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  65. new exhaust
  66. Paddle Shifters
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  68. this is crazy
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  99. th400 guys
  100. Electrical Question
  101. man look
  102. Trans Pan
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  110. my head hurts help!
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  119. has anyone seen this output shaft (4L80 conversion)
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  123. How Much Love 4L80E
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  132. Tell me what i need to fix/replace
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  136. converter advice please
  137. How much stall for my new setup?
  138. possible causes for rev. input drum failure?
  139. 4:60E Reccommendations - 550-600 RWHP
  140. Pro ratchet shifter
  141. fuel line hoses, enough strong to run as coolant lines?
  142. What others will work?????????
  143. A stupid Th400 question
  144. clips to hold coolant lines in tranny?
  145. t56 to 4l80 swap ,shiftlock question.wiring experts please come in..
  146. question on putting a 10 vane rotor in a 13 vane pump
  147. 4L60E Stator support torque spec?
  148. th400 swap completed, now I've got some questions
  149. Cant pull the Dipstick
  150. Are the electrical plugs on a 4L80e the same as a 4L60e?
  151. What 60's have you got out of your circle D converter?
  152. keep getting a leak around trans cooler
  153. 1 LE trans mount
  154. Installed a new 4L60E tranny from RPM Transmissions, now my Z is slower???
  155. grade 8.8 bolts good enough for flexplate bolts??
  156. derale 4l80 trans pan with cooling tubes or tci pan..
  157. anyone replace there bellhousing on there th350/400's?
  158. Which tranny do I have?
  159. th400 pressure regulator valve...?
  160. 2 step with transbrake wiring
  161. Shifting? Does someone have the knowledge
  162. Close up pics of lokar 36 inch 4l80 dipstick in car
  163. Is my trans slipping?
  164. bought used trans with vig conv need help i.d.
  165. t-56 to auto conversion where to find reuired parts and would my cam work
  166. No shift at WOT in all gears!
  167. what causes a flywheel to make noise?
  168. Would I like a 3200 stall or higher on a stock motor?
  169. servo return spring missing
  170. Front Mounting a C6 6L80E transmission
  171. What parts to buy for a 4L60e w/200 shot?
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  173. 1995 4L60e VS 93 and 94 ?
  174. Tranny mount or motor mount broken?
  175. Ideas for quieter crossmember mounted torque arms..
  176. Two step for transbrake
  177. Vigilante 3600 vs YANK SS3600
  178. 4l60e limp mode fix??
  179. Install Tips on my 4x4 Trans Converter install?
  180. Can I get away with JUST putting in new clutches and shift kit? Please help guys
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  182. th400 vs. 4L60E
  183. LS3 4L60E without ISS
  184. Converter Break-in Time?
  185. Close to stock 4L60E
  186. Help, 2-3 shift at WOT is sluggish, hit rev limiter once
  187. 3rd&4th th700r
  188. extended crank and what trans
  189. t 56 to 4l80 guys trans cooler questions..
  190. Questions regarding removing the bellhousing bolts
  191. Frozen trans to block dowels...what worked for you?
  192. Texas Performance Transmissions shop in humble
  193. th400 swap now it won't start
  194. Tranny mount and pinion angle
  195. Gear stuck after WOT
  196. Longer 4L60E Shifter cable???
  197. What does your car stall foot braking it?
  198. 700r4 wont shift out of first
  199. 4L60E question
  200. 4l80e tranny speedo
  201. do flexplates lose there balance when you drill them for a differnt verter?
  202. Tranny Cooler
  203. A4 w/solenoide problem..
  204. 3.8 bellhousing mated to a 5.3?
  205. what tci flexplate to crank bolts to use. ASAP plzzzz
  206. cooler fan question, and arp flexplate bolt question.
  207. Broken trans? lost all gears on dyno
  208. stock vs th350
  209. 3 pumps blown, converter hub bad? HELP!
  210. Torque converter bolt size
  211. Help with lock up issue
  212. 6sp to a4 conversion price??
  213. 4l60e vss part#?
  214. WHAT TO STALL A SS4000 stall
  215. Won't engage 1st from neutral or park without a bit of revving?
  216. Odd TH400 issue...sometimes no reverse/drive gears
  217. transmission making sqeaking noise...????
  218. A few question about torque management
  219. Guys with TH400 RMVB w/Transbrake... What shifter and TQ arm is best???
  220. Having a Problem
  221. transmission questions
  222. What size cooler for a Th400?
  223. Th400 built to hold 800hp
  224. 4L60-E VSS issues
  225. turbo 350 i need help
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  228. flutter sound??
  229. Just drove my SS after swapping my M6 to 4L80E.. have Qs...
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  231. 6l80 clarification
  232. TH400 rmvb w/compression braking in all gears
  233. will not go into reverse 4l60e
  234. Circle d +4c or PT4000 in Z06
  235. th400 users, what trans mount are you using?
  236. P0757???
  237. Need A Converter
  238. help
  239. How to tell if N2O is blowing through pt4400?
  240. Help with auto trans ID!
  241. 4l60e Vehicles
  242. 4l80 guys out of 10 how noisy is your trans..
  243. t56 to 4l60/ 4l80 swap guys..anyone hook up shiftlock solenoid and park lock cable?
  244. Which 4000 RPM converter ??
  245. 4L60E and 600+hp
  246. th400 , what rpm stall should i use ?
  247. Location of "LCA bolts"?????
  248. help me on where to start!
  249. Time for a new converter?
  250. 4l60e