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  1. slipping going into 3ed
  2. Whats everyone using for a trans mount?
  3. a 3600 with 3:73s sound good?
  4. Converter does not seem to seat all the way after rebuild
  5. typical mph loss with auto vs stick in the 1/4
  6. 700R4 help with electronic speedo sensor
  7. 4L60E to a TH350
  8. Anyone running a tranny cooler with a FTRA?
  9. New stall and trans ?
  10. 6L90e tune and cooler.
  11. 1-2 accumulator dual springs question
  12. Using 4l80-e from 2000 Suburban, 4wd?
  13. ss3600 and nitrous
  14. 1-2 Shift Issues After Converter
  15. Trailblazer converter
  16. 4l60e prob, help?
  17. output shaft only spins one way after servo install, now what?
  18. glide sat for a while, wont go into gear
  19. 4L80e to gen 1 sbc
  20. CDS LS Flexplate Comparison
  21. 4t80e to 4l60e conversion HELP PLEASE.
  22. Suggested stall size for a 2004 suburban 5.3?
  23. Im completely stumped :(
  24. flex plate moving issues
  25. WTB 3600 converter for 200-4R
  26. 4l80e parts ?
  27. Leaking trans
  28. 4000 Yank stall question
  29. Who used there stock flexplate with stall?
  30. Early 4L60E question
  31. Need a converter to handle fair amount of boost
  32. Transbrake issue.
  33. 3 converter bolts - enough for 1000HP with transbrake?
  34. 93 LT1 4L60 w/ major rpm drop & shudder, & fuel issues
  35. Torque Converter Clean Out
  36. RMVB th 350 Do's and donts?
  37. convert m6 to a4
  38. A4 transmission questions
  39. My 4l60e shifts way to early in crusing speeds
  40. Lt1 stall
  41. anyone have pics of modified stock a4 crossmember for th350 swap
  42. Corvette Servo
  43. Circle-D 3800 help.
  44. quick auto question
  45. Did I install my trans cooler right?
  46. Few tips I thought of for Yank ss install!
  47. stock auto shifter in a 98 6 speed car?
  48. 4l60e pump, only 1 spring inside of it.. shouldn't there be 2?
  49. I bought the wrong trans, can I make it work
  50. 3500 stall on a daily is this good?
  51. What bolts to use for Yank stall w/ stock flexplate?
  52. Driving TH400 on the street with RMVB. Questions...
  53. What is the safest way to do a burnout on a PB Level 3?
  54. best buit 4l60e
  55. Won't stay in OD after HD2, Hardened plate, billet 4th piston.
  56. Can I use the B&M tranny cooler kit?
  57. TH400 help
  58. Th350 Failure (video inside). Any guesses?
  59. PRW Industries SFI flexplate any good?
  60. Yank Shift Extension Question
  61. shifting problems
  62. cant trans to an fitting
  63. I need some help, im having major 4l80 problems
  64. Stall...
  65. FLT Sale
  66. 4l60 grinds in park and when stoped... Help
  67. Why does my Fugging TH400 xmsn run so hot???
  68. Need opinions on TC re-stall
  69. '96 Corvette 4L60E in a '96 Firebird?
  70. i think my tranny shifts weak!!!
  71. M6 -> 4L80E wiring info
  72. 95 T/A trans cooler lines leaking
  73. Need recomendation/opinion for a converter
  74. stock 4l60e
  75. having my 4l60e built hows this look?
  76. Trans wont shift helpp
  77. lq9 .. need cam advice
  78. Get a trans (4l60e) from Who?
  79. TH350 Torque Arm Relocation kits and Torque Arms?
  80. Leaking transmission fluid from electrical plug?
  81. Truck transmission in F-Body?
  82. TH400 builders/experts, ever seen this kind of issue?
  83. To reflash or not to reflash after a stall upgrade?
  84. 4l60e no 3rd and 4th
  85. Need Help and Advice to Upgrade My Torque Converter.
  86. Transmission cooler ?'s - where to mount with A/C + intercooler + pusher fans
  87. LS1 Stock Torque Converter
  88. Trans Fluid Change: Drop the pan or complete flush?
  89. 4l80e info needed
  90. TH400 Automatic Shift Transbrake
  91. Transmission pump
  92. drive shaft?
  93. I am buying a 2002 camaro z28 with a bad TRANNY?
  94. The right trans cooler
  95. Ok to drive w/ tune for yank, but still have stock stall in the trans?
  96. did i just kill my trans?
  97. 2000 4L60e in '92 firebird. WILL IT WORK!?!?!??!?!
  98. Need a 2000hp powerglide
  99. ss3600 to ypt 4400 tune change?
  100. Champion A6 vette and Circle D 1.48 60ft
  101. 4L80E 3-4 Shift Problems
  102. 4l60E rebuild kit.. ebay?
  103. Stall Question...Is this how it works...
  104. v6 trans in v8?
  105. Do I have a Shift Kit?
  106. 4x4 4l60e - LS1 Fbody
  107. 6L80e adapter harness for a 98-02 Camaro
  108. 4l80e
  109. Anybody have video of yank 3600 stall acceleration vid?
  110. Trans doesn't seem to wanna downshift
  111. anyone else SS3600 under stalling? *nevermind!*
  112. lockup on dyno
  113. SS3600 and FLT Level 5
  114. SS4000 Getting it done.
  115. Challenge: LS1Tech GM vs. Ford Jake's Performance Customers
  116. trans swap speedometer ?
  117. is my stall to small for this cam?
  118. LS3 flex plate fit an LS1
  119. transmission cooler in c5 corvette A4
  120. Trans won't tilt back
  121. Tailshaft/VSS sensors
  122. Problems with 2-3 shift in 4l60E
  123. trans temp?
  124. Hunting this converter:
  125. 2001 camaro z28 som 4l60e question, newbie
  126. 4L60e no second gear
  127. Question about Jakes valve body kit
  128. need input
  129. Compushift TPS calibration problem
  130. Need help deciding! 4l60e vs 4l80e
  131. forward sprague the problem with my built 4l60e
  132. 4l60e 3/4 problem
  133. which gives you a better top end and automatic or a 6M
  134. my 4l60 rear tail housing is leaking?need advice.
  135. the infamous 3&4 4l60e...w a twist
  136. 6L90e in TBSS Truckin' project!
  137. 4L60E Slips in 3rd gear
  138. 4l80e cooler line fitting question
  139. Tranny Questions / Problems 4L60E
  140. The "Beast" sunshell question
  141. Buzzing sound coming from my 4l60e
  142. Bell housing trouble (need help)
  143. Is my TH400 torque converter bad? (Video)
  144. tci ez tcu
  145. 4l60e performance rebuild kit
  146. Thinking about getting a performabuilt transmission
  147. Automatic Shifter for FLT Level 7
  148. Torque Converter Problems
  149. Pretend a guy has no clue how an AT works...
  150. Tranny advice for an 02 B4C with mods.
  151. Shift solenoid suppose to be loose?
  152. Custom made tcs vs off shelf?!
  153. 4L60E Identification
  154. 4l60e questions
  155. TH400 burnt 2nd gear band?
  156. How long did it take your your Yank Converter? to ge
  157. 4l80e bolt yoke removal
  158. 01 ss with glide...any tips
  159. Stock 4L60E Rebuild advice
  160. 4l80e rebuild kit
  161. How To: 4L60/65E trans tuning. Shifting/TCC/TM (w/ Pics)
  162. guys with neal chance coverters come in
  163. Inspection cover?
  164. 700r4 transmission swap
  165. Broken Converter Bolt...Frick me
  166. T56 to 4L60E swap
  167. Tuning for new stall suggestions????
  168. 4l80e help please!
  169. Need advice on 4l60e rebuild
  170. Transmission Grounds?????
  171. rear transmission housing cracking
  172. Help with Th400. No Third
  173. 4L60e issues
  174. Wiring 4l80e to LS1 w/T56
  175. Just finished 3400 Stall, install.
  176. Trans no worky after shift kit install! Help
  177. No 4th gear and lock up problem. tune?? or internal problem?
  178. what rpm should i launch at?
  179. My 4L80E swap problems.
  180. Correcting The VSS with a Th400
  181. Anyone know how to best measure the clearence in a 4L60e low reverse clutch pack ??
  182. 4l80e yoke
  183. how much can the A6 from the C6 handle
  184. SRTA identifications?
  185. HD2 servo mod question.
  186. 4l60 tailshaft?
  187. Like to swap tranny.
  188. Plan on doing a cam in my A4
  189. what stall?
  190. 4l60e help
  191. First day at the track...need your expert ears!
  192. how to identify Precision Industries Vigilante converter stall?!??!?!??!??
  193. glide in an 01 please
  194. TCI 6x anyone use one?
  195. blown tranny?
  196. obd1, lt1, a4->th400 swap - PCM questions
  197. TCI trans
  198. Need help fast
  199. 4L60E & torque converter from my 94z28 into my ls1 z28 possible ?
  200. How long did your rebuilt 4l60e last???
  201. 4000ss Problem
  202. Need help from you guys badly
  203. Need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. iron headed 6.0 to th400
  205. Want to build 4l60e, boosted line press. killing trans
  206. tbss stall better than f-bod stall??
  207. B&M SuperCooler Mounting
  208. you poly mount guys..
  209. installing new 4L60E dipstick tube 98-02 fbody
  210. sealant/loctite on flexplate to crank bolts?
  211. What needs to be done here?
  212. DIY 4L60E Rebuild
  213. 6l80e anyone interested?
  214. 4l80e What T-Brake are you running and how do you like it?
  215. No engine braking in 4th??Fresh rebuild
  216. Dumb convertor question but here goes
  217. th350 break in period?
  218. Fluid for TC
  219. help me decide th400 or 80e
  220. 4L80E shifter question
  221. Good Trans Rebuild Kit?
  222. speedometer and th400 ???
  223. Need help diagnosing a 4l65e
  224. Need help with 4L80 swap - shifters from what cars/vans will fit? No F-bodies here
  225. 4L80E Questions
  226. Car is stuck in park.
  227. Perma Cool 20-22000 GVW Transmission Cooler ???
  228. cooler mounting
  229. What size of stall should I get for this cam?
  230. Jerking from Park to Drive
  231. need some info, trans not shifting into 2nd
  232. what controls 93 4l60 shift solenoids
  233. welding torque arm bracket to truck tranny?
  234. 93 z28 auto shift problems
  235. Did I screw the pooch?????
  236. Quick answer for JW ultra-bell fitment?
  237. Stock flex plate
  238. Tci 4l60e
  239. BMR relocation crossmemeber bushing?
  240. trans wont shift into 3rd on its own
  241. confused on stalls
  242. Trans issue at drag strip.
  243. OD and drive doesnt pull
  244. Auto windows switch kit
  245. 4L60E swap question- '05 interchange
  246. 4l80e bolt sizes
  247. Extra WIDE 29 element sprag
  248. not shifting at WOT
  249. LS1 to Powerglide Quick Q
  250. what wire in 99-02 pcm tell it P/N or in gear