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  22. Want to switch over
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  24. stall install
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  26. Wanting a stall. 3200 or 3600?
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  35. Rossler trans.
  36. good year tranny fluid cooler hose
  37. not shifting
  38. I need an aftermarket 6L80 auto shifter
  39. 6l80eTailshaft Conversion from AWD to 2WD-Can I just run my 2 piece driveshaft?
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  44. 3rd and 4th Rev freely unless manually shift.
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  48. Auto Transmission Fluid Change
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  57. General Transmission Question
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  61. revmax converters
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  65. Performabuilt....
  66. filings in sump
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  68. going from T56 to 4L80e ????
  69. is this true??
  70. Worth swapping a Vig4000 to a PT4000?
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  74. Lt1
  75. transmission cooler upgrade?
  76. Expert Stall Converter Advice for Current Setup
  77. Hits Limiter on 2-3 shift
  78. 4L60E No Power to plug
  79. Th350 FMVB shift delay normal
  80. couple of transmission questions....
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  82. Will this converter fit 4l60e??
  83. Converter locking in manual 3rd automatically???
  84. 4l60e loses all gears randomly
  85. what size?
  86. How Do I Install A B&M Transmission Cooler?
  87. Can any one tell me about the 700r4?? please help
  88. Dilemma. . . .Should I stay or should I go?
  89. Fuddle Converters what was wrong with them??
  90. Wont Shift!?!?!?
  91. Tranny cooler
  92. torque converter or trans prob?
  93. 4L60 rebuild questions
  94. 1-2 & 2-3 Not Shifting!! Hesitation Bouncing Off Rev Limiter
  95. vacuum modulator
  96. A4 Shifter Handle
  97. Yank Converter Stall Torque Ratio, Stall Speed Information
  98. thinking about a stall, need some info!
  99. In And out of lock up? Or dowshifting on it's own
  100. Shifter button...
  101. 4l60e AN transmission fittings
  102. what Stall would you recommend drag car
  103. Intermittent 3rd gear start and no first downshift
  104. Another 4L60E problem
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  107. TH 400 Intermediate clutch piston seal
  108. 95 4l60e into a 96 ss
  109. a3 to a4 shifter
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  115. Stall and FI
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  117. STR, when shopping for a Stall Converter
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  119. Anyone got an old B&M Megashifter laying around?
  120. trans temp gauge
  121. banging the REV
  122. 4L60E torque convertor not locking up
  123. Strange Shifting Problem
  124. B&M Cooler # 70298 install?
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  126. 4l60e housing
  127. Paddle shift or not?
  128. WTB: th400 speed sensor and reluctor wheel
  129. Got my Yank ss4000 on the way!!!
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  131. 4l60E 1-2 shift all over the place.
  132. Headed to the track for the first time with an auto.
  133. Need help on a stall install.
  134. What type of Trans do I have?
  135. For the record...
  136. Trouble putting trans in park
  137. anyone in melbourne fla who has hp tuners
  138. 4l60 shift problems on nitrous
  139. Newb to a4's any advice
  140. Very Hard 1-2 shift 4l60e????
  141. Stall Converter question?
  142. bigger tranny pan for lowered cars
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  144. 4l60e only shifting at 3200 rpms
  145. 4l80 in a 2010 camaro a6?
  146. please help!
  147. MAF 0100 Insufficient Activity code preventing 4l60e from running?
  148. E40D prpoblems after rebuild
  149. bellhousing bolts
  150. Yank SS3600 Advice
  151. need a part number or where to get one
  152. 1860 pwm tcc solenoid error code
  153. car got hot and had a random no forward or reverse
  154. I need help with 4L80 install with a Moser 9"
  155. transmission identification
  156. Transmission gear select linkage cable
  157. 700r4?
  158. anyone running a th400 and 3.23 gears
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  162. 4l60e ?
  163. Tranny cooler Question????
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  165. high performance circle d 3200 stall 278mm
  166. Are C5 and lt1 convters interchangable?
  167. Yank is in! Question on it, see last post
  168. Upgrading to either the CircleD 5C or Yank SS4000
  169. What is needed to make custom transmission lines
  170. ATI Tree master non-lock up 8" race converter
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  173. Flexplate option ? 99-00 6.0 related
  174. 4L80e bolt pattern
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  177. wont shift out of 1st wot
  178. B&M Quicksilver and '04 2wd Automatic 4l60e Problems
  179. shift kit
  180. SS4000 Owners post your 60' times
  181. help me diagnose my problem!!!
  182. Need HELP Were is the PRNDL Switch Located
  183. Possible clogged cooler?
  184. stall and tune question
  185. how to identify 4l60e build date
  186. Tightest converter for the street? Recommendations??
  187. 1994 4l60e problems
  188. 4L60E lost all gears
  189. E38 and 4L80E
  190. transbrake malfunctioning
  191. th350 shifter installment... tried looking but cant find
  192. Transgo HD2-C Question
  193. Part# for truck pan for 4L60E ??
  194. Shifting Question.. 4L60E
  195. Tranny leak...coming from where??
  196. Lashway Motorsports now offering their Billet Series converters to LS1Tech members!
  197. Help!!! Tranny issues?
  198. Going to have the transmission out of the car.. What to replace? (seals etc)???
  199. lazy 2-3 shift
  200. Powerglide with Transbrake
  201. Stall converter question
  202. What is the maximum safe operating tempature on a 4L60e Trans
  203. Cut and clean for diesel?
  204. 700R4 Output shaft Sleeve (is it needed?) Help Car under knife and I'm ready to race)
  205. 4l60e bellhousing filling up with tranny fluid!!!
  206. 4l60e wont shift into 3rd
  207. vig 3600 to small for my setup?
  208. 4l60e swapped to a 700r4
  209. Difference between LS1 and LT1 4L60
  210. trans swap no start?
  211. Converter identification?
  212. Trans Slip from Part throttle to WOT...retune?
  213. First Impressions Yank PT4000
  214. Lockup question!!!
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  216. 4l80e shifter
  217. 4l80 swap, have a few questions
  218. TransGo Shift Kit or Increase Line Pressure?
  219. 4l60 vibration with lockup?
  220. broke my sprag
  221. FLT CIR D STALL. Can flexplate be installed backwards?
  222. whos running a stall on a stock tranny ?
  223. shift kits and torque management
  224. 4L60E Reverse only after hard launch
  225. Look what the brown truck brought me :) Thanks Dave@Yank
  226. th350 won't shift out of first
  227. Does anyone know?
  228. automatic shifter with 6 speed look?
  229. 4l60e no first gear
  230. 4l65e sun shell probs???
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  233. 15hr poll help!!!!!
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  236. slip between 2 & 3??
  237. Tbss...
  238. 4L60E bellhousing question.
  239. New Rockwell tranny...sounds awesome....
  240. 4th gear slip
  241. Best clutches for 4l60e???
  242. Shift Extentions??
  243. cracked bell housing
  244. what converter should I run?
  245. Are the transmissions the same between v6 fbodies and v8's??
  246. 4L60E's the same between F-bodies and trucks
  247. BDR torque convertors??
  248. th400 crossmember vs 4l80
  249. PB Converter
  250. 4L80, how strong?