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  20. Back to school sale today 8/21 thru friday 8/23 $100 off all transmissions .
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  34. Did i burn up trans?
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  36. 60ft went dwn is the trans ?
  37. Neal chance th400 converter owners inside please.
  38. Question, if ls is camed how would your car run with a stock converter?
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  41. Question About Transmission Pan
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  49. 4l80e
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  53. po753 and po758....
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  75. TH400 or Glide ?
  76. Heads up! I'm going from DFW, TX to Indianapolis area this weekend
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  83. efi tranny log,pros help if you can
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  89. 6l80
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  94. starts in 2nd
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  99. just took 4l60e out for a convertor install... What else??
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  106. Great service!!!!!!!!!!!
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  115. Pic of new Sonnax Input Housing for the 4L60E
  116. 2012 camaro 4l80e swap ?'s
  117. Seal-e-zee?
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  119. 4l80e
  120. Any particular years of 4L80E required to work with T42 TCM?
  121. anyone use the cruise control for trans brake?
  122. 96 4l80e behind 98 5.7 LS1, whats needed to make it work?
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  131. Fan from Canada!!!!!
  132. Thank you Lou "Australia"
  133. Slips during kickdown
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  135. tune for stall?
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  137. Transmission Issues
  138. Ok. I need an answer on STR and drivability.
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  145. Newbie help
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  163. Please Help!!! Starter Binding up
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  172. 1997 TransAm Shifter
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  178. Opinions on this setup TH400/FI
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  185. Good or bad or don't matter
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  196. 4L60E Shift Knob Options (Exploring Options)
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  202. Transmission Failures and Causes
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  204. Just Installed A Cooler, Have A Few Questions
  205. RP Max ATF not compatible with Dextron VI?
  206. 4l60e rebuild with hd3 problems
  207. How far should TH400 yoke be going in?
  208. early shifts
  209. G6 bump shifter on 4L80
  210. Help guys
  211. Time to decide who's building the tranny...any thoughts on my choices?!
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  213. Time to pick some brains around here...
  214. 07 C6 A6, engine revs cars goes 3 mph, but reverse works??
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  216. 4l80e intermittent shifting trouble
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  227. studs instead of bolts for bell housing?
  228. 4l80e Fourth clutch
  229. Rear wheels lock up when the car shifts into 2nd gear
  230. 4l80e full manual leaking & tcc lockup problems
  231. can u slap shift a 4l80 transmission
  232. 4l80e forward clutch
  233. jim
  234. RPM transmissions vs. Performabuilt transmissions
  235. 2000 Trans Am installing trans temp gauge
  236. Is my transmission getting too hot????
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  239. coan 4l60e converter
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  241. Wiring harness
  242. part number for -6 AN 4L60 case fitting?
  243. Who builds a solid 200r4
  244. intermittent failure to downshift
  245. PTC Stall?
  246. Filter recommendation
  247. New SS4000 install and low speed RPM question
  248. Gear engagement issue
  249. Powerglide for racecars
  250. Suddenly lost 4th gear 4L80E