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  1. question from a manual guy
  2. Traction Control vs Torque Management
  3. 4L80E problems
  4. Need Help! Won't Idle...Transmission Related???
  5. Tranny Cooler Size
  6. 02 owners, TCI 3500?
  7. Changing from Vig 2800 to TCI 4400
  8. 4L60E Checkballs
  9. tci converters what you guys think?
  10. torque "dip" and optimum shift points
  11. any tc out there that wont destroy mpg?
  12. Fluid change
  13. tool for pump?
  14. TCi 3500 to Yank 4000 gains??
  15. Anybody put a non lock up converter in a 4L60E?
  16. does locking a TC based on MPH hurt performance?
  17. What size converter? Supercharged
  18. BMR now offers Trans K-member for 4L80E conversion!!
  19. What trans temp are u getting with Yank SS400?
  20. what do codes mean?
  21. And why is my tranny fluid turning purple?
  22. Trans temp gauge help.
  23. drivetrain clunk is it normal?
  24. trans slipping?
  25. new torque converter
  26. Is 3000 stall too low?
  27. Wait!! I use less throttle after SSF3500 stall?? HUH
  28. 4L60E TC's Diffrent???
  29. Turbo 400
  30. SES P1870 and my converter doesn't seem to lock?
  31. Convertor choice for H/C and 150 Shot.
  32. SSF 3500 guys inside.Got Q Im going to the track soon.
  33. installing my ssf3500 tomorrow
  34. Paging Kevin Winstead @ Tci
  35. why wont it shift right away WOT??
  36. Finally I Feel At Home Here...blown Tranny
  37. stupid question
  38. Need suggestion with 4L60E from my LT1 into my 00' LS1.
  39. temp gauge installed....question?
  40. 4l60e/Powerglide swap crossmember
  41. Transmission slips only when TC locked... tranny or TC problem?
  42. What size converter for a daily driven camaro.
  43. Yank email address not working
  44. How big of a stall?
  45. vig 3200 guys with tuning...come on in
  46. Driveing in 2 past 55mph Im I in trouble?
  47. tcs converter..six mounting lugs??
  48. Yank's ultimate drag converter?
  49. Where to get Transgo, Vette servo, accumulator, etc.
  50. Hard/quick shifts. WTF?
  51. Why is 3rd gear so long?
  52. shift kit, yea or na?
  53. TH350-What converter for LS1 with LS6 cam
  54. TCC lock during shift question?
  55. question about flashing a stall..?
  56. trans after cam install
  57. Anybody buy a PTC converter?
  58. SES codes and idle surge after PT4400 install..
  59. installing ssf3500. keep 4.10 or drop to 3.23
  60. 4L80E? Or anything strong
  61. weak tq numbers, 3500 stall/bolt on guys, what did you dyno?
  62. SSF 3500 went in yesterday......LOTS of info inside
  63. Stall question?
  64. What's the best value in converter right now?
  65. Yank SS4000 vs SS4000E what's the diff?
  66. help w/4l80 yank converter/flywheel issue
  67. 2 Torque Converter bolts sripped????? I need help asap PLEASE
  68. Shift knob for stock 4l60e shifter?
  69. Look Ma - no dipstick tube from factory?
  70. everyone who knos about converters please help
  71. What makes an 8 inch converter unstreetable?
  72. "Catch Can" to solve venting problem? Anyone done this?
  73. Jiffy Boob - cooked slush box?
  74. New C7 vette - sealed slush box
  75. Misfire/knock from a 3600 stall???
  76. Filling a sealed auto tranny??
  77. Converter choice. HELP!!
  78. ss3600 vs viper in video section
  79. Best Way To Raise Line Pressure
  80. What fluid to use and where to get a cooler at
  81. Changing a converter on a Vette...
  82. Problems ? within
  83. PG w/ LS1??
  84. loud "clunk" sound from under car
  85. Ordering TC soon: Vig or Yank
  86. From:Vig3200 to Midwest4000 to Yank PT4400 impressions
  87. 4L60E Converters
  88. 200-4R Converters the same as 4L60E?
  89. trans is starting to run hot.....
  90. connect t-cooler to radiator??
  91. Found Problem with 4L60
  92. Tci4400 Vs Pt4000
  93. dowel pins came off with tranny
  94. Tranmission problems
  95. How much RWHP before the stock 4l60e goes boom?
  96. 1-2 Late Shift
  97. When to switch to OD
  98. 4L60E rebuild.
  99. Should output shaft have play?
  100. TCI SSF 3500 40 meg video "City driving" as promised.
  101. tranny overheat please help !!!
  102. Is this common with 3.73's and a 3600+ stall?
  103. Question on backing a converter off the motor?
  104. Not sure about this.
  105. Need help: braided line, AN fitting parts list
  106. locking crankshaft for converter
  107. vig3200 guys come on in!
  108. Troublesome Trickshift?
  109. Can a tranny cooler get hot?
  110. TransGo Shift Kit
  111. Need Help with trans problem!!!!
  112. a4 tranny having problems with stall
  113. stall w/o shift kit?
  114. NFG to the whoel conveter thing
  115. TCI 3500 problems help!
  116. Tc and 60's..
  117. VIG guys inside plz
  118. B@M Tranny cooler w/fan @ thermostat, need wiring instructions.
  119. Rattle/Ting From Under The Car, Any Ideas?
  120. Torque Coverter-new cam?
  121. POS tranny stuck, can't break loose
  122. tranny rebuild
  123. Alternative Tranny Cooler
  124. Torque management deleted...?
  125. Convertor Adapter.
  126. Just finished swap VIG3800 to YTP4200.
  127. help ASAP: Tranny lines; reverse thread or not?
  128. TH350 Torque converters: LT1 != LS1
  129. Permacool Install What A Pain!
  130. TT3000 is locking and locking on 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 upshift...
  131. Converter locking, unlocking, locking, unlocking
  132. 2-3 shift problem
  133. TruCool or B&M Transmission coolers?
  134. TH400 Swap -Fact page??
  135. Rear end, gear questions
  136. Counting the cost:
  137. Converter Lock-Up?
  138. Converter came loose?
  139. Transbrake
  140. why not the 200-4R instead of the pop TH400?
  141. Shift extension of the Yank TP series....
  142. A4 c5 will not WOT shift after 3.15 gear and P1870 code
  143. Altering Shift Points for 4L60E
  144. 4L60E wont shift into 2nd
  145. TCI tranny (Street Fighter 4L60E)
  146. Desired shift time...
  147. Converter Choice Help!!!!!
  148. What size transcooler and where to mount it
  149. Who has decent prices on 4000 up converters??
  150. can i fit another cooler?
  151. No shift on WOT
  152. Hesitation in 1st gear start?
  153. Should I swap from T-56 to 4L60E
  154. well crap my flywheel is cracked
  155. TC for daily driving, hot weather & heavy caprice
  156. Coverters??
  157. who makes a driveshaft for an m6 to th400 conversion?
  158. precision Industries
  159. Tranny help
  160. Trans temp sender
  161. converter with t-rex cam?
  162. which converter
  163. ST3500 vs. PT4200
  164. how to m ake an A4 shift quicker and crisper
  165. SS3800 Doubters, come on in
  166. am i forgetting anything
  167. fast question
  168. Any Good Allison trans Tips!!!
  169. Just installed a TCI 3500 need some help
  170. TC: how much power??
  171. A couple of ? for those switched from low stall to a higher stall
  172. Help with M6 to TH400 Swap
  173. Speedo hookup from manual to 200r4??
  174. Paint cure smell ?
  175. help with verter choise
  176. Powerglide dipstick
  177. Driving a higher STALL converter description
  178. M6 guy asking an A4 question... long
  179. Tranny Flushing??
  180. Locking up PT4400 in 3rd gear
  181. output shaft play
  182. checking tq converter
  183. Who has a TCI Comp 4000?
  184. SSF3500 good for nitrous?
  185. what is the stall on a stock converter
  186. TransGo Problem
  187. Anyone heard of or use this transmission?
  188. FLP = Serious Customer Service
  189. 4l60e
  190. F/S Built 4L60E
  191. Quick question on convertors....
  192. tranny clinking
  193. which converter / anyone with a converter
  194. Fresh rebuilt 4L60E has a "whine"..??
  195. nitrous and converter balooning
  196. TC question
  197. Help! Anybody know stock shift points in 99A T/A?
  198. help, quick
  199. Anyone run Maual VB 400 and NO shift lite?
  200. Car won't take off after cam
  201. H/C plus 150 shot w/3.73's - Which TC?
  202. LT1 4L60E into a LS1 ?
  203. changing trans fluid ?
  204. Going back to stock conveter with a cam?
  205. tranny rebuild... again
  206. Who has NOT had problems w/ 4L60E?
  207. A4 diagram
  208. Coming shortly: A video of the TCI SSF 3500
  209. who builds the best 4L60E??
  210. Corvette Transmission
  211. Shift Kits?????
  212. diff questions
  213. Is the Trans Go Shift Kit worth it????
  214. TH400 opinion questionair
  215. Speed Inc stage 3 4L60E...what can it handle?
  216. sonnax reamer
  217. shifting into 2nd too early and DTC code
  218. Next mod choice.....
  219. Need Help!!converter Install
  220. Pump rebuild kit?
  221. Question on filling 4l60e.
  222. 2500 Stall.. Is it a waste of time?
  223. Ok Guys,Got X1 cam and Stage 2 Heads installed,Now what converter to get?
  224. Explain Torque Management
  225. having a hard time contacting Yank
  226. What The Hell, Rpm Changed From Going 2500 At 70 And Now Its At 2500 Going 60
  227. TC intall: Pro or self?
  228. question about how my car shifts
  229. Gains from Vig 3200?
  230. Is it the Conveter or Trans (Newbie help here)
  231. Midwest 3200/2.0 (3400now) redone/redynos 14hp loss unlocked/locked (prev. 35hp)
  232. Converter for a '00 3.8L F-bod same as '00 LS1 F-bod?
  233. Powerglide in a LS1
  234. A4 Abuse Question ?
  235. dipstick for th400 swap?
  236. SS4000 good bolt on converter?
  237. 2.73 Gears.. What STR/Stall should I shoot for?
  238. need help removing a4 shifter knob,!
  239. Where to find 2.95 planatry gearset for 400 turbo?
  240. Banging in reverse
  241. Py3800
  242. 4L60E shifting problem 1-2nd
  243. 200r4 On A Ls1?kick Down Cable Q?
  244. no 3-4 shift
  245. 00 z28 auto revs
  246. Any Luck With These Guys???
  247. firm/hard shifts?
  248. Need a part for a 4L60E
  249. desired shifts?
  250. getting my VIG3200 in today!!!!!