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  1. The 99999999th P1870 thread
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  5. Th400 or 4l60E for my 68 Firebird LS1 swap
  6. whats converter is better Yank or Vigilante?
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  9. Still no shift!!!
  10. rpm drop after shift into third
  11. What in the removal of my 4l60e could have messed up my TCS
  12. transgo 4l60e-hd2
  13. Perfrombuilt Lvl 2 tranny
  14. can i make it shift smoother?
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  16. Dyno Testing From Flt Video
  17. Stall
  18. stall and 4.10s
  19. 700R4 speedometer in a 4L60E
  20. SS4000 in an LT1
  21. Midwest Opnions
  22. How much quicker and faster did you go when you removed your torque management?
  23. Vacc Modulation Explained
  24. Can someone take a look at my TCC charts (pics)
  25. Need M6 Conversion Package - Interested in a swap?
  26. Shifting issues
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  28. quick fluid question
  29. M6--->A4 Pedal Swap?
  30. Will changing rockers screw with my converter?
  31. 4l60e question
  32. ACC Converters
  33. Torque Converter Installations
  34. Th350 build
  35. just rebuild the transmission but it wont move
  36. HElp to find a 4l60e for a 95 camaro z28
  37. need 4L60E recomendations
  38. My Trans worth anything?
  39. At the track with the lvl 2 performabuilt (vid inside)
  40. b&m shift improver kit?
  41. how much for converter swap??
  42. stall
  43. 4l65E WOT overdrive shift, DEAD!
  44. Stickies are in here!
  45. 4L60E Case Length?
  46. Grrr vacumn modulation sucks!!!!!!
  47. 4L60E with Fuddle 4000 stall
  48. synthetic trans fluid.....
  49. Shift Kit
  50. Trans fluid change
  51. 4l60e highway TC lockup...tunercat
  52. Launching in OD?
  53. grinding noise after convertor install
  54. raptor converters
  55. Transmission Mounting Bolt Size?
  56. Which clutch wires do i jump?? HELP!!!!
  57. Which better for a 600HP/600# TQ LSx stroker a "performance built" 4L60E or a 6L90E??
  58. 4L60E interchange and shipping
  59. Tranny thoughts on 1-2 slip
  60. lock up when cold?
  61. Funny activity in 3rd gear on 99 LS1 (A4)
  62. m6-a4 conversion *I need wiring help*
  63. PerformaBuilt Special!
  64. Tail shaft question. Same as v6 as on v8?
  65. Help. Converter wont lock...
  66. th700r
  67. NEED COMPLETE INFO 4l60e to th350
  68. weird problem
  69. pt vs ss
  70. A4 trans pros I need your help
  71. Transmission install write-up?
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  74. Convertor Lockup
  75. need help
  76. Quick 4l80e question
  77. The Real Deal From FLT
  78. TH-400 Planetary Sets
  79. Just got a B&M Trans Cooler
  80. lt1 tranny and ls1 tranny??? A4
  81. dope cooler install and daily driver
  82. newb question
  83. My trans. is leakin where to check first???
  84. No reverse??
  85. vig3200 good... vig3600 bad??? WHAT!
  86. Street driven Powerglide users....
  87. no reverse, noise in park/neutral
  88. Question about my TH350
  89. stall question
  90. Two questions...
  91. A few A4 Conversion Questions
  92. Which Converter for me
  93. Neutral Safety switch wiring help.
  94. Car won't stay running NEED HELP
  95. Will a Stall for a 4l60 E work on a 1979 Corvette 3speed tranny
  96. SES Light after TH-400 install??
  97. shift solenoid??
  98. Shift Kit...Need help
  99. 4l80e trans lines
  100. Tranny cooler
  101. What is STR when talking converters?
  102. What to do with core transmissions?
  103. 4L80E Code 73 running out of gas in my truck
  104. transmission weight
  105. Anyone try a ebay sfi flexplate for $59.99?
  106. Help
  107. ahhh no drive
  108. Yank 3200 or 3600
  109. has this happened to you
  110. keep popin trans lines
  111. 00 ls1 with 95 tranny
  112. Vigilante 3200 or 3600 for 402/Procharger. Suggestions PLEASE.
  113. 4l60e to t-56?
  114. Yank pt4000 and spray.
  115. No third or fourth gear. help.
  116. cooling line question
  117. Ummm.... This is not cool
  118. No forward gears.
  119. tail shaft and bell house
  120. What did you think of your exhaust sound after your stall?
  121. Brake vacuum and automatic transmissions
  122. Drag racing with stock 4L60E and stock converter
  123. M6 to TH-400 conversion, need help
  124. M6 to TH-400 conversion, need help
  125. Yank converters year end sale going strong
  126. Trans plug
  127. Single Wire tbrake button
  128. WTF!!!!! Tranny wont shift from 1st
  129. Shift Solenoids gm part #
  130. th-350 to M6 or 4l80e/4l60e
  131. Is the 98-02 v-6 auto trans the same?
  132. Performabuilt seal/O-ring packet. What are these?
  133. Yank PT4400 for $250, but have acouple questions
  134. Valve body, help needed
  135. A4 Hard to shift from park
  136. a4 shifter linkage problem
  137. 2.2 STR vs. 2.5 STR
  138. TH350/TH400 Frequently Asked Questions
  139. Transmission Advice Please!!!
  140. Anyon heard of Boss Hog Stalls?
  141. TH400 Shift Kit
  142. question
  143. Anyone have a flexplate twist apart, not just break?
  144. Converter unlocks everytime I let off the throttle
  145. Any A4 Shifter Kits Available For 02 Camaro?
  146. Yank, Nitrous?
  147. Weird Noise
  148. slip
  149. Powerglide & speedo
  150. Tranny Problems?
  151. Converter locked up all the time...PCM???
  152. Stupid question
  153. Powerglide dipstick
  154. To much power for converter?
  155. Shifting problems
  156. Which converter?
  157. URGENT GUYS...WTF happened
  158. Can I install a TH-400 without pulling longtubes??
  159. camaro a4 burnout
  160. Bop Th400
  161. 35 to about 45 mph car doesnt seem to do anything
  162. sbc flex on an ls1 and th350
  163. Removing Console With Auto Trans?
  164. whats the most hp a 4l60 can handle reliably
  165. Transmission Oil Cooler Question
  166. do TC's kill the top end?
  167. 85-87 700R4 Convertor in a 1999 4L60E (for a V6)
  168. 4l60e To Th-400 ????
  169. Best gear and stall combo?
  170. 4l60e help.......
  171. 4l60e clicking
  172. yank ss4000, can it be rebuilt for a th400?
  173. what do you guys think about this stall?and a question
  174. check light came on again! p0757
  175. converter slip?
  176. converter advise
  177. torque converter question
  178. Insterested in 4L80e, talk me into it*
  179. 3/4 clutches burnt in an otherwise "Slick" Core!
  180. HELP!!! converter install question
  181. Rev limiter Problems - Any Suggestions
  182. Converter swap.... half way there HELP!!!!!!
  183. Slack in the tranny?
  184. Finish Line Transmissions Holiday Sale
  185. m6 guy needs some a4 help
  186. 4L80 + 525rwhp...
  187. need trany rebuild in houston
  188. Lost 3rd and 4th gear after filter change
  189. has anyone went from a Yank SS4000 to a Vig 3 disc 4000 stall?
  190. shifting questions: TM, firmness, lock up, etc
  191. Transmission Mounts
  192. What type of tranny in 93 f-body
  193. Anyone using this Hurst Shifterfor their 4L60?
  194. car wont go!!
  195. What tab needs to get cut off on a th400?
  196. ACE Racing Transmission Sale
  197. Pictures of a Unique Tailhousing for Old School Apps!
  198. Oil leak
  199. T400 driveshaft work on 4L80E
  200. How do i adjust the line pressure?
  201. T/c Slips Too Much
  202. 4l65e converter in 4l60e?
  203. Anyone Using This??
  204. vibration problem please help.
  205. Tranny Cooler Line ???s
  206. 4l60e dipstick tube help
  207. 02 F Body/350 Turbo Shifer
  208. Anyone here order a Performabuilt tranny?
  209. Should I get my tranny flushed?
  210. Tranny programer?
  211. Tranny going out or what???
  212. Converter not locking when cold
  213. Slack in the drive line.
  214. TH-400 gearing
  215. Pig tails
  216. Flywheel to Flexplate Question
  217. Solenoid Qestion
  218. used yank
  219. someone please help with my th400 please please please
  220. Tranny Harness
  221. Fuddle Holiday Sale
  222. 700R4 Help please
  223. P1870 Transmission Component Slipping
  224. good trans for a lifted truck?
  225. Tci
  226. Will a 3.8 4L60E retrofit to a LS1 or LT1?
  227. m6 --> a4 swap
  228. Will it damage my trans running a pressure gauge?
  229. ACCEL 4L80E programmable transmission controller
  230. how much to send my converter for a freshening up?
  231. listen to my transmission please
  232. Flt Lev 4 + 600rwhp
  233. 1st to 2nd shift
  234. Effect of altitude on stall speed??
  235. Stall problems
  236. how long does 99Z auto have left with 118k miles
  237. converter bolts
  238. 1.82 in a glide
  239. What kind of gain to expect goin from SS3800 to PT4400 converter?
  240. Any Ideas?
  241. How much hp can a stock A4 hold?
  242. Auto Trans Problem - No Reverse
  243. Blew the front pump seal, have a few questions?
  244. Crate transmission or have one built?
  245. How much??
  246. transgo hd-3
  247. car will not shift into o/d 0753 code
  248. Trans cooler
  249. Help me decide guys!!!!
  250. Car sucks from a 60-70mph roll