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  1. Clank clank clank!
  2. how much punishment can a TCI trans pan take?
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  4. stall recommendations
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  15. So, how screwed am I?
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  25. TC Lockup Woes...
  26. Circle D - Cool Updates
  27. Is there a difference
  28. AOD to LY6?
  29. jakes 4l80 wiring question
  30. help with my decision needed
  31. Can anyone tell me what kind of stall this is?
  32. 3200 stall
  33. blown pump
  34. New Transmission 700R4 level 3
  35. Mid 1.3x 60' in a 3,400# car with an ACE TH400
  36. Help! 4L65E New GM trans slips in OD like it's in Nuetral
  37. If you're in or around D/FW Oct 28th you'll want to be at Texas Raceway!
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  40. Educate me on converters!
  41. Damn bell housing Bolts!!!
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  43. Need help finding tailshaft housing
  44. has any body heard of these guys
  45. water in trans
  46. Help me decipher what broke
  47. Trans go hd 2 questions?
  48. Bought brand new Performabuilt tranny but still having the same issue
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  50. Powerglide question
  51. C4 mating to a 5.3L
  52. 2800 yank stall is openning at 1500
  53. stock dipstick length 4l60e
  54. GLIDE to LS1 flexplate question!!!!
  55. 6l80/90 4WD VSS
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  57. th400 runs slower then the t56?????
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  63. What about this combo?
  64. Kinda stumped!
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  66. lucas transfix additive
  67. SSYank2800Stall/LSA223/231:610CAM?????
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  69. My converter is stuck...can't remove
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  73. 4l60e help
  74. Weight and stall?
  75. 700r4 converter
  76. th400 tuning?
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  78. attn:98+ vette and f-body owners or mechanics....
  79. help with converter id
  80. swaping to a 4l60 from t56
  81. 700R and ZF questions form a newbie
  82. How to modify dipstick without destroying it?
  83. What type of core TH400 to buy for a build?
  84. Help me shim my TC
  85. need tailhousing info please
  86. NSN for the 4l60e, 4l80e, 6l80e, and 6l90e
  87. Slipping or Torque Converter problem?
  88. A couple vids of my car at the LSX shootout and pics. PerformaBuilt T400 street car
  89. RevMax
  90. help please anyone 4l80e issues
  91. Fresh rebuilt 4l60e soft delayed all shifts??
  92. What TH400 year or style do I need?
  93. 4l60e no shift after engine overhaul
  94. TH400 guys pics of your center console/shifter
  95. Need 4l60e build advice.
  96. Clutch Turbo 400, Rosslers Little Black Box, and a 4l80E
  97. Vig 3600 vs. ss4000
  98. 4l80 fitment issue
  99. strange sound
  100. What trans should I go with??? Help me choose.
  101. 4l80e issue
  102. 4l60e help
  103. 4L80E - no movement, no line pressure... Ideas?
  104. Need help now! 4L60E wont go into any gear!
  105. car wont start,transmission no installed
  106. yank ss4000 with stock cam what rpm are you shifting????
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  108. transgo shift kit
  109. Small leaks at trans cooler - what can I do?
  110. Tran crossmember won't line up. Please help!!
  111. Bad U-joints?
  112. "Speedo gear housing"
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  114. M6 to Th350 w Pro Ratchet Shifter
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  119. Turbo 400 swap. Shifter question?
  120. newbie on stall converter
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  123. Tranny Cooler Install
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  130. stock torque converter with bolt ons
  131. 4000 stall
  132. Technical help needed.
  133. 4l60e slight problem
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  136. Which style converter is right for my ap?
  137. Vendors? I need a stock torque converter?
  138. is this right??
  139. Advice/Info on Rebuilding 4l60e
  140. Circle D 4C or 5C?
  141. 5.3 and lt1 4l60E what else do I need?
  142. M6 to A4 swap ?
  143. Going from Yank SS3600 to Yank PT4000 or PT4400
  144. Trans mount?
  145. 4l80e valve body mods
  146. manual shifting automatic transmission
  147. 2000 trans am 6 speed to 4l60e wiring
  148. 4L60E no 3rd gear?
  149. What converter style? 98 blazer trans 00 6.0flatflexplate
  150. Thanks to Peformabuilt and N20 outlet King of the street CAR drags w the T400
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  152. Automatic trans for a standard
  153. weak sauce 4l60e
  154. line and fitting help
  155. Review of my new performabuilt trans.
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  160. Lets talk manual valve bodies..
  161. Th400 Vacuum Modulator Bracket
  162. Can I use my shift colum with a 700r?
  163. 4l65e
  164. how to take the pump out of a 60e?
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  167. Highstall or Diff gears?
  168. trans overheating f250 5.4
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  172. M6 to A4 can I keep my 98 PCM and tune ??? And use A4 harness
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  174. Experienced A4 guys, Please help!!
  175. 4l80e lockup problems
  176. 4L60E issues engaging into 4th after rebuild
  177. car in reverse than....BANG!
  178. century stage 4 4l60e?
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  180. 4l60e problems
  181. No reverse im my 93 4l60e.. Sun shell is fine
  182. TCI Flexplate....
  184. 15% Off Any ACE Racing Transmissions Tranny
  185. 2 Transmissions, 2 Rebuilds
  186. for your info 4l60
  187. Tranny wont shift properly :/
  188. stall help
  189. Well I finally caved in and did it....
  190. mph shift changes with ss4000, what's yours????
  191. 4l60E shift issue.
  192. My trans "clicks" while driving in reverse
  193. Yank performance !!!
  194. Help! Smells like burnt transmission fluid.
  195. Need some input :) THANKS
  196. Trans fluid looks like watered down oil.. why??
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  198. Trouble with pulling trans
  199. FTI converters
  200. help. installed yank ss4000
  201. 4l60E wont go into 4th gear?? any ideas
  202. Flexplate to Torque Converter bolt thread size?
  203. 2500 stall
  204. 4l60e no 1st or 4th gear
  205. TH400 cooler mounting location???
  206. stall converter proble, stripped holes
  207. stripped converter holes
  208. Trans comparison
  209. help asap 4l65e in to fbody
  210. 2nd gear issue-4L60e
  211. Pic/info request: M6 -> A4 floorpan blockoff plate for shifter
  212. Hit a bump now car wont shift right!
  213. Stall before cam and tune?
  214. Just got my Circle D GM 245mm Pro II 350/400 LS Torque Converter
  215. Use oil temp guage for Trans temp guage??
  216. Shift points for mild H/C/I car with 2.73's???
  217. where did you get your TH400 from
  218. Trans wont stay in park....??
  219. 4K on T brake on a 3600 stall will it hurt it?
  220. OPINIOnS
  221. Ordered the flexplate/spacer kit for a 4L80e, only got the flexplate...?
  222. 4l60e shifts out of drive once come to a stop
  223. 4L60e issue
  224. Newb question
  225. flexplate
  226. 700r4 vs 4l60e mount pad
  227. Stage II TH400 w/ RMVB transbrake
  228. 4l60e transmission shifting problem
  229. 4L60E issue
  230. Will a transmission dipstick tube and dipstick from a v6 car work on a LS1 car?
  231. 4L60e wont shift out of park
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  233. Th 400 in a 1998 Trans Am
  234. pressure control solenoid
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  236. what converter?
  237. What should be inside a built 4L80e?
  238. T56 to Th350 Swap
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  240. Keep 4L60E or goto th400?
  241. 4l60E from 2004 GTO same as 2000 camaro 4l60E????
  242. 4l60 / 4l65
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  245. Got a Polyurethane Trans Mount
  246. 92 z28 gear shifter
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  249. possible bad converter?
  250. Link to great information on a possible 2-3 flare issue