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  36. building a 4l80e parts questions????
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  38. Does GM make a version of their 6L80E/6L90E for European OEMs?
  39. converter clutch acts normal at sealevel and shitty at high alt.
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  41. driving in thrid
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  44. anybody heard anything good about these guys?
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  46. Table for MPH Shifting
  47. keithz28 2001 camaroz28
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  49. debating on stall company...
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  57. B&M Pro Stick Shifter
  58. th350+700rwhp+semi budget=what can i do?
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  61. pickup converter
  62. 4L60e Parts
  63. For you TH350 guys, what brand TransBrake did you go with and why?
  64. YANK SS4000 new best 60ft 1.291 h/c/i na 346
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  69. th400 random slip in second
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  74. How much did you pay...
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  95. no park reverse or neutral
  96. do i need the dust cover on the 4l80e
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  101. 700r4 into 1993 camaro
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  105. Where are you guys buying TH400's and conversion parts?
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  107. edge stall driveability?
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  111. Thank you FTI
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  128. true or false?
  129. what does this code mean?
  130. Stall with Manual valve body 4L80E?
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  132. 4L60E question.
  133. Torque converter questions?
  134. Tranny slipping? not sure
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  137. What used 4L60e to buy.
  138. 1st gear shifting late part throttle
  139. TH350 Transmission Line Question
  140. Temp gauge install best place for sending unit
  141. do yank converters come in black?
  142. Some questions about th350 conversion
  143. How is the MadMan Th350 dipstick supposed seal to the transmission?
  144. 700r4 into a 93 maro
  145. stuck in 3rd
  146. manual shifting 4l60E?
  147. My Story with 4l60e
  148. 4L80E to 4L60E
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  155. Th400 question
  156. Trans line
  157. 4L80E overdrive?
  158. WTB 4l65e transmission or trade t56 spec 4 plus
  159. any updated 4L80E assemb. info
  160. any "Budget" trans controllers
  161. 2nd gear lagging or is it just me!!!???
  162. Transmission took a dump
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  167. Cleaning inside of transmission
  168. converter installed all the way?
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  170. 2002 SS Transmission?
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  172. Electri speedometer
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  175. Stock tranny in a 1985 Chevy truck . . .
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  178. trans cooler
  179. LQ4 to TH400??
  180. different size cooler lines
  181. harsh lock up after 3600 stall and rebuild
  182. motor coming out, need refresh tranny?
  183. Need info on a Vigelante Converter.
  184. Anyone ever fab up a bracket or do something to move trans tube mount?
  185. 4l60e doesnt want to shift it 3 or 4 all the time
  186. po502 code slipping 4l60e after stall install
  187. Powerglide?
  188. FLT 4L60E W/Rossler Brake & BigStuff3 2-Step AWESOME!
  189. 4l60e 2-3 shift flare after rebuild please help
  190. Alright guy please help. Th350 wont shift
  191. What can I expect?
  192. rossler customers, come inside
  193. What does your lsx flex plate look like
  194. my 4L80 is short shifting
  195. Thanks FTI!!!
  196. TH400 and a B&M deep pan cable bracket
  197. What converter with ASA cam
  198. asr off light and weird shifting
  199. Broke my second 300m shaft
  200. Restalling Converter - Can't Decide What Size
  201. Choosing a torque converter
  202. What year(s) 4l80e for lq4 swap
  203. ATF extra capacity tank
  204. A4 Shift kit Installers??
  205. what stall do i have...
  206. How do you tell if your stall is bad?
  207. NEED HELP! 04 4l80e TCC Problem
  208. tranny build?
  209. 4th gear 4l60e
  210. drive or OD for track?
  211. 4l60 pump
  212. 4L60E experts I need help!!!
  213. No 2-3 shift
  214. BEST TRANS for turbo build
  215. Performabuilt
  216. trans cooler info
  217. Driveshaft Length??
  218. FLT, PerformaBuilt, RPM which one?
  219. 4L60e not engaging consistently
  220. what transmission do i need?
  221. Converter Spacing with New Motor
  222. stall conv temps
  223. 4L60E repair or rebuild?
  224. th400 question
  225. If you have ever built a powerglide, come in here
  226. LS1 wiring and 4L80E
  227. What will it stall?
  228. 4L60E bellhousing bolts
  229. '70 Chevelle TH350 problem, refuses to burnout?
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  231. Have a 4L60E question
  232. well i know why my old 4l60e lost reverse now, pics
  233. broken driveshaft and destroyed trans...
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  240. 4L60E please!!
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  244. trans fluid level started..
  245. Calling Sponsors!!! Anyone have the TCI Transmission Cradle in stock....
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