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  1. what year 4l60e?
  2. Tune and Stall question
  3. Stall ?
  4. Selector shaft seal
  5. 4l60e removal questions
  6. 4l60e and 4l80e... differences?!?!?
  7. Getting rid of my T56... Yank, TCI or Circle-D???
  8. If I'm just doing 1/8th mile wouldn't 2.5 STR converter be the best option
  9. Help! Need Info on wiring and running issue after doing a m6 to a4 swap?!?!?!?!?
  10. My VIG3200 just seems loose?
  11. How much TQ management on stock trans.
  12. How does your trans go plate look new?
  13. Shift Kits, Good or Bad
  14. Is This Bad for the Tranny?
  15. lock up switch
  16. Torque spec for tailshaft to housing bolts?
  17. Yank Converter Sale September
  18. 4l80E driveshaft/yoke question.
  19. c6 6l80e swap to a 4l60e has anyone done it?
  20. Interchangeable Flywheels??
  21. tci flexplate issues
  22. How do you change out the flexplate ? ? ?
  23. About to change to either a PG or th350, don't know which based on.....
  24. Built 4l60e
  25. Th400 shifer linkage?
  26. NON ls convertor to lQ4?
  27. 4l80 guts in a 60?
  28. What should I expect with my new stall and cam?
  29. New Best! FLT Level 7 and Yank PY3600 go 9.38@153.6
  30. This is a different PG, th350, th400 vs m6 question
  31. 4l80e guys come in!!!
  32. TH400..... problems.
  33. 4l60e question need an answer
  34. Do u need kickdown cable? and need part part numbers
  35. Question on a Th400 Swap into A4 GTO
  36. Very soft shifts after TC install
  37. Anyone running 390 gears in there LS1...
  38. what will brake??
  39. what size circle-D converter? 150-225 shot
  40. Circle D Restalled TB Converter
  41. 200 4r ball diagram
  42. 700r4 no 3rd ?
  43. Which 700r4 should buy for LS1??????
  44. shift kit worth it on a stockish car?
  45. Trans Issues??
  46. LS1 stall in an LT1 car??
  47. Couple of 4L60E MVB Questions...
  48. Shift kit?? & Torque Managment???
  49. Transmission interchange question
  50. No Drive Or Over Driver 4L60E
  51. auto shifter
  52. Gto trans
  53. 2004 Nissan Murano Transmission with crack in shift lever
  54. speedo?
  55. B&M shift kit...plug 3-4 clutch hole?
  56. Interesting Shifting Problem
  57. Recommend me a good LS1 flexplate..
  58. th400 VSS
  59. 97' 4L60E question
  60. TransGo seperator plate
  61. Lightly modded ws6 a4 ss4000 stall or no?
  62. tci th350
  63. Yank Stealth Thruster 2800
  64. transmission suggestion for build
  65. Ratchet shifter?????
  66. 4L60 questions
  67. need a trans please read
  68. TH400-what to tq trans pan bolts to?
  69. 97 4L80E Converter
  70. Do you see a problem with this?
  71. Trans fluid..Which is best for the buck?
  72. Stall question
  73. Summit TH350 Transmission?
  74. Stall and cam dilemma
  75. shipping a 6l80e
  76. what stall?
  77. Cooler Lines Leaking
  78. strange sound/vibration when shifting
  79. Fti bolt together lock up converter
  80. Where can I get this fitting??
  81. Quick Clarification please on RMVB, TCI won't respond to my emails
  82. 4l60e LEAKING
  83. PerformaBuilt Post Labor Day Sale Now through Friday!
  84. fastest 60 ft on drag radails
  85. New Pro Yank 3600 and FLT-VII go 152.64Mph
  86. 4L80E Slip Yoke (I've read the stickies)
  87. What keeps a tranny from shifting before fuel cutoff & rev limiter?
  88. ATF leak at the output shaft; it's not the seal.
  89. cost of rebuild
  90. Auto Trans Question
  91. A4 crossmember and driveshaft questions
  92. 4l60e transmission line help
  93. T56 to a4 back to t56 question
  94. looks like my aps turbos outlasted my th350
  95. more trans problems please help.
  96. Problem came back
  97. Anyone using Rock-On Transmissions?
  98. 4L60 no first gear
  99. TCI flexplate Q....4L80 application
  100. Lt1 retune after stall ?
  101. SS3600 to SS4000
  102. 4l60e help funny in first gear and bad down shift
  103. ss4000 converter ?
  104. New torque converter whining
  105. yank 3600 VS 4000
  106. Drives in 1st and reverse only!
  107. wish i knew
  108. what do 3.23s run rpm wise at 70, mph?
  109. help with the converter on my turbo car, converter gurus????
  110. TC install, is this bad?
  111. P0751 Code Question
  112. TH400 tailshaft difference
  113. 4L60E/65E Longer Tailshaft?
  114. transgo hd2 shiftkit
  115. 4l60e Camaro question,
  116. Question about clutch packs..
  117. Torque Converter
  118. south florida th400 800-1000hp tranny builder?
  119. torque converter lock up
  120. What stall would you recommend?
  121. Th400 Oil?
  122. Horrible stupid problem please help
  123. STILL having problems with this POS 4l60e
  124. how much power can a stock 6L80E take??????
  125. TH400 guys, what OTC fluid?
  126. trans cooler
  127. 408/Auto guys come in....
  128. 03' 4L80E what upgrades do I need to do?
  129. t56 or built 4l60e with 3400 tc. which is faster and which do u recomend
  130. clicking sound
  131. 4l60e low roller cluch? limp mode? or?
  132. 700r4 swap
  133. Continuously Variable Transmissions
  134. 4l80e or turbo 400????????
  135. 4T65, can it last?
  136. A cam with a stock 4L60E?? Crazy or not??
  137. used stall question
  138. a4: drive vs overdrive
  139. 4l80e Fluid level?
  140. 4.10s for a4?
  141. What does STR mean?
  142. Wont go into lockup!
  143. 4l80e swap on a 98 z28 camaro
  144. Vigilante Stall Question
  145. Is there a way to monitor transmission slip with a scantool?
  146. Done with the 6 speed.. Need info on parts for th400
  147. Fuddle converter guys, what do you trap (MPH) in the 1/4 mile?
  148. 400 trans rattle when turn car off
  149. tailshaft seal?
  150. trans feels like slipping after burnout
  151. T brake question and cooler suggestions
  152. tranny
  153. what flexplate for a th350?
  154. TH350 won't go into gear after pass unless I rev it
  155. WTB 700-R4 1990 K5 blazer
  156. Problems with a PI 4k
  157. circle d converters
  158. trasnmission problem
  159. Can I use a 700 trans with this engine?
  160. 4l60e or 700r4 need help !!!
  161. Building a TH400.. What's needed?
  162. What do YOU recommend?
  163. Need alittle assistance with center console
  164. Manual Valve Body Stock A4
  165. C.A.T. Power FP with ARP FP bolt- shimming FP questions
  166. TCC Slippage.
  167. another tranny problem
  168. New Gear ratios for the 4L60E from PATC !!
  169. Will a 700r4 converter fit my 4l65e !?
  170. torque converter doesnt fit t400 to lq4?
  171. 4l60e problems....any ideas?
  172. tranny help !
  173. 4l80e clutch kit opinions??
  174. Rossler man shift kit
  175. 2 step on an a4
  176. Home made teflon seal tool
  177. Trany Mount??
  178. 4L60e to TH350
  179. how long . . .
  180. How much slower is an A4 stock compared to M6?
  181. Shift points
  182. Attention attention
  183. 4L80E in LT1 TA
  184. 4l80 E HELP PLEASE
  185. Need shifter for a4
  186. Need ls1 sfi flywheel
  187. Those with aftermarket converters step in...
  188. Anyone use anything BESIDES Lines?
  189. Ive broken my Circle D Convertor..
  190. New idea(maybe) for trans cooler location
  191. 4l60e reverse problems!! Help
  192. Getting Tranny Beefed Up- HELP Quick!
  193. 13 pin connector on 4L60e? (TH400 swap)
  194. best turbo 350 converter
  195. Sprag Mod ?
  196. LQ4 bolted to old style 4L60E
  197. th350 high power build
  198. No forward gears
  199. 4l60e shifting issues
  200. Performabuilt Transmissions
  201. FlexPlate question with Th350..Help!
  202. How much does the stock ls1 flexplate weigh?? (2001 A4)
  203. Just Put My Shifter In
  204. Short tail TH350??
  205. need help
  206. Which converter?
  207. lq4 t400 what size stall diameter?
  208. Stall Questions..N20,STR,etc
  209. Cover Name / Part Number
  210. Need Opinions on Torque Converter
  211. th400 to ls1 starter doesnt engage all the way
  212. Why do i have to drain the fluid on a converter swap?
  213. 4L60E - broke front pump for the 2nd time
  214. LSX 4L60E 1-2 shift
  215. 4l80 problems
  216. what size stall/ gears?
  217. 4l60e limp mode i guess?
  218. th350 setup
  219. small problem?
  220. 2-3 Shift Problem, Any Ideas?
  221. TKO500 Complete transmission Kit [where from?]
  222. a4 camaro 1/4 times?
  223. New torque converter, is this normal?
  224. Did a Converter swap, now something isnt right...?
  225. need advice
  226. Alright guys need suggestions on converter
  227. Why do so many people hate on the A4?!
  228. HELP!!! a4 problem
  229. 4L80e Cooler Line Tubes
  230. Random 2-3 shift prob 4l60e
  231. Weird tranny problem!!!
  232. Im sure torque converter questions get old
  233. What is the best way to ship a transmission?
  234. Built 4l60E & 3k stall value ?
  235. T56 to 4l60E Questions
  236. Interchangeable stalls
  237. 4L80E and PST 3.5" driveline issue... PST not long enough?
  238. Another 4l60e rebuild list help post....
  239. burned 3/4 cluch pack
  240. Stall ?
  241. S10 ls swaps, what th400 did use and why?
  242. How would a stock ls1 react with a pretty high stall?
  243. So I just replaced my tailshaft bushing and...
  244. Found out I'll need a rebuild soon
  245. need my tranny built
  246. flywheel bolts
  247. 4l80e questions
  248. Tuning after stall
  249. sbs 3800 stall by yank
  250. having trouble with 10 O clock bolt...converter install