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  1. transmission mounts?
  2. The powerglide effect
  3. Transmission Help
  4. Vacuum Modulated 4L60E??
  5. A4 Tranny Problem
  6. Installed my B&M rachet shifter
  7. 95 tranny with a 2000 ls1 help
  8. TH350/shifter questions??
  9. vette vs camaro vs trans/am
  10. installing TCI controller for 4L80E swap, will there be SES lights?
  11. Aftermarket Shifter A3
  12. well i blew my transmission
  13. Cannot get 4l60e trans filter seal out sugestions...
  14. guys with the hurst 1/4 stick
  15. Planetary gear inplay?
  16. H/C with Stock Stall?
  17. new converter installed...couple of questions
  18. Spraying thru the shifts...
  19. SY3500 with twin bolt patterns?
  20. tranny removal? HOW TO?
  21. Yank PT4400-how much slippage?
  22. slow to shift into gear 4L60E?
  23. I want the biggest tranny cooler
  24. EL60E Problem
  25. Anybody installed a TCI trans shield on a T400?
  26. To those with the TCI SSF4000 converters...
  27. Carrier questions? Trans guys help me out.
  28. Almost wrecked car...
  29. Car will go into reverse, but when applying gas hardly moves?
  30. T-56 to TH-400
  31. Whose running a Performabuilt Tranny and stall?
  32. TH400 at 210*...any damage??
  33. M6 to TH350... What did you do for your console?
  34. 4l60 help
  35. Not trying to sound like a noob...
  36. 2007 vette 6 speed auto trans
  37. PWM question?
  38. Quick Converter question's
  39. Need a new trans
  40. How long does a verter last
  41. TH350 leaking from vent
  42. WSS and the burnout box?
  43. PT4000 to PY3600 swap, how much slower on the motor?
  44. Auto to th400?
  45. 4L60 Issue, Lost gears 2-4 then retained them?
  46. Yank Pro Eliminator 4200 lockup question
  47. Is it me or is my converter way off
  48. Trans Stuck on Engine!!
  49. Fuddle WOT Lockup
  50. Is this true
  51. Advice on stall converter for a stock 98z
  52. trans slams in to gear from P to R/D
  53. Lock up issues
  54. Trans cooler question?
  55. flexplate
  56. wierd sound after TC install
  57. Drive Train loss
  58. What trans is in my 93Z?? 700r4 or 4l60. How can I tell?
  59. speartech adapter???
  60. New Converter issues.
  61. Hard shift into 2nd sometimes
  62. 4L60E rebuild: I'm goin' in....
  63. What year 480LE or does it matter
  64. Hmmm..a new 4L60E, who?
  65. will 2 trans. coolers be better than 1
  66. 4L60E Interchange Questions
  67. Grenaded planetarys.. now what?
  68. manual VB not working right. advice please
  69. Just got my yank 3200 what now?
  70. Z-Pak on 2 month back order!!!!
  71. Tranny leak!!!!!!!!!
  72. tci flex plate
  73. 4000 Stall and my top end
  74. bone stock 4l80e
  75. Lost 2nd
  76. Line Pressure for my App.
  77. YANKs May special WOW!
  78. 4l60e questions
  79. Cool Looking Tranny Temp Guage
  80. Not too thrilled about my TC swap!
  81. Transbrake Reverse question
  82. Launching on a PG
  83. How much RWHP can a 700r4 take?
  84. Transgo 4L60E-HD2 shift kit install question
  85. Stall wont stall??? Why Fuddle 3800
  86. Yank 3400
  87. Need help pump cracked after 200 miles
  88. Can my fuddle stall really be this Ineffiecent???
  89. Soft lock-up
  90. This IS whats Needed for 4L60E to TH350 swap INFO!!
  91. Transmission temp. guage
  92. Where's your T-brake???
  93. @ WOT buzzed the REV limiter, on 2-3 shift!
  94. anyone use 2step with 4L60E?
  95. tractor hydrolic fluid in place of tranny fluid to tighten up converter?
  96. How much downtime?
  97. 4L60E slips badly in D3 or D4, run great otherwise
  98. 460le
  99. 5.3
  100. manuel valve body?
  101. using a v6 trans with an ls1
  102. Who sells good tranny temp gauges?
  103. Sportline springs + Rain = Wet tranny!!!!!
  104. Shuttering, vibration when TC locks up?
  105. 98 PCM controlling 4L80e
  106. converter not locking
  107. vette auto 98 who is 3000stall in it
  108. finished trans go install. My thoughts.
  109. Somthing Crazy Wid My 4l60 In The Goat.
  110. Barb fitting?
  111. Storing a tranny
  112. TH350 Help: Needing Part number for the transmission mount plz..
  113. is 1000rpm converter slip up top normal?
  114. 4l60 issue
  115. Transmission Noise
  116. th400 help
  117. what flexplate
  118. torque specs
  119. Transmission T.V. cable and accelerator cable off from transmission install
  120. Problems after installing a B&M shift kit
  121. trans has a growling sound..trans experts please
  122. Max RPM's for 4l60e and 4l80e?
  123. 4L80E temp sensor location
  124. "Performance transmission fluid" worth the $?
  125. vibration after installing mount
  126. shift kit
  127. Have a Turbo 350 tranny..Should i Swap it with a Built 4l60E or M6
  128. Drivetrain shakes hard after TC install
  129. need accumulator help!!
  130. Car won't move!!
  131. 99 trans am question NEED HELP plezzzz
  132. ultra noob question
  133. Converters (This should be a sticky)
  134. will any year of 4l60e fit in my 95 TA?
  135. hp/stall????
  136. How much HP can a 4L60E stand up to?
  137. RPM Transmissions
  138. TH400 People I Need Help
  139. ARP verter bolts or Grade 8 Bolts from local auto store?
  140. 4000 Stall Too Much?
  141. New tranny / dyno
  142. Tuning for a 4000 stall
  143. th400 swap
  144. Rossler TH350 HP limits
  145. TBSS letting go and hitting rev limiter @ WOT
  146. Advice on my 4L80e swap
  147. Changing 2-3 Shift Solenoid
  148. Want a Torque Converter, scared to put one in...
  149. year?? TH350
  150. Tranny Cooler
  151. Heard a Ping and Metal grinding, what could it be?
  152. How much RWHP......
  153. Converter?
  154. wut kind
  155. Yank 3000 st stall
  156. To those with Performabuilt Transmissions...
  157. Aftermarket shifter for 4l60
  158. Tci Flexplate
  159. Problem with OBD1 and BIG stall converter
  160. What converter for my setup?
  161. Burnout in 1st or 2nd?
  162. Tranny going?
  163. did someone tried tci stall
  164. TH-400 qustion
  165. 4L60E lockup switch ?
  166. Thinking 700R4 behind 6.0L...
  167. what about TCI ?
  168. question about 4l60e
  169. 4.8 truck 4l60e into ls1 need help
  170. Converter question
  171. Proper way to check fluid
  172. Cam only surging...big stall effects?
  173. 4l80 in a '98 Camaro...
  174. What would make a converter not lock on dyno?
  175. Fair Price for Transmission
  176. Shift kit and servo on 4l60E at 70k?
  177. whats out there to protect my legs.
  178. RPMs still kill with stock power?
  179. b&m trans cooler, how did u mount yours
  180. TH400 driveshaft/yoke questions.
  181. question about my 700r4 trans
  182. stock 4l80e in a 500rwhp fbody
  183. tranny mount question
  184. selling th400 w/drive shaft,torque arm ect. or trade for m6 conversion?
  185. how much should I ask??
  186. 04 gto
  187. Your Yank look like a Hughes?
  188. Stock tranny mount
  189. m6 to a th400
  190. Trango Shift Kit
  191. help lock up question
  192. Stall and stock gears
  193. Ls1 Shifter Options For Th350
  194. Why do so many people tell me my car would go faster with a glide?
  195. Correct part number for Th400 cover shield?
  196. Gear selector in 96 A4 trans am
  197. T56 to Th400 what wiring do you hookup
  198. HARDCORE converter question
  199. To those with Vigilante LS1 4l60e converters...
  200. I need a built 4l60e
  201. Torque Converter Question
  202. how can i know my TC?
  203. Th-400
  204. Transgo shift kit vs superior shift kit
  205. 4l60e selector help
  206. 6l80
  207. Auto swap wiring help needed. '98
  208. Look at this input drum. Is this ok?
  209. Lucas Racing Semi-Synthetic ATF?
  210. Tranny Cooler/ Coolant question
  211. 350 turbo guys step in
  212. truck converter in my formula
  213. tire ? stall?
  214. Review: Fuddle 4000 HPS
  215. tranny fluid
  216. tc in
  217. tune after trq converter install?
  218. question about torque converters
  219. yank lock up settings
  220. need a th400 yoke going from a 4l60e
  221. Which TC for my set-up?
  222. speedo pigtail
  223. dynoed with the new trans
  224. A3 guys what gears?
  225. whats the best gears to swap
  226. What are the best gears to swap for my D/D
  227. Will a converter cause you to show lower numbers on dyno
  228. tranny cooler mounting
  229. AN fittings for tranny cooler 4L60E
  230. Free Rev at 5,000+ RPM (INSIGHT NEEDED)
  231. Broken tranny again
  232. anyone heard of this, 3.23's causing
  233. Delayed/Varying Shift - Stage II 4L60E
  234. question 69 fbody crossmember for 4L60E
  235. 4000 stall tuning
  236. e.t. improvements
  237. Car runs hotter with tranny cooler
  238. 4L60E Shifting Issue
  239. External trans filter and thermostat worth it?
  240. 94-95 tranny question.....
  241. 2-3 flare
  242. 4l60 from 94Z into 93Z 700r4 car??
  243. trans bolt lenght
  244. Pro builders Q
  245. Dumb question but...what is converter lockup
  246. TH-400 Questions Who would you have build your TH-400
  247. High miles on my auto
  248. OEM planetary gears?
  249. Help!!
  250. what is a good brand shift kit