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  1. A stall
  2. 1989 chevy 1500 no reverse
  3. 4l80e main harness connector
  4. 700r4 4x4
  5. swaping to auto what should I upgrade.
  6. converter of choice
  7. Major props to Circle D
  8. Aftermarket Shifter?
  9. What size is our stock converter?
  10. is it any good
  11. *VID!* Flexplate wobble? how much is to much
  12. 4l80e & Ls1 in former LT1 car, what crossmember?
  13. 4l80e cooler line ?
  14. Converter is installed, have some shifting concerns
  15. Flexplate? Stall? what's this ticking!?
  16. It's time for a new tranny!!!!!
  17. 4l603 and miss fire??? failsafe on trans?
  18. TH400 Tranny Cooler Parts List
  19. Question about Performabuilt info in sticky thread
  20. gears or tc?
  21. new 4l80e press test w/wo mod
  22. Truck 4L60E in Fbody?
  23. 4l60e output shaft play??
  24. p0803 after M6 to A4 swap
  25. Converter Install Question
  26. 4l60e build gone bad
  27. 700r4...
  28. bolt specs for th400 to LS1
  29. Unbalanced stall?
  30. Driver side inspection area (TC bolts)
  31. 4l60E issue racing a 01 lightning
  32. Built 4L60E or TH400 Swap???
  33. th400 torque converter to flexplate bolts
  34. transmission oil
  35. 1,000 RWHP on spray...4L80E
  36. Just picked up my custom th400 from yank pics inside
  37. TC bolt size?
  38. 4l60e wont shift out of park
  39. Need advice- sometimes reverse feels like brakes on...
  40. New 4L60E Tranny Swap in LS1 Wont Move
  41. Stall suggestions/ideas needed....
  42. Abbott spedometer adapter/4l80e
  43. Transmission issue.
  44. shifts to 4 early
  45. 4L70e DTC P0700 - Trans Overheating??? Calling all techs for Help!!!
  46. lokar 36in dipstick
  47. spraying nitrous on an automatic car
  48. Trinity shift kit
  49. Wierd Shifting.. Help please
  50. Tune question
  51. prob with tranny
  52. Yank Converter
  53. Quick question, 3 speed/4 speed shifter difference?
  54. PB Billet TQ
  55. 4l60e shifts LATE???
  56. a4 reallllly stuck to motor
  57. Need help with ID of 4l80 parts
  58. should i restall my coverter or leave it alone?
  59. Cracked Flex plate ????'s
  60. whos running a 4k plus stall on stock 4l60e
  61. What stall do i need?
  62. What stall do i need
  63. 4l60e LT1 Trans behind LS1 will it work
  64. towing an A4 Fbody
  65. M6 to 4L80e conversion wiring problems
  66. Did any of you guys who have done the tq arm relocation notice a difference?
  67. Is a high stall gentler to the trans during shifts?
  68. 4l60e compatibility
  69. Dave at Yank has a one time offer for you!
  70. Trans Gear swap??
  71. Ok...No 1st or 4th...
  72. C6 rear mount TH400 or Glide ASAP!!!
  73. mail order transmission tune?
  74. LS1/4L60E problems
  75. TH400 questions
  76. Converter not locking
  77. How many RPM's are yall shifting at??
  78. 05 4l80e??
  79. Stall question. What will I stall at right now?
  80. Ltx awd bravada???
  81. Shifter cable the same between lt1/ls1 cars?
  82. Tranny in a 94 3.4L
  83. 4l80e speed sensor
  84. ss3600:lower,higher mph
  85. what th350 bolts to LT1?
  86. Question pertaining to a new tq arm relocation kit
  87. which flexplate
  88. Sonnax servo ?s
  89. Trans brake and stall question!
  90. need your .02 cents
  91. Now on to my next problem. pertaining to tailshaft problems
  92. Transmission Shifting Issues/Troubles
  93. Stall owners, especially Performabuilt TC owners, please LMK your thoughts
  94. A4 Question
  95. Whats with the 4L80E reverse band?
  96. performabuilt
  97. Off the shelf stall VS Custom Stall
  98. TH400 Vibration
  99. 4l60e
  100. fully built t56 looking for t400
  101. About how much would it be for the a4 swap?
  102. Hurst Quarter Stick & 4L80 Shift Linkage Problem
  103. Vibration after upgrade
  104. 4l60e,th350,th400
  105. 1993 camaro trans bad? 700r4 or 4l60?
  106. 4l80e shift kit ? about the check balls
  107. shift points and neutral feel
  108. Where can I find a 4l60e tailshaft housing on a 99 bird?
  109. Ss4000
  110. TCC in 3rd/4th gear
  111. Let me see your converter dyno! Site sponsors only
  112. Does my 4L60E have a MLP switch?
  113. m6 trans cross member
  114. How much beating will my trans take?
  115. Which Power Band? Alto Red Eagle or HP Carbon?
  116. Bad Converter or Trany?
  117. how in the hell did I break my tailhousing?
  118. 4000ss or 3600ss for lt1
  119. Fti converters
  120. Transmission Fluid
  121. 4l80e QUESTION
  122. FLT lvl-4 FMVB & PT4000
  123. assembly lube.
  124. 4l60e strength
  125. PerformaBuilt upgrade flywheel?
  126. about to get a Jasper tranny
  127. what to do about a broken tranny?
  128. Want to go from M6 to A3, Need info.
  129. Mustang guys I need your help (small leak)
  130. Too much stall for this street setup?
  131. 4000 stall to big?
  132. Can a torque convertor cause vibration ?
  133. TH 400 shift firmness?
  134. Trans Cooler write up? Photos? Install guide?
  135. significance of date on trans pan?
  136. How many different things does STR refer to?
  137. second drive
  138. Missing Bellhousing Bolts . . . Problem?
  139. good shift kits etc. for 4l60e?
  140. Force line pressure % question
  141. Better 4L60E trans out there?????
  142. Big thanks goes to Chris at Circle D for his excellent customer service.
  143. Little E40D help.
  144. Torque converter elimination? Has anyone ever heard of this?
  145. Torque converter question
  146. shifter for auto
  147. Need help!!
  148. what converter
  149. GMPP people I need some help
  150. performabuilt trans
  151. A good transmission company
  152. Anyone with a Performa Built LEVEL 3 Trans?
  153. 4L80E swap question
  154. 94 tranny in 96 car
  155. Tranny Cooler is leaking
  156. Does anybody sell the transmission cooler lines for an LT1 Fbody with 4l60e?
  157. Let me tell you some words about Frank and Performabuilt
  158. tranny won't engage in first help!!
  159. TH400 in a DD
  160. Trans temp gauges install questions
  161. What causes a transmission to slip?...
  162. Service port size on the 4l60e
  163. abbott speedometer adapter-4l80e
  164. rebuild video
  165. a4 to m6 conversion...
  166. Archor vs. stock tranny mount
  167. Sick and tired of problems, hate life.
  168. Transgo shift kit in a 4l60e install in North GA
  169. Circle D - 6L80 Converters
  170. Guys with no console and a 2 or 3 speed come in!
  171. Hurst Quarter Stick VS B&M Pro Ratchet for a 4L60
  172. Performabuilt Trans Is In!!!!
  173. Will I throw a code for slipping transmission?
  174. Th350/400 and C5?
  175. Ok i want this Cam. But have no clue for the Torque Converter
  176. Th400 and High RPM?
  177. Overheated 4L60E
  178. th350/cheetah shifter question
  179. No overdrive and ses light?
  180. Trans Cooler and making the trans last.
  181. are all 4l60e's the same??
  182. Torque conv. & pump noise before installed
  183. PI 9.5" triple disk vs. CircleD 9.5 triple disk
  184. Finally took my FTI TH400 and 4000 stall down the 1/4
  185. any results or people running the sbs3400 yank yet
  186. Big cam nitrous guys, what stall?
  187. 4l60e slipping, help???
  188. Switches on Pedals..
  189. 4l80e Low line pressure
  190. What converter bolts with a Circle D?
  191. Stock torque converter questions
  192. Reverse Fine, very little forward
  193. couple th400 questions
  194. 4l80e pressure test results
  195. Car free revs, no gears?
  196. Anyone who has completed a M6 to A4 swap
  197. TC shimming question
  198. 4L80e conversion pricing
  199. 4l60e Pinless 1-2 Acc. Piston with Transgo shift kit
  200. TH400 driveline question
  201. No Kickdown 4L65e
  202. Crossmember?
  203. 4l80e pressure test
  204. A4...Gears?
  205. Engine To Bellhousing Dowl Pins?
  206. 98-00 4l60e in 97 lt1???
  207. 4L60E interchangeability
  208. Hard Thump From 4L60
  209. T-56 tailhouse bushing interchangable with 4l60e?
  210. stock 4l60e rebuild problem
  211. Anyone heard of or used Durabuilt Converters?
  212. Help with tranny problem
  213. What is lock up exactly?
  214. Feel bump on 1st to 2nd shift in built 4L60E
  215. Truck 4L60E w/ Camaro wiring harness - compatible or not?
  216. 4l80e installed, then test drove it
  217. Rebuilt 4L60E- second gear start
  218. LT1/th400?
  219. Space between torque converter and flywheel before bolts installed??
  220. Shift Kit now what??
  221. C5 4L60 worthless?
  222. just did a th350 swap
  223. Why does it feel better in manuel 1st than "D"
  224. What can happen to a tranny?
  225. Help me pick a converter stall speed
  226. can it be done?
  227. PROJECT delayed because of violent shudder!!
  228. 4l60 to 4l80 harness
  229. weird tranny problem
  230. Question From PerformaBuilt to tuners out there?
  231. performabuilt reputation
  232. TC question
  233. Z-Pack clearance
  234. 6L80-E converters now here
  235. best converter for high hp turbo car with 4l80
  236. 4L60E goes Boom!
  237. Need a ghetto way to lock flywheel
  238. 4l60e Trouble
  239. What auto trans is in a 96 Firebird?
  240. Need 4L60E shift cable bracket
  241. Tranny cooler question
  242. Tranny Fluid
  243. 4l80e with mech speedometer
  244. Trouble choosing a stall
  245. 4L80E Transgo -3 FMVB line pressure ?
  246. shifter for a 4l80e trans
  247. I know this is going to sound retarded.
  248. Questions about 3200 Vig.
  249. 4L60E Rebuild
  250. help with incorrect converter installation (4l60e)