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  19. banging third
  20. any sponsors going to run any specials on tc??
  21. Need Help Buying a Stall.
  22. Tci 3600
  23. 4l60e to 6.0l flywheel and upgrade
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  25. Have a Escalade AWD 08 6l80e, can it be converted to 2wd?
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  29. Question about driving in "Drive"
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  32. Drove to Houston, Towed it back!
  33. is their a high performing tranny that work with stock converter ?
  34. lt1 4l60 to ls1
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  37. TH350 In A 94 Z28
  38. Swapped 4l60e for th400 how do i get the speedo to work?
  39. What could this be??
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  41. Trans cooler help?????
  42. Code PO751
  43. T56 to 4L80E swap
  44. transmission help asap plz.
  45. Need Part # for F-body Shift Linkage
  46. TH400 Experts!? Mount spacer cause vibration?
  47. 4l60e= toasted!
  48. need help with speedo cable
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  52. Quick question about stall brands
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  54. 4L80E 1993 vs 1995
  55. Tranny additive
  56. price?
  57. PerformaBuilt 2 day only 4th of july sales event !
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  59. What lenght shifter cable should I get
  60. 60e wiring
  61. TCI sfi Flexplate????
  62. vigilante stall bolts
  63. New best. Thanks to Circle D.
  64. Vibration under load - shim trans crossmember?
  65. *update* Verdict is in on my broken input sprag thread!
  66. Great Converter
  67. How many use their stock M6 crossmember with A3
  68. 4l80e line pressure
  69. Park to Neutral??
  70. Buddies tranny is acting up, any help?
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  73. please help put it in gear and it dont go no where
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  79. Question?? M6 to 4L80E
  80. running th-350 on the street
  81. Trans cooler??????
  82. Can anyone suggest a shop to put a Transgo in and how much?
  83. I am stumped.
  84. 2-3 clutch pack in 60E?
  85. What size stall should i get for my ta
  86. Leaking tranny fluid from dipstick cap??
  87. turbo 350
  88. 4l60e
  89. Cheap tranmission ?
  90. 4L60 4L65 4L70 Trans dimensions/heigh
  91. reverse manual valve body
  92. m6 to th350
  93. 6L80E into a C6Z
  94. Art Carr converters?
  95. 4l60e no first gear?!?
  96. It's time for a new one
  97. stock a4 shifter with th350
  98. Need advice on a 4L60E PCS
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  100. Heating issues
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  102. nos stall ?
  103. FLT Level VII + YANK TC = #1 Qualifier
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  105. Pan magnet issues in 4L80 pan long!!!
  106. Poll: stock 4l60, can it take a TC?
  107. Help wtb asap adaptor for 1995 4l60e for l92
  108. PY3400 feels like a stock converter????
  109. Trans Question
  110. Need help Please Read!
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  115. Tranny fluid
  116. Yank Converters?
  117. fti install need help
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  120. Transmission feels like in Neutral
  121. 4t80e
  122. WOT shifting problems
  123. 4l60e bucking after rebuild, BUILDERS INSIDE.
  124. Shifts a little soft, took pressure readings, need advice
  125. Metal "tink" noise when going into gear
  126. Tranny only leaks when I hammer the car??
  127. tcc 04 gto
  128. Shift lever position
  129. Shift problems
  130. Transmission cooler W/Fan Wiring Questions?
  131. 4l80e problem on my first test drive
  132. Hurst Pro stick in a 6 spd console
  133. TH350 For Sale
  134. torque converter question inside
  135. couple ? with trans
  136. Is my tranny giving up??
  137. Replacement trans
  138. trans. fuild change ? on TC fuild
  139. '04 GTO A4......Corvette Servo?
  140. are neal chance converters worth it?
  141. pressure port an acurate place to measure trans temp
  142. Is my 4L60E dead?
  143. b&m shiftplus+ install?
  144. 4L80e Sun Gear Shaft Bushing(s)
  145. Newbie Question
  146. so who running tci 399753 with th400?
  147. i finally found the perfect 4l80 rear fitting
  148. Sufficient cooler?
  149. Line pressure issue?
  150. Tranny Similar To This For 4l60e?
  151. Keep 700-r4 or go to 4l60e?
  152. 1st gear is locked?
  153. The 4L60E "IMO" ...
  154. Broadcast codes..
  155. how often should trans. fuild be changed
  156. th400 Converter in a 4l60e?
  157. Thanks Chris- Circle-D
  158. First time out with the Yank SS4000
  159. 4l60e Pump vane clearance
  160. 305 TPI 700-R4 TV/detent cable
  161. my gear, with TH350?
  162. 9 days left on FTI converter SALE
  163. Having obd1 4l60e trans issues
  164. Anyone break a stock trans mount with poly motor mounts and relocated torque arm?
  165. Won't move with shifter in OD
  166. personal experiences with 3600stall
  167. Help Car doesn't move.
  168. No reverse lights after auto swap?
  169. delayed 2-3 shift..billet servos installed
  170. 4l80E into 97 Z28
  171. Hey you guys
  172. Thanks again to FLT trans and FTI verters
  173. Thanks Rossler Trans.
  174. Replacing my transmission, question about converter.
  175. Hard kick when putting in drive after LS1 swap...
  176. Tranny starts in 3rd sometimes?
  177. Looking for a good shift kit
  178. Is this normal for the tailshaft??**video included**
  179. Converter Won't Seat
  180. Blowing though the converter?
  181. Car on the lift in neutral, should the wheels spin?
  182. I need convertor selection
  183. Shifting problem
  184. Thanks PerformaBuilt T400 still tunning the car.
  185. What torque Convertor do i need
  186. G8 6L80E trans output shaft
  187. any builders have problems with torlon balls on old plate?
  188. wot shift into 4th?
  189. Broke shifter cable
  190. TH400 swap shifting early, help!!!
  191. lockup
  192. autozone flywheel?
  193. any ideas???
  194. Yank SS3600 or SS4000??
  195. 4L60E hanging in 2nd..
  196. Converting from older aluminum pistons in 4l60e?
  197. 4L60E Difference in 4.3's awd 4x4???
  198. shuddering after trans rebuild
  199. Trans Overdrive Issue
  200. Gear vendor speedo issue
  201. Ok guys I really need some suggestions
  202. Converter question
  203. No reverse when warm
  204. M6 to TH350
  205. tranny cooler question???
  206. Who's running an aftermarket TC+stock tranny?
  207. Lockup for Transgo 4L80E FMVB
  208. Big hp guys what trans mount are you running?
  209. New stall, my old oil cooler good enough?
  210. Hughes rebuild kit for a 4l60e
  211. New 4l60e and convertor. now stuck in between gears?????
  212. slow shift
  213. Aftermarket shifter or knob that works with auto console?
  214. need some ratings on a 2800 stall?
  215. What are you TH400 guys running??
  216. part number for transgo kit
  217. Shimming Coverter?
  218. Rev Limiter?
  219. th400 swap drive shaft ?
  220. LT1 4L60E Vs LS1 4L60E?
  221. vig 3200 and bolt ons, what to expect?
  222. M6 to 4L80e or Th400 (various questions)
  223. Switch to Yank results in three 151 MPH runs!
  224. Converter install?
  225. Stock gear ratio?
  226. Trans never starts off in 1st unless I manually start in 1
  227. 4l60e transbrake
  228. 4L60E manual lever position switch??
  229. new tranny jumps out of gear at WOT
  230. getting rebuild on 460lE
  231. Just ordered my new trans/converter combo from Performabuilt
  232. 4L80E Questions
  233. Curious about the rice..
  234. 4l65e beefup
  235. Tips? What converter?
  236. Need to know requirements to intall a 4L60E in a car equipped with a 4L60.
  237. A4 shifting question
  238. Thank You FLT and Yank!!!!!!!
  239. Transmission Issues
  240. the future...
  241. tranny & stall as well as rear fluids amount??
  242. 4l65????
  243. Transmission shift linkage
  244. 98 Z28 A4 shifter button sticking
  245. Input Drum Stuck
  246. Just Dropped off The Converter
  247. anybody have any luck stalling a high mile trans
  248. What gear ratio
  249. bad tranny
  250. how much to build up a 460 to handle 550 rwhp?