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  1. Source for rebuilt 3.8 4L60E?
  2. 4l60e transmission slipping at wide open throttle
  3. Clunk when the car downshifts to 1st
  4. Trans-Go hd2.....Yes or No
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  8. Turbo 350 question
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  10. Flex plate quetion
  11. Effect on Dyno
  12. Broke an Alto Kevlar Wide Band, wth?
  13. End play on a 4L60E
  14. snap ring came loose in reverse input drum on 4l60e. builders please look
  15. LT1 shift button
  16. Am I the only one who has bad luck with trans?
  17. New TH400 Automatic Shift Transbrake
  18. 97 m6 to 01 ls1 4l60e ???
  19. New TH400 Auto Shift Transbrakes
  20. 4L80e housings, PLEASE help
  21. Low voltage causes trans to not shift?
  22. Here's an interesting idea. Variable stall.
  23. Does anyone have a torque converter lying around???
  24. Thanks to FLT!!!
  25. Avalanche 4L60e into 96 Trans Am?
  26. 4l60e heavy duty monster transmission
  27. Slippage
  28. Cheapest way to get speedo reading from th400
  29. Opinions of shift kits?
  30. 4l60e home rebuild with hd-3 and mod 46
  31. m6->a4, wont shift out of 1st
  32. What size tranny lines?
  33. In need of a converter!!!
  34. Just orderd a PerformaBuilt Trans
  35. Anyone did flappy paddles in a fbody?
  36. Where to buy 4L80E pump to case bolts?
  37. 4l80e No Od
  38. 2001 lq4 to 4l80e flexplate?
  39. Brake on a stock 4l80e
  40. 4l80e transmission mount
  41. T56 swap to 4L60E
  42. REVMAX 3600 stall video
  43. And my 4L80E swap begins
  44. Check Ball Seats
  45. WTB: Torque Converter
  46. Converter efficiency from a roll?
  47. TH400 VSS Pigtail
  48. 4L70E if anyone is interested.
  49. th400 dd questions
  50. How do I replace reverse servo piston? Cant find anywhere!
  51. Problem with the converter being to tight in the crankshaft.
  52. Tell me how this happens....4L60E...**UPDATE** for those interested
  53. Soft shifting 4L80E
  54. 4l60 E yoke interchangeablity
  55. Getting the Transmission rebuilt
  56. Jake's Performance Tax Time Special
  57. WS6 Auto Trans!!!!!
  58. YANK'S Tax Refund sale.
  59. Manual Shifting 4l60e
  60. GTO with a4. want to change filter/fluid and have questions!
  61. 4l60e to 4l80e swap complete, now no reverse! Googled it and I need help desperately!
  62. 4l60E no Reverse, 2nd, or Overdrive???
  63. 150 shot with 4000 stall users..
  64. G8, 6l80, 150 shot. What stall?
  65. Built Tranny Problems
  66. What would you do?
  67. M6-A4 swap, what to do about PNP switch
  68. Torque Converter stall identification
  69. rebuild stock or buy built from a sponsor?
  70. i need a sponsor!
  71. 60/80e shifters
  72. wot 4 gear
  73. turbine shaft rings
  74. No Reverse or ANY Gears work, idle doesnt move when shifting
  75. Stall shifting sucks..
  76. Dumb Stall Question
  77. 4L80e vs. 4L60e
  78. 2-3 problem after shift kit and servo
  79. where do i tap in for my gauges?
  80. Help me out...newbie to 4l60e with troubles
  81. Revmax 3600 stall review!
  82. Noob 700r4 questions
  83. Weird popping out of gear feel on a 4l60e??
  84. stall converter
  86. Turbo 400 Bell Housing Bolts to Block LT1
  87. Where does everyone mount their trans coolers?
  88. 80e harness on 60e
  89. Anyone want to do an even trade for my built 4l60e swap for a t56 swap?
  90. WTT my complete BUILT t56 setup for your BUILT 4l80e setup! Austin, Tx
  91. 4L80e People
  92. 4l80 questions
  93. ET difference between 4l60 to 4l80
  94. 3600 stall question
  95. 4l60e to 4l80e, what is needed?
  96. id my converter?
  97. shift kit with 52k miles 00 t/a a4
  98. building a stock 4l60e on a budget
  99. 4l60e range selector wiring
  100. 4l80 in a C5
  101. 4l80e yoke recommendation
  102. Car vibrates at idle, new engine mounts, do I need a converter?
  103. 4l80 behind a BBC
  104. need help with my 4l60e
  105. 4l60e
  106. b&m pro rachet shifter
  107. 6 speed to th350
  108. Curious......which fully built tranny can hold more Power/Torque......
  109. Shift kit advice? Servos?
  110. Yank ss 3600 converter
  111. 4l60e Bearings
  112. 4l60e, pwm or not?
  113. manual to auto swap
  114. Invested in a Junkyard 4l80e
  115. Trying to decide on what stall speed for a c5 vette
  116. Afco Trans cooler
  117. 95 4l60e tranny plug?
  118. will an older 4l60e work in an 02
  119. 700r4 TV Cable Bracket
  120. 4L80E Questions......
  121. How much RWHP/RWTQ can a new GM stock 4L80E from a dealership handle............
  122. come to say hear»,
  123. Code P0758
  124. please help!!
  125. 700r4
  126. would 4l60e tcc lockup wired wrong do this?
  127. Xtreme Transmissions New Year Sale
  128. deciphering my v6 ls1 swapped motor/trans...need some help
  129. Should i swap to a m6 or get a mvb
  130. Anyone using the TCI Ez-TCI with a 4l60e
  131. Vig 3600
  132. Torque Converter Install Quote
  133. Convert 4L80E to 4x2
  134. F-body 4L60E into my truck
  135. 4l60e no 4th tcc or auto shifting
  136. Stall Gains?????
  137. car vibrates at idle. need new converter?
  138. What do i all need????
  139. 4l60e question
  140. Power limits of Performabuilts 4L65E lvl 3??
  141. Auto question??
  142. Low idle in gear, vibrates like crazy. Converter?
  143. th400 to 4l80e
  144. tranny cooler questions
  145. Torque converter going out ?
  146. Multiple Wire harness to A4, what are they..PIC inside
  147. 95 PCM and 4L80E
  148. Stall Heat
  149. School me on 8" vs 10" converters
  150. 4L60E in 94 camaro and 100 shot
  151. Automatic swap... should I do it?
  152. 4l60E worth keeping or changing?
  153. Deep trans pan question
  154. Yank SS4000 stall question?
  155. TC wont unlock,which solenoid to replace?
  156. 4l60e to 700r4
  157. What Trans cooler and Pan?
  158. Radiator Bypass for Trans Cooler
  159. Shopping for a converter for my 4l80e
  160. 2007 4l60e
  161. TCI Flexplate Questions PICS INSIDE
  162. Issues with trans cable
  163. TH400 Guys; What Flexplate do you use?
  164. 4L60E to Cable Speedo.
  165. S10 4l60 Behind an LQ4
  166. FLT January Special!
  167. Need transmission recommendations.
  168. Low RPM vibration in Drive
  169. Vibration in Reverse....
  170. Stall question
  171. 4L80E Neutral safety switch connectors
  172. JW Ultra case and tail, how to hook up speedo?
  173. 4l60e in 84 vette. 4l60e trans diff???
  174. Forward only after rebuild
  175. What triggers the converter to unlock?
  176. LQ4 - What 4L80E do I use?
  177. TCI 6X (4l80e)
  178. trans not shifting
  179. TH400 trans poly trans mount..
  180. th350 cruise control
  181. Greg@FTI
  182. How do i get the torque converter loose?? NEED HELP QUICK.
  183. harsh 1-2 shift
  184. rebuilding a yank 3600
  185. turbo 400, speedo questions
  186. Rubber transmission mount question
  187. Early 4L60 vs late 4L60
  188. Troubleshooting 4L60E, no R,2 or 4. Mechanical or Electronic?
  189. 4l80e in 79 malibu
  190. need help 4l60e
  191. i need a vendor to sell me a ratchet shifter
  192. 98 4l60 ?
  193. TH400, Which Tail Shaft?
  194. New Years Tech Questions
  195. The TH350
  196. 2004r questions
  197. Car won't shift
  198. Newbie converter questions
  199. ratchet shifters for 4l60e
  200. Help!!!4L60E problems....considering t56 swap
  201. 4L60E Catastrophic Failure!! Need Tech Input
  202. tranny cooler mount
  203. revmax 3900 stall
  204. Revmax vs yank
  205. A good Rebuild Kit?
  206. Transmission upgrades during stall swap?
  207. RevMax To lock up or not to lock up?
  208. I want to rebuild my TH400 for 1000HP. What do I upgrade???
  209. Drop headers for removal of transmission?
  210. LT1 M6 to a TH350 swap...Whats Needed?
  211. 4L80e neutral safety switch
  212. Help pin point what needs to be fixed now
  213. aftermarket bellhousing?
  214. Fuddle Converters?
  215. lt1 4l60e to ls1 engine
  216. Sock filter with deep sump pan for 4L60E
  217. Continental Torque Converters
  218. Could the average DIY mechanic install a torque converter?
  219. Stall in stock trans?
  220. b.o.p th400 in z28
  221. FLT Holiday Period??
  222. need help
  223. The best A4 trans for my lsx T/A ?
  224. Good ideas to clean out converter?
  225. Geez what is it NOW...
  226. 82 firebird th350 with stock torque arm!
  227. Only 2 clicks?
  228. Transmission fluid level
  229. what size torque converter??
  230. new conveter ordered have a couple questions
  231. 4L80E Limp Mode possible causes?
  232. It's not a chevy but I need a bit of help
  233. What's your shift point tune?
  234. Stall question
  235. Factory stall rpm?
  236. What to expect after 3600 stall install
  237. 4500 stall TH400 in a 2 ton car, backing Up-hill
  238. Transmission is studdering, or jerking
  239. Which Fluid?
  240. 4l60e rumble/vibration sound??
  241. What is this on my 4L80E flexplate?
  242. 3600 stall
  243. Holiday schedule and season greetings fron FTI
  244. 4L60E Slipping AGAIN................
  245. LQ4 to TH400 Conversion????????? Confused
  246. Torque converter stall size and gear swap
  247. HELP! BMR TH-400 x-member doesnt fit right? Pics inside
  248. 4L80E SFI bellhousings and conversions
  249. Need help
  250. Shift kit with stall?