it possible that my tps voltage is low, causing my trans not to downshift at WOT?
  132. New TCI 4000 stall SSF converter
  133. Restalling a converter, who's good & fair priced????
  134. 4L80E questions
  135. how to replace my 2-3 shift solenoid
  136. TCI SSF 3500 slipping bad & chattering
  137. TC Questions...
  138. Need help bad, Tranny not working.
  139. do you have to upgrade the trans filter when using the deep trans pan for the LS1's?
  140. Tranny Help!
  141. Th 350?
  142. restall or sell Y3000 ?
  143. Anyone in Phila or S. Jersey have the FLP Level IV tranny?
  144. FLP Level IV users..........
  145. 4l80e Problems
  146. Just took my friend for a ride in my "slow auto"
  147. question on stock convertor
  148. Trans Temp Gauge Install
  149. Looking for converter recommendations!
  150. 1350 yoke for 4L60E?
  151. Trans. went out today.
  152. what stall ??????
  153. Flywheel/flexplate bolt size, thread, etc...
  154. Damn 4L60E
  155. Need help with potential converter problem/drivability issue
  156. B&M deep tranny pan installed...
  157. First Experience With ST3500 Stall Converter
  158. trans go
  159. Transmission lines on stock cooler
  160. shifting problems. help
  161. corvette servo
  162. Tranny Swap Question
  163. tranny has started slipping... rebuild time...
  164. Daily Driver Mod Recommendations Please
  165. Where to get my Turbo 400 rebuilt in CA
  166. anyone uses the deep trans pan for their Ls1's, if so how many total quarts to use?
  167. converter hub too freaking short????
  168. $300 to convert my SS4000 to a PT4400, what do you think about that?
  169. ultimate street converter for a stroker/superstroker?
  170. new car, new problem
  171. th-350 inspection cover..
  172. want to buy tci ssf 3500 but read some horror story's
  173. How much is this gonna suck?
  174. Stall RPM question with STS turbo....
  175. Tranny problem
  176. Here's a website for all your trans needs...
  177. ?questions?
  178. Neutral safety switch
  179. help!! trans mount problem
  180. Need some opinions on SY3500 & Y3200
  181. TC and tuning transmission
  182. Screaching sound
  183. self 4L60E attempt.
  184. Good Transmission Shop in Denver
  185. No Downshift to lowest gear at WOT
  186. T-56 to Th400 swap PLEASE HELP. Or 4l80
  187. 4L80E Vs. Built4l60e Vs. TH400 ??
  188. Good verter for an FM11 cam?
  189. 2-3 shift clunk with transgo
  190. 4000 Stall Question
  191. My tranny feels like its slipping when I stall it up?
  192. Anyone know how the Trailblazer I6 TC would do in a Whippled 5.3?
  193. Heres one for the experts....
  194. Fourth Yank Converter in 4 Years!
  195. 4l80 How strong?????????
  196. TH350 using clutch take off?
  197. Need some advice on a converter
  198. Help me find the right shifter!
  199. How much do you think..
  200. can it be done??
  201. 350 vs 400 turbo
  202. Oversize 3-4 clutch pack/input drum anyone tried it??
  203. Broken Tail shaft on the dyno today.
  204. torque converter?
  205. Anyone familiar with 6 pinion planetaries for a 4L60E?
  206. What parts do i need to make my A4 stronger?
  207. will my stock 10 bolt hold up to this?
  208. are these 2 tci ssf converters the same? please help
  209. s-10 4.3 radiator trans coolant lines witch in and out???
  210. Does this sound like a Vig 3200
  211. Converter Lockup = KR
  212. Tranny Help!
  213. How much am I leaving on the table? SS4000 vs PT4200
  214. tc from a roll
  215. info for A4 to 6 speed swap
  216. Trans is acting up
  217. LT1 vs. LS1 4L60E ?
  218. Shift point question
  219. changed stall on my verter, now i have a small problem
  220. just ordered my vig 3600 & trans go
  221. HELP!! SY3500 troubles.
  222. Lt1 Transgo Shiftkit in LS1
  223. Trouble with B&M Shift improver kit
  224. how much difference in a TCI 3000 vs. 3500 please help
  225. 4L60E Question HELP!
  226. Cant find ""
  227. Overkill?
  228. other add ons i will need with a stall and gear??
  229. 2005 1500 truck transmissions
  230. Max hp and torque a stock 4L60e can hold
  231. suggestions about a stall
  232. Did I screw myself with a TCS verter???
  233. Performance Tranny Parts
  234. just had converter installed i have a question
  235. where to find cheetah shifter, and how much?
  236. 4l60e's interchangeable from 1997-2000
  237. trany ? help please
  238. TH400 guys, do you regret NOT getting the Gear Vendors OD unit?
  239. 4l60e And Cryo Smart Techs Please Read
  240. 2-3 servo issues???
  241. Procharger + Converter:
  242. How much RWHP will 4l60E handle Rebuilt!
  243. what holds the output shaft steady in a 4l60e?
  244. need professional help on converter selection
  245. th350-400 conversion kit?
  246. converter change?
  247. stall converter buying question
  248. Launching with TCI 3800
  249. New B&M 3000 stall for sell.
  250. Muti-disc question?