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  1. th350 transmission problem
  2. Dipstick Tube
  3. tcc solenoid and wiring harness?
  4. modifying stock shifter for TH400 RMVB
  5. FTI. thanks. i like the converter
  6. a whine?
  7. yank th350 crossmember
  8. What kind of stall, Where to build my 4L60e
  9. stock A4 shifter removal
  10. can the 4l60e be swapped to a 6l60e
  11. Need answer ASAFP...4L60E install
  12. where can i buy a reman trans pump for 98z28
  13. ptc stall converter- 4l60e ?
  14. Sudden Loss of 4th Gear
  15. Is it normal to hear a slight clunk when going from N to D...
  16. Pictures of stock modified shifter for TH400???
  17. Did my first transmission removal on the F-body.
  18. Using a A4 harness on a 6 speed
  19. newb question on trans cooler
  20. trans problems need help please
  21. new servo and no overdrive
  22. Thanks FLT! 5-22-09
  23. what stall for a 402
  24. how much rwhp can a 4l60e trans hold?
  25. 6L80E TCC Question.
  26. shift kit or improver??? hmm
  27. tranny gauge on a 4l60e?
  28. Newly Designed Dipstick Tubes On Sale Now!
  29. Where To Buy Teflon Bushing & Triple-Lip Vamac Seal?
  30. Car won't start or shift out of park
  31. ##7 apply ring 3-4 clutch pack/installing z-pak
  32. help: built trans, no 4th (no OD)
  33. Trans plug?
  34. anyone rebuild a 4l60E themselves?
  35. !!! Still leaking... Need Help !!!
  36. TH400 for my LT1
  37. TH350C - Do I need to connect the electronic connector?
  38. shifter not moving....after swap??
  39. 4l60e lockup question
  40. TH350- Fluid Out The Vent Tube?
  41. Turbo 350 swap question?
  42. got my line pressure gauge today....
  43. 4l80 N 06 gto
  44. Intermittent soft 1-2 shifts at part-throttle
  45. Trans repair
  46. yank and perforabuilt perform well
  47. TH400 questions
  48. TH350 remote oil filter
  49. Can't stall converter at the track.
  50. Help with 4l80
  51. 98 4L60E 1-2 shift
  52. TH 400 Linkage Adjustment
  53. Thanks LS1tech
  54. About to buy a tranny cooler
  55. Yank is the best!
  56. Gear shift hesitations
  57. Trans choice for 67 Chevy II Swap - 4L60 or 80E?
  58. Swapping transmission's, 08 yukon into an 03 silverado v6?
  59. (Rossler) Tranny 4L60 CLUNK in drive????
  60. TH400 conversion. Speedo question!
  61. Loud noise when car is in Reverse..?
  62. My New Circle D Converter, Wow!!!
  63. JR's FLT 4L60E GOES 151 AT BYRON!!
  64. 4l60e extension housing
  65. street/drag car trans??
  66. how long did ur trans last after your 355/383/396
  67. LT1 Stall Question?
  68. truck deep pan for 4L60E part # need
  69. 6 speed to th400 swap drive shaft problem
  70. TC / Flexplate Gap
  71. stock style flexplate for 400?
  72. Torque management question
  73. 1350 u joints stock rear?
  74. FTI conv/4L80E
  75. Bad 2-3 shift solenoid!! WTF!! HELP!
  76. tranny died what happened?
  77. 3rd trans looking for a new trans builder
  78. Do you regret going to TH400?
  79. help my car wont move
  80. Which lokar dipstick and tube for 80E conversion?
  81. TCI 3500 Converter Repair
  82. stock verter bolts suck. any advice?
  83. New to the Auto world
  84. OD or just D for daily drive.
  85. Thanks Circle-D
  86. what size cooler???
  87. Couple of questions about 4l60e internals
  88. Looking forward to a new Performabuilt level II!
  89. Stall Install?
  90. What transmission is this???
  91. How much power can your trans take
  92. OD burnout leads to weird tranny action in 4L60E?
  93. Tight stall??
  94. Transmission Sponsors and BG products trans fluid
  95. 93 4L60E interchange question???
  96. Decided on my H/C setup, need to pick what stall
  97. Milky transmission fluid
  98. '94 4L60E Question/concern
  99. Stock stall????????
  100. 4l60e vs 4l80e ?
  101. Anyone wish they had an M6?
  102. Type of trans fluid
  103. 700r4 stall question
  104. 6l80 in a First Gen F-body
  105. i now know why i have no reverse
  106. Stalls Speeds and Horsepower
  107. Using 4WD 4L60E trans with LS1 for 2WD application (car is NOT f-body)
  108. Who has sent a Vigilante back for clean/restall?
  109. Bang on part-throttle downshift, bad trans mount?
  110. Figuring out which converter to order
  111. converter
  112. th400 shifting problems
  113. SK4L60E (transgo kit) 1870 code fix
  114. 4L60e with a 74 350?
  115. Transmission Specialties
  116. 4l60e twisted input shaft splines out of the drum
  117. 4L60e Rebuild Kit
  118. still no reverse update..
  119. LS engine to powerglide
  120. 4l60 Tranny mount? good or bad
  121. All 700R4s the same?
  122. 4l60 to 4l65
  123. 4l80e
  124. Frank from Cahall, anybody else have trouble contacting him?
  125. Fmv 4l60
  126. stall?
  127. tcc pwm question
  128. scatter shield?
  129. Th400 Conversion
  130. stall problems
  131. p0740 code?
  132. will a 4l60e from an lt1 car bolt up to a 2000 v6?
  133. Torque Converter Confusion
  134. Unplugged ASR (traction Control) box.. will it mess with ABS?
  135. TH350/Driveshaft question
  136. stall speed help
  137. converter not spinning freely
  138. Stock pan with drain plug ?
  139. 4l60e to 4l80e swap not shifting right on highway??
  140. is my stall to big?
  141. I cant get the level of the fluid to be right.
  142. help!! melted wire loom ???? 4l80e
  143. th400 long tail question
  144. 4L60E Fittings
  145. th400 swap converter problem?
  146. Tranny Servo Upgrade- Stock or Aftermarket ?
  147. reprogrammed it- shifting weird- plz help
  148. Help diagnosing a possible problem.
  149. Big thanks to FTI and FLT
  150. switch from 4l60 to TH350
  151. converter unlocking....advice
  152. 98 LS1 Th350 kickdown cable attachment??
  153. 4l80e gear ratio
  154. 4l60e hd
  155. cracked flexplate
  156. OK new trans problem
  157. Does this look right??
  158. stall & stock tranny...
  159. Shifting Problems - Not downshifting or upshifting at times!
  160. Some testing on Yank converters
  161. How much is my 4l60e and vig3200 worth?
  162. Best 3-4 clutch pack
  163. So I think I just blew my input sprag??? Any advice? :(
  164. 1995 4l60e rebuild kit
  165. Make me feel better about owning an A4
  166. new trans soon!
  167. Just ordered my Yank
  168. 4l60e help. please
  169. Proper flexplate info?
  170. Vss 4l80e swap
  171. Shifter Problems
  172. 100K....So What Next?
  173. Jacked Up 4l60e
  174. 6L80E question
  175. have a question, hoping for answer.
  176. Full competition 8" converters for 4L60E
  177. Pulling transmission by myself, whats the easiest way to do it?
  178. Speed Inc Flexplate???
  179. 2nd gear downshift hesitating and/or slipping, flywheel making ticking sound
  180. Yank vs BMR Crossmember for a TH400?
  181. finally ordered it Performabuilt!
  182. What kind of tranny oil should i use??
  183. P1870 help
  184. 700R4 to LS1 Question
  185. Bad Torque Converter?
  186. What else to replace on C5 Corvette Stall install?
  187. Automatic Shifter Knob
  188. Anybody got a tune with 4L80E os merged with a f-body hptuner file
  189. Tips for installing a 4l60e (my first time)
  190. 4l60e Help
  191. 4l60e help
  192. Catalytic converter?
  193. Tranny cooler install Q's
  194. Torn between picking converter
  195. linkage question
  196. can a 700r4 be converted to a vss
  197. 4K Stall 2 much for DD?
  198. convertors and dyno numbers
  199. I finally got me a Circle D stall.........
  200. How much converter slip with a SS3600 LT1?
  201. powerglide vs th 350 how much hp gain????
  202. Block to bellhousing gap pics inside need input
  203. tranny fluid in my intake!
  204. Thinking of going TH400
  205. trans help please (4l60e problem)
  206. Pulling tranny, replace flexplate or no?
  207. Install
  208. Question TH350- Brake slow to engage
  209. No WOT/partial down shift
  210. Stall Selection
  211. Performabuilt level 2 tranny and stall without cam
  212. Tranny Issues - What do you think? Advice appreciated.
  213. want to put cam in auto trans
  214. What happened to the trans? LOL!
  215. Another which Trans For Regal 5.3
  216. Help!
  217. wanting to put in a stall but worried about miles...
  218. How to Recognize a bad stall convertor?
  219. Help me choose a converter for 2.73s
  220. any ideas? my converter is stuck in my trans
  221. 4L80E to 4L60E swap.......
  222. help
  223. help me out here
  224. How Much Stall and Who?
  225. Circle D Thanks. 7.7 Stock!!!
  226. turbo 350
  227. Performabuilt Level 2 is in!
  228. question about change of auto shifter
  229. Truck 4L60E on an LS1?
  230. stock crossmember and th400
  231. Automatic Shifter Question
  232. LT1 Th400 swap questions
  233. Help please!
  234. 700R4 and 4L60E Tailshaft
  235. no 3rd or 4th in 4l60e
  236. what to look for in a 4L60E
  237. Need a New trans for my Turbo Car, Any Specials from the Sponsers?
  238. Question 4 Ya
  239. Transmission Problem?
  240. 1st to 3rd 4l60e
  241. t56 to 4l80e
  242. hits rev limiter before shifting after fast 92 install
  243. Possible Trans problem after changing injector slope
  244. 4,500-4,800 Stall, Too Much???
  245. No drive!
  246. Engine problem need assistance
  247. 4l80e tailshaft housings
  248. Tranny Trouble
  249. Neutral saftey switch. how do you hook it up
  250. How much should a good converter slip?