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  1. WS6 owners
  2. during a TC install...?
  3. automatic tranny issue...
  4. Restalling a converter?
  5. Ways to cool the automatic.
  6. stall and gear combinations
  7. What do you think???
  8. Installing converter in 98 T/A
  9. Trex cam and Vacuum Modultor??
  10. which gear with 3000tci stall
  11. 2.73's and big stalls? (4000+)
  12. Shifter Help
  13. [B]Tuning or Trans??[/B]
  14. Tranny says KKKLUNKKK!!
  15. Please Help a Newbie Understand What the Stator Number Means
  16. Which converter do you prefer and why?
  17. gm 6 speed auto ????
  18. Please help with simple problem!
  19. 4L65E Information??? My trans went out on me ;(
  20. What gains going from 3.23 to 4.10 in a4
  21. ShiftPlus
  22. Flexplate breakdown information.....
  23. What's involved for LS1/Turbo 400 hook up?
  24. TRANSGO -features!!!!!
  25. 70R4 Questions
  26. Granatelli Trans Tuner
  27. Neal converters?
  28. F-Body transmission in a C5????
  29. Am I running the right converter???
  30. 4L60E shift solenoid question
  31. Main input hub, stronger available??????/
  32. Stall suggestions please
  33. torque converter q'sss
  34. Can't keep 3rd gear!
  35. Advice on stall speed
  36. Trans. Problem!!!!!!!
  37. wheres cheapest 3200 vigilante converter
  38. Getting Trans Rebuilt, TransGo Shift Kit, any suggestions?
  39. Difference between Overdrive/Drive
  40. ? for non-locking converter guys
  41. Please Read.
  42. Vig 3600 to SS4000 swap done,WOW
  43. Newbe auto shifter question
  44. What converter should I get?
  45. burnout
  46. shifting ques.
  47. Those Mostly street drivers with a TC come in
  48. need help ....please
  49. gauging interest in A4 to M6 swap
  50. need help with th350 swap
  51. Time for a Tranny,Suggestions??
  52. But it isn't a manual! How to shut up fools?
  53. What else?
  54. Uninstalled 4L60e takes a dump in the floor...suggestions?
  55. trans convertion
  56. what's next?
  57. What stalls / converters to avoid with an 02?
  58. Trans Flush, A Bad Thing???
  59. B&M Shift Kit questions!!
  60. Gas Mileage Poll!
  61. Gonna order Transgo. Need some help.
  62. Belt sqealing when comming off WOT
  63. Is my Tranny broken?????
  64. Question about TCI ssf3500??
  65. Transbrake and Fluid change??
  66. Torque converter rebuild
  67. Stall And other opinions please!
  68. when will i lock-up?
  69. anything else?
  70. Launching with a TCI 4400..
  71. What gains w/SY3500 and 3.73's
  72. Dyno The Bird TC Question
  73. Is my tranny hosed?
  74. HELP - WTF is that noise from under my car???
  75. 3200 Vigi to 4200 YTP swap impressions
  76. Tci Th400 ?
  77. Does anyone have a parts breakdown or service manual for the 4L60E (PDF or Graphics)
  78. T56 vs 4L60E size
  79. Transmission Life and High Stalls
  80. Need help ASAP! What are the Torque Wrench specs for a fliud and filter change?!
  81. 4l60e not shifting right
  82. Converter Recomendations
  83. FLP Trans life
  84. turbo 400 flywheel
  85. 700R4 Torque Converter HELP.
  86. 700r4/4l60
  87. Converter installation....almost there, but 1 question...
  88. What stall with a4 and 3.73's
  89. transmission not shifting
  90. Car doesnt shift hard??
  91. is vig converters purple?
  92. 4L60/e versus 700R4
  93. Can you explain somthing to me plzz
  94. 4L80E differences...
  95. will an ls1 4l60e fit into my 94 4.3l s10 4x4(auto)?
  96. times with my pt4400
  97. Vacuum modulated line pressure
  98. High Stall TC
  99. install questions
  100. To flush or not to flush!!
  101. Transgo shiftkit setting?
  102. what parts for a refresh
  103. locked/unlocked dyno big of a difference?
  104. Anyone Near Houston that will do 4L60E to 4L80 Swap?
  105. just got my vig3200
  106. 4L60E manuals?
  107. factory TC
  108. Torque Drive & 5 Pinion Planetaries & other ?
  109. electronic shifting?
  110. 4L60-E dead again
  111. O.K., now what?
  112. how to get the shift handle off of auto?????
  113. 4L60E Parts
  114. monster motorsports 4L60E??????
  115. Thinking about a new 4L60E? Go with FLP!
  116. Synthetic transmission fluid??!!
  117. I have no reverse after shift kit install.
  118. What do you think about this combo.?
  119. Drivetrain Vibration!?!
  120. m6 to auto swap, what do I need to know?
  121. What STR?
  122. Need Help!!!!!
  123. Which TH400? (Yank, Rossler, Coan, etc...)
  124. transmission problems?
  125. 4l80e planatery gears
  126. my troublesome 4L60E
  127. Any tips/tricks or ideas for trans fluid reading?
  128. 4l60e rebuild kit which one
  129. M6 console in an a4 car
  130. PY3600E and TransGo install questions
  131. MIDWEST T-Cs
  132. SS3800...what gears?
  133. 4400 Stall ?s
  134. driving with a stall
  135. Few pics of my trans rebuild
  136. Bellhousing bolts torque spec ?
  137. 4L60E...450 lb-ft?
  138. This Might Sound Really Stupid
  139. yank sportsman pro tranny
  140. lock up switch?
  141. trans-temp guage??
  142. Yank SS4000E finally installed!
  143. TCI 3800 Props to Kevin winstead (TCI)
  144. Stock Converter bolts???
  145. Hughes Performance
  146. What TC for H/C and TNT 100-150 shot?
  147. Shift Solenoid Code?????
  148. Witch clutches are better blue plate or alto red
  149. To Transgo or No
  150. Need shift points for a TCI 3500 w/ 3.42's
  151. Doin a th400 in a 4l60E
  152. tuning a vig3200
  153. with my Vig3200.....
  154. Need new transmission or what??
  155. New converter Long trip No Tranny Cooler Question
  156. powerbrake
  157. How to change TCC lockup speed with edit
  158. Racing an automatic
  159. T/C in,now tranny slips.
  160. Delted Torque Management wiped 1-2 in my trans only basic bolt-ons
  161. When did GM start using Corvette servo in A4?
  162. how much power
  163. Yank PT 4000
  164. Coan Convertor
  165. Converter Shaking - Help
  166. Converter very hard to turn (4L60E)
  167. transgo kit a must?
  168. whats the most streetable??
  169. question on durability
  170. Help, Input shaft restrictor
  171. Yank SS3600/SS3800 VS. TCI SSF3500/3800, and a gear choice question...
  172. 4l60e to th350 swap
  173. transgo and servos
  174. TCS 4200 converter questions inside?
  175. Which line off the radiator goes to cooler?
  176. Help-tranny slipping and shuddering?
  177. alignment, engine oil, trans. oil, and wax the car!!
  178. TCI vs. YANK
  179. transgo help
  180. 4l60e Vs. 4l80e
  181. How to launch with a pt4000
  182. A4 Blues; What's broke?
  183. How are activating your transbrake/nitrous?
  184. Case is not cracked Whoohooo!
  185. M6 to Auto?
  186. ? for TH400 guys
  187. A4 torque converter newbie questions:
  188. I need emergency help
  189. Fluid from the front of the differential
  190. Nitrous and converter help.
  191. upgraded parts, worth it?
  192. Skip shift delete
  193. How long will stock auto hold up?
  194. How much will this help?
  195. gains from a SSF 3500?
  196. going from tcs 3500 to a vig 4400 what kind of times
  197. COMMENTS ON THE B&M trans pack
  198. friend installed flywheel backwards on his 93 vette, what can be done?
  199. A4 or M6 on Z28 - what is most fun to drive??
  200. WS6 guys...
  201. Help Funky Sound from TQ Converter
  202. B&M shift improver?
  203. 11 sec n/a stock internal question
  204. Problems after 3200 Vig and Gears
  205. Fastener sizes for TQ Converter and Flexplate
  206. How much power can it take
  207. Help on what size TC
  208. Need information on th400 please
  209. Driveline free-play 'clunk'.
  210. Anyone Get a trans from here
  211. From 3600 Vig to SS4000 Gains?
  212. What gears do I have?
  213. Anyone running a 4L80-E?
  214. What cooler for dope style install?
  215. What torque convertor?
  216. 2800 vigilante
  217. Hard clank from under my car???
  218. TC Installation
  219. Need to know whats leaking
  220. Need help about swapping transmission
  221. Anybody running a Quicksilver?
  222. What is the great size for street andů?
  223. Mail order tuning and Shift/Lock up points
  224. Street racing i think i have a problem
  225. Can you lockup a SS4000 at WOT and is it ok to do so?
  226. Intalling TC
  227. Looking for input gear/convertor
  228. Installing Torque Converter
  229. Are all billet servo's created equal?
  230. down shifting
  231. How do you remove the 4L60E dipsick tube?
  232. Does this sound like a tranny problem???? please help!!
  233. spraying a built 4L60E?
  234. Track results inside w/the new setup, but something isnt right. Please help!
  235. 4l60e cooler lines, what is thread....
  236. Need help from TCI ssf3500 users
  237. Yank 4l60E
  238. Having trouble with new converter!Please help
  239. how much for this tranny
  240. Need to get part throtlte shifting right with 3.23s->4.10s
  241. Vig 4400 stall a good product?
  242. Lost 2nd gear only--possible cause?
  243. thoughts on using type-F fluid AND shift kit?
  244. Tranny Modding Advice
  245. Raising shift points in my A4
  246. Just put my converter in. Is this normal?
  247. To everyone that's ordered a TCI stall from Texas-Speed
  248. Tranny skipping gears
  249. 3500 stall users inside please. Lockup Q.
  250. Turbo LS1 4l60e