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  38. 4l60e, 4l80e, or other?
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  55. transmission coolers
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  63. m6 to auto swap....
  64. A4 shifter?
  65. trans. shop wants to do all this for 1180, good deal?
  66. Vig 3600 or 3200? and which gears 3.23's or 3.73's?
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  90. 3600 or 4000 - now with poll feature
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  94. stupid ? about stalls
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  98. Something odd (TCC issue?)
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  100. et's are slower after mods...why?
  101. trans cooler lines leaking... any thoughts?
  102. I have had it with my tranny builder - anyone know of a good th400 rebuild manual
  103. 4l60E issues
  104. any way to find out gear ratio?
  105. racing on the street with a converter
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  118. too much reading
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  126. Anyone ever heard of....
  127. fluid
  128. Pics of your shift kits installed
  129. Jasper Transmissions SUCK!!!!!
  130. TH350 Overhaul & Shift Kit
  131. 6 speed to auto swap??
  132. TH front pump
  133. Toy Shop in Pomona. Is it worth it?
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  135. whats the difference between ......
  136. question about the sticker on the yank converter
  137. Broken bolt on Tranny support.
  138. YANKs Hot June converter Specials are here!
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  141. Shift kit is here.
  142. how do you remove this
  143. Transmission Sale Today! Level 2 $50 Off And 24000 Cooler
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  153. East CoasT Trans Builder?
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  155. Trans ???
  156. shift kit a good idea??
  157. Powerglide ?
  158. Blowing Tranny fluid out coolant lines at WOT only, TH350
  159. Looking for updates from peeps w/TCI's.
  160. FUBAR'd my 95 Silverado 4l60e 4l80 upgrade and 4l60e ??questions???
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  165. TCI super street fighter
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  168. half a quart low
  169. 4l60 e
  170. Do I need to lower shiftpoints
  171. converter install
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  173. how to check what gears you have.
  174. TCI-built Street fighter TH350, worth the $$$??
  175. physical differences- 700r4/4l60e
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  178. Transmission Replacement parts
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  183. Stock Z with a TH 400!??
  184. Wanted opinions on whether or not a tranny can get this hot
  185. Throwing it into Reverse
  186. engine surge after lock up
  187. trans cooler
  188. Swapping in a 350
  189. b and m
  190. convertor lockup??? or 02???
  191. Can a stall hurt you top end and mph?
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  194. 4L80E fittings to Tranny cooler Questions
  195. Firewall Dipsticks????
  196. Stall Install
  197. What tools will I need??
  198. will I need to raise my stock shiftpoints with this setup?
  199. Shift kit on the way!!!
  200. neutral safety switch
  201. auto question
  202. Pic of the converter hub crack
  203. stall suggestions?
  204. tci controler info
  205. Will this hurt my Transmission?
  206. Edge stall converter's?
  207. Yank Please help
  208. Shift Kit?????????
  209. Th350 Vaccuuuuuum Modulator Question
  210. How do I lockup my converter for dyno testing???
  211. Installing a trans cooler
  212. Performabuilt th400 Questions
  213. Tranny fluid leaking
  214. **more Problems**
  215. Harlan 2-Step
  216. V6 4L60E as good as a V8 4L60E
  217. Nitrous may be blowing through the converter - which route to go now???
  218. VSS Changes for the M6 to TH400?
  219. Stripped bolt in Aux Valve body, HELP!
  220. Any LT1 guys runing the 4l80
  221. Atf Changing stall Speed?
  222. >>>Any good Socal Trans. shops around?<<<
  223. How hard can it be to rebuild a th350?
  224. Is 4th gear usable WOT 4L60e?
  225. Royal purple tranny fluid
  226. mount
  227. Tuning for stall conveter, info needed!
  228. Is this 3/4 clutch right?
  229. TH400 Question
  230. 4L60E - Time to change fluid! How?
  231. Yank SS3600 on the way!!! What should I expect??
  232. just got a hayden cooler from yank
  233. Wiring harness question
  234. Overfilled causing slippage?
  235. no second gear?
  236. 4L80 w/o electronics parts list for 98 F-body
  237. necessary to break in new tranny??
  238. TH350 cooler lines??
  239. Pictures of aftermarket shifters????
  240. car wont go into park....
  241. Saturday.
  242. Where are you guys dope mounting your tranny coolers??
  243. 95 trans am i need help with my lt1
  244. What 4l80E performance parts would you recommend
  245. 4L80E performance rebuild documnetation (Photos)
  246. Computer Tuned or Tranny Installed Shift Kit
  247. What stall with a GM 847??
  248. how to tune my new stall?
  249. 4L60E Manual Valvebody. Who sells it? Need help
  250. tractor fluid results