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  33. Awesome is all I can say!
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  46. lock up
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  111. What model trans is this and what speedo drive/VSS to use?
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  142. 4l80e
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  169. Heads up! I'm going from DFW, TX to Indianapolis area this weekend
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  187. starts in 2nd
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  192. just took 4l60e out for a convertor install... What else??
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  199. Great service!!!!!!!!!!!
  200. PWM issue?
  201. Which 4l60e???
  202. lq4 to 60e
  203. tranny oil lines removal
  204. 4l80e strange problem
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  210. Seal-e-zee?
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  212. 4l80e
  213. Any particular years of 4L80E required to work with T42 TCM?
  214. anyone use the cruise control for trans brake?
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  224. Fan from Canada!!!!!
  225. Thank you Lou "Australia"
  226. Slips during kickdown
  227. 4L80e no speedo
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  230. Transmission Issues
  231. Ok. I need an answer on STR and drivability.
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  238. Newbie help
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  241. tranny replacement
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  250. No Reverse (Jake's D3 brake)