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  1. Shift Extension Question
  2. Switched to TYPE-F today
  3. anyone have a tailshaft housing?
  4. ? for Colonel.
  5. What is everyone's opinion on trans temperature?
  6. What size TC do I need....Help!
  7. TH 350 on the street
  8. Trany whine? Mabe converter?
  9. List of mods Iam adding to my 4L60E!
  10. Car Feel....going from stock converter to YANKSS4000 with mods...
  11. Are kevlar bands bad?
  12. Getting ready for 4L80E swap
  13. Redline ATF in a 4l60e?
  14. Glazed 3 / 4 clutches in an A4?
  15. swap from A4 to th350
  16. New Tranny Question HELP PLEASE!!
  17. TCI SSF 3500 Review
  18. A few ?s for anyone that has successfuly did an A4 to M6 swap.
  19. Yank STLT 3200 - How will it drive w/3.73's?
  20. 200-4R question
  21. ?'s on converter choice, a reman tranny, & install
  22. Convertor keeps unlocking on the highway
  23. Shift Extension on your vig 3600
  24. Fastener sizes on the 4l60e
  25. Quick TC and Shift Kit question
  26. Transmission experts please help...
  27. hey quick question
  28. Is a 4400 too much stall for me?
  29. sry guys, another converter question
  30. A 4000 stall converter in a 200-4R vs. one in a 4L60E, any difference?
  31. TCI SS 3500 thoughts
  32. 5-pinion planetary
  33. What Transmission for this setuo?
  34. deep oil pan
  35. discussion on broken 4l60e tailshaft housings...
  36. Dyno Results A4 Locked versus Unlocked
  37. Predator W/TC
  38. Is my trans. going out?
  39. Good Level 1 or 2 transmissions?
  40. transgo shift kit help
  41. 97 C5 w/ a tick over 40K miles.
  42. th400 shifter install???'s
  43. SS3800 opinions please
  44. Dropped the Z off today.
  45. TCI Streetfighter 3000 - First impressions
  46. Weird Vibration?
  47. VIG3600 + Nitrous
  48. What gears for 9" with a TH400?
  49. track times??? whats going on?
  50. ? about tranny flush and fluid and filter change on TH-400?
  51. TCI 3800 track results...
  52. TCI 3500 w 3.73 gears -- Shift point problems
  53. Anyone using 4000+ stall on street? (Lock up)
  54. Torque Management setting
  55. Does TM make the car lean out?
  56. sick of my T-56, looking for input on auto setup
  57. Non Electric Th700R4: Can I make it work with a LS1 ECM?
  58. moded A4 shifter pics
  59. Shift kit necessary?
  60. th400 is installed but wont crank
  61. Rossler TH-400 Trans?
  62. bye bye stock tranny
  63. Stall for LT1 (Heads Cam Car)
  64. yank St3500 and 2.73 combo?
  65. why is a py3400e better for nitrous?
  66. What did TCS do to my tranny?
  67. yet again, which one?
  68. Converter unlocking during hwy driving
  69. Line Pressure Discussion (when is too much)
  70. just rebuilt my trans
  71. A4 hard to get out of Park
  72. I think i need a yank.
  73. FLP level4 and SS3800 an SES!
  74. TCI sf 3000 question
  75. Yank SS38000
  76. Finally Some Pics Of Install!
  77. Best price on TCI SSF 3500
  78. Go to the other side or stay with the big stall auto??
  79. How high a stall to go to?
  80. converter ?
  81. Tranny cooler for A4
  82. question about yank ss3600 converter
  83. torque converter ?'s
  84. Pilot bearing bushing
  85. what converter w what gear ?
  86. A cheap shift kit in a bottle that works!
  87. Yank SS3800 or SS3600?
  88. We found the problem with the Turbo 350
  89. going to take my converter out
  90. Yank converter
  91. Any Sugestions? I Need Help
  92. can a Yank converter be restalled????
  93. Anyone have a TCI 3800?
  94. Hey A Little Help Here
  95. damn th400 dipstick
  96. Furious
  97. What do you guys think about a Glide in a LS1 Hot Rod?
  98. transgo S/K question about changing washers
  99. Should i get an A4?
  100. Trans question
  101. What TC setup gains most mph in the 1/4mi
  102. Check out FLP's new transmission dyno...
  103. Turbo 350 broke the 2nd gear sprag AGAIN!
  104. Want a fan for my B&M 24,000 GVW cooler, which one?
  105. Converter slips when cold???
  106. Delay in Shift
  107. 700R4 pan on 4l60E?
  108. Torque managment removal?
  109. question about tcc lockup
  110. Anybody know of a better input sprag???
  111. Th-400 W Brake And Extras
  112. whistling/whining sound
  113. Aftermarket TC's are the only way to go with an A4.
  114. Small problem w/ TCI 3800
  115. tired of this shitty A4, what about a th350
  116. FINAL ANSWER...Which trans cooler line is return?
  117. Who has busted a 10 bolt and what did you have?
  118. SS4000 drivability v/s TCI 3500 within!...
  119. Do I have a bad converter or ...
  120. Manual Torque Convertor Lock Up Switch
  121. Those that have converter from an M6, did you install park lock?
  122. Tci Ss 3500?
  123. Installing Yank, have question about flywheel????
  124. need a4 to th400 wiring help
  125. Stock Tranny Cooler
  126. B & M Shift Plus
  127. Where to find TCI shift kit online?
  128. anyone ever change the gears of a 4L60E?
  129. trans cooler part # to use with ftra
  130. Would you switch A4 to manual tranny if you could and if you had a 427 C5R motor?
  131. If you had a big HP 427 LS6 C5R motor would you convert to stick if you had a A4?
  132. Front pump blew out
  133. Which AN fittings and hose to use for trans cooler
  134. How is your Turbo 350 holding up?
  135. Best MPH'in Yank Converter??????
  136. Did I receive the correct pedal assembly?
  137. Got my upgrade A4 upgrade parts
  138. TCI or Vig
  139. Installation cost
  140. Converter Lockup?
  141. 4L60E Question...
  142. Trans Mount?
  143. Transgo shift kit ?
  144. Any Converter Swap How To's???
  145. What converter for a 400hp lt1?
  146. Update on Yank PS Series???
  147. a4 experts inside plz...
  148. 4L60E rebuilt
  149. building a TH400 what do i need
  150. New trans for my conversion?
  152. TH400 driveshaft length????
  153. torque convert problems
  154. To Much Stall?
  155. tranny vibration
  156. Speedometer Gears
  157. bmr th400 cross member info
  158. Help with E-clips on 4l60e
  159. Daily driver 20,000 miles a year. What converter?
  160. Why Does my car Suck from a roll?
  161. Vibration
  162. Yank converters, so many series, how to choose?
  163. 2-step use without a T-brake
  164. How long does a 4L60E last?
  165. LS1 and LT1 Converters
  166. What one to get?
  167. Are you thinking about a converter?
  168. i have searched, help with TH350 speedo
  169. Shift kit for an auto?
  170. broke flywheel ??!!
  171. Fabbing TH350 Crossmember from M6 piece
  172. tq
  173. TCI shift kit initial thoughs
  174. to big of a stall???
  175. TCI custom 3200 track results
  176. A4 swap it or keep it
  177. diameter of 98+ VSS sensor
  178. Torque Converter ??
  179. just ordered at Yank SS 3800
  180. A4 Brake Pedal Assembly, Pt. 2
  181. Tuning after stall swap
  182. TH350 without adaptor plate?
  183. filter replacement procedure
  184. Need help clearing something up
  185. Car bucks/surges in OD?
  186. Manually Locking Converter Question, Not The Usual Though...
  187. Highway rpm w/3.73's?
  188. Friend of mine wants TCI 3000 2.1 str
  189. Modified Torque convertor
  190. Where to mount tranny cooler?
  191. Shift kit install and help please
  192. Please Help Shift kit
  193. Which A4 tranny for 700 rwhp?
  194. Problem, Please Help! With A4!!!!!
  195. Welcome to last month.
  196. Need break down of an automatic in terms of the shifter.
  197. question about STR
  198. what would it cost to make my m6 an auto?
  199. New tranny, new problem
  200. vig install gone awry
  201. do i need to go bigger(TC)
  202. Converter help
  203. Stall questions
  204. How do I know if I need a higher stall converter
  205. My car has a vibration @ 70 mph
  206. 200-4R users, what dipstick are you using?
  207. How many of you are running a B&M 28K GVW tranny cooler?
  208. DIY Mods to increase durability of 4l60E
  209. Who builds the STRONGEST 4L60E's out there??
  210. What Converter Next? (Currently TCS PP 3200/2.5)
  211. TH350 users, what part number for the tranny mount
  212. TCI converter owners, flash stall or brake stall launch?
  213. Another stupid question
  214. 4l60E interchangeable??
  215. need help with tranny
  216. Driving in D or OD?
  217. snap ring pliars?
  218. A-4 Trouble with the 1 - 2 shift!
  219. What should I expect?
  220. Autometer help.
  221. Vibration in Third
  222. How/Where to install Electronic Tranny Temp Gauge?
  223. Anyone have experience with the PT4600
  224. Would a regular plate type cooler be enough?
  225. Tranny mount recommendations.
  226. What is a good maintenance schedule for an ATF change?
  227. Transmission Swap
  228. Any write ups on TQ swap on 4L60E
  229. What converter brand
  230. Gear selector 3 vs D holding power for 3'rd gear Difference?
  231. 4L60E information
  233. Torque converter.Is a cam neccesary
  234. TSP Dyno Results From TCI 3500 Install
  235. Disconnecting transmission lines...
  236. Nitrious on a Vig 3600?
  237. trannies?????
  238. bigger Stall....
  239. What Converter for my Heads Cam 150 shot Combo?
  240. TCI transmission experiences?????
  241. Help w/ trans temp guage!
  242. Converter lockup ?
  243. Yank Pro Stock 4400 results
  244. Top end w/ SSF 3500
  245. Converter Problems???
  246. A4 Brake Pedal Assembly
  247. A4 Stock Tranny + Turbo
  248. Just installed my TCI SSF
  249. How many quarts for dry 4L60E w/deep trans pan?
  250. Will this fit w/o any problems?