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  1. rebuild
  2. 4.3L 4l60E question... will it work?
  3. TH350 persistent drip
  4. How do you prime your transmission?
  5. Using stock shifter for powerglide swap?
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  8. 98 formula firebird tranny problems
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  13. LQ9/4L60E trans wiring diagram?
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  15. General Automatic Transmission Question (NON LSx Related)
  16. Trans flush? or Trans fluid swap?
  17. Trans Controler Wiring in Michigan
  18. 4L60E issue
  19. Madman 4l80e dipstick
  20. 4L80E swap issues
  21. t56 to a4
  22. transmission shift selector cable
  23. Torque converter for 4L80E +800hp
  24. Worth the differance...
  25. Powerglide parts help please.
  26. torque arm mounts
  27. Need help, 1800 miles from home, and getting DTC p0785!!!!
  28. Help installed tc ,trans prob.
  29. 4l60e trans ??
  30. 4L60E Tailshaft housing
  31. Little vid of the TH350 swap
  32. LQ9/4L60E , DTC P0740, which wire?
  33. Is my pump broken? Different converter?
  34. stall
  35. 4l80e shifter
  36. difference in these two flexplates? prices are way different
  37. which flexplate for turbo build? B&M?
  38. 4l60e 2nd Gear hard shift no 4th at WOT
  39. Output shaft
  40. 4l60e help please
  41. What do you get when you mix a TT LS7 with a 4L65e?
  42. guys with ss4000 stalls
  43. which flexplate 2 use?
  44. 4l80E and my tuner
  45. yanks ss4000 vs tp4000
  46. TH400 vs. TH350 (and more questions inside)
  47. need stall recommendation
  48. yank py3400 TIGHT
  49. Help, transmission vibration 1800-2800rpm
  50. Poly mount review
  51. 4L60 help wanted please!!
  52. Is my 4l60E messed up?
  53. help th350 probs
  54. 4l60e flaring after new tune video inside
  55. CDS 278mm Upgrades
  56. Installed 4L80E feels like no 1st or 2nd, HELP!!
  57. Are these both C4 Transmissions?
  58. T56 to 4L80E 2005 GTO
  59. 4l80e duel feeding the direct drum
  60. How strong is the 4L80E overdrive?
  61. Dipstick for a 4l80e, 60e work?
  62. help thud, bang noise in rear can feel in car
  63. Please please please a flexplate speacialist needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  64. Removing trans dipstick tube
  65. Trans not going into 3rd or 4th
  66. Silverado transmission pan on a `02 WS6 A4?
  67. So whats the top speed you have seen in your auto GEARED ls1??
  68. TH400 swap question
  69. 00 ss glide installed...first drive today
  70. Looking for yellow Signal B wire
  71. help with conversion vehicle please!
  72. Questions regarding M6 to A4 wiring
  73. Th400 w/stock shifter??????
  74. Will a 4l60e of a ...... Fit my 98 T/A?
  75. OCP code on Optishift?
  76. how long will my 4L60E hold?
  77. Need a pump
  78. Bad torque converter?
  79. 3-4 snap ring broke out
  80. daaco stalls?
  81. Newest old Sponsor checking in!
  82. Is this normal?
  83. 4l80e crossmember for 69 Camaro
  84. carnage pics and reinstallation q's
  85. 4l60e Bellhousing broke and dip stick question
  86. turning lockup off with diablo prediter
  87. 4L60E limits
  88. L460E swap? or not?
  89. ptc 3800 converter
  90. FTI new release available at Jegs High Performance
  91. Turbo 400 in place of 4L60E?
  92. trex cam
  93. Are shift kits any good?
  94. Are shift kits any good?
  95. 4l60e won't shift
  96. 4L60E no staying in any gear??
  97. TH400 questions with a turbo 4.8L build
  98. Th350 swap i need help
  99. 6l90 into a fbody?
  100. Jake's Performance Updates
  101. What to do??
  102. NEED HELP doing a 4l60e to th350 SWAP in my '99 Silverado RCSB LQ9
  103. what is wrong with my trans, dipstick nonsense
  104. autometer speedo help please
  105. The 4L60E from hell
  106. 4l80e locks in reverse no 4th
  107. Building Info
  108. 6l90E 4x4 convert to 2wd?
  109. TH400 drive shaft yoke
  110. yank tc
  111. 4L60e sometimes shifts from 1 to 3 and does not react to kickdown
  112. untuned 3600 stall question
  113. th400?
  114. shift kit/ accumulator???
  115. Will snipping Pink/Lt.Green wire on 4l60e harness safely prevent tc lockup?
  116. Took a small trip, now the trans isnt shifting right.
  117. Manual Override for B&M Tranny Cooler w/ thermostat
  118. Shifter cable linkage
  119. Dual tranny fluid coolers....can it cause shifting issues?????
  120. torque converter??? help asap need help fast please
  121. How good was this built?
  122. 4l60e shifting issue
  123. torque converter for my cam.
  124. Need trans cooler fittings for 4l60E
  125. Strange 4L60E symptom, please help.
  126. Transmission Identification?
  127. 4l60e marks?
  128. 4l80e internal temp sensor
  129. Would you go for this TCI 6x deal?
  130. Looking for ideas or conformation...
  131. 4L60-E causing car to vibrate?
  132. Help converter lock up ?
  133. help car not moving pinched line
  134. 4L60E rebuild ?
  135. Hurt the converter
  136. which 4l80?
  137. Should I get the trans serviced?
  138. Best spot 4 AT temp sender.
  139. 700R4/4L60 TV cable adjustment. Please Help
  140. 4l80e most power?
  141. Not shifting under full throttle please help
  142. Which crossmember fits?
  143. 4l80E w/yank 3200 convertor lockup issues
  144. how to wire a 700r4 to get lockup
  145. looking to buy a stall, what to get??
  146. 1993 TA with 4L60 problems
  147. What does a stall coverter do???
  148. TH350 swap done.
  149. I like my yank 3400 stall but still might change it to something else.
  150. 4l60 not getting signal, how do I find the issue?
  151. TC lock up problem after cam install on 4.3
  152. Anyone ever modified a 6 speed crossmenmber for a th350?
  153. m6 for auto swap
  154. more line pressure? video inside
  155. Pushing through the converter
  156. Do I want/need a higher stall converter?
  157. Stall time...3600 or 3800?
  158. Switching out my T56 . . .
  159. Stalled A4's come in plz.....
  160. Inconsistent Lockup issues...
  161. 4l80e Problems please help
  162. stalls and tcs
  163. 1st gear timed for the converter??
  164. DEAD trans 3 days after flexplate install!!!????
  165. Tranny stuck and wont drop
  166. Do I need a radiator cooler or not???
  167. Not shiftin at high rpms
  168. 4l80e and 3200 stall in 4th gen video
  169. Torque converter noise? or something else?
  170. Best place for the tenp sender on a th350
  171. Po code 740 760 and 785. Sounds like a jar of marbles at idle....
  172. Got a question on tranny
  173. 86 vet e rod ls with 700r4 throt by wire?
  174. Trans cooler placement w/ Chrs1313 ssra
  175. 3800 stall converter installed. Now I have problems
  176. A4 - M6 Swap **
  177. 4l80e on the cheapo
  178. rebuilt convertors?
  179. newbie here problems already
  180. TH350/400 help
  181. I need a stall converter!
  182. brand trans fluid for yank stall
  183. Just got a Trailblazer 4L60e and had some questions about installing to a 5.3
  184. Correct installation of ARP flexplate bolts?
  185. What are these gaskets called?
  186. Lightest 3200 stall converter for 4L80E.....
  187. transmission cooler line hitting header, i think?
  188. Swap Camaro 93 - ECM?
  189. 4L60e help
  190. Clunk
  191. torque converter unlocking after hitting 180 degrees
  192. 4L60E won't upshift now
  193. Awesome fun with edge converter
  194. Those running a 4l80e with 4l60e segment and relay.
  195. TCC unlock switch help
  196. 700r4 mounting issues
  197. What wires are to neutral safety switch in a4 6 pin harness
  198. vss question
  199. Th350 swap and car will not turn over
  200. New build Trans Help
  201. 4000 stall + 3.42's
  202. Bad to shift from OD to D?
  203. th350 binding after swap? need help!!!
  204. Any one have helpful info on Vigilante Torque Converters?
  205. Need help deciding on Converter.. Not a noob though!!
  206. can you shorten 3/4 apply ring on a 4l65e
  207. speedo help
  208. Trans or Converter is slipping HELP!! 911!!!
  209. PerformaBuilt Limited time special offer!
  210. weird problem with converter bolts
  211. Want to hear your opinions on trans choice
  212. Powerglide VSS???
  213. Do I need anything else????
  214. Opinion on Performabuilt Level 2?
  215. Pro-Built rebuild kit... opions?
  216. Heat wave. How's your trans temp?
  217. need help topping out at 110
  218. Sonnax/Super servo question 4l65E
  219. Longshot converter question. . .
  220. 4L60E in limp home mode - can't figure out why
  221. bolting converter to flexplate?
  222. P1870 Tuning Issue
  223. What does everyone do with their 4l60e and 4l80e cores? I want them!
  224. 94 4L60e in a 97 car?
  225. How much tranny fluid?
  226. does anyone have a good PRINTABLE 4l80e plug pinout
  227. 4l80 ?
  228. TH400 rear end gear??????
  229. th400 monster in a box rebuild kit
  230. Just another thought......Is this kit worth $831 shipped
  231. What are ratios in 2011 Corvette automatic?
  232. 4L80e in 98 Z28
  233. Opinion
  234. 4l60E overdrive shifting problem
  235. Does this sound like a high price?
  236. WS6+th350+150 shot=what converter
  237. Stall caused blown trans pump?
  238. auto trans ???
  239. 12" 3200 stall?
  240. So I killed my 4L60E...
  241. 4l60e trouble shooting
  242. What rear gear to max out my 1-2 shift on my 4L60
  243. 2004 Z71 Suburban- 4L60e not shifting
  244. 6L80E Solenoid Pack
  245. Trans temp goes to 340?
  246. Need help and advice with flexplate wobble / runout
  247. 4l60e issue. no oil flowing.
  248. 6l90e/4l80e flexplate and other ??s
  249. How much stall for drag radials?
  250. yall build my 4l80e on paper......