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  1. 4l60e question
  2. How to tell if a car's transmission is slipping with a stall and shift kit?
  3. Died when put in R?
  4. 2-step,foot brake,or off idle?
  5. stall speed and weight
  6. Did all 2000 LS1 fbody owners w/ auto came with...
  7. transcooler
  8. thanks rock on
  9. tranny problems, what gives?
  10. TH400 rear gearing
  11. shiftkits
  12. C6 Auto 6speed
  13. 4L80E/tranny questions
  14. car slower after tranny rebuild
  15. Yank SS3600....WOW
  16. Z06 auto tranny?
  17. Shift Kits
  18. Heavy towing
  19. torque converter ??'s
  20. New Tranny & TC A4 NOW Shifting 400 RPM's Lower?
  21. Help!!!
  22. Built tranny internals (
  23. race trans?
  24. weird tranny/converter problem...need input
  25. Driving with A4 tune with a TH400?
  26. m6 to turbo 340-400
  27. TH350 gearing
  28. Tune after Converter?
  29. vigilante multi disc converter on a camaro
  30. S10 converter
  31. Need Help Th350 In My 98 Camaro???
  32. It ONLY shifts DOWN!!!!
  33. rock on transmissions level 5= how MUCH$??
  34. just curious...
  35. Cooling the A4
  36. Trans getting Hot or Converter??? Which ONE?
  37. stall to big?
  38. tranny fluid Q....
  39. Tranny not downshifting from 60-65mph???
  40. Which trans is for me?
  41. Gauging Interest
  42. thanks to rock on trans.
  43. m6 to auto questions
  44. whats a good stall
  45. 700R4 - 3rd gen experts please!!!
  46. No 1st gear, it works again.
  47. Stall Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  48. converter to flexplate clearance ?
  49. TH350 experts... Couple questions and pics inside...
  50. 94/95 4L60E Parts Swap
  51. new rebulit 4l60e race trans
  52. Tranny re build
  53. Symptoms of converter failure?
  54. steetable stall
  55. Tranny rebuild.
  56. How fast do you cruise on the highway wiht your Th400?
  57. TCI streetfighter good for a F-13 cam?
  58. Converter doesn't seem right... Fuddle 3400
  59. no reverse or nuetral in auto ta 95 i need help bad
  60. Redneck Performance
  61. Torque converter bolts
  62. Stock Flash Stall?
  63. Just want to say thanks...
  64. Budget 4l80e build
  65. th350 troubles
  66. yank PT44000 and rev limiter
  67. 3600 or 3200 for DD
  68. Where can I find E clip for trans lines
  69. 3 speed people..simple question
  70. built tranny, new program??
  71. Need Help with removing dip stick tube!
  72. Help! trans problems after swap
  73. SS3600 or SS4000?
  74. Who's running the Yank SS3600....
  75. TCI converter question
  76. Help- Energy Tranny Mount
  77. Converters available for the 6l80??
  78. Does anyone need a tranny???????
  79. Art Carr stalls?
  80. Flex plate for a 408 crank problem
  81. Converter before Cam or Cam before Converter?
  82. Won't go into park / start in neutral?!
  83. Converters for camaro and vette
  84. Standard bellhousing pattern onto an LS1??
  85. tranny tick?
  86. what is this guys????
  87. TransGo Shift Kit...Any Good???
  88. Trany slipping
  89. 4L60E fragile?
  90. Building my 4l60e myself. . .help me out.
  91. need help on converter choice.
  92. TCI converters
  93. TH400 speedometer adapter
  94. TH400 or 4L80e????
  95. tc
  96. Rossler Terminator 3
  97. no movement in 3rd or d??please help!!!
  98. Trans Cooler???
  99. Setting my Converter for street??
  100. Stall question
  101. sponsor's, tranny techs, etc...i need parts ideas
  102. Output shaft bearing
  103. Ok I need Help ASAP about Torque converter
  104. FLT Labor Day Sale
  105. Strange ticking coming from my new tranny.
  106. Broken sprag?
  107. yank converter making noises already??
  108. TH-400 pilot question
  109. 8" street converter?
  110. General Questions
  111. 4l60e Blues
  112. How much will they handle?
  113. broken clutch asm, lo and reverse roller??
  114. Got my Pro Yank 3400 today and custom 4l80 x member.
  115. Rebuild or M6
  116. how to figure out what torque converter for me?
  117. can you use royal purple syn. in a th400
  118. th400 kickdown cable install question
  119. hard shifting from first to second
  120. New Rear main.. New stall?
  121. Attempting transgo install this weekend.. Qs?
  122. do i need a tcu if i have efilive for a 4l65e conversion?
  123. My Experience with Yank so far...
  124. Locking/Unlocking
  125. trans buckin
  126. Front Seal
  127. those who went from M-6 to 4L60E
  128. 4L60E Pump
  129. Ever Bought Tc From Perf. Torque Conv.??
  130. question about the health of my tranny
  131. torque converter problems
  132. transmission yoke replaced?
  133. What else do I need?
  134. Anyone running Hughes TH350 flexplate/pilot adapter?
  135. 4L80E....vs....TH400 w/GV overdrive
  136. 94 and 95 4l60E
  137. 2-3 shift problem
  138. Anybody have a tranny cooler install write-up??
  139. does anybody know how to wire up a manual coverter lock up switch
  140. edge converter
  141. Does the Corvette 4l60e have same length tailshaft as F body?
  142. **uh Oh!!!**
  143. just pulled trans pan off, how much fluid do i need?
  144. New Tranny Fluid?????????
  145. Supercharger and converter
  146. Hard shifting.
  147. Transmission Fluid Level (a4)
  148. Did H/C and now I have 2-3 shift problem....
  149. slippin tranny help
  150. 3500 converter?
  151. 4L80E or TH400 w/GV overdrive work in a Vette????
  152. Transmission Cooler Question - Pre radiator or after and effects
  153. Changing Shift Solenoid, Need help identifiying part
  154. 4l80e cooling line question...
  155. How much Trans fluid on a filter change?
  156. A4 to M6?
  157. yank ss 3600 and ms4 cam?
  158. what shifter in stock council
  159. *sigh* 1st, 2nd...but no 3rd? or 4th?
  160. Trans overheating
  161. Is 3200 stall w/ 2.1 STR a good match against...
  162. Cheapest/easiest way to make my car stop shifting into 2nd so early?
  163. Lowering the 2-3 shift speed...
  164. Yank SS3600
  165. Transmission fluid pressure at idle, 4l60 type
  166. stalls
  167. Tranny oil leak after torque converter install
  168. B&M Transpak how hard does it actually shift
  169. shift solenoid question?
  170. Aluminum driveshaft?
  171. a4 shifer info
  172. 550rwhp+150shot-who sells my tranny?
  173. Please Help
  174. Does an auto tranny with a stall need a cooler?
  175. Ok, need some serious help.
  176. Brand new 98-02 B&M Shift kit for sale
  177. M6 to TH400 conversion question
  178. Help with Converter lock up
  179. A4 question
  180. The common 2-3 delayed shift, diagnostic step...
  181. Are my tranny brackeys loose?
  182. This Is Prob A Stupid Question
  183. shift solenoid replacement procedure
  184. tune after TC install?
  185. Trans won't shift after big tire spin??
  186. What is a good trans fluid?(post up)
  187. anyone know anything about these converters?
  188. TH400 torque arm question
  189. Flexplate to crank bolts for hughes flexplate?
  190. TH 350 question
  191. Code PO753, I think my transmission blew up...
  192. Any Suggestions For A Nitrous Tc??
  193. Drive-plate not rotating after install
  194. Hey Mr. Yank?
  195. Automatics and autocross races?
  196. $$ to install conv/cooler
  197. ADVICE transmission poll 98 Ta mods listed.
  198. stall or shift kit
  199. Would you buy a used 2800 vigilante converter
  200. 4l65e with b&m megashifter in 88 bird
  201. will my a4 last longer in a light car
  202. What mileage??
  203. A4 durability?
  204. so im getting a stall now..
  205. Stall + daily driving..
  206. Tough converter (TH400)
  207. yank ss3600
  208. trans hic-up
  209. Deep Pan Guys Please Come In
  210. original stall or not?
  211. Local Shop to build Stall?
  212. Should I put on a Temp Gauge for the Auto?
  213. One thing that Annoys me about having a big stall
  214. 4l80e conversion ina 98?
  215. Yank converters...
  216. Which stall will be "tighter" with 2.73 gears?
  217. what are wires on driver side of 4l60e for?
  218. How am i chirping every gear?
  219. Question about OD
  220. A few Q's about going from M6 to auto??
  221. advice on picking out a stall
  222. Anyone know where to get trans for a '96 V6?
  223. Driveshaft length for a th400 to stock rear?
  224. No Gears
  225. tune with stall
  226. converter swap
  227. rossler th-210?
  228. Problems with downshifting and convertor lock up
  229. 4L80E in an F body come on in!!!
  230. How to test a solenoid?
  231. have no 2nd gear at all?
  232. help with my 95 Formula tranny....
  233. tranny problem..need help fast!!
  234. What size converter
  235. Major issue after long idle
  236. Whats a stall converter
  237. where to download vid or manual??
  238. 4l80e in a Trans Am?
  239. hitting nuetral at 5000rpm???
  240. How many miles do you have on your Tq convertr..?
  241. FLT a good pick over one from GM?
  242. 4l60e
  243. Help me pick a veter?
  244. Effect of RPM's on a 4L60E
  245. Manual shifting with an Auto
  246. Confused about PI converters( and yank too)
  247. Shifter question??
  248. best tranny cooler
  249. A4 shifter
  250. Whining noises coming from the floorboard