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  1. 3.73's
  2. Which auto shifter do you like?
  3. quick question
  4. disptick differances
  5. Yank PT4000 going from 3.23's to 3.73's
  6. install price for converter?
  7. Is an f-body transmission or converter usable in a C5?
  8. a4 trans problem,,WTF??
  9. shift kit question
  10. what converter
  11. Help Plz
  12. 94 4l60e line pressure w/ shift kit?
  13. super yank 3500??
  14. A few Lt1 trans questions
  15. How Does This Fluid Look?
  16. Anyone running a Stall and Stock 4L60e?
  17. 1st to second wont shift under wot
  18. whats wrong
  19. A4/M6 console differance?
  20. Add another torn tranny mount
  21. performabuilt???
  22. 4L60E stock capabilities?
  23. In the middle of my m6 to a4 swap need help
  24. Converter advice please!
  25. Torque converter hub split
  26. Can I just say 2.73's suck with a SS4000
  27. Another "Which Converter" thread
  28. Converter?
  29. Got my CPT 4l60 installed last night
  30. trans pan leak...againnnnnn!!!
  31. my 4l60e lost drive need help
  32. tranny shops/experts come in please
  33. Transmission shifting too early in drive
  34. th400 prolblem please look and help
  35. Quick tranny question---4l60e
  36. tci control unit
  37. rmvb and fmvb?
  38. wtb converter
  39. Help dont know whats going on not driveable!!!! converter shit the bed?
  40. price for rebuild?
  41. output shft/tailshaft movement??
  42. TH400 questions
  43. TCI Streetfight blowing out fluid
  44. 1997 4l60e valve body
  45. help plz! would like to know of any less expensive stalls!
  46. How hard is it to switch from a FMVB to a RMVB w/TB??
  47. Converter lock up problem please help!
  48. What is the perfect converter for me?
  49. What tells the trans what gear it is in?
  50. Precision Industries
  51. tranny problem
  52. trans mount
  53. Some 4L80E install questions
  54. changing fluid in th400
  55. which converter for my cam?
  56. Are my 60's on par for my Stall?
  57. Important 4L80 cooler fitting info
  58. What do you perfer?
  59. a/t rev idle speed
  60. Check out my new FREE tranny
  61. For all you high performance TH400 builders out there....
  62. Questions about a TH400
  63. Weird vibrations in 3rd.
  64. changing tranny fluid
  65. th400 leaking bad please help
  66. TH350 Dipstick
  67. Screechig Noise from Transmission
  68. Grinding noise when 2-1 shift occurs
  69. LQ4 Th350?
  70. reverse bangs hard shifting into gear
  71. VSS not seen by ecu
  72. Most hp with out blowing up stock 4l60?
  73. Converter question.
  74. Car Surges Pretty bad at idle(new 4l80e w/stall)....
  75. Converter Lockup/Tranny Readings from HPTuners?
  76. what is wrong with my stall
  77. We got the car to hook with the 4L60E TB!!!!
  78. Need Torque help
  79. 4L80e trans swap?
  80. Hard 1-2 Shift, Looking for Some Expert Help!
  81. Quick 4l60e Question
  82. Shifter and flex plate recommendations?
  83. trans coolers, 1? can i run 2? any advantages or disadvantages?
  84. 6l80/90 Dimensions?
  85. need 4l60e Shiftkit info???
  86. 4l60E 94-97 Whats the difference ?
  87. no one uses a turbo 400 anymore?
  88. The fun just never ends...
  89. Fuddle 4000 Hp Series Stall Is Here!!!
  90. fsatest 4l60e?
  91. quick tranny question.
  92. best performing auto gears?
  93. codes p0753 & p0300 Help!
  94. Brand new fuddle 3600 mid str stall for sale
  95. what converter to use?
  96. Vig 3600, trans cooler : Do I NEED a shift kit??
  97. trans compatibility
  98. PG Valve Body
  99. 4l80e stuck in 2nd gear
  100. shift Kit with 3600stall is it Bad comb?
  101. How to get stock a4 shifter handle off
  102. Problem after converter install
  103. tranny slipping
  104. Need some bolt/thread sizes..?
  105. have a problem need help
  106. 02 Z71 Tahoe on 33's
  107. Car wont upshift sometimes?
  108. what speed
  109. I need a built 4L80E or a rebuild
  110. ? about fluid level
  111. Th400 Converter questions
  112. New torque converter install possibly ruined idle...
  113. Wont go into 4th after converter install
  114. Will early Year 4L80E work with a 2001 LQ4 6.0 ?
  115. can a stall cause this problem?????
  116. 3 4 clutches gone!
  117. PT4400 installed!
  118. thanks midwest chasis
  119. 4l60 to 4l80 ?
  120. carb and a 4L60E
  121. 4l60e shifts
  122. trans. filter seal ?
  123. Humvee 4l80e in an f-body?
  124. Looking for opinions on Circle-D 2800-3000 TQs
  125. What size cooler?
  126. Shifter stuck in park - no tranny installed
  127. stall and trex on stock tranny
  128. 1-2 shift issue shifting too quick
  129. Lockup or Not???
  130. 98 tranny work with a 99 engine?
  131. Supermatic 4L85-E
  132. Stock 4L80e converter with twin turbos....what!!
  133. converter problem?
  134. TH-400 to Powerglide guys inside
  135. Just a small leak... I think, just got a few q's
  136. Is there any reason for a stall?
  137. 4l60e swap to 65 chevelle
  138. Tuning for a shift kit
  139. $$$
  140. do you think i should have....
  141. Interest in group purchase of compushift kit
  142. TH350 takes a dump
  143. Strong points with 2.73's
  144. Need a P/N
  145. dont have reverse.
  146. PT owners...what is your shift point at?
  147. Wheelspin or slipping converter/tranny?
  148. TCI converter effecient?
  149. M6 vs. A4
  150. stall speed on dyno
  151. looking for a race tranny? look no linger!
  152. Which shift kit?
  153. help asap? th350 swap
  154. PLEASE help with Yank Converter install
  155. stall speed
  156. Whats does it cost to have a yank converter freshened up?
  157. Couldn't find a how-to
  158. 4l80e
  159. rpm transmissions
  160. 4L80E 2 or 4 wheel drive?
  161. What Converter Stall?
  162. New dipstick tubes
  163. Thinking of converting to a TH400 from a T56.....thoughts???
  164. throttle won't shut down?
  165. TH400 converter?
  166. Tips for pan filter seal removal
  167. 400 help
  168. PTC Torque Convertor
  169. 04 gto trans cooler question
  170. 220* Temps?!
  171. 4l60e build question
  172. WTB: Harness for 4l60-e car 1999-20002
  173. Beast sunshell causing clearance problems?
  174. transmission issues..
  175. chosing a new converter...?
  176. SS4000 or PT4000 Bolt-On 3.23 only
  177. 4l80e help
  178. Got P0753 Code: Shift Solenoid A , Electiraly. NOW NO OD ??
  179. Quick question about Bell/Tail housing
  180. changing Shift Solenoids
  181. Will Older 4L60E bolt up to LQ4
  182. A 4l65e can be used in a 4l60e car?
  183. Will my 4L60E be destroyed?
  184. 4L60E or 200 4R? HELP!
  185. 4L60E tranny 4.3v6 and LS1
  186. too much oil in trans?
  187. Wrong year for tranny?
  188. new trans, need pcm tune?
  189. How "streetable" is a powerglide?
  190. need converter advice...
  191. SS4000 or PT 4000
  192. another +1 for circle D
  193. oil pan gasket
  194. TCU Wiring Harness
  195. ? about this harness
  196. low buck glide
  197. Trans or converter problem ??? please help
  198. *Transmission builders come in*
  199. i think i'm riding the short bus!!!!
  200. Leaking fluid after converter install
  201. 4l80e into an f-body
  202. Rebuilding a 4L80e??
  203. 4l80e Gto Hdt2 Transgo Car Locks In 1st
  204. C5 Converter
  205. Need Help! Tranny issue
  206. What kind of parts to buy for rebuild?
  207. What blew up, my trans or my converter?
  208. New Circle D converter is installed!
  209. Fuddle converters?
  210. Yank PT4000/4L60E Owners Jump In Here
  211. What are the cooler fitting called on the 4L80E
  212. 4L60E won't upshift at the drags
  213. Flexplate question
  214. Lockup Issue(PerformaTranny TCI Converter)
  215. How much did your converter weigh?
  216. Need a tune?
  217. tranny in limp mode
  218. My new bonestock LS1 is what...
  219. New G8 trans
  220. What Tranny are high HP cars running for race??
  221. tci flexplate
  222. 4l80e help please info for updating main trans electrical plug
  223. Is a tranny cooler worth it if i am only keeping the car for another 10k?
  224. converters with lockup damper
  225. TCI Costed me $1000
  226. Looking for Vendors offering 6L80 Torque Converter
  227. Selling built 4l60 trans and converter
  228. need a full rebuild "KIT"
  229. electronic shift improvers/kits???
  230. Need Help with a solution for triggering B&M tranny cooler fan on a 4L80
  231. PT str question.
  232. urgent help !!!!!!!!
  233. Tranny Removal Question
  234. What size are the bolts used to bolt the transmission to the block on ls1?
  235. how much HP for a Level V 4L60E transmission
  236. 6l80 conversion
  237. cruise control
  238. Should I flush or replace the filter ??
  239. Good Books 4L60E
  240. LT1 Transmission question
  241. YANK's new website is up
  242. transmission problem?
  243. Does your A4 car feel slower than a M6 car?
  244. What is the difference
  245. Better of the Two?
  246. What size converter to use daily driver
  247. torque converter
  248. Need Trans Help ASAP 98 Z28
  249. 4l80e Shifting Way To Hard!
  250. Anyone have the blueprint or flowchart of a 60E?