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  1. 71 Buick GS
  2. What to do to an A4...
  3. How about The TCI converters?
  4. FLEX PLATE INSTALL the spacer
  5. SS3600 yank
  6. Lock-up questions
  7. TH400 Guys how you running Tranny Cooler
  8. torque spec for flexplate
  9. Need lauching tips
  10. Whats the connector # for "Park Neutral Position Switch"
  11. Rmvb 4l80e
  12. 3:73s with Torque Converter,Yes or No?
  13. Tci
  14. Thanks Alot Guys !!!!
  15. thinkin of getting a cam soon need so some
  16. T/C and Gear advice for new T/A owner
  17. Rebuilt 4L60E Question
  18. Ls2 and Powerglide?
  19. Odd but - Differential Fluid in Tranny ?!?
  20. TQ Convertor install need help
  21. SS4000 on the street?
  22. Driving a RMVB t400 - downshifting
  23. Neil Chance Converters
  24. Questions Arrised During TransGo Install
  25. LT1/corvette convertor
  26. When launching 4L60E it takes off in 2nd or 3rd, have to manually put in 1st
  27. How much more torque?
  28. What size converter for a 228R on a 112LSA
  29. Invincible Series Is Back On Performabuilt
  30. Question about changing tailshaft on 4l60E to use cable driven speedometer
  31. Transmission Fluid
  32. Buy a shift kit??
  33. post your favorite 4 speed auto shifter!
  34. Rebuilt the tranny, now have no 2-4.
  35. question about installing a converter...
  36. something off my chest
  37. N00b here, help me with some ???'s?
  38. 4l60e can it hold
  39. tranny question
  40. Yank PY3400 is in the car with Century 4L60e
  41. How Do You Know If Your Tc Is Not Locking?
  42. Well Guys...
  43. ss3600 from a roll
  44. Th350
  45. What size stall to go with!
  46. Coverter help
  47. rebuilding tranny do i need to get a trans go shift kit?
  48. Tranny Dead? No first gear
  49. What to do????
  50. ANYONE ever have their 5 pinion planetary crack????
  51. Help! I got a full lockup TC...
  52. th350
  53. Torque Converter
  54. Looking for a good convertor for my new th350!
  55. asap iam duing it now please quicj question?
  56. Whats up with my trans
  57. installed shift kit 1-2 problems
  58. Shifting too early? Need input!!
  59. Could this be why i dont have 1st gear
  60. Just a quick ?
  61. Big thanks to Kevin at TCI
  62. Car not Downshifting?
  63. Vacuum modulator people!!
  64. trans experts please come in. Locks in 3rd gear
  65. sbc converter on an ls1???????
  66. what kind of U joints to buy???
  67. Look what UPS dropped off to me this morning!
  68. 4l80e worth
  69. shift selanoid
  70. Inconsistent 1-2 shift point
  71. converter help
  72. Matching stall size with cam size
  73. Question 4 U Guys About Convertor ?
  74. solenoids in Rock-on....
  75. *** Need Help Asap ***
  76. DD Stall
  77. th400 in 93 camaro
  78. TCI Issues
  79. is my trans gone?
  80. What happens when...
  81. TH350 stall
  82. Fuddle 3600 questions
  83. Torque converter install and brand questions
  84. Gear Vendors Overdrive!
  85. som bitch wont shift
  86. UK chap needing g/box guidance
  87. New Pricing on TRANSMISSIONS and converters PerformaBuilt
  88. torque converter poll
  89. TH400 shifters
  90. Wow, Auto is just not looking like a winner!
  91. th350 cooling line outlet size?
  92. Harsh 2-3 shift at part throttle but fine at WOT?
  93. Help Quick!
  94. Shift Speeds
  95. Yank SS3600
  96. Cooler pipe size
  97. New FLT tranny installed
  98. th400 problems :(
  99. Transmission Fluid Thermostat
  100. Rebuilt 700r4, added shift kit, now problems.
  101. Tranny guys inside: Cooler plumbing question
  102. What transmission?
  103. vehicle speed sensor
  104. TH400 swap what wire for reverse lights??
  105. Unlocking Torque Converter Question
  106. Best going deals on a TH400????
  107. Th350 Th400 and 4l60e
  108. Install vac. modulator in car?
  109. New Converter - slight rattle / grinding noise ??
  110. th350 problem
  111. stock tranny, big stall, n2o
  112. need a 4l80 stall, help
  113. Will a Verter loosen up with Break in miles?
  114. 1900 stall
  115. How long will my A4 last?
  116. Effect of worn converter clutch?
  117. OK i got the tranny working but...
  118. Torque Converter
  119. price of a th350 or th400 swap?
  120. TH400 guys what flexplate boilts??
  121. What size stall???
  122. Lookin For 4000 Stall
  123. stall of stock
  124. where is best place to buy a Th-400?
  125. Help me !!!.... convert from m6 to auto
  126. TCC Solinoid Question?
  127. 4400 Stall Converter
  128. Fully built Tranny NIGHTMARE
  129. 4l60e sunshell replacement?
  130. Need to replace transmission...what to get?
  131. Im going to be a guinea pig for a cheap th350
  132. can I use an ls1 converter on a sb chevy
  133. need help....
  134. 4l60 to th350
  135. Which A4 gear ratio do I have?
  136. new heavy duty parts for the 4l60e
  137. fuddle stall
  138. New GM tranny?
  139. Guys will new Yank Converters
  140. DANG.. something wrong in the transmission...inside...LT1
  141. No 2-3 shift only at WOT
  142. a4 slipping?
  143. Thoughts on broken stator?
  144. headers causing heat issues with tranny?
  145. tune with a converter?
  146. turbo tranny guys
  147. raleigh/charlotte tq. converter install
  148. Trans Cooler question
  149. 4L80E newb questions
  150. Pulling Tranny Question
  151. drag radials with torque converter
  152. I cant hook up!!
  153. 4L60E Trans Question - Is It Dying?
  154. Car won't shift
  155. 4L60E questions
  156. How many A4's went out on Dyno
  157. TCI SSF3500 vs. SSF3800
  158. Flex Plate
  159. Torque on Flex Plate bolts
  160. vaccum mod. 4l60e
  161. buying a use converter
  162. Transmission help
  163. RPM Stage IV 3rd and 4th gear gone!
  164. 4L80E tuning
  165. Which RPM Stall?
  166. 4l60e weight
  167. 4k stall= gas $$$$$$$$$$$
  168. How many splines are on the tail shaft for 4L60 and 4L80...
  169. whats wrong?
  170. how much does a a4 conversion go for usually?
  171. A4 to M6?
  172. Yank converter problem?
  173. 4l60e suburban 99 to formula
  174. tranny goin out
  175. Fuddle sponsor elsewhere
  176. Budget tranny 700r4 help
  177. 4L60E build-up
  178. Th400 or 4L80E
  179. Th400 Into F-body
  180. what size converter for nitrous?
  181. trans trouble
  182. Bell Housing bolts
  183. Can It Be Saved.
  184. New Converters Are Available Now See Inside
  185. Fuddle converter
  186. wont accelerate unless you push down on the pedal more.
  187. 500rwhp n/a +N2O....350 or 400?
  188. Big stall bad for tranny?
  189. what's going on in my 4l60e?
  190. Converter problem?
  191. New converter line rolling out this evening watch here for details
  192. PT4400?s
  193. shift kit necessary?
  194. A4 wont shift fast when N2O is on, HELP
  195. Transmission clicking problem New A4
  196. do converters help from a roll at all?
  197. Need Dipstick for V8 TH 350 swapped F-bird
  198. tranny went out in my 93' will 94' work?
  199. A4 shifting hard
  200. Shaking when in fourth,please help!!
  201. where can i find this part?
  202. quick tranny question
  203. neutral safety switch wiring
  204. does this sound right?
  205. Which rebuild kit should I buy? Ordering now.
  206. converter question
  207. power loss from conveter
  208. a4 less than 2k
  209. What causes an A4 to not Go when floored?
  210. Vig stall converters
  211. 4l60e experts in here please
  212. transgo shift kit install help
  213. Need tech help 4l60e BINDS????
  214. LS7 with PG
  215. I can hold my car in any gear as long as i want and its stock tranny???
  216. Th350 or converter issue?
  217. Brand Of Tranny Fluid Are U Using!!
  218. maybe it's broke? or maybe it just doesn't like me...
  219. What trans
  220. Trailblazer SS - 4speed auto to 6speed auto?
  221. 4L60E Question!!
  222. I need pics of you th400.... from the bottom of the car
  223. 4l60E from a V6 Firebird
  224. How do you know if the 2/3 is going..?
  225. Need a new Tranny... I have a Turbo 350...
  226. Lowest stall for TRak cam and 3.15's
  227. p1087 caused by low tire pressure?
  228. Downshifting
  229. Post you B&M shifter pics here
  230. 700r4 third gen ?
  231. What is the best tranny option for me to do to support between 750-850rwhp?
  232. Tranny Vibration
  233. Tuning 4l60e question?
  234. TransGo Shift Kit and Corvette Servo Help!
  235. cheapest turbo 350 for ls1
  236. Shift points on stock A4 F-body?
  237. Need help with A4 problem
  238. Burn fluid
  239. Drive or Overdrive?
  240. Where to find a good C5 valve body?
  241. Bad tranny or tc?
  242. guys with th400 in ls1, exposed converter/flexplate!?
  243. C5 shifter in a '99 TA?
  244. Tranny problems
  245. Stroker Guys what RPM Stall Verter are you Running?
  246. Odd problem
  247. Trans problem?
  248. converter info
  249. Weird Tranny issues?
  250. Drive Shaft