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  1. does anybody know how to wire up a manual coverter lock up switch
  2. edge converter
  3. Does the Corvette 4l60e have same length tailshaft as F body?
  4. **uh Oh!!!**
  5. just pulled trans pan off, how much fluid do i need?
  6. New Tranny Fluid?????????
  7. Supercharger and converter
  8. Hard shifting.
  9. Transmission Fluid Level (a4)
  10. Did H/C and now I have 2-3 shift problem....
  11. slippin tranny help
  12. 3500 converter?
  13. 4L80E or TH400 w/GV overdrive work in a Vette????
  14. Transmission Cooler Question - Pre radiator or after and effects
  15. Changing Shift Solenoid, Need help identifiying part
  16. 4l80e cooling line question...
  17. How much Trans fluid on a filter change?
  18. A4 to M6?
  19. yank ss 3600 and ms4 cam?
  20. what shifter in stock council
  21. *sigh* 1st, 2nd...but no 3rd? or 4th?
  22. Trans overheating
  23. Is 3200 stall w/ 2.1 STR a good match against...
  24. Cheapest/easiest way to make my car stop shifting into 2nd so early?
  25. Lowering the 2-3 shift speed...
  26. Yank SS3600
  27. Transmission fluid pressure at idle, 4l60 type
  28. stalls
  29. Tranny oil leak after torque converter install
  30. B&M Transpak how hard does it actually shift
  31. shift solenoid question?
  32. Aluminum driveshaft?
  33. a4 shifer info
  34. 550rwhp+150shot-who sells my tranny?
  35. Please Help
  36. Does an auto tranny with a stall need a cooler?
  37. Ok, need some serious help.
  38. Brand new 98-02 B&M Shift kit for sale
  39. M6 to TH400 conversion question
  40. Help with Converter lock up
  41. A4 question
  42. The common 2-3 delayed shift, diagnostic step...
  43. Are my tranny brackeys loose?
  44. This Is Prob A Stupid Question
  45. shift solenoid replacement procedure
  46. tune after TC install?
  47. Trans won't shift after big tire spin??
  48. What is a good trans fluid?(post up)
  49. anyone know anything about these converters?
  50. TH400 torque arm question
  51. Flexplate to crank bolts for hughes flexplate?
  52. TH 350 question
  53. Code PO753, I think my transmission blew up...
  54. Any Suggestions For A Nitrous Tc??
  55. Drive-plate not rotating after install
  56. Hey Mr. Yank?
  57. Automatics and autocross races?
  58. $$ to install conv/cooler
  59. ADVICE transmission poll 98 Ta mods listed.
  60. stall or shift kit
  61. Would you buy a used 2800 vigilante converter
  62. 4l65e with b&m megashifter in 88 bird
  63. will my a4 last longer in a light car
  64. What mileage??
  65. A4 durability?
  66. so im getting a stall now..
  67. Stall + daily driving..
  68. Tough converter (TH400)
  69. yank ss3600
  70. trans hic-up
  71. Deep Pan Guys Please Come In
  72. original stall or not?
  73. Local Shop to build Stall?
  74. Should I put on a Temp Gauge for the Auto?
  75. One thing that Annoys me about having a big stall
  76. 4l80e conversion ina 98?
  77. Yank converters...
  78. Which stall will be "tighter" with 2.73 gears?
  79. what are wires on driver side of 4l60e for?
  80. How am i chirping every gear?
  81. Question about OD
  82. A few Q's about going from M6 to auto??
  83. advice on picking out a stall
  84. Anyone know where to get trans for a '96 V6?
  85. Driveshaft length for a th400 to stock rear?
  86. No Gears
  87. tune with stall
  88. converter swap
  89. rossler th-210?
  90. Problems with downshifting and convertor lock up
  91. 4L80E in an F body come on in!!!
  92. How to test a solenoid?
  93. have no 2nd gear at all?
  94. help with my 95 Formula tranny....
  95. tranny problem..need help fast!!
  96. What size converter
  97. Major issue after long idle
  98. Whats a stall converter
  99. where to download vid or manual??
  100. 4l80e in a Trans Am?
  101. hitting nuetral at 5000rpm???
  102. How many miles do you have on your Tq convertr..?
  103. FLT a good pick over one from GM?
  104. 4l60e
  105. Help me pick a veter?
  106. Effect of RPM's on a 4L60E
  107. Manual shifting with an Auto
  108. Confused about PI converters( and yank too)
  109. Shifter question??
  110. best tranny cooler
  111. A4 shifter
  112. Whining noises coming from the floorboard
  113. Flushing a stall
  114. Need Help Please
  115. 4l60e shifters?
  116. th350 swap
  117. converter not locking up...
  118. tranny length? 4l60e-TH350 anyone got measurements?
  119. A4 or M6
  120. th 350 internals
  121. Drivetrain issues
  122. 2wd trail blazer SS & 4l80e?
  123. Yank PT 4400 DD
  124. trans is broke. help!
  125. 6-7 lbs of boost on tranny!!
  126. best rear gear and stall rpm choice
  127. Torque converter bolts
  128. B&M pro ratchet shifter question
  129. which stall for my mods
  130. To much converter?
  131. stall converter with 273's
  132. Superior Shift Improver Kit and P1870
  133. Going TH-350
  134. FLT got a question? 4l80 case adapters fittings
  135. Need Advice On Launching A4 For Best Et's
  136. manual valve body
  137. 4l60e dead
  138. what is a 4l80e???????
  139. Tranny Mount ???
  140. Are TH350 and 700r4 input shafts the same??
  141. Wheels moving in neutral?
  142. Trans problem
  143. lock up?
  144. Am i makin a newbie mistake?
  145. another ignorant flexplate question
  146. Will stock stall work with LS6 cam
  147. P1870 and Shifting Trouble
  148. What flex plate?
  149. max rwhp for 4l60
  150. Stock shft knob removal
  151. tranny installed now car runs like crap...
  152. Please help..
  153. Trans Go vaccum modulater...
  154. shift kit install???, no reverse or 3rd,4th
  155. best shift kit for 02 Z28...?
  156. need help>vent line location??
  157. Advice Please: Which would you purchase Yank or Vigilante.
  158. ls1 to 350 turbo
  159. Where do I mount a transmission cooler?
  160. trans issues
  161. 4L60E - 4L80E swap in a 94 Z28
  162. M6 swap to a 700R4
  163. Whit kind of tranny?
  164. TH2004R Help, WTB
  165. What to get with $1000 bux??
  166. what mph lockup is recommended?
  167. Looking for feedback from people with a glide...
  168. audi s4 trans in a Z28?
  169. Got my stall in and..............
  170. Help, what is....
  171. trans took a dump.
  172. Tranny Coolers
  173. My beater has a tranny issue. Please help diagnose.
  174. What company makes the strongest 4l60e?
  175. What is your launch rpm with stall?
  176. I need an SFI approved flexplate
  177. different transgo shift kits?
  178. Installed the Fuddle today....
  179. Anyone in here running a Th350 or th400 as daily driver
  180. Gear vendor questions.
  181. auto tach question
  182. Do i have to many miles too....
  183. tranny question
  184. what is this called?
  185. Vigilante 3000 and 3.73's Good Match?
  186. how long will it last???
  187. Sponsor Feedback and Sales Questions Do not Belong in this Forum!!
  188. stall
  189. cross member when converting to a th400
  190. Some Help "STR" ???
  191. nitrous on stock converter
  192. 2-3 shift hitting the rev limiter???
  193. Bad Flexplate? In need of some help quick
  194. 700R4/4L60 shot one coming.. non lockup or lockup stall
  195. 4l60e converter in 4l80e?
  196. Stock trans temp sensor
  197. torque convertor dust shield
  198. Roll Racing
  199. 4l60e 1st Gear Please?!?!
  200. 4l60e B&m ratchet installation HELP!!
  201. i sacked up and pulled it out
  202. 4L60E OEM flaws?
  203. Is the 98 4l60e different from the 99-02?
  204. Measuring torque converter efficiency
  205. Stall ET times?
  206. stall
  207. how can i drain alittle tranny fluid
  208. SFI Flexplate for TH400
  209. shift linkage and 02
  210. Holes in TCI flexplate won't line up
  211. stalling the car up
  212. 4l60e: How to replace the transmission pump?
  213. Stall Installed
  214. 2000 Monte Carlo 4T60E, hard shifting
  215. pinging noise when in reverse ?
  216. 97 chevy 4l60e 1st and reverse grabbing
  217. Clunk when shifting
  218. Torque Converter?
  219. Drivetrain clunk...
  220. tranny broke , any ideas?
  221. Fastest on 4L80, Who makes it??
  222. rapid shifter?
  223. Yank/ Vig 3600
  224. i have a small problem...
  225. Tranmission Sound
  226. Help got a P1870 Code
  227. 4l60e wont go into gear
  228. Paging Fuddle...
  229. stall question
  230. which one works best
  231. tightest converter???
  232. 4L60E/Th400 info
  233. tranny temps
  234. help please with 2-3 shift
  235. screwed of course
  236. where to get B&M cooler kit for our cars
  237. Help!! Car Kills Pumps Asap!
  238. tranny cooler fan - on all the time
  239. TCI SFI Flywheel
  240. 3 Pumps Broken
  241. stay auto or go six speed?
  242. Will this tranny fit my car?
  243. what does everyone think???
  244. C5 Tranny Install, how many hours? Labor Cost?
  245. trans cooler install
  246. What size stall???
  247. Oil Pump Removal
  248. Need stall help....
  249. yank?
  250. yank?