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  1. help picking new stall
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  12. Which spacers for 4760e 7/16 or 1/2 in
  13. Lets talk Mad Dog Trannies.
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  20. 6L80 Flexplate.
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  25. 4L80E Cooler fittings
  26. Complete Bullsh*t
  27. 4l60e scare
  28. dyno before stall?
  29. wat all is needed to go to a 350 turbo
  30. revlimiter issue?
  31. what all do i need to go to a th400
  32. What could it be?
  33. Reusing tranny cooler
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  35. 4L60e question about shift kit
  36. need opinions on stall size
  37. sfi flex plate?
  38. Electrnic Speedo Help Pls!
  39. 4l60E Low line pressures, puking fluid out vent
  40. is this what i need?
  41. Good stall for a DD?
  42. Installing my Yank SS3600 Torque convertor this weekend
  43. truck 4l60e vs fbody 4l60e
  44. 400/4l80e parts share
  45. Trans Fluid Temp Gauge
  46. Hurst Pistol Grip shifter installed
  47. LY6 to 4L60E wrong flexplate...oh so close...advice needed
  48. My SS3600 install thread
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  50. 2007 4l60?
  51. 2000 trans am trans mount
  52. torque converter
  53. trans temp question
  54. Wanna run -8 AN Trans Cooler Line?
  55. 4l60e from a 4x4 truck into an f-body.
  56. vibrating under center console
  57. dam 2002 4l60e
  58. th400 input shaft/main shaft/output shaft
  59. what size threads are on the case of a th-350?
  60. Oil cooler question
  61. rebuild kit?
  62. Opinions please! Car shifts early?
  63. Another happy Performabuilt customer!
  64. kwik shift 2
  65. clutch sensor wires?
  66. Question of the week Stall or Gears
  67. B&M electronic shift OR B&M transpak
  68. which is better?
  69. shift points
  70. trans plugs on 4l60e
  71. 4L80E..Vortec vs ls ??????
  72. 4l60e *****help*****
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  75. Circle D 5C
  76. flex plate
  77. converter stall, confusion
  78. 700r4 fresh rebuild, no 3 or 4 and very slippy
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  80. Trans Temp Gauge, TH350
  81. should i replace the stock tranny pan ??
  82. Thanks cycle d
  83. gears ratio???
  84. Jake's Performance 4L80E Kit (No transmission) Part #'s
  85. Pinouts for 93 4l60
  86. Auto trans "M" clips where to buy
  87. Help TH350
  88. vortech 4l60e input shaft swap. HELP!!!
  89. anyone know where i can get custom emblem
  90. Vig 3600 to a CircleD 5C...Gains???
  91. What happens if you put a 4L60 (non-e) behind a newer PCM?
  92. Im so gunna get flamed for this.....
  93. noob 4l60e question.
  94. It figures as soon as I pay the car off
  95. professional builders please help with 4l60e problem
  96. RPM Transmissions are 10% for a limited time!
  97. van trans?
  98. Why do most guys here swap in 4L80E's?
  99. Installing a stall... need help
  100. Can someone read this EFI log to make sure that my lockup clutch is bad?
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  102. trans question
  103. FMVB Built 4l80e problems
  104. Torque Converter Problem
  105. Recommend a "cheap" stall converter. I don't plan on racing
  106. Stock stall vs SS3600 (shift extention and characteristics)
  107. rev problems
  108. Just both my TH400
  109. Got a 3600 stall from FTI
  110. SFI shield for 4L80E?
  111. Trying to find shift cable bracket
  112. performabuilt level2 break in
  113. tranny dipstick tube ?
  114. Flt and precision industries awesome customer service
  115. Yank STR to Stall ratio chart
  116. Early lq4 + 4l80e in 2000 Camaro
  117. Trans cooler attatched to back of Radiator???? *** opinions***
  118. NEW GM Performance Part Mini-Supermatic...Answer to prayers??
  119. Trans. cooler question
  120. how much more stall on transbrake?
  121. wtb 4l80e
  122. shudder or chatter
  123. older rossler transbrake instructions
  124. 5.7 and 4l80??
  125. shift lock control solenoid - isolation diode?
  126. 4L60e sounds
  127. putting a ss3600 converter in before cam hurt??
  128. 4L60E 1st and 2nd in limp mode?
  129. Transmission cooler lines *** Help***
  130. boost an vac mod
  131. What to use to dye tractor fluid
  132. upgrading tranny, have questions
  133. 4L60E electrical plug-in leaking on top of panů.
  134. l480e into a 1968 chevelle
  135. Trans temp gauge question..
  136. TH350 vs 4l60
  137. How much power can a TH350 withstand?
  138. Best stall for a bolt on/150 shot ls1???
  139. Th400 in a C5 is it possible?
  140. 700R4 blowing fuse in 4th
  141. stand alone controller for a 6L80E
  142. Just ordered a Yank SS3600 how hard is a garage install
  143. Lost 3rd and 4th 4l60e?
  144. 4l60e rebuild kit??
  145. Pretty sure my converter isn't locking to make sure that is the problem?
  146. 4l80e full throttle shifts to 4th
  147. th400 input shaft broke...snub stuck in converter
  148. replaced whole transmission and wont move!!!
  149. Sent my converter into be refreshed and...
  150. trans temp gauge ???
  151. Stall thread x2389834
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  157. 4l60e no lock up and staring off in 3rd
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  160. Just ordered my circle d
  161. to any one running glides....
  162. 700r4 into 93....\
  163. tranny builder's- a few 80E ?'s
  164. 1993 t56 to 4ll60 swap
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  169. Converter question:
  170. B&M SuperCooler 70264 question
  171. Advice on converter
  172. What type of Torque covertor do you trust and use?
  173. TH350 with brake
  174. torque converter bolt grade
  175. nova & 4l65e shift linkage
  176. safe to drive new trans to tune?
  177. Sprag??, pcm??
  178. Difference in 4L60E TRANS
  179. mn6-speed fluid change on my 02 ws6
  180. PCS trans controller + 4L80E best route?
  181. th400 bellhousing..... update HELP!!
  182. Shift kit or tune?
  183. need help asap
  184. 4l60e trans question
  185. Tranny Cooler Types and Locations!
  186. 4l80e length vs 4l60e
  187. Is it even worth rebuilding the 4l60?
  188. -6 braided lines ok for a 4l60e??
  189. Thinking of installing a 4L80 in a 6 speed car - wiring harness?
  190. 4L80E Vacum??
  191. Question about Cams and Big Stalls
  192. Help me choose a Torque Convertor
  193. 4L80e Build Year & other questions
  194. can anybody tell me Driveshaft Length for a 4L80 and stock 10 bolt 2001 Camaro
  195. Whats OD?
  196. No lock up in OD
  197. which trans fluid to use?
  198. Help! I can't decide?
  199. E40 ECM 4L80E conversion no speedometer
  200. swapping LT1 4l60e (built) into LS1
  201. TH400 Shot, Need Suggestions
  202. help me pick a stall speed please
  203. Turbo 350 shift kit?
  204. Post Pics of your Aftermarket Auto Shifters
  205. Did I mess up my new trans?
  206. New Converter needed
  207. need help with converter?
  208. 700r tailshaft in 4l60
  209. 4l65 trans
  210. Stock Tranny Program
  211. YANK Special on Stealth converters
  212. Lost "Help"
  213. difference between 98-02 camaro 4l60e trans
  214. 4L60E and/or torque converter issues w/ my DD
  215. 4l60e soft shifting dramas!!!
  216. 4l80e
  217. Some Qs...
  218. 4L80E problems please help
  219. 130,000 miles too much for a converter & shift kit
  220. Can't believe the a4 was still working...time to upgrade...AGAIN
  221. 1st to 2nd shifts
  222. 4l60E Flexplate Question
  223. Parts difference between 4L60E's?
  224. Adding horsepower, will I need to upgrade tranny/drivetrain?
  225. No reverse
  226. vac mod delete
  227. th350 or 700r4?
  228. please help 4l60e
  229. Help find a trans
  230. Th400 Trans fluid...?
  231. th400 stall converter
  232. converter problem? see graph!
  233. transmission and roadcourse
  234. 4l80e neutral safety on trans. Do I need it?
  235. 4l60e
  236. Final ratio with th400 in 3rd gear
  237. Wich rebuild kit for 4L60E ?
  238. Shift kit opinions?
  239. SFI bellhouseing for an 80?
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  242. WHat shift kit?
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  244. daily driven
  245. What torque/stall converter to buy
  246. Help with trans purchase PLZ
  247. stall question
  248. New trans and torque convertor
  249. flexplate ???
  250. Great prices on YANK converters