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  26. help!!
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  80. okay guys help. i need the pin out and wiring schematics for 4l80 and 4l60
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  82. 93 z28
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  96. any specific 4L60E
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  104. trans fluid
  105. So What is the Bottom Line on GMT900 Trans Cooling?
  106. anybody use the aeroquip socketless hose for cooler lines
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  108. 4L60E help
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  111. If I have a 9.5" 2800 stall and a 12" 2800 stall, which is better and why?
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  120. noob question?
  121. Not technical but for anyone interested we are on facebook now.
  122. Help me pick a stall, 93 z28 - 383 stroker, 700R4
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  129. flexplate differences
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  132. lock up and gas mileage
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  142. safe to lock up on pull?
  143. anyone ever heard of a Transmision Specialities converter (TSI)?
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  161. transbrake
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  164. Pros and cons of running stock and aftermarket cooler?
  165. 7/16" or 1/2" on converter shims?
  166. wrong shifting points ? PCM ??
  167. About to order a Yankss 4000, dr's,ect..
  168. Vigilante Converter
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  174. Trans fluid in C5 Vette
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  176. New tranny
  177. Convertor hard?
  178. 3:73's or 3000 stall first?
  179. Need help!!!
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  181. TCI six speed auto
  182. stock 6.0 flexplate
  183. question about overheating transmission
  184. 4l60E parts list needed
  185. Stall without tune?
  186. 4l80e 2wd vs 4wd
  187. transmission neck broken on c5
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  190. a4's with 4.10's come on in
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  193. 4L60e Doesn't Want to shift into 4th at WOT
  194. what gears and converter for my combo?
  195. Transmission for a 01Z
  196. How to install a torque converter
  197. does any of tbe sponsors or you part whorders have this 4l60e part laying around
  198. CPT transmissions
  199. which flexplate for an up to 2000hp application ?
  200. 6 Speed AUTO guys come in please
  201. 700r4 reverse valve body shifter gate??
  202. Converter lock up?
  203. TH350 manual valve body options
  204. Tranny swap from manual to automatic
  205. vibration only in 4th
  206. 4l60e from hell!
  207. tci 6xsixspeed
  208. 5 pinions in a 4l60e
  209. 700r4 lock up.
  210. can someone explain this to me!
  211. Circle D single disk goes 1.61 60ft on stock suspension full weight 06 GTO
  212. Turbo TA TH400 w/PTC - possible cause of stutter?
  213. 4L60E bell housing broke, inspection plate missing
  214. Looking for a shop to do Tor. convertor around Chicago and how much?
  215. LT-1 4L60E behind an LSX
  216. 4l60e slipping in 3rd and 4th
  217. Look what I found in my tranny pan...what now?
  218. Dilemma...gear selection for ss3600 stall
  219. US stall converters
  220. does anyone have any pics of a cheetah shifter install or a writeup
  221. Trap Speed after torque converter change?
  222. Valve body and such
  223. Powerglide shifter in 6-speed console
  224. Average increase in trans temp after ss3600 stall?
  225. 6L90E Compatability with 6L80E harness ????
  226. Which flexplate? Vig LS1 converter to LQ4
  227. Recommend me a flexplate
  228. 4l60e swap, Whats it worth??
  229. Just Ordered..
  230. Stock Stall?
  231. Rebuilding my trans
  232. Just installed my first stall....
  233. best 4l60e rebiuld kit
  234. Transmission shifts to a higher gear when going half throttle between 35-50mph
  235. no reverse.. ??
  236. TCI paddle shifters
  237. shift kit and line pressure
  238. 2006 tbss with a 6l90e and awd transfercase
  239. So the stall is in.
  240. TH350 to a ls motor.
  241. 700r4 shift problems?
  242. th400 Rear servo spring and manual valve body ?
  243. what usually causes dtc 81 selonoid B code?94 z
  244. 700R4 Pan Bolts Stripped?
  245. just rebuilt it and no 1st gear in 3 or 4
  246. where to buy a yank online
  247. Converter locked for dyno pull?
  248. 4L65E behind a diesel
  249. Help needed TH400 4wd output shaft
  250. Any full weight 9 sec 4l60s??