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  1. RPM 4l60e stage 5 *** In here***
  2. 6l80 clarification
  3. TH400 rmvb w/compression braking in all gears
  4. will not go into reverse 4l60e
  5. Circle d +4c or PT4000 in Z06
  6. th400 users, what trans mount are you using?
  7. P0757???
  8. Need A Converter
  9. help
  10. How to tell if N2O is blowing through pt4400?
  11. Help with auto trans ID!
  12. 4l60e Vehicles
  13. 4l80 guys out of 10 how noisy is your trans..
  14. t56 to 4l60/ 4l80 swap guys..anyone hook up shiftlock solenoid and park lock cable?
  15. Which 4000 RPM converter ??
  16. 4L60E and 600+hp
  17. th400 , what rpm stall should i use ?
  18. Location of "LCA bolts"?????
  19. help me on where to start!
  20. Time for a new converter?
  21. 4l60e
  22. Yet again, looks like i did serious damage to a tranny
  23. length of dipsticks
  24. 4l60e binding in all gears
  25. Do I have everything I need? (4L80 rebuild)
  26. Can you flush/clean a torque converter?
  27. th350 ?
  28. differnce between 4l60e and a 4l60 transmission
  29. How Long Does Tranny Fluid Keep
  30. anyone who daily drives a stalled auto come in...
  31. is the tranny cooler enough for my new tranny w/ bypassing radiator
  32. Got my 80 running, question though...
  33. TCC apply/release speed question??
  34. Huge RPM Transmission Sale + Free Shipping!
  35. A4 Shift Problem
  36. AT temp?
  37. help!! code P0757! 4l60e pros!!
  38. yank 3200 stall
  39. Pro-built 4L60E Problems. Guru's Needed.
  40. yank 3500
  41. what physically makes an expensive converter different then an ebay one
  42. 4l60e mvb?
  43. Thanks FLT for another great year 700R4
  44. 4L65 trans issue
  45. can a 96 a4 go into a 94 a4 with no problems?
  46. 4l80 swap guys how the heck do you get the speedo to read correctly??
  47. Trans specialist come in please.
  48. 4l60 upgrade
  49. Installing a Vigilante TC the easy way.
  50. 4l80e 1000HP build help
  51. t56 to 4l80 swap completed but have some questions ,problems..
  52. TH400 Converter
  53. 4L80E Torque Converter
  54. Thanks to FLT and FTI!!
  55. T-56 TO Auto swap opinions
  56. Big thanks to YANK and SLOWHAWK
  57. wts a built 4l60e
  58. 4L80 for a C5 with no cutting? I heard Yank makes one?
  59. A4 transmission overdrive locking issues
  60. How to tell if you have a shift kit?
  61. LS1 style 4L60e on C4 Corvette
  62. a4 trans flush
  63. Installing Tranny Cooler
  64. 06 v-6 truck 4L60e trans vs. fbody 4L60e
  65. 4l60 or th350 need help deciding...
  66. racing
  67. Ls1 Th400 flexplate bolts
  68. 4l60 vs 4l80e
  69. 4L60e Overdrive Problem
  70. I have a nice nice question
  71. 1000whp auto with Overdrive? Do they exist?
  72. 4l60e not locking up
  73. pheonix 3200 stall good???
  74. th350 or 400??? help
  75. Stalled guys, I have a ?
  76. 04 CTS..downshifting HARD!
  77. Do i have this right? 4l60E to th400....
  78. Vigilante Stall Part # ????'s
  79. Need help what flexplate to get??? new to autos
  80. A4 tranny going out? Help asap
  81. Performabuilt lvl2 Yank4000ss Overheating?
  82. Low 1/4 mile A4 #'s???
  83. just ordered arp flex and converbolt bolts, will i have issues with tc1 flexplate?
  84. tranny mount not lining up to k member
  85. 4l80 swap questions..dust cover ,etc.
  86. how long has your RMVB th400 w/brake lasted on the street? (miles)
  87. does this fbody fit an fbody?
  88. need a 4l60e fbody shifter lever.
  89. have a4 car, want m6. anyone going the other way wanna swap parts?
  90. 4l60e build up ideas
  91. 4l60E help?
  92. Need a part numbers for the a,b solenoids
  93. 94 lt1 4l60e
  94. Tranny Pan
  95. looking for pics of M6 to A4 wiring----Already read stickies
  96. Kind of worried about this one
  97. trans cooler and shift kit
  98. th350 stall ?
  99. Speed density tune and a 4L60e...
  100. tranny fluid change
  101. 3200 Stall
  102. busted built 4L60E good to anyone?
  103. 4l60e 1st & 2nd Gen speedometer Kits
  104. Budget Tranny setup....
  105. performabuilt in my GTO
  106. 4L80E 4x4 to 4x2 HELP
  107. What Stall to get?
  108. 4L60E Bell Housing, HELP!!
  109. Rebuilt 4x4 4L60E or Junkyard 4L60E
  110. 4l60e bounce off rev limiter few times before shift
  111. 4L60E on mild LQ4?
  112. HELP ASAP!!!!!!! cars speedometer doesnot work, and 1-3 gear shift only!
  113. 6 speed auto Swap
  114. Nitrous with 4k stall
  115. no 1st
  116. 4l60e question
  117. TQ coverter lockup issues on 93 v6 firebird
  118. 700r4 shifting problems
  119. What is a Normal temp for an A4 Trans with conveter?
  120. 400 Trans brake
  121. question for circle d
  122. Th400 yoke question
  123. budget tranny
  124. quick noob question
  125. 6L80E Hydromatic Transmission
  126. 1-2 shift is weird, 2-3 is fine, 3-4 is weird
  127. M6 to TH350 or TH400 swap - read stickies.
  128. 3600 or 4000 stall?
  129. 4l80e
  130. b&m shift improver kit install need help!
  131. Looking for trans build info
  132. diffs. in V/B's for 4l80e
  133. Thanks FLT and Circle D 1.63 60ft stock suspension w/ Front swaybar!
  134. Yank 3400 - Intermittent Lock-Up
  135. no overdirive 4l60e
  136. Cpl of Vids with PerformaBuilt T400.
  137. Think I broke 2nd, binding bad
  138. Pictures of chassis rail or cylindrical type trans coolers mounted on car..
  139. Need to get my converter tweaked suggestions?
  140. Converting the 4l60e shifter to th350 pattern
  141. What in the tranny changes locked/unlocked?
  142. How much time does it take to remove and install transmission by the book?
  143. Garage shifts vs Boost Valve
  144. which 4l60e converter?
  145. Lsx sfi rated flexplate question.
  146. Stall
  147. How durable are these?
  148. check valve/little ball bearing in input shaft
  149. TH350 to ecu speedo questions.
  150. 4l60e from 95 camaro work in 97 trans am
  151. Installing Stall Question
  152. tranny with 131K original miles+ stall, bad idea?
  153. perfromance trans rebuild kit 4L60E
  154. Converter install
  155. Auto trans failing already?
  156. atf4... DOH
  157. MY 4l80
  158. 2000 A4 camaro
  159. 700r4 converter fit a 4l60e?
  160. Odd power loss at 5k rpms..
  161. Thanks To Performabuilt.....
  162. flexplate bolts with spacer?
  163. 700r4 issues, help Performa or FLT
  164. 4l60e Question
  165. how good are performabilt transmissions? there level 2
  166. TH400 shift issues no 2-3 shift
  167. 4L80E from what vehicle?
  168. Performabuilt and Circle D goes 9's
  169. 4L60E Shift linkage where to buy
  170. 700r4 shifts into od to soon!
  171. Installing Shift Kit
  172. Thank You Performabuilt and Circle D
  173. 2000 vibration in driveline
  174. Transbrake wiring... Rossler 4L80E..
  175. TH700R4 rebuild $ WTF?
  176. NEW best with PerformaBuilt T400 9.78 VID POSTED
  177. Which stock converter will work with ls1 and 4L80e?
  178. Transmission Ventilation Tube/Rubber hose (4L60E)
  179. how to check
  180. TransBreak in Built 4L60
  181. Need help quick with a trans leak
  182. flexplate torque same as flywheel torque spec??
  183. Built 4l80e toasted
  184. 4l80 from flooded truck
  185. Never thought I'd post in here.. Making the leap
  186. selecting a th350
  187. RPM level 6 4l60
  188. Transmission Temp Gauge
  189. odd noise from trans area under firm breaking?
  190. turbo350 questions
  191. TQ arm ?
  192. built 4l60e for sale
  193. DIY auto rebuild
  194. 4l60e problems not shifting to 2nd and 4th?
  195. Binding? Reverse works but binds...
  196. no 2-3 shift at wot.
  197. Can You?
  198. How much gain will I see from T56 to 4L80 swap?
  199. Reinstalling the trans. pan
  200. Can a PT4000 hold a WOT lockup?
  201. circle d converters
  202. Anti-ballooning plate question
  203. 4l60E Seperator plate trashed, why? What to do?
  204. trans went BOOM!!!
  205. Electrical short after tranny install
  206. Driveshaft won't go in 200r4
  207. need help 3rd time trans in repair shop
  208. t56 to a4 questions
  209. 02 4l60e Speedo question
  210. 4L60 from a 1993, Best customer service when rebuilt..
  211. stage 3 4l60e for sale
  212. My installed B&M Hammer Pics
  213. A4 to TH400 in 04 GTO
  214. tranny/converter=low hp?
  215. Is there a way to test transmissions, or cost for a shop to inspect?
  216. cars f*cked
  217. Reinstalling 4l60e pump...won't go back in.
  218. th400 dipstick suggestions
  219. Th400 swap price
  220. A4 Shift Points
  221. Issues with my 4L60E when I have it locked out in a gear.
  222. Where to buy 4l60e trans cooler lines?
  223. Yank 4L80e converter interchange?
  224. 6l80E power
  225. Loose or tight ?
  226. Trans ?
  227. 4L60E or 4L80?
  228. whats the differance between 4l60e and 4l65e?
  229. need upgrades for transmission?
  230. 4l80 cooler fitting
  231. 4L60E problems
  232. 4l60 issues
  233. Turbo 400 tranny lines
  234. flywheel problems?
  235. Painted case raises temp?
  236. Possible to change gears in tranny? th400
  237. Intermittent hard shifting
  238. Trans X as a preventative for transmission issues??
  239. 3000-3500 Stall with 3.73 gears. What cam?
  240. what does a stall do? ...seriously
  241. Pontiac TH400 into LS1
  242. TCI flexplate problem
  243. th400 is giving me problems
  244. CAM ONLY 60FT!!! SS4000,4.10s, 1.35!!!
  245. Tci flexplate ?
  246. V6 Trans Behind a turbo 5.3
  247. Do I need a new transmission?
  248. 4l60e delay shift into 3rd.
  249. 4l60e performance upgades HELP
  250. Water in trany