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  1. TH400 shifter questions?
  2. How exactly does the Gear Vendors Overdrive unit work?
  3. Trans-brake for 4L60E..
  4. Slipping..
  5. Possible Trans Problem?
  6. 2nd Gear Whine
  7. New Tranny, but cant decide???
  8. manual valve body for 700r4/4L60 ?
  9. raptor th400 ls1 kit
  10. will using a 98 pcm with a 99 A4 tranny cause my problem
  11. 6.0 iron block work with 4l60e?
  12. Can a ST3800 be restalled to a PT4200?
  13. Converter Efficiency
  14. Vibration, Help
  15. slipping tranny?
  16. New converter needed.
  17. Making my mind up this weekend, go TH400 or try another 4L60e. Any TH400 regrets???
  18. Tranny Problem Solinoids?
  19. How to convert a 4L80E to 2WD
  20. Installing My Transgo This Weekend!
  21. Kevin @ TCI, 4L80-E TC
  22. Vig3200 is dead
  23. question about torque converters
  24. Here's A Question For All Of You 4l60e Junkies
  25. TCI Flexplate
  26. explanation of gears and stall?
  27. No Lock-up after rebuild
  28. TCC Unlock
  29. Just another word of warning for TCS stuff...
  30. TH400 people inside!
  31. Converter still locking up through shifts...
  32. Trans Shifting Very Hard after Engine Work
  33. When converter is locked up car very slowly accelerates
  34. How hard is Trans-go to install yourself?
  35. 4L60E no drive after rebuild
  36. Anyone running a non-lockup converter in a 4L60E?
  37. Anyone ever have the drum flower out?
  38. Is it a proven fact that aftermarket converters lose hp over the stock converter?
  39. messed up my converter(pic's), fix it or try a vig?
  40. What are the signs of a bad valve on the trans?
  41. Do 98s have torque management?
  42. Help Pick a TCI 'verter for my Friend's car.
  43. Bad Bearing in my tranny? for an A4
  44. th 400
  45. 4L60E Stuck in Fwd AND Rev!
  46. TCi or Vigilante or Yank?Opinions plz?
  47. shifting problems after TCI 3500 install
  48. Trans mount help
  49. tranny help
  50. th 400 swap?
  51. powerglide or th350????
  52. Stock Torque Converter
  53. shifting into OD too soon
  54. why is the th400 better than the 4l60e?
  55. will tci ssf shave as much et off as a yank tc?
  56. any gains going from TCI 3500 to a Yank SS3800?
  57. Help with powerband
  58. tranny spontaneously fixes itself?????
  59. WOT Shift Question
  60. sk4l60e 1/2 accum. valve
  61. quick help needed...must order by monday!
  62. Tranny blanket for 4L60E
  63. Converter/flash issue
  64. TCI #399753 Flexplate?
  65. py3400e or py3600e for street tires?
  66. Next tranny question.
  67. How you do get this darn pan off?
  68. Converter Re-Stall help..what to get
  69. transgo squeal 4l60
  70. How do torque converters work?
  71. Vig 3200 or PT4000
  72. SS3800E whines like a turbine
  73. PTS Shiftronic--manual automatic
  74. Cooling a Cooler?
  75. Street tranny tuning
  76. Slippping Tranny????
  77. Transmission woes...
  78. car dies when put in reverse
  79. Serious Problems
  80. For those of you without hard lines going to your cooler...
  81. How many trans related troubles??
  82. FLP or Rossler 4L60E
  83. Tune after converter install.
  84. aftermarket auto shifters
  85. Converter Comes Unlocked...
  86. everyone who went from 4L60E to th400 please help
  87. converter got VERY hot, YANK is closed, what should i do with it?
  88. Who makes the strongest 4L60E?
  89. Colonel, what is a reasonable tranny temp
  90. Thinking about swapping 4L60e to Th400, what additional parts will I need?
  91. Opinions on daily driving on a TH400?
  92. No 3rd or 4th gear.
  93. SS4200 efficiency?
  94. Anyone using FAST standalone transmission controller?
  95. which size stall/torque converter
  96. Torque convertor break-in
  97. Experts - How about a summary/breakdown of all the different F-Body trans available?
  98. Thinking about tossing my 4L60e and going TH400 - what are the pros/cons?
  99. Problem with 3-4 shift
  100. Trans is "holding" back until second gear . . .
  101. need a rebuild, who do you reccomend????
  102. Not your typical newbie TC question...
  103. Who has the best prices on the Yank PT series?
  104. Maximum shift RPM in 4L60E?
  105. Help Please
  106. how to adjust shift times
  107. Where to get T400 converters for LS1?
  108. Fbody vs Ybody Flexplates
  109. yank ss4000
  110. fluid change
  111. Driving impressions: SY3500/Y3000vs SSF3500(long)
  112. wont go past 2500rpm
  113. Can I install a Transbrake?
  114. I need a scattershield for a TH400
  115. TH-400 xmember lt1/ls1??
  116. TT2800 3.0str 60ft?
  117. 4l65e race or not
  118. Quick torque converter bolt question
  119. Swapping from an suto to a 6speed? anyone intrested?
  120. Car keeps getting the Solenoid B Code
  121. Your opinions for a "boost" converter
  122. Tranny cooler
  123. 98 trans into 01
  124. Trans line question...
  125. 4th to 2nd downshifts slipping??
  126. Just installed converter.... need advise
  127. I need a new tranny, where?
  128. locking vs non-locking?
  129. th350 torque convertor
  130. Speedo conversion for your TH350?
  131. Converter question regarding efficency?
  132. 4l60e Help!!
  133. Converter unlocking under VERY light acceleration
  134. choices for autos w/ OD
  135. Wanted: stock ls1 auto flywheel
  136. my car is shaking badly
  137. will a yank ss 3800e be good for n/a?
  138. DIY 4L60E rebuild possible??
  139. Yank SS3800E and 200 shot.
  140. tc for 3.07:1 gears??
  141. thinking about doing a tc
  142. Which TC to use with cam?
  143. I need opinions on what this could be??
  144. tranny guage in air vent??
  145. top speed
  146. Tranny cooler in front of A/C, engine temp??
  147. Fluid Level after Cooler install
  148. Trans Temp gauge install
  149. TC and flywheel
  150. auto shifter cable hook up problem plz help
  151. urgent: tc over 3400 is bad!! PCM??
  152. TCS t/c
  153. Bigger TC bad for tranny?
  154. Vibs felt in drive only
  155. Can someone give me an opinion on this
  156. Vigilante 3200
  157. ???????????????
  158. Best prices on extremeduty 4L65E parts?
  159. SS4000 or PT 4000?
  160. Not shifting to OD
  161. what the hell is rattling
  162. Can you spray with a YPT4400?
  163. Going from a Vig 2800 to a Yank SS 3600 help?
  164. Speed Inc. Pure Evil Tranny feedback wanted.
  165. Transbrake on a 200-4R
  166. question from a manual guy
  167. Traction Control vs Torque Management
  168. 4L80E problems
  169. Need Help! Won't Idle...Transmission Related???
  170. Tranny Cooler Size
  171. 02 owners, TCI 3500?
  172. Changing from Vig 2800 to TCI 4400
  173. 4L60E Checkballs
  174. tci converters what you guys think?
  175. torque "dip" and optimum shift points
  176. any tc out there that wont destroy mpg?
  177. Fluid change
  178. tool for pump?
  179. TCi 3500 to Yank 4000 gains??
  180. Anybody put a non lock up converter in a 4L60E?
  181. does locking a TC based on MPH hurt performance?
  182. What size converter? Supercharged
  183. BMR now offers Trans K-member for 4L80E conversion!!
  184. What trans temp are u getting with Yank SS400?
  185. what do codes mean?
  186. And why is my tranny fluid turning purple?
  187. Trans temp gauge help.
  188. drivetrain clunk is it normal?
  189. trans slipping?
  190. new torque converter
  191. Is 3000 stall too low?
  192. Wait!! I use less throttle after SSF3500 stall?? HUH
  193. 4L60E TC's Diffrent???
  194. Turbo 400
  195. SES P1870 and my converter doesn't seem to lock?
  196. Convertor choice for H/C and 150 Shot.
  197. SSF 3500 guys inside.Got Q Im going to the track soon.
  198. installing my ssf3500 tomorrow
  199. Paging Kevin Winstead @ Tci
  200. why wont it shift right away WOT??
  201. Finally I Feel At Home Here...blown Tranny
  202. stupid question
  203. Need suggestion with 4L60E from my LT1 into my 00' LS1.
  204. temp gauge installed....question?
  205. 4l60e/Powerglide swap crossmember
  206. Transmission slips only when TC locked... tranny or TC problem?
  207. What size converter for a daily driven camaro.
  208. Yank email address not working
  209. How big of a stall?
  210. vig 3200 guys with tuning...come on in
  211. Driveing in 2 past 55mph Im I in trouble?
  212. tcs converter..six mounting lugs??
  213. Yank's ultimate drag converter?
  214. Where to get Transgo, Vette servo, accumulator, etc.
  215. Hard/quick shifts. WTF?
  216. Why is 3rd gear so long?
  217. shift kit, yea or na?
  218. TH350-What converter for LS1 with LS6 cam
  219. TCC lock during shift question?
  220. question about flashing a stall..?
  221. trans after cam install
  222. Anybody buy a PTC converter?
  223. SES codes and idle surge after PT4400 install..
  224. installing ssf3500. keep 4.10 or drop to 3.23
  225. 4L80E? Or anything strong
  226. weak tq numbers, 3500 stall/bolt on guys, what did you dyno?
  227. SSF 3500 went in yesterday......LOTS of info inside
  228. Stall question?
  229. What's the best value in converter right now?
  230. Yank SS4000 vs SS4000E what's the diff?
  231. help w/4l80 yank converter/flywheel issue
  232. 2 Torque Converter bolts sripped????? I need help asap PLEASE
  233. Shift knob for stock 4l60e shifter?
  234. Look Ma - no dipstick tube from factory?
  235. everyone who knos about converters please help
  236. What makes an 8 inch converter unstreetable?
  237. "Catch Can" to solve venting problem? Anyone done this?
  238. Jiffy Boob - cooked slush box?
  239. New C7 vette - sealed slush box
  240. Misfire/knock from a 3600 stall???
  241. Filling a sealed auto tranny??
  242. Converter choice. HELP!!
  243. ss3600 vs viper in video section
  244. Best Way To Raise Line Pressure
  245. What fluid to use and where to get a cooler at
  246. Changing a converter on a Vette...
  247. Problems ? within
  248. PG w/ LS1??
  249. loud "clunk" sound from under car
  250. Ordering TC soon: Vig or Yank