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  1. Transmission doing weird stuff! Help!
  2. OK for a new stall after solving 2-3 shift hanging?
  3. changing th350 WOT shift points
  4. 4l80 cluth tech ? for builders
  5. Help Tranny Problems!!!!!
  6. Car surging in OD....
  7. 4l60e shifter linkage ball socket problem
  8. what will a stall do performance wise?
  9. torque converter question
  10. New Best 10.30
  11. 3/4 clutch
  12. i think UPS LOST MY LV2 TRANNY
  13. th400 converter install
  14. Vette Servo
  15. Will stock 4L60E survive a dyno tune?
  16. Need some luck in Vegas, 4L60e transmission dead at 59,000miles
  17. 4l60e tranny cooler kit??
  18. Transmission Problems
  19. shifter cable/linkage not lining up on 4l80e
  20. gasket material?
  21. trans pan with drain bolt?
  22. 4l60e HD2 shift kit for 4L65E?
  23. Trans Temp Questions, Please help.
  24. is the bs3 worth $2800
  25. additional parts to buy for stall/trans swap?
  26. 2-3 A4 Shift Lag
  27. mileage
  28. Trans slipping in OD, other sometimes
  29. Overdrive vibration
  30. help/advice changing a torque converter
  31. Bad Tranny
  32. 460le Overhaul/upgrade
  33. blew the 4l60
  34. No reverse (fresh build)
  35. t-400 question
  36. transmission acting up?
  37. break in on a new trans
  38. Th350, th400 or powerglide?
  39. strange shift since new stall
  40. Tuning Recommendations for ss4000
  41. Transmission service ?
  42. 3rd and 4th clutches
  43. prolly wrong section but fittings
  44. 4L80E Inlet/Outlet Question
  45. th400 problem
  46. Slipping in 4th lock up 4L60E
  47. Is this a tranny problem?
  48. 4l60e Tranny not shifting?? Stays in 3rd?
  49. 4L80e controllers which one?
  50. What Tools Are Need
  51. Hughes performance
  52. looking for a race tranny, i have one for ya
  53. Broken 99 TA , 4l60e Transmission SHIFT LINKAGE HELP
  54. tranny no go
  55. 94 A4 1st gear question..Rare??
  56. cooler lines
  57. 200r4 donor identification?
  58. 700r4 Clutch and band chart
  59. Cracked bellhousing!
  60. Need some newbie help on transcooler
  61. Hats off to builders
  62. Honda Trans Fluid??
  63. driveshaft length with th400 swap
  64. Help me diagnose a problem please
  65. Strange Experience at the Track
  66. trans dip stick wont come out
  67. tranny coolers
  68. need some trany help
  69. do I have to retune shift points with N2O
  70. Transmisson Cooler ??????
  71. Need a new "seperator plate" advise please.
  72. Shift Soleniod Need Help
  73. Shift Soleniod Need Help
  74. Trans wont go in gear after vb install
  75. Stock 4L60 help.
  76. 2-3 bind with HD2-C
  77. LT1 4L60 and LS1 4L60
  78. B&M supercooler
  79. What stall speed to go with??
  80. identifying converter...
  81. Stripped Flex plate bolts
  82. Need some help with A4 Trans
  83. FLT saves the day.
  84. Manual 4l80 & TC lockup ?
  85. Can I swap my trannys
  86. Launching automatic stall car
  87. does anyone run a CPT tranny?
  88. To John At Fuddle
  89. 4L80E shift kit Manual
  90. Best fluid for a 4L60
  91. Ratchet shifter - B&M QuickSilver
  92. After Different tranny/stall install... Sluggish?
  93. 4l60e Leaking from the shifter adjuster??
  94. what stall to go with?
  95. Sealing the tranny pan
  96. Lockup Clutch Going?
  97. Hurst Quarter Stick shifter?
  98. Leak after converter install (dipstick tube issues)
  99. Ok I Dont Know What To Do Any More!!!!!
  100. quick ?
  101. How much is my tranny worth!?
  102. Will i need a stall???
  103. ACC torque converters?
  104. 4L80E converter fully seated at only 7/8" from bellhousing??
  105. trans not shifting after 4.10 install
  106. punchin it from a roll.
  107. Converter/flexplate problems
  108. Shipping a transmission
  109. Want Stall?
  110. New trans, might be hurt already...
  111. n2o, slipping 1st?
  112. Bellhousing Bolts...
  113. Does this sound like my tranny is the problem?
  114. ss3600?
  115. what converter for a 232/240
  116. How much for a re-stall
  117. Does 250* F sound right just sitting there???
  118. Time for a larger stall converter
  119. Flexplate Torque #'s
  120. Quick Question On Cooler Install
  121. How to tell what converter is in car?
  122. 2004R problem
  123. speedo question
  124. trans just went bye bye
  125. tranny from auto to manual
  126. Trans Cooler Mounting Question Need Help 911
  127. Torque Value for Flexplate bolts
  128. Tranny leaking around 'big round connector'
  129. Quick question on where......
  130. Trans cooler placement
  131. TCI transmission control and lock up converter
  132. Which shifter bracket for 4l80e
  133. 4l80e with TCI flexplate question
  134. Transmission coolers
  135. 4l60e Manual Valve Body
  136. Where is John at Fuddle?
  137. Vigi 3800 with 1500miles?
  138. Budget Auto Transmission
  139. Need *SERIOUS* flexplate help guys
  140. SS3600--To--SS4000 Results...
  141. Cut Shifter
  142. M6 to 4L80 questions.....
  143. A4 guys take a look at this shifter
  144. Circle D efficiency
  145. cheapest way?(oxymoron)
  146. here is a good one for ya
  147. B&M Shift Kit
  148. stall help
  149. YANKs converter deal for May
  150. Safe???
  151. TC or Dyno Tune?
  152. What kinda up graded Shift linkage can i get for a Fully manuel vavle body Tranni ?
  153. Changing tranny mount...
  154. shift kit
  155. shifter button stuck - please help urgent
  156. whats a good idle for my A4
  157. Noise on 2-3 shift
  158. what will happen
  159. Running with stock tranny?
  160. Ss4000??
  161. v6 tranny?
  162. 200R4 idea?
  163. Taking the Electrics outta my 4L60E
  164. 4l60e problem/in park but in neutral.
  165. another stall question
  166. stall reccommendation on 228r cam
  167. Aluminum Driveshaft
  168. Urethane tranny mount - thumbs DOWN
  169. At WOT my 4L60e won't shift from 2-3
  170. 4l60E Tail Housings
  171. Circle D vs. yank
  172. 2nd to 3rd wont shift at wot
  173. Shift time tables low should i go?
  174. 700R4 keep it or scrap it???
  175. Anyone had a Problem using the stall out of a bad tranny
  176. 4L60E Shifting hard (2 rebuilds in 28K miles)
  177. What could be the Issue with the 4l60e??
  178. 3.73's
  179. Which auto shifter do you like?
  180. quick question
  181. disptick differances
  182. Yank PT4000 going from 3.23's to 3.73's
  183. install price for converter?
  184. Is an f-body transmission or converter usable in a C5?
  185. a4 trans problem,,WTF??
  186. shift kit question
  187. what converter
  188. Help Plz
  189. 94 4l60e line pressure w/ shift kit?
  190. super yank 3500??
  191. A few Lt1 trans questions
  192. How Does This Fluid Look?
  193. Anyone running a Stall and Stock 4L60e?
  194. 1st to second wont shift under wot
  195. whats wrong
  196. A4/M6 console differance?
  197. Add another torn tranny mount
  198. performabuilt???
  199. 4L60E stock capabilities?
  200. In the middle of my m6 to a4 swap need help
  201. Converter advice please!
  202. Torque converter hub split
  203. Can I just say 2.73's suck with a SS4000
  204. Another "Which Converter" thread
  205. Converter?
  206. Got my CPT 4l60 installed last night
  207. trans pan leak...againnnnnn!!!
  208. my 4l60e lost drive need help
  209. tranny shops/experts come in please
  210. Transmission shifting too early in drive
  211. th400 prolblem please look and help
  212. Quick tranny question---4l60e
  213. tci control unit
  214. rmvb and fmvb?
  215. wtb converter
  216. Help dont know whats going on not driveable!!!! converter shit the bed?
  217. price for rebuild?
  218. output shft/tailshaft movement??
  219. TH400 questions
  220. TCI Streetfight blowing out fluid
  221. 1997 4l60e valve body
  222. help plz! would like to know of any less expensive stalls!
  223. How hard is it to switch from a FMVB to a RMVB w/TB??
  224. Converter lock up problem please help!
  225. What is the perfect converter for me?
  226. What tells the trans what gear it is in?
  227. Precision Industries
  228. tranny problem
  229. trans mount
  230. Some 4L80E install questions
  231. changing fluid in th400
  232. which converter for my cam?
  233. Are my 60's on par for my Stall?
  234. Important 4L80 cooler fitting info
  235. What do you perfer?
  236. a/t rev idle speed
  237. Check out my new FREE tranny
  238. For all you high performance TH400 builders out there....
  239. Questions about a TH400
  240. Weird vibrations in 3rd.
  241. changing tranny fluid
  242. th400 leaking bad please help
  243. TH350 Dipstick
  244. Screechig Noise from Transmission
  245. Grinding noise when 2-1 shift occurs
  246. LQ4 Th350?
  247. reverse bangs hard shifting into gear
  248. VSS not seen by ecu
  249. Most hp with out blowing up stock 4l60?
  250. Converter question.