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  1. How much fluid?
  2. Powerglide
  3. what can it be
  4. dipstick tube bolt size
  5. 4l80e swap..Driveline
  6. FLT/PT4400 very consistent!
  7. Tranny hard line size
  8. Proline 2500 powerglide vs performabuilts level 2 4l60e
  9. New convertor
  10. 4L60E kit
  11. Turbo 350 (short shaft or long shaft?)
  12. street driving a cheetah?
  13. Sonnax?
  14. Ss4000
  15. What tranny fluid? Please help!
  16. stock fly wheel with th350?
  17. TH350 and B&M Pro Ratchet
  18. 4l60 Broken! Gurus please help!
  19. Circle D or Yank?
  20. TBSS convertor in Camaro?
  21. cheap place to get servos/ other parts?
  22. converter question
  23. Flexplate & Cooler Install Questions!!!
  24. Sponsors that sell built 4L80-Es?
  25. Speedometer Gear help??
  26. New 4l60e transmission, loses speedometer randomly and then wont shit
  27. URGENT: Transmission service with Vig converter
  28. I need help, any ideas?
  29. benefits of deleting lockup in drive?
  30. Launch!
  31. 4l80E swap
  32. Should I? M6->TH400
  33. Questions; need to make a decision th400 of 4L803
  34. Toughest auto?
  35. quarter stick install with th400
  36. Car wont shift out of 1st at WOT
  37. Tranny Help
  38. Need recommendation for converter. 370ci/pt88 Turbo/TH400
  39. built tranny viberations? help?
  40. Anybody have the Trinity 4L80E Transbrake?
  41. stock flex plate and th400??
  42. 4L60E controller?
  43. how much fluid
  44. Trans swap in my 99 camaro
  45. Pin out for MLPS
  46. th400 kickdown
  47. How do I rotate or push in the stall once bell housing is bolted up?
  48. Tranny Issue
  49. help with tranny cooler
  50. Need a 4L60E rebuilt in/near Dover DE
  51. Weird High Speed Noise........ Need Help!
  52. what do you think i should run
  53. Crosmeber question
  54. didnt seat my converter all the way and messed up my pump
  55. Transgo 4l60E-HD2
  56. Trans Slipping and bad smell inside car WOT! 02T/A
  57. Code 83
  58. Where did you put your tranny temp sensor?
  59. Transmission Problems. Please Help.
  60. Wich is the best overdrive trans
  61. Big thanks to......
  62. moving on up
  63. SS4000 results are in
  64. fly wheel
  65. TH350 converter/flexplate problem
  66. what you run
  67. Stall recommendation & STR
  68. t400 valve body 1 check ball?
  69. glide anyone?
  70. Help: Weird lock/unlock converter issue
  71. 4L60E 2 DTC Errors
  72. 4l60e shifting problems downshifting
  73. What ETs are you running with a Performabuilt level 2 and FLT level 3 tranny?
  74. Need help with my 4000SS
  75. Trans height
  76. Steel dowel that fell out of tranny?
  77. Circle D Specialties
  78. What to do? 4l60e problems
  79. Two bad trans in a row or electrical?
  80. stock torque arm will not go back in - PLEASE HELP!!!
  81. Can Fluid Be Low ? Shifts softly...
  82. New TCI A6
  83. 700r4 to LS1
  84. What drive shaft?
  85. teflon vs rubber
  86. help me figure out my stall (pulled tranny)
  87. Thrust update.....converter not ballooned
  88. Yank Nitrous Friendly Converter
  89. Tru Cool Max inverted flare to AN???
  90. good auto transmision mechanic in houston
  91. Chirpin 3rd??
  92. hpp3 shift points
  93. switching to a th350
  94. lowering T400 cooler line pressure
  95. what size stall?
  96. Anyone know the factory torque ratio of an LT1 converter?
  97. What's better? Locked or Unlocked Converter?
  98. Need help
  99. Might be looking for a stall soon need some advice
  100. FTI Converter
  101. ls1 swap
  102. A few questions on running a 4L60E on a car that came with a 4L60...
  103. fore el sicks tea e
  104. Reverse not working?? HELP!!!
  105. C5 reverse issue!
  106. DD stall questions?
  107. What can I do???
  108. Line pressure increase by turning screw . . ?
  109. Shift Points?
  110. Transmission Problem
  111. Which Transmission Should i go with
  112. Which Shift Kit
  113. LT1 transmission In LSx
  114. Redline Dexron 2 (two)?
  115. tran ?
  116. SFI Flexplate Needed? Or Stay Stock?
  117. Is a stall converter nessecary
  118. think i exploded my tranny today!!
  119. Fan on Trans Cooler
  120. Vibration at high speeds, and jolts when coming to a stop?
  121. Thread's on 4l60e shifter? Wanting to buy a shifter knob.
  122. HP difference with a stall on dyno compared to track times....
  123. Which brand converter
  124. 4l60
  125. I just bought this to convert my car to auto. I think it might be a v6 trans.
  126. Poly Trans Bushings
  127. Tr230/336 112
  128. Having issues with my 4l60e
  129. 6l80 which port return from cooler?
  130. need input ...stall ,tranny/cooler
  131. Hardcore tech question
  132. ordering my FLT on friday
  133. lowering car without torque arm
  134. Thanks Circle D
  135. 4l60e to 350th
  136. Scraping sound from transmission near torque converter area
  137. Should I turn all the tq abuse modes off?
  138. installed py3400, now i have a problem
  139. Will the 4l60E live?
  140. WANTED: Detailed converter swap thread
  141. Who sales 4L80e valve bodys
  142. Need a 2wd 4L60e output shaft (98 or later)
  143. Does a RMVB need a Reverse shifter?
  144. which trans blanket for 4L60e
  145. $l80 new build problems HELP!!!!
  146. Tci tcu
  147. New anouncement from PerformaBuilt Transmissions
  148. No Forward Gears. Just reverse.
  149. Regulator valve and boost valve
  150. Lock up on 2-3 shift?
  151. 4L80 cooler fittings
  152. Trouble with upgraded iso-conv valve
  153. Ultrabell on a LSX
  154. Damage to torque converter.
  155. need help picking
  156. how does the condition of this stall look to you?
  157. PT4000 owners.. need some advice
  158. Explain to me loss of HP though a slipping A4
  159. Am I the first person to go from a T56 to a 4L80E?
  160. 4L60e Rebuild... What caused my failure?
  161. trans temps
  162. guys with th350
  163. 1-2 Shift solenoid..not the same?
  164. 700r4 help please!
  165. Performa trans Yank stall.....problems.
  166. Need input FAST !! Tranny in limp, not working
  167. YANK stall
  168. Need Pro advice AGAIN lol
  169. TH350 speedo problem
  170. What stall need help!!!
  171. What stall need help!!!
  172. any write ups on removing/installing a 4l60e
  173. Im tied between the two..
  174. 65000 mile a4...stall or not???
  175. torque arm bolts just spinning
  176. auto to manual pedal assembly, brake stiffer?
  177. Yank SS4000 for 4L80E for sale
  178. return line
  179. Help New trans/converter wont hold fluid
  180. stall or trans bad
  181. Have a PT4000 Converter, But want a converter that hits hard & gas milage!
  182. rev limiter?
  183. stall without tune
  184. good turbo converter around 3200 stall?
  185. shift kit debate.
  186. 4L80E swap isn't working correctly...need help.
  187. Where can transmission pan magnets be purchased??
  188. Is this normal???
  189. 3-4 clutch pack ?
  190. Okay to drive with leak???
  191. Help with picking a stall
  192. Help with choosing stall speed
  193. How do you feel about your current/past stall? Real World driving, not just strip!
  194. Dipstick Tube??!!
  195. Need help selecting stall speed 2.73 6l80e
  196. 4l60e to 4l65e
  197. Trans Temp Sending Unit
  198. opened up a 2 yr old FLT trans :)
  199. 700R A4 question
  200. 4L80E - IRS driveshaft question
  201. 6l80e
  202. turbo 400/4l80e SFI flywheel
  203. Quick convertor questions
  204. possible transmission problem...
  205. Bbody tranny swap question...
  206. Stock Torque Converter Question
  207. Stall Converter Bolts
  208. Changing convertors, do I need to retune?
  209. 4l60e electrical seal?
  210. Shopping for stall... (what would you get?)
  211. th400 w/ no stall??
  212. Newbie question about shift kits
  213. Need a convertor. New or restall mine
  214. Lost tranny fluid!!!
  215. Will an electric trans pump work with the engine off
  216. Question about 4.10's
  217. Fuddle Converter?
  218. Shift Points?
  219. converter problems
  220. I need serious insight on 6l80e before purchasing
  221. Engine braking A4 = TCC Death?
  222. 4l60e problem - Help!
  223. building a powerglide
  224. What rebuild kit for my 4L60E?
  225. best current price on billet putput shaft?
  226. 4l60e worn check ball symptoms
  227. The 4l60e
  228. FLT have a tech question for ya
  229. stall questions
  230. Killed 3rd gear in my 4L60E today
  231. Quick shift kit qeustion
  232. B&M Magnum Grip Pro Stick Shifters with electrical shfiter soleniod!
  233. What is the problem?
  234. What stall and what company?
  235. Got the SS4000 Installed.
  236. Would you consider this a loose converter?
  237. Rebuilt 4L60E with New Converter Problems
  238. Stall too big
  239. Transmission experts I think I got my first problem
  240. Tranny experts A6 tranny sound.. please help
  241. Help with crazy mechanic
  242. When you go with a high stall, should you change the seperator plate hole sizes?
  243. 1994 60-e in a 99
  244. parts necessary for a stronger 4l60e
  245. got the 4l80e switched back to auto mod
  246. 4l60e stall question
  247. FLT come inside please!
  248. wtf 4l60e acting up!!!!!!
  249. can i use a truck flexplate
  250. Tuff Decision: free 4L60E or not free 4L80E...