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  1. th 400 flywheel problem
  2. 4L80E tranny temps = adding a second cooler!
  3. Fti converters=a+++
  4. PerformaBuilt Tranny and TQ Converter... Which flexplate?
  5. Drivline pro lem
  6. help! 98 t/a wont shift into park
  7. Trouble code P0757 4l60e
  8. Who sells parts?
  9. m6 to a4 swap done
  10. 4L60E problems
  11. Tranny Mount Writeups?
  12. Where did you mount your tranny cooler?
  13. A4 swap help?
  14. Yanks phone number?
  15. 4L80E Transbrake Install Instructions
  16. 4l60e shiftlock question
  17. servo help
  18. Stripped converter bolt
  19. Street/Road Course/Canyons/AutoX?
  20. Question for guys with FLT transmissions
  21. help lq4/4l80 swap converter help with sfi flexplate
  22. Another P0751 code question
  23. Help! Trans Pressure in 4L60E
  24. How do you replace the auto shifter handle?
  25. 4L80E accumulator valve spring=harsh shifts?
  26. stripped bolt head for bellhousing!
  27. 4L60e just went out (again)
  28. How High Are You Shifting Your 4L60E
  29. tail housing height
  30. any tips for trans removal, poly engine mounts?
  31. 4L60-E Banner Kit
  32. Trans Shakes Violently????
  33. Should I increase my stall
  34. dosent it seem kinda stupid? (higher stall+stock 10 bolt and tranny)
  35. swap complete m6 to th400... ?
  36. Need ideas on whats going on with my swap to an auto
  37. I need 4l80e TC education
  38. FLT - July (Level 4) Sale
  39. Help plz. Which line is pressure line on late 4L80?
  40. 3600 or 4000 stall????
  41. 5.3 / 4l60e Bolts
  42. Gto VS F-body tail shaft housing
  43. is their anyone who sales a package for 4l80e swaps into f body
  44. high temps with thae AC on
  45. bad track times may be trans or converter
  46. Rossler transmission 4l60 update modification
  47. can u loose your shift points
  48. Just ordered my circle d4c converter!!!
  49. Simple Dexron III ATF Question
  50. Race kit for 4l60e
  51. Swapping trannies, help me understand the RPM effects please
  52. need help choosing stall size and brand
  53. Temps High. Cooler Position
  54. Regain power loss from auto trans?
  55. A4 shift problems after ported TB install
  56. 4l80e into 2nd gen f
  57. R&R of 4L60E
  58. Upgraded my drive shaft.... again! The right way this time!!!
  59. 4L60E Cooler Line keeps popping off
  60. AEM box...will it control my 4l80e
  61. i need an honest tranny builder that builds a badass 4l60
  62. 4l60e is not shifting out of 2 or 3 ?
  63. powerglide people
  64. Will a V6 4L60e bolt to an LS1 if I change the bell housing?
  65. Car wont launch or 60ft
  66. stalled auto from a roll?
  67. Stuck In Drive
  68. which one of these converters would you get
  69. Dumb question
  70. Help me make my mind up on switching to an A4
  71. please help with transmission problems. slipping in all gears under hard acceleration
  72. Looking to upgrade your A6 transmission? Well the wait might finally be over!
  73. How much converter for a 1.8 60ft. time?
  74. Trans leak... where can it be from?
  75. What to do??
  76. 4l60e problem(serious)
  77. Tranny keeps getting hot
  78. Transmission acting wierd occasionally
  79. 2004 gto 4l65e problem
  80. detroit trans shop
  81. need help with stall size
  82. Modified 6L80
  83. 4l60e whines when hot
  84. straight cut gears
  85. auto shiftin prob (4L60)
  86. Baumann controller for the 4L80E???
  87. 4th gen drive shaft on 3rd gen?
  88. PerformaBuilt VS. RPM Trans VS. Everything Else
  89. short shifting
  90. Any clearence issues with the following trans?
  91. 4L60e reaction shaft on 4L65e planetary??
  92. wanting to do an auto to 6 speed swap!
  93. What converter for big block TH400 Chevelle?
  94. RMVB / Transbrake / TH400: All gears go forward.... :(
  95. How to get a speedo reading from a th400
  96. 4L60E Identification
  97. Is that normal or should i be worried?
  98. Tuned then tranny stopped working
  99. How to be sure if converter is fully seated?
  100. 4l60e
  101. I have to give a big shout out to PTC and Thunder Racing! Thanks
  102. Will this tranny cooler be ok?
  103. flexplate bolts????
  104. TH400 Swap Qs w Hurts Q Stick
  105. Transmission Tail Shaft housing.
  106. 700r4 instead of a 4l60e wtf!
  107. could a 4L80e be stuck in second IF>>>
  108. flexplate ?
  109. Putting a '97 4L60E in a '95 Z auto car
  110. T-56 to 4L60E swap help
  111. Help with Tranny Swap
  112. $200 4l80e
  113. Transmission Swap T-56 to 4L60E
  114. found a 4l80e for sale, but.......
  115. Glide vs TH400
  116. Yank Converter Question
  117. 4l60e problems and ???????s please help
  118. 4L60E bottomed out.....
  119. need help figuring out which flexplate to use
  120. need some advice
  121. Shifter cable ?
  122. Is the picture of this solenoid a TCC solenoid?
  123. torque converter sponsors
  124. how much can my 4l60e take?
  125. Which Stall For My lt1 3200 3600 ???
  126. Will a stall from an '05 gto work on a '99 ws6?
  127. 4L80E with Transbrake?
  128. th350 quick fix NEED HELP ASAP
  129. Auto Trans Mount
  130. 4l80e manual
  131. 4L60E running hot at wot, what to check for?
  132. Anyone have any feedback on Coan stalls?
  133. TH400 w/ VSS
  134. whats a good trans cooler for a decnt price
  135. Everything you need to know about tranny coolers (4l60E F-Body)
  136. Have you broken anything since installing a high stall tc?
  137. th350/700r4 question
  138. Help with 4.3 to 5.3 trans swap.
  139. trans cooler
  140. stalling when wot
  141. Stall Slipping?
  142. What Can Cause A Stall Converter To Brake ??
  143. 4L80e guys, Where to get SFI flexplate for normal 4l80 converter?
  144. Trans Temp gets hot under full throttle, whats wrong???
  145. blowing through the converter
  146. I need some advice
  147. HELP!! dumping trans fluid
  148. So, looks like I could use a bigger stall?
  149. hypertech programmer
  150. Looking for a 4L60E tail shaft housing
  151. swaping in the th400, driveshaft modifying?
  152. Whats a 4l80e worth!
  153. Which fluid?
  154. Turbo LSx TH400 - noise coming from the trans area
  155. 4K Stall w TH400 on MS4 cam car...
  156. My py 3400 e converter some observations and questions?
  157. T56 to 4l80 swap now no speedometer/odometer?
  158. TCI flexplate and Circle D Tq Converter Question
  159. Need a vin for pcm swap... 99^ls1 auto prefer 02.
  160. Help with my TH350!!!
  161. looking for a pic and or a part number (tranny related)
  162. TCI 378000 trans pan... need filter extension or no?
  163. 4L60E not wanting to shift into 2nd.
  164. Looing for opinions
  165. Rebuild the old tranny or buy a new one?
  166. Trans lines
  167. I'm a new member of the Circle-D club
  168. tranny temps
  169. Is my 4L60E on its last leg?
  170. dumb question
  171. trans cooler fan
  172. Line Loc mount
  173. how can i tell if my transmission has been "built"
  174. 4l60e vacuum modulated?
  175. ran with low fluid at felt the trans slip slightly going home from track...
  176. '95 4L60E Valve body in '94?
  177. Help!!---Is my trans toast or is it just my tune???
  178. th350 swap and now RPM and mileage dont work
  179. 4l60e won't shift into 3rd or 4th! Won't get any readings under dash
  180. I need advice!
  181. Hit me with everything you know!!!
  182. Will the car weight affect how much power a tranny will hold?
  183. Cost to fix valve body on 4l80e transgo st3
  184. How hard is it?????
  185. Bolt patt?
  186. 4l80e Flexplate??
  187. What trans is in a 07 Buick Lucerne?
  188. bad valve body????
  189. Performabuilt Stall
  190. trans and a tune?
  191. RMVB shifter for 4L80????!!
  192. good 4l80 rebuild parts?
  193. Flexplate cracked, what will this cause?
  194. everdrive or perforambuilt>daily driver.
  195. spraying thru shifts
  196. Trans experts step in!
  197. Anyone using a deep tranny pan?
  198. what tranny cooler are you guys using?
  199. need advice for th350 swap
  200. How much will aftermarket tc beat on stock tranny?
  201. those of you who installed 4l80e
  202. Building strongest 4L60E possible - need advice
  203. stall question
  204. 6L80 6l90 techs!! HELP!
  205. Bone stock DD with a 3600 stall and built 4L60E.....
  206. reverse shifts very hard
  207. cam to big for auto?
  208. flash stalln
  209. shifter question for guys that have went m6 to a3
  210. C Clips on transmission cooler to remove??
  211. question about stall and tune on VAC mod Trans
  212. Looking for some part numbers.....
  213. Anyone ever run a old phoenix 4000 stall, is it to big for my car, 60' help
  214. Question on 4l80e yoke
  215. Pcm to control 4l80e trans
  216. Help Problems After Transgo-HD2 Install !!!!
  217. Broke shifter cable, now more issues
  218. I need a flexplate for a 700r4
  219. Opinions for a stall
  220. Yank 3600 Flexplate/Cooler size?
  221. 4L60E Shifts 1-2 in OD stays in 2 untill warm then works good
  222. Help with choosing converter!!!????
  223. where is this leak coming from?
  224. Steptronic style shifter for 4L60
  225. B&M Quicksilver ?
  226. my car wont shift into overdrive ! please help
  227. Cracked Bellhousing 4l60e
  228. P0751 question
  229. Stall question
  230. Rebuilt 4l60e(lt1) trans 2nd gear start
  231. ?tci?
  232. Any regret converting to an A4?
  233. 4L60E & Dex VI question...
  234. woud u buy a maddog transmission?
  235. My converter? TH400 & Chance
  236. Splicing an auto pigtail into a 6 speed harness
  237. ARP Flexplate bolts with GM spacer
  238. TH400 oil cooler port thread size
  239. 4l60e car vs truck
  240. 95 4l60e speed sensor?
  241. How to get bellhousing bolt out?
  242. Installing trans dipstick
  243. OK which way >><<
  244. Shift kit questions
  245. new performabuilt trans 2-3 rev limiter
  246. Trans issues
  247. flexplate?
  248. 4l80e
  249. 2nd thrust bearing failure with powerglide
  250. 4l60e trans swap (known good) doest shift 23or4...